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Okay! Musume Digest #30

Greetings to you all, and welcome to my Digest! Shall we take a look at what the week has brought us in terms of news?


This week has been filled with Idol news, some shocking, some surprising and some which is just darned expected! The biggest shocker was even more graduation announcements from the 48 Family tree, whilst the surprise was finding out that Bump.y are STILL ALIVE!? I know, I nearly cried with absolute happiness and manly tears, too. There's also plenty of H!P related news, too, some Station♪ and more! Stay tuned to find out, but first, let's look at our Video of the Week, eh?

Video of the Week

Futari no Hoshi ~Hanareteite mo~ by Bump.y

To celebrate the return of Bump.y, I want to share with you their second single, which is also a winter-based song. Now, if only Akai Muffler had a PV, I would have put that up as the PV of the week because that is one of my ultimate Christmas songs, but alas, it was not meant to be... Oh well, whatever. This song is very fresh and nice to listen to when you look past how raw the vocals are. It's a lovely video, too, and I love the sisterly feel that Bump.y has together. Please check it out and enjoy the cuteness of Bump.y and the winter feel they give through this video.

Poll of the Week

Let's get into the spirit of Christmas with a Christmas-themed poll, shall we? Here is this week's question, so be sure to answer!

Which of these songs is your Christmas tune?

There will be quite a few answers, mostly from groups that I know mostly, but hopefully there will be something there for everyone to choose! I'm sorry for having such a limited number of groups I enjoy... DX

Happy voting, guys!

Picture of the Week

Santa-chan, this year I have been a really good person, so is it possible to find some Idols under my tree on Christmas Day...?

And with my message to Santa all said and done, let's get to the important part of the Digest! Let's go!!!


Ikuta Erina appeared on a show hosted by Nakai on 28/11. This is a little late, but I wanted to show everyone the show that Eripon appeared on alone.

To see Eripon on a show by herself is amazing, and I was really impressed by how easily she was able to interact with everyone and charm the other guests with her confidence and cuteness. It seemed that a part of the conversation was focused on Morning Musume, but due my lack of Japanese skill, I have no idea what the girls are talking about.

Please take a look and enjoy if you love Eripon or anyone else who has appeared on the show!

Bump.y will be releasing their 6th single, titled COSMO no Hitomi, on January 16th 2013. The single will be available in three editions: Regular, Limited A and Limited B. The title song is produced by Nishidera Gota

Track List:

1. Cosmo no Hitomi
2. Escape
3. Sunday (Regular Edition only)
4. Be Mine ~Code of Flowers~ (Limited B only)

Limited A DVD List:

1. Cosmo no Hitomi (Music Video)
2. Cosmo no Hitomi (Music Video Making of)

My lord they're actually alive O-o

Source | Source

A song preview for Bump.y's up-coming 2013 single, COSMO no Hitomi, is available for fans to listen to. The preview is 2:35 minutes long and features a calm and pretty tune.

... Weird thing is, I was talking to Nia about Bump.y because she asked if they were still active. Well, question answered...


A song preview for Be Mine ~Code of Flowers~ has been revealed. This song will be featured on the Limited B version of Bump.y's up-coming 2013 single, COSMO no Hitomi. The song is a spring-like tune which sounds very calm and pretty.

... I still can't get over the fact that they're alive... o-O


The track list to Morning Musume's up-coming single, Help me!!, has been released. The single will come in 8 different editions (wow!) with Limited A, B and C including a DVD.

Track List:

1. Help me!!
2. Happy Daisakusen (Limited A, B, C & Regular Edition B)
3. Aishuu no Romantic (Sayum& Fukuhime) (Limited D)
3. Watashi ni Dekkai Hana (Winky, Harunan & Ayumin) (Limited E)
3. Nani wa Tomo Are! (Eripon, Zukkini, Masakissu & Harukyan) (Limited F)
3. Daisuki Dakara Zettai Yurusanai (RiDOS & Sakuran) (Regular A)

DVD Track List:

1. Help me!! (Limited A, B & C)
2. Help me!! (Dance Shot ver.) (Limited A)
3. Help me!! (Close Up ver.) (Limited B)
4. Wakuteka Take a Chance (Oda Sakura ver.) (Limited C)
5. Help me!! (Making Of) (Limited C)

... I think that UFP have realised how to make money and/or how to promote singles and sell the girls o-o or something...

