Sunday, 9 December 2012

[RANT TIME] Chickens > Lemon Wedge

So many of you are going to hate me for this, but honestly, I need to get this off my chest, and get it off my chest I will...

I need to rant... I really really need to rant, because frustration is really heating up inside me now, and not just with this group but another group as well... but this needs to be written, to be heard so that I can be a bitch!


So, there is this Lemon song on AKB48's latest single, Eien Pressure. The single itself is one huge disappointment, with very little quality to it at all which makes me genuinely love the single, but right now I am talking about this song, the Lemon Wedge song... the tie-in that these girls have with this Lemon dude. Yeah, well... I heard the song before I actually tuned into the PV, but I already knew what their costumes looked like, and honestly, I thought that they looked similar to Morning Musume's Pyoko Pyoko Ultra outfits, but because it was a tie-in, I put it to the back of my mind. No way was AKB copying MoMusu, right?


Er... wow? What the fuck-a-doodle-doo am I looking at? Why is it so familiar...

My fucking GOD!

Am I seeing things? Am I really seeing this, or am I just so high on Irn Bru that I have begun to hallucinate, because my lord, the Limited D cover to AKB48's Eien Pressure looks just like the Limited C to Pyoko Pyoko Ultra, except with uglier costumes, a different background colour, less creative poses and some creepy ass dude's face in the centre.

Am I actually seeing this!?


You know what, guys? I told myself this after Pyoko was released (and probably said it somewhere else, but who knows, cares or whatever) that if AKB48 were ever to pull off this kind of stunt, people would praise it, they would pay cash happily for it, because AKB48 did it. Whilst a shit ton of people dissed MoMusu for taking a new (childish, though more creative) direction with chickens, stated that the song was crap because of the costumes, I felt that if AKB48 were to do it (like they did with veggies) nobody would complain.

Well, I fucking called it by accident, didn't I? Because at the beginning of the year, MoMusu bring out one of their most creative, childish and original songs, and at the end of the year AKB give us a piece of Lemon Wedge that looks similar in costume and single cover?

My god, I hate myself for calling it without knowing... URGH!!!!


And don't get me started on the mother-fucking Lucky Cha Cha Cha! layout OR similar overalls/dance costumes, because bitch please, I know similar shit when I see it

Bitches be stealin' our style!
I actually don't understand how no one is ripping this one apart (unless they are, and if you know where, please link me), because whilst the similarities end at the costumes and overly similar CD covers, it's pretty apparent that Morning Musume have the creative and original upper hand here! Their video is so much better to watch, there is more to look at, and their song sounds so new and fresh and genki awesome spectacular, whilst AKB48 sound the same. This song is basically Eien Pressure on a candy high, except that it gets too boring too quickly and too familiar all to suddenly. Their costumes are also ugly! I mean those damn lemon heads, the hell!? At least MoMusu looked adorable whilst looking like idiots running around, because with AKB they just look like idiots.

I'm pissed off because MoMusu got so much shit and slander for Pyoko, but AKB are probably being praised for their diversity.

Well, after the sudden breakthrough in Electro Idol that is Uza, courtesy of Morning Musume starting this electro tend, it seems that Aki-P still enjoys borrowing idea's from Tsunku, because this is too similar for thought, though MoMusu have the better PV, the better song and the better costumes.

Pyoko's bloody gorgeous in comparison to... THIS lemon wedge thing. Enough said! PRAISE THE LORD FOR CUTENESS!!!


  1. I agree with you 100%, teh first time I saw those lemon thingies I immediately thought of PPU

    1. It's actually quite annoying - MoMusu get so much hate for what they do, and they are compared so much to AKB now because of popularity and stuff, but if AKB do it it's original and different... DX

  2. I too hate how AKB are revered for anything wacky or 'out of the box' they do. They are seen as innovative, or creative, when they are just rehashing the things that Momusu get hated on for! It's not fair!

    1. Yeah... well, it was a tie-in of some sort, so I guess it's fine


    Okay, that was a reference to Adventure Time - the quote is ridiculously appropriate but it's also the trademark phrase of a certain character; Earl of Lemongrab. Their outfits look like bloody Lemongrab!! (

    But, yeah, I agree with you, here. Only, I quite liked the concept of Pyoco in a way. Whereas...AKB's lemon concept? That's no good. It looks horrendous. It's like AKB are trying to be 'wacky' or 'weird and wonderful'. I hate that, really. There's a difference between fun and original, and wacky. Wacky is trying to be crazy and 'cooky'. Cooky is one of my least favourite things in the world. Quirky? That's fine. Cooky? Get that hot mess away from me.

    Nice job, Aki-P but no.

    1. Okay, I love your explanation - so much going on 8D <3 But I have no idea how to answer XD

  4. Totally agree. It really feels like Morning Musume are often viewed with an unfair eye. Their reputation for cheap PVs seems to color the analysis of their videos. It's like reviewers are looking out for Tsunku gaffs.
    I don't wish for anyone's downfall, but I'm interested to see whether the criticism levied against AKB will be comparable to the criticisms of PPU.

    1. In a sense, AKB can be seen with an unfair eye by the likes of H!P fans (me included), because I basically did a comparison and called out AKB without background info, but meh XD I do think that MoMusu get a lot of unfair treatment now; they do something new and fresh, but it does so poorly and people hate it. Anyway, it would be interesting to see if anyone compares AKB to MoMusu with these MV's

  5. To be fair on AKB, the song is a cover (of an incredibly terrible old 90s song), and Okamura's Okalemon character is also pretty old. It's still shit, but hey, if it gets more random crazy shit on Mechaike then I'm all for it.

    1. Really? I didn't know that! I learned something new, thanks :D Aha I like how you think :3