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Never make the Cookie the Driving Force of a Video... Unless it includes Murder

I vent, hard. I also have an opinon. Don't like it? Don't read. Don't wanna know? Don't read. Love venting? Cool, read bro. Love dislike to towards a PV? Here, have cake (I hate cookies right now thanks to this video). Whatever it is, just respect my opinion, and take everything I say with a pinch of salt, kay, bro?

Welcome to the Vent Factory, where Chiima will vent a lot in this post! Enjoy!

The Request Chronicles continue, and we are back with Aleria's second request, which is StylipS' second single, Miracle Rush. The song was used a the opening theme for the anime Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A. Let's note that this is also the only StylipS PV that I have not reviewed, though I actually have a reason for that.

StylipS' Miracle Rush, though a good song, is by far the least interesting PV by this group. When I first watched it, I saw no appeal to it other than the dance shot. Whilst the format has a little similarity to STUDY x STUDY, I really did not like this PV. It bored me and did little to win me over. Luckily, I adore the song.

I guess the reason why I am so pissed off about this PV is the fact that the driving point is a cookie. A mother-fucking cookie!? You really can not any less creative than that, in my eyes, but it's how the video goes, and honestly, it makes for a pretty damn boring video in my opinion. After such an epic début like STUDY x STUDY, this music video fell really hard and failed to impress me at all, which actually disappointed me so much, because I love StylipS.

The bug is back in town!

It does have it's good points, don't get me wrong, but those good points are in the form of the close-up's and dance shots outside, with the girls in their Idol costumes and not their clichéd, stereotyped everyday wear. The dance is actually pretty damn epic in my opinion, and is actually the saviour of this flop of a video.

The girls look so good here, too, I actually love them looking like this. Whilst indoors the girls look nice, I actually find little appeal in the plot, or driving force, of this video. Actually, I would have liked this video better if it had been a dance version and close-ups, much like Morning Musume have now, because let's be honest, these girls have a good amount of group chemistry, and they can pull off a lazy PV quite well.

Sadly, 'tis not the case here, is it?

Dat's ma Cookeh, bitch.
Again, going back to the cookie, why is it the main point of the video? All we basically get is the girls fighting over it as they play games, trying to figure out who will win it to eat when, maybe, they could have divided it up in the first place?

Lord knows where their damn brains are, because major spoiler, they eventually divide the damn thing and eat it.

I have never known Janken to be this rehearsed ever...

Yuii is crying because this PV is so terrible to watch.

The only saving factor for these scenes actually has to be Yuii; her reactions are actually quite hilarious to watch, making the video a little bit more bearable. Sadly, her fun reactions are far and few between, mostly because screen time is divided between the girls. But still, more fun reactions would have been awesome courtesy of the YuiKaori duo. I don't expect much from Buggy Arisa or Maho, because we all know that Arisa is just adorable and Maho can't even lip-sync properly, let alone portray a goofy face.

What game should we play next...? I'm bored...
I bitch too much about this PV, I know, but I honestly do not like it, let alone care for it - I find that the cookie is a stupid thing to drive this video forward, and the focus on the games becomes to continuous and tiresome. It may look cute and playful, but it just seems lazy and unoriginal. I would have loved to have seen more go on, like STUDY x STUDY or Choose me Darling where the girls interacted in a more playful, realistic way. Here it just seems so contrived, especially on Kaori's part. She seems to force everything and its extremely obvious.

They finally divided that mother-fucker, didn't they?
Luckily, I love the dance and the song; the song is upbeat and energetic, how could I not love it? It's everything that represents the cute, fun and energetic StylipS, and it shows off the girls' vocals wonderfully. If only the PV were as good as the song, because then it would be a winner for me and I would love it a lot more. Sadly, the PV puts me off finding the video just to listen to the song, so I actually rarely listen to it unless I really need my Miracle Rush intake for the day or week.

I would have loved to have seen this video shot outside more, other than for the dance shot; it would have made for a great PV. The inside seems so dull and dark when compared with the beautiful outdoors. Even if the girls had been going out for a picnic or something would have been more interesting, but alas, only the dance scene is outside and some of the close-up shots.

I know that some people like this people, but I don't. It isn't my favourite and never will be, and it's such a pity because the song is so good but the PV did nothing for me, which is why I never reviewed it in the first place. After such a good début, I felt far too disappointed with this video to even think of saying anything about it.

Well, not every video can please everyone, can it? But it still doesn't stop me from being disappointed with it.

So before I go off, I want to say sorry to Aleria for disliking this PV so much, but honestly, I'm also glad that I got my dislike of this video off my chest. I just find it so boring and pointless to the point where it annoys me. There could have been so much more, it could have been better, but it came out like this, and I was sorely disappointed. I was extremely happy when Choose me Darling came out, because whilst the PV formats are quite similar in all three PV's, it was so much more appealing than this video.

... I feel like I vented a lot here.


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