Okay, honestly speaking, the thought of Riho singing in a duet that isn't Peaberry scares me, especially with her shitty vocals right now. UFP, don't you realise that this girl needs a REST? Her vocals are crap now thanks to you guys over-working her. She sounded damn good in her first concert, and now when she sings it's painful to listen to... giving her a duet with Sakura will not aid her in recovering her vocals, if they are able to be saved, that is.

I would also have liked Fukumura to be given a duet with someone else, like Haruka or Sakura - SOMEONE to match up to her vocal ability, at least. Sayu and Ayumi aren't as polished or refined as Fukumura. Give her someone with talent to sing with, please.


The full radio preview for Morning Musume's 52nd single, Help me!! has been uploaded for everyone to listen to, so go on and check it out!

Well... it seems like this song is pretty much 3nin, or mostly that, and you can certainly hear Riho's  voice over all that auto-tune. That girl is beyond help, I swear... her voice sounds terrible in my opinion, she needs a rest, or to never sing these sorts of songs again.

Which I wouldn't mind, because I would be saved from physically wincing every time she tries to sing or shriek.

Anyway, other than me bitching about Riho needing a break, the song sounds better than I expected, I may even grow to like it more. It isn't as bad as One Two Three, but it could be better. Also... auto-tune. Yaaaaaay... //sarcasm.

... I like the talking, who I suppose is Fukumura or Sakura?


Whatever, everyone else is going to eat this up I expect. I'm the minority, always xD So not mainstream, duh

I can't even hear some of the decent singers like Haruka or Zukki, and I can't hear the other girls uch either other than Sayu

Mano Erina is an 'IceCream Girl' for Icecco.

I've never heard of Icecco, but it seems to be a site where the focus is on 'girls who love Icecream and Photographers', giving you a sweet taste and a delicious expression from the cute girls. The site seems to promote a variety of Idols, including lesser known girls from groups such as Pramo, as well as other groups who are more well known like Afilia Saga East.

This is a great way for fas to see Mano in a more relaxed atmosphere, and also a chance to see her having ice cream! Her pictures look very beautiful and thoughtful, so I do suggest that you all check them out to see Mano with some yummy ice cream!

... And now I crave ice cream!


Young Jump magazine have a gallery of Mano Erina's photo shoot available for everyone to take a look at, so go and check out Mano in all her glory!

It's great to see that Mano is doing as much as she can with Hello! Project before she officially leaves next February, and to see her in this photo shoot just show how much she has grown and matured into a young woman from a fresh debut soloist. The images are mature, sexy and refreshing, and really show off the beauty of Mano Erina.

There are only 6 images, but please take your time looking at these beautiful images and appreciate Mano and her beauty.


It has been announced that S/mileage will perform at FujiTV's Kira Kira Winter Land on December 16th.

It seems that S/mileage are becoming a popular choice for mini-lives or stages, but for any fan this is great news because it means that the girls can become more well known as well as sell their image and the image of Hello! Project. Hopefully the girls will perform with great energy and happiness, and everyone will enjoy the performances available!


S/mileage will be on Happy Music on December 16th.

Any music channel means promotion for the girls and their song, and of course it's no surprise tat S/mileage will be able to go onto the show and hopefully promote the song by talking about it and maybe even performing it. Hopefully fans will tune in and enjoy seeing S/mileage on TV!


Hello! Project will be holding a Hinamatsuri, titled Hello! Project Haru no Dai Kansha Hinamatsuri Festival 2013, which will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of March. There will be three event to attend; Saturday evening, early Sunday afternoon and late Sunday afternoon.

This is pretty surprising news, as I have never heard of Hello! Project doing a Hinamatsuri, however with this, the girls are surely being promoted so much better and are gaining a lot more recognition now from the public. As the event itself is in March, Mano Erina will not be present as she will have graduated.

