Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Many Belated Christmas Wishes and a Happy Boxing Day!

I do need to apologise for not posting a Merry Christmas Post on Christmas Day itself - I spent the day with my family eating (sleeping) and drinking and basically watching my niece enjoy her very first Christmas. For someone who was new to it, she quickly understood what presents were and that we were giving her lots of things, and she enjoyed the day thoroughly, even going as far as to eat the wrapping paper! That's how good it was, I suppose!

Having a little one for Christmas is absolutely lovely, I tell you, though I am not anticipating when she starts to say what she wants xD

Aside from my niece having a lovely Christmas, I had a good one too. The house was full of people (always wonderful) and the food was delicious. I gained a headache from the alcohol I consumed, despite only having one bottle (I am not good with alcohol) and have scoffed plenty of chocolate and Vanilla cheesecake. Yup, good!

To end the belated Merry Christmas post, I hope that everyone had a fantastic day yesterday, whether or not you celebrate the Holiday. If you do celebrate Christmas then I hope that your day was filled with some wonderful memories and family moments, and if you don't, then I hope that you have had a great day with friends and family and a nice day off as well!

Many belated Christmas Wishes and a Merry Boxing Day!



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    1. YOU DON'T KNOW? D8

      In England (no idea where else) Boxing Day is the day after Christmas where you basically have another day off in England. It's seen as a Bank Holiday for us here, and a day to basically rest and clear up after Christmas Day :D