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Okay! Musume Digest #28

Welcome back! It's time to D-D-D-Digest!!!

This week has been pretty good in terms of Idol news. There was quite a lot coming in towards the beginning, however it slowed down as the week drew on, so it's been pretty good in my eyes. Plenty of Hello! Project, and a good batch of AKB.

However this week has certainly been the week of PV releases. We have not just had WANT! but also a flurry of AKB releases (cos they have B-sides and all with video's, as well as me finally (finally) finding the PV to 9nine's White Wishes, something that I have wanted my hands on for a while now. I was so desperate for it, guys...

In other news, I have realised that you all find my site extremely sexy to look at (duh), or that you are mistaking Okay! Musume Time for a porn site. Either one works, I guess. But honestly, guys, I was so happy to see that the search for the blog itself had the most search words at the time I took this, and it means so much to me seeing that. It means that people look for me, which is weird in itself, but thank you guys!

So, that all said and done, we need to move over to the next part of the Digest. It's time for this!

Video of the Week

This week's video is S/mileage's Uchoten Love, released back in 2011!!!

We're off back to 2011, back when S/mileage were amazing and at the top of their game before Saki and Yuuka bailed because of the new girls who were going to destroy this amazing lineup... Okay, I kid about destroy, though honestly I wish Saki had stayed because at least there was a lead who could sing at that point in a lower pitch. Now there isn't, because the girl who can sing really bloody well is shafted now. Oh crap, I'm ranting... Well, I love this song. It was the best song that the girls had ever produced as a 4nin unit, and even now I still adore it. An amazing song, and one which everyone who loves Jpop should experience. It's awesome.

Moving on~~~

Poll of the Week

For this week's poll, I will be asking something a little different to see if you want me to continue a certain thing...

Should I make the PV Request Week an Annual/Regular thing, or should I review more SHINee?

Like most polls, this one will be multi-choice, and as there are really only two answers, you can choose either one. This is more-so blog related than anything, but I want to know what you think? Nia actually suggested that the Request Week (the week where you send in the requests, the actual thing takes so much longer) became an annual thing, but I wanted to ask you guys... so answer~

Next week will just have a Picture of the Week again, like this week.

Which we will be taking a look at now...

Picture of the Week

My my, it's getting awfully cold now, guys. So, why not bundle up in a sweater (and if you're an Idol, nothing else~) and sip some hot cocoa beside a nice warm fire as you enjoy a digest. You know you want to~

And with that said, let's move into the main part of the digest, which can only mean that it is time for the


Masuda Yuka of AKB48 has announced her withdrawal from the group. The 21 year old second generation member had been caught in a scandal with DA PUMP's (who?) ISSA. She has addressed the issue in a blog post regarding, talking about her withdrawal and the scandal itself. Currently, no graduation date has been decided.

AKB48, or the 48 Family in general, are really beginning to lose memories to the point where it has become rather worrying, no matter how big of a group they may be. However, this graduation has really sparked a lot of sadness in the Wota community because she seems to be quite a likeable member and who some consider one of the best AKB singers. It's sad, but I don't know enough about her, however graduations are never wonderful or easy things, especially if the graduation is based on a gossip magazine.

Good luck to the girl. Hopefully she will do what she needs to do after her activities with AKB48.

It has been announced that AKB48 member Sato Natsuki has graduated from AKB48 in order to focus on her studies at Waseda University. She will be leaving the entertainment industry altogether to achieve this.
Right now, I want to go to college, study, and graduate. I want to do my best to be recognized as a human being,
The people I’ve met until now and the time we’ve spent together. Those are my treasures, and I think it will become the bread of my future. Thank you so much for the happy times.” - Sato Natsuki (Tokyohive)
My Lord... they're dropping like flies! FLIES, I SAY!!!

Kashiwagi Yuki of AK48 will be in her first starring Drama that begins on January 11th, 2013. The drama is titled Mierino Kashiwagi. The drama will be about the day-to-day life of a Cafe worker named Kashiwagi who has the ability to see the future love life of any person who comes into contact with her. The drama is an original story by Akimoto Yasushi. Also, Yuki's debut single will be tied in as the theme song (no duh.)

I'm not a drama person, but from when I did watch drama, this plot sounds extremely bland and similar to most Girly drama's that you generally come across. Again, I'm not a drama person, and I doubt I will watch this, but the concept is cute, no matter how generic it is. Surprising that Aki P wrote it, though.


AKB48 will once again be holding their very own Kohaku Uta Gassen this year. It will be held at Tokyo Dome City on December 17th.

I don't watch the Uta Gassen at all (no idea how, and I barely watch much when it comes to Variety shows unless it involves MoMusu) but AKB certainly are creative enough to come up with their own version of this yearly event. It's great that they are continuing this, and probably making it a tradition. Maybe this year, though, the red team will win?