Whilst the information given tells us that all the main acts plus some Kenshuusei will be performing, I hope that the Satoyama acts will take part and promote themselves more.


It has officially been announced that Oda Sakura's image colour is Lavender!

... Meaning Light Purple, yes yes? So in essence, she has taken on Aika's original colour. Not that I mind, because honestly, we need a new purple now that Eripon has taken up Gaki's yellow-green colour, and with the sea of blue/green/pink in the group, it's quite refreshing to see a purple colour once again which is light and refreshing.


A PV preview to Iwasa Misaki's Moshimo Watashi ga Sora ni Sundeitara has been released.

My sister actually suggested that I add this to the Digest, because she enjoyed it quite a bit. Originally I wasn't going to because I pay little attention to Iwasa, but I would like to say that after watching the preview, she has a beautiful, mature voice and the PV itself is very lovely to watch. She looks beautiful, and I think that everyone should check it out.

It has been announced that Team M member Hikawa Ayame and Kenkyuusei member Sato Sorai will be graduating from NMB48. Hikawa will be leaving due to an injury, and will have a graduation ceremony on December 22nd instead of a performance. Sato's reason for leaving is to focus on another goal in her life, and so far no graduation date has been set.
Even though I’m getting treatment, it hasn’t recovered completely, so when I try to exercise, it hurts. While taking a rest, I spent a lot of time thinking about my future, and it made me start thinking about graduating. - Hikawa (Tokyohive) 
I have two dreams. One is to become an actress, and the other one is to become a nursery teacher which was my dream before I joined NMB48. When I contemplate my future, the feeling that I want to focus on my studies, got stronger, thus I have decided to graduate.” - Sato (Tokyohive)
More NMB members graduating? This now totals the graduations for this group to 15, which is a lot. In total, that means 42 members from the '48 family have graduated, or will be graduating... which I do think is bad, even though most people wave it off because there are 100's or even thousands of these girls.

Well, it sucks - but if these girls think that they aren't getting anywhere (which is the most likely case), then hopefully their education will get them somewhere better.


Here is a video of Wada Ayaka and Iikubo Haruna at a Tower Records event.

This video was recommended on my youtube, and whilst it was uploaded a while ago, I want to share with everyone the cuteness of Dawa and Harunan when they are together. This is part 3 of 4, but I saw this part and fell in love with the girls' interaction together. Please take your time to watch the cuteness of these two best friends~

It's over an hour long... xD


Afilia Saga East have introduced a new member, Raymee Heavenly! Raymee is from the Sherry's Cafe, which is based on the 'Sexy schoolgirl' theme as well as mage costumes.

Due to Karen Classica's departure from the group, it isn't weird or surprising to see someone new; the managers seem intent on keeping Afilia a 12 member unit, having added two new members to Afilia when Meena and Rose both graduated back in March.

Hopefully Raymee will become a great member within Afilia! I can't wait to see her debut PV and how she performs! :D


It has been announced that Station♪ member Kinjou Narumi will be graduating from the group on December 29th, 2012.


... That's the one girl I liked in Station♪ gone, now I'll need to cling to one of the remaining four, and it ain't that trainee they had... or whatever she is now...



... To add salt to this ever-growing wound, Station♪ are holding auditions to find a new member, girls aged between the ages of 10-20, without a record or contract. The girls require some knowledge of the railway. There will be three rounds; The screening of documents, practical interviews and then dance lessons, learning Station♪'s songs and practice of choreography. No fee is required.

Okay, so saying that this adds to the wound is a bit of an over reaction. Actually, I am happy to see that the group's managers are preparing the girls for a new member and trying to continue their activities with someone fresh. It's the best way to start the new year... right?


It has been announced that Station♪ will be releasing their 4th physical single release, 5th overall, and is titled TO・KI・DO・KI Fumikiri. It will be released on February 13th, 2013, making this Station♪'s first release of the year and the first without Kinjou Narumi.

I'm always happy to hear Station♪ single related news, because I absolutely adore these girls and their music. I can't wait for the PV to come out~ I hope that it showcases the cute freshness of Station♪.


