Thursday, 6 December 2012

Koi no Dance Site; Sexy Personified

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Returning to PV Request Week/Request Chronicles, oh yeah baby!

... My lord I am weird, sometimes... Though possibly not as weird as this song! UH! HA!

Continuing with Sarah's request, I have come to the third (and for now, final) of her requests, and whilst she has allowed me to choose a song from her other options over this one, I want to do this one anyway (she knew I would).

Koi no Dance Site is the suggestion, being one of MoMusu's older songs that featured generations 1 through to 3, and was released back in 2000 when I was around 6, probably playing with Barbie Dolls and listening to the Spice Girls and Britney Spears... A song which was released 12 years ago. That's quite the number of years since Wakuteka was released, guys.

This is also the perfect single and video to show just how much MoMusu has changed as a whole, and not just with members or the lineup, but with how they present themselves and the attitude that has now changed since this song was released, since before 6th Generation were ever thought to be. It's different from what they release now, that's for sure, and it really does show how different the group is when it comes to how they look and feel now.

So roll on, Koi no Dance Site, and let's see just how sexy and mature you can be like this new MoMusu that I have come to know and love!

Even in the year 2000, Morning Musume had better looking CGI than they do in 2012...

My lord what are they wearing...

Blow job face!

... The costumes aren't as bad as the dance, admittedly...

My lord, it's a MoMusu invasion! Looks like Mayuyu and Naaboudoufu@Nana stole their army idea's from these guys!

It's a bit too... pink hued for my liking...

Gotomo: "Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal I'm a STAR!"

Goto Maki before the days where people rumoured she was going into porn...

... Ah, the days where Music Video's made your head look almost cartoonish and stupidly big...

Old MoMusu didn't give a fuck about looking silly in front of the camera.

Wow, this is damn sexy... //sarcasm

Yuko is still the Queen Bitch, even in the older video's.

Sexy Beam: The Birth of a Legend

I actually don't understand this background; is it meant to be similar to the red carpet?

Yuko: "BITCH I said I didn't want a 4th Generation!"

This is the original Yuko, before she became a wife and a mother. Once upon a time, nobody thought that she would get a guy... not unless she had a knife in her hand and threatened him, that is.

MoMusu, caught in the lesbian act before Yossie appeared with Rika!

I love Kei, but that eye shadow does nothing for her...

Again: SEXY!!!!

My lord, Abe, you are looking damn sexy like that. Keep that position, it's just so... irresistible...

Sayaka: "His penis was thiiiiis big..."

I swear, Tsunku's penis comes up a lot in MoMusu's video's, though his size is debatable between girls it seems...

My lord they are pink...

Kaori looks so out of it, it makes for great TV, I swear.

... She looks damn high.

Preparing for a blowjob: Tsunku style.

Is this a fail wink, or is Kei just resting one eye?

Mexican Wave!!!

Mari, you can't pull off sexy in this video no matter how hard you try to...

This is a photoshop worthy picture, it truly is...

But I don't want to do anything to it XD

Yuko: "You lookin' at me, BITCH!"

DAMN we got a Yankee over here! Quick, hide me!

Yankee before Winky even appeared

FAIL Gotomo!


Indeed it is, Maki! But your Career's going to be pretty okay even after this, so don't worry. It isn't until much later on that you quit and the Porno rumours start appearing...

Wait, it was a mirage? Go figure...

Originally, I always considered Koi no Dance Site to be that 'weird' song from a group that I was just beginning to love. I found the sound and look to be a little bit far-fetched and out-there, something which didn't mix well with me at first because of how different it was to what Morning Musume were releasing at the time (moody, emo songs or moody butt princesses), however I have come to appreciate the song and I really enjoy the sound and how, in general, different is to what the girls release now that they have attained a different, more 'mature' and far less fun image.