Who knows~


It has been revealed that AKB48 will be re-releasing studio recordings of their Team Stages on January 1st, 2013. This will include Himawarigumi and the now disbanded Team 4. The CD's will include a disc with the instrumentals for the songs.

I don't pay much attention to AKB stages (though I should, because they are far better than their regular A-sides, by a long shot) but this is going to be some really awesome news for AKB stage fans! Hopefully you can all buy your favourite copies and enjoy the songs in great quality to your heart's content!


Watanabe Miyuki of NMB48 won against Yamamoto Sayaka in a challenge to sell more photobooks than the other. As the winner, Miyuki has won a CM with the sushi chain 'Sushiro' where she will cosplay a cute Santa Girl. In total, Miyuki sold 30,000 copies of her first photobook, whilst Sayaka sold 28,000.
Above all, I’m happy that many people looked at our photo books.” - Watanabe Miyuki (Tokyohive)
Her smile is adorable, like, for reals o-o... Can I keep her as a pet?


Idol group LinQ will be releasing a Double A-side single titled CHIKU-TAKU/Going My Way! on January 30th, 2013. To promote their new single, the girls will be holding release events at several locations in Japan. More details will be released on their website. Furthermore, LinQ have also scheduled their first one-man hall live at Fukuoka Civic Hall on January 5th.

Trac list:

2. Going My Way!
3. Ano Machi no Sora (Bonus Track)

I don't really pay attention to LinQ, in fact I have very little interest in this group, but it's great to see that the girls are making their way up in the Idol world and releasing new material that their fans will enjoy. It's also great to hear that they will be holding their very first one-man live, so good luck to the girls!


Sexy Idol group Fudanjuku have now opened their official facebook page, which opened in early November. Already, the page has over 5,000 fans, and the posts are also translated into English, Spanish, Korean and Japanese so that everyone can understand and enjoy the page, and helping the group to edge nearer to their goal of a worldwide audience!

When I heard this news, I just stopped in my tracks and did a mental kick for happiness. I am so overjoyed that Fudanjuku have a facebook now! It will be so much easier to track their singles and what's new for this awesome group.

If you didn't know, I love them. All of them. They are wonderful, I swear! So please like their facebook! GIVE THEM LOVE!!!


9nine will be releasing a new single titled Colorful on February 6th, 2013. This will be their first release for the new year. Also, the song has been picked up as the theme for the film adapatation of the anime series STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takuto, which aired in 2010, which 9nine provided both the opening and ending themes for. The movie will be released in theatre's from February 9th, 2013.
We’ve been indebted to ‘STAR DRIVER’ since our renewal, so they’re a key figure to us. We are very very happy to be involved with such an important work again. - Nishiwaki Sayaka (Tokyohive)
9nine has provided a fresh song with a sense of speed. We received a power that will draw people into the movie’s world.” - Igarashi Takuya, movie director (Tokyohive)
I'm so excited for 9nine right now! The girls have been releasing more material than ever, and have really come to make a name for themselves, so to hear that the girls were able to sing a song tied into the anime which brought about their revival back when they became a 'new' group after so many graduations is wonderful! Hopefully Colorful will be a song filled with personality and plenty of colour and individuality!


Yamada Ryosuke of Hey! Say! JUMP! has performed his single debut, titled Mystery Virgin, at NTV Best Artist 2012.

To be quite honest, I wasn't keen on this song until it really picked up during the chorus, and that's when I realised that this song is so worth the listen. That, and Ryosuke is adorable.

Also; Auto-tune has hit Ryosuke. Really, now?

And trolol at the title.

The trailer to Eiga Doraemon: Nobita no Himitsu Dougo Hakubutsukan (Museum) has been released, and also allows fans of Perfume to hear a small preview of their up-coming 2013 single, Mirai no Museum.

Scary looking anime, and the song's too adorable for Perfume's maturity.


C-ute have graced the cover of Weekly Young Jump.

Whilst the picture of the girls is not the main focus of the magazine itself, it's great to see that the group are being promoted on a popular magazine. Hopefully there will be some great content within the magazine itself, so all fans should definitely pick up a copy and check it out!

Oda Sakura's first  image DVD, titled Greeting ~Oda Sakura~ can now be pre-ordered through e-Lineup.

Honestly, I was not expecting Oda's first image DVD to come out so fast, but it seems that UFP and Tsunku are really dead set on promoting this girl and getting her known to the public before she can debut through Morning Musume's first single and concert of 2013. It's great to see that Sakura is already making herself known in Morning Musume, and hopefully she continues to impress the fans and many others with her charms!

The digest to Yajima Maimi's up-coming solo DVD, Chelsie, has been released.


Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki and Hagiwara Mai will be holding a birthday fanclub event on February 5th.


The preview to Girls News Hello! Project episode 10 has been released, showing us clips from lives and making of's.

You know, I wish I could find these damn episodes somewhere. They're actually fun to watch and don't bore me like Satoyama can sometimes do...