Starting on January 5th 2013, Enjoy Network Japan will begin broadcasting their Idol Hour Hello! Project segment, which will be a free radio show for all Hello! Project fans. Michishige Sayumi will be the first DJ on the show.

When I heard this news I was so happy, ecstatic at the prospect of finally being able to hear the Hello! Project members on the radio! I'm still extremely happy, because Hello! Project is my favourite company filled with Idols, and I can't wait to tune into the show on a regular basis (if I remember, haha!) and enjoy hearing their voices!

Are you all as excited as I am? *o*

Source | Source

Kitahara Sayaka will take part in the Sorao no Sekai stageplay, which will run from February 9th until the 17th.

It's great to see that Sayaka is continuing her activities after leaving UFP. Sadly, I have no idea what character Sayaka is or if she is even a lead, but still, this is a great opportunity for the ex-egg and I hope that she delivers a great performance which is memorable.


Ebisu Muscats have announced that they will e disbanding next Spring. This was revealed during their December 16th one-man live at Nakano Sun Plaza. The group will be disbanding after their live at Maihama Amphitheater on April 7th of 2013. Onedari Muscat SP!! will end on March 30th, and the girls will also be releasing their final single, ABAYO, on March 6th, as well as their final album titled Sotsugyou Album in April.
“Our program ‘Onedari Muscat SP!‘ will end next spring, and with the end of the program, we will also be disbanding. Though it is regrettable, this is the decision we made.” - Kishi Aino (Tokyohive)
“We were first told that this program would end after 6 months, but we were able to keep going for 5 years, it has taught us a lot of things just like school. Although we are different from other idols, I am proud that we are able to announce our disbandment at such a big venue like this. Thank you very much for this past 5 years.” - Kishi Aino (Tokyohive)
"From the beginning, I was thinking that the disbandment should be when the girls are in the best form. They have achieved the 7th place on Oricon weekly chart with their latest single ‘Gyakusou Idol‘ (released on October 31st), and also the audience rating for the program has reached 2.5% which was the highest, so I wanted it to disband at this timing.” - Makkoi Saito, general director of Onedari Muscat SP!! (Tokyohive)
 I had a brief, brief fling with this group... Honey Trap is a wonderful song (with a creepy video), and Go Go... Purakawa is so cute... So in a way, I am a little sad, but we did not spend enough time together. Though honestly, I thought that Ebisu would be around for a lot longer. These Gravure/AV Idols all seem to be eternal to me, so I was shocked to learn of their disbandment.

Hopefully their graduation will be a happy one, filled with the love of the fans and the girls themselves. Please enjoy Ebisu Muscats whilst you can, guys~


Worse to come in news, Nogizaka-forty-fail are still around, and holding second generation auditions...
Nogizaka46 are holding their second generation auditions! 13-22 years old's as of March 31st 2013 can apply. The auditioners who pass the audition will become Research Students and begin lessons, and will become official members according to the results of their lessons.

... I don't like this Research Student system. I actually don't xD Why not just hold auditions for Research Students instead of auditioning girls, adding them then re-evaluating them further? I know that the '48 family + this group is gigantic, but still...

This is why MoMusu are easy to follow


SKE48 Kenkyuusei member Ogino Risa has decided to halt her activities for a while in order to focus on taking care of her younger sister. The SKE trainee posted this via her Google+ account. SKE Management has accepted Risa's request to suspend her activities until the end of April.

Here is a translation of Risa's message to her fans:

This is Ogino Risa of Kenkyusei.
Thank you always for all of your support.
I have an announcement to make to everybody.
I, Ogino Risa, have decided to stop my SKE48 activities temporarily starting in December.
My 5-year-old sister recently entered the hospital, so I have decided that it’s the time to stick together with my family, and look after her.
After the discussion with staff members, I chose to stop my activity for a while.
I’m very sorry to my fans who always cheer for me, and to members who always support me.
For now, I want to put my all into looking after my sister with my family, so that I can come back and perform in front of you again, when my sister’s condition and my family situation are settled down.
Please continue to support me.
- Tokyohive
I don't know about you guys, but this is a really admirable thing to do; it's always sad when a family member becomes ill or is taken to hospital, so I really admire this girl for halting her activities to be with her sister and the rest of her family, supporting her sister in getting better and just being there for her when she needs her.

