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Lesbians, Finally! - SKE48's 'Kataomoi Finally' PV Review!

All of my thoughts and opinions are mine alone. If you don't like my opinion then don't read it. If you are offended by homosexuality, turn away NOW, because I don't want anyone acting disgusted by a video. Thanks.

Continuing with my Request Chronicles, I have come to my next set of requests by Aleria, who has requested three songs from groups or singers that I know quite well. The first, of course, is by SKE48, and it's one of their riskiest MV's to date.

Kataomoi Finally came out around the time when I was still a little bit more wary of the '48 family, but also the time where I was beginning to have a growing interest in the group. Actually, I was going to review this PV, but I never did for some reason. Well, I've been given a second chance at reviewing this video once again through the request of Aleria, so thank you.

Now before I begin, I want to say that this is one impressive PV, a PV which I at first thought gained it's popularity purely through the fact that it's all about homosexuality. Okay, so it could be a part of it, but at the time I was still extremely prejudice against anything that the '48 family did, but after watching the PV even back then, I thought that it was pretty impressive. Confusing, but extremely impressive with very eye-catching edits, to the point where it looks cataclysmic.

So, that said and done, I will be taking a look at Kataomoi Finally, this time with a broader, more open-minded approach to the group.

So Finally! I will be reviewing this PV! Let's take a look now, shall we?

Awww, she's sleeping... Are we going to wake her up with a loving kiss?

Oh wait, she's just drunk. No wonder she's passed out in a field.

Yagami: "Hey there, baby..."

Well hey-low Yuri scene *^*



Oh look, another '48 roof related scene. I swear, these can get tiring...

I don't think that Rena appreciated the lesbian love. Damnit, girl, get a grip...

And not on the broom. A grip on the boobs!!!!

Maybe Jurina will be able to help her appreciate the lesbian love? After all, she's the butchest of them all, right?

Wow, that's a bitch smile if there ever was one...

Akane: "I love you so much... Here, have this gift to remember me."
Jurina: "Them bitches love me so damn much..."

Awww, how sweet... Too bad Jurina's a cheating bitch in this...

Well, aren't we getting frisky in here?

Rena, in all her emotionless glory, doesn't really understand what's happening to her.

Once again, emotionless fucking glory.

At least pretend you like the third-hand necklace, you Kristen Stewart wannabe.

Oh wait, there's some emotion here. Not much, but at least it's a start.

My lord, there's been a crash! Rena, Jurina, quick, go get help..!

Wait, what? So you're just going to whisper dirty things into her ear, are you? Ignote the crash, where people have possibly died, and do nothing but talk filthy things into your second girlfriends ear? Really now...

So dirty that Rena practically has an orgasm over it. Wow, Jurina must really know her stuff.

Rena is in such a daydream right now... seems like her hangover may have passed on, because she looks all right.

Well, I know what you two are ready to 'do', by the looks on your faces.

Akane's back and she's loving the fact that Rena is cutting herself accidentally. Bitch, please, Jurina no longer loves you...

Yeah! Look at how passionate Juria is, to the point where she becomes vampiric and sucks Rena dry of her blood.

Well, it looks like it's time to break this little love scene up. Bring in Jurina's new bitch!

Jurina: "Hey, baby. Wanna make some sweet lovin' outside on the school balcony?"

That face says an eager 'Yes, OMFG YES!!!"

Rena, I feel so bad for you... and you're showing emotion... YAY!!!

But no, really she looks so damn hurt that it hurts me a little too.

Moving on to the Lesbian Love Party! Woohoo!

Is that Yagami?

Looks like someone's going down tonight, hehe...

Okay, I admit, some of these rooftop scenes are pretty damn amazing, no matter how over-used they may seem.

This has to be the one scene that still confuses me the most here... What the hell is it about, really? Or is the girl just pissed off beyond sanity?

Jurina: "Do not question who the hell I sleep with, BITCH!"

Rena gets n almighty bitch slap from the Cheating Queen herself, Jurina.


Rena returns the favour, like she should.

And it looks like one of Jurina's many other girlfriends comes onto the scene and delivers her own slap. That's what you get, bitch.

Rena has turned to greener pastures, of course.

And that's the end of it all! We see Rena run off, probably to find someone else to love. Who knows?

Okay, so before I run off to the review portion of this post, I want to admit that I used another post to find out the names of the girls in this video, because I only knew who Jurina, Rena and Kanon were in this, and Kanon only because she was in Eien Pressure and she was probably the most interesting looking girl there. Anyway, I used this post here to find the names, and also to see an analysis of the video (I actually read this post a while back, too).

So, let's begin this review with the obvious; This is a story revolving around lesbian love, or homosexuality in a more professional context. It's a video which shows unrequited love, heart break, cheating bullying and bitterness from what I can see. It's a video which has a lot going on, keeping it busy but also showing us the effects that these things have on other people, and the outcomes of the actions that everyone has taken, such as Akane taking to another girl at a sordid sex party after being jilted by Jurina, and Rena slapping Jurina after she runs off with another girl which, of course, breaks Rena's heart.

This music video is very deep in what it portrays; it takes what is a controversial romance in certain countries (homosexuality), but delivers it in such a way which relates to real life; cheating, bullying, heart break, you know, everything. It just shows it in a way which relates to girls instead of a heterosexual couple, essentially showing us that no matter what, all relationships are the same, whether you are in a relationship with a girl or a boy, the same gender or not.  It's all the same, and this music video portrays that very well.

I like this video for how risky and different it is when compared to other '48 video's. It shows different stories, but stories that don't become overly confusing or overlap each other. It shows how love can be pleasant, but then it can be bitter just as quickly as it was wonderful. It shows the different loves of these girls, and how these girls can act when their lover has chosen someone else to be with, such as Akane resorting to bullying Rena and laughing at her misfortune, or how a person can quickly change their preference despite the fact that they may have hurt their previous love, such as Jurina hurting both Akane and Rena. Of course, this video also shows very realistic and effective outcomes in the end, with Jurina getting her comeuppance by being slapped around by the two girls' hearts that she has broken, which isn't the most pleasant of endings, but endings which are very realistic and actually quite appreciated. It goes to show that eventually, you will get pay back for your wrong doings.

It's a great PV, and visually, it is beautiful and extremely appealing. It shows you that love can be a wonderful thing, to the point where you love that person so much that your own surroundings become nothing more than that person, and that love is not always a wonderful, miraculous thing that stories portray, and that there is always a bad guy, and sometimes that bad guy is your own lover.

It's an amazing PV, and an amazing song as well, one which keeps you interested with the busy story lines and the different outlook on love. It's a video which represents unrequited love, but also the pain that love can bring to a person, no matter who it is. It keeps you on edge, and it's incredibly enjoyable to watch. The frantic, on-going that this video and song brings is brilliant, and I can see why this ranked #1 on the Oricon chart when it was released at the beginning of the year. It's an amazing video, with an equally amazing song and concept.

Lesbians... FINALLY!


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: December 16th, 2012

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