Niigaki Risa will hold a fanclub event on February 16th.

News about Gaki is always a highlight, and for many fans the fanclub event will be a great way to catch up with their favourite powerhouse and all around beautiful lady, Gaki-sama!!!

I am so jealous of her fans who can see her. JELLY TO THE MAX!!!

The preview to Ikuta Erina's Niigaki Risa's supporters meeting event DVD has been released. This is a fanclub exclusive product, so it will only be available for fanclub members.

... wait, Eripon, did you steal Gaki's stage costumes from Rival Survival, Ai Believe and Ultra Smart? Girl whut?

And damn, her voice getting better and bettter everyday. She is such a damn star! Her energy is at full force, too!

The preview itself is impressive, and makes me really excited to see the entire thing (if it ever leaks on the internet) because Eripon has really come to show us a great side of herself, and she becomes more and more talented everyday, it's simply amazing! The DVD looks exciting, and I love that Eripon is able to promote herself in such an individual way compared to other Idols and her fellow group members.

The preview for C-ute's up-coming fanclub event DVD, titled Cutie♡Land 6 has been released to give us all a good luck at what we can expect from the C-ute girls!

As always, previews show us a great amount of what goes on during these performances and allows us to anticipate the event even though we may not have seen it live. The event seems to be filled with plenty of fun and cuteness from the girls, so everyone, anticipate the DVD release!

Hello! iPhone Project for MacPeople's January 2013 issue, which features Kumai Yurina, Suzuki Kanon and Sato Masaki, has released a short video where the girls talk about the up-coming issue (I think) and other stuff~

It's nice to see my darling Zukkini getting some promotion in a way, no matter how little it may be! Zukkini, my sweety... And also, LEGS IS THERE and so is the Midget Meister!

The auditions for Hello! Project Kenshuusei, originally held in Sapporo, will also be held in Osaka and Aichi, it has been revealed.

It's great that the auditions are being expanded to other parts of Japan, as it will allow the girls who are interested to possibly travel less to the auditions if they want to be a part of Hello! Project or just Idols in general. Good news!


The cover to the 9ki's Alo-Hello! 2012 has been released!

ZUKKINI IN A TANKINI! Oh yeeeeah, and her gorgeous belly is showing! Woohoo!

In fact, they all look stunning in swimwear (Mizuki bewbs...), though I do need to question Errpon's hair style... Girl, are you pulling a Gaki on us!?

Also, another yummy preview!


Morning Musume grace the cover of Top Yell Magazine!

Terrible cell phone costumes (ew ew EW) but hey, flawless girls. And they look like a rainbow! :D


Berryz Kobou will be releasing their 9th album, titled Berryz Mansion 9, on January 30th 2013. It will include a cover of Anata Nashi de Ikite Yukenai, Berryz's debut single.

I'm finding this news a bit sudden, especially as I think that it wasn't all too long ago since the girls released their last album, and their latest single WANT! has only just been released (or will soon be released, I forget) so this is a bit forward, if you ask me.

However this is some great news for the Berryz fans. Also... is 2013 their 9th year together, or 10th?


C-ute show off their personally designed t-shirts which are on sale at their winter concert!

It's great that C-ute are getting to do different things for the fan right now, such as selling those pants (was it pants?) and now designing their own shirts so that the fans have something that the girls have personally designed for everyone. And when this stated, I wondered if Airi would use her character, Suu-san, and I was right xD, but he is so cute and really creative. Now fans can have Suu-san with them wherever they go.

I like Chissa's hair in this~

My fave shirt is either Nakky's or Airi's, they're the most creative xD

JIJI Press have released footage from S/mileage's Samui Ne launch. The video shows footage of the songs the girls have sung, including their latest single, as well as an interview.

The video is cute to watch, but then again, most of S/mileage are cute, so it's normal, right? A big portion of this video consists of an interview, though, so if you're here for the songs, then this isn't the video for you, however I do suggest that you stay for Akari's cuteness. She does a random little act that isn't really funny, just quite adorable.

Mano Erina graces the cover of Young Jump Magazine!

UFP are gonna milk this girl now thanks to her graduation...

Milk her... Milk her for all she is worth!!! Milk her like you should have before!!!

A new poster featuring Mano Erina for Tower Records NO MUSIC, NO IDOL? has been released.



And that's all we have time for this week! Thank you all once again for coming over to my blog, reading my reviews and taking a look at the weekly digest for some news to talk about in the Idol world! I really appreciate you guys, I love you all, so thank you! >o< Thank you... <3


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  1. FYI the 'sweater' that Oda, Michishige, and Tanaka are wearing is called a Jersey Dress. They are my favourite of dresses. Love them so much <3

    Also, I may have been one of the people typing 'Iikubo Haruna Bikini' xD

    1. Ahhh yes I want that style shirt. WHEEE

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