Now, I actually don't know who this girl is, but that doesn't mean I don't respect her for what she is doing, because I do, and I hope that her younger sister gets better soon. Risa seems like a very responsible girl, and I hope the best for her in the next few months as she takes care of her sister.


It has been revealed that C-ute will be releasing their next single on February 6th, and that it will be a cover of Moritaka Chisato's Kono Machi. The single will first be performed live at their December 30th concert.

I'm happy to hear that C-ute will be releasing a new single, though I'm pretty sure that a few people won't be too pleased at the fact that it's a cover, but honestly, I'm pretty happy with it - C-ute have very original songs, but it will be great to see the girls challenge another cover song, because the last they did was Edo no Temari II, right? I think it was...

Anyway, let's anticipate the new single and PV when they come out!


Previews to Fukuda Kanon's up-coming photo book, Kanyon17 have been revealed to give us all a taste of Kanon's first photo book!

Argh, bikini shots... Oh well, she's 17, I can look... @.@


The covers to Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome's second indies single, titled Yoropiku Pikuyoro, have been released through their official website!

Track List:

1. Yoropiku Pikuyoro
2. Bakusuteji Pass no tema ~Oshi wa kimi sa~
3. Yoropiku Pikuyoro (off-vocal)
4. Bakusuteji Pass no tema ~Oshi wa kimi sa~ (off-vocal)

(All tracks have been produced by Tsunku)

Thank you google translate for making my life a little bit easier xD

I'm glad to see that Akihabara Backstage PASS are still going, and from the title of the song, I hope for something really cute and flamboyant from these girls for this single. Now, when will the PV preview be revealed...?


Mano Erina's final album under Hello! Project will be a Best-of, it has been revealed. It will be released on February 6th, 2013.

... -cries-


A boxset of Morning Musume's up-coming single, Help me!!, will be available. It will include a photo ticket and a Thailand handshake event digest.

Oh wow, UFP really are going all-out with Morning Musume right now, aren't they? Nice one!!!


The cover to Hello! Channel vol. 11 has been revealed to show Mano Erina modelling the cover.

... -cries even more-


The covers to Ono Erena's up-coming third single, Say!! Ippai have been revealed! In order from Top Left to Bottom Right: Limited A, Limited B, Limited C and the Regular version.

The covers look great, with my favourite being Limited C, and whilst I am one impatient bugger, I will try to wait as patiently as I can for the full MV to come out... >3<


Tazaki Asahi will be making her official debut through the Satoyama movement. Her single, titled Tegami/Rolling Days, will be sold at the Hello! Project winter concert. The single is set to release starting 2nd of January at Nakano Sun Plaza, whilst Neowing and CDJapan ave set the release for January 16th.

As many have already said; I wish she was in H!P, however, I am happy that Satoyama Movement has a soloist. It seems that they are using UFP's talent to their advantage~

I look forward to Tazaki's debut~

Source | CDJapan | Neowing

And that's it! Next week is Christmas, which means a Happy Holidays to everyone! The digest for next week will either be posted a Day early or a Day late, or maybe even on Christmas! Who knows! Until then though, please stay happy and safe guys, and continue to love your Idols obsessively!

Much love and Christmas Joy,


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  1. Thanks for posting that program, I loved seeing Akimoto Sayaka and Nakai is as always a fun host. The part they were talking about Morning Musume was them mentioning that they, Sayaka and one of the other girls, had also auditioned for Morning Musume. And ends with Ikuta pretty much outright saying that she is awesome.

    1. You're welcome! Sadly I couldn't find the full episode or the episode without the billboard thing. Nakai is a really good host, and fun, I agree. I should really tune into more of his stuff.

      Ah really? Haha Eripon's pretty cheeky!

    2. i found it.


    3. Ahhh thank you so much! *^*