Koi no Dance Site is a far cry from what Morning Musume are as a group now, in both sound and image. This song and video are a perfect example of the fun and silly Morning Musume that wasn't afraid to stand out, to do things a little differently and to set the bars higher. Whilst Koi no Dance Site may have been no LOVE Machine back in its day, it was something which came to define Morning Musume back when they were fresh and at the top of their game. It was also the single that seemed to define Mari Yaguchi with her catchphrase Sexy Beam, showing off her comedic character and her 'sexy' nature.

Revisiting this song has made me realise just how much Morning Musume has changed in sound and look. Back when Koi no Dance Site was released, it's undeniable that the girls could act silly and carefree without a second thought, whilst now it seems that the girls are only there to look pretty and showcase a certain expression, hiding their personalities in the process (see: Suzuki Kanon) with only a few ignoring that (Masaki). Koi no Dance Site shows off this fun and quirky Morning Musume, giving off a more youthful and energetic vibe that isn't really present in the new formation right now (or at least in my eyes it isn't present). There is also a lot of diversity in this video, with the girls doing their own things, whether it's Yuko looking tough or Mari looking sexy, each girl has an individual trait which shows off and translates well in the video, regardless of the sound or feel of the video. They seem to push that silliness aside and show us who they are, rather than what the song itself conveys, and it's refreshing because of that sense of personality we get, and not just the the girls acting weird and wonderful for the camera.

The video is, in it's own way, weird. The dance is very different, and honestly, quite scary to watch. There's really not much coolness when it comes to this video or song, because everything sounds so fun and whacky.

The video takes on a Bollywood look, from the background to the costumes, and shows the girls pulling faces, dancing in a weird way and basically acting camp and enjoying the video and what they have to do. If anything, it all looks enjoyable to do, and it's an enjoyable video to watch, regardless of how weird it is. There is a lot going on, and you certainly won't get bored from watching this because it's pretty fast paced, and there is so much to look at. It's quirky, colourful, and entertaining.

The song, like the video, is quite different to what we get now. It's a fun and energetic song, one which uses a lot of dialogue throughout to express what the girls are feeling and to make it sound a lot more fun and busy than it would be without it. It's a pretty creative song, actually, and I find that it's really enjoyable to listen to. It has a lot going on and just sounds like it was a lot of fun to sing, because the sound is carefree and new to the Morning Musume who sang it back then. It was different, but it showed off that youthful and energetic side to the group that they had recently found after adding Goto Maki. This song, if anything, allowed the group to explore a more youthful and carefree image with it's sound and video, and pretty much prepared Morning Musume for the change that they would soon take on in sound and style after adding the 4th Generation who would debut in their 9th single, Happy Summer Wedding.

Koi no Dance Site is a fun, quirky song which really showed the change in Morning Musume after adding Goto Maki, and also shows just how different the group is now 12 years on. The sound and image of the group has drastically changed sine then, and you can see it. We no longer have a group who show off their youth and energy, but a group who act mature and try to pull off a 'cool' image.

This song is great, and it's very fun to listen to, though a bit weird. I like it more after giving it more of a chance, and I don't think it's as weird as I thought it was back when I first watched it. Koi no Dance Site is a great song, and it really showed us a change in Morning Musume that came about after the 4th Generation were added. It ultimately showed us the Genki era of Morning Musume, an era which I wish I had been a part of.

I don't mind the cool era... but it sucks, man!


  1. This was the second MoMusu song I ever properly listened to, with the first being Onna ni Sachi Are - I think getting used to that contrast from the get-go was pretty good, cause I could totally deal with the changes and stuff.
    I do miss (okay, I can't /really/ say that because I wasn't a fan back then) this kind of MoMusu. It's always nice to see this fun side rather than watching countless vids where the girls act like dolls and shizz.

    1. I have no idea when I properly listened to this, around 2009 maybe when I was first getting into the group, but it scared me...

      I miss it (Can't truly say that but eh) I liked the look and sound, they had great chemistry too :D

  2. Omg, those pictures are love <3
    I love Nakazawa-san so much and her face in your screencaps are great xDD

    Cant remember what I thought when I listened to this song for the first time, but I think I liked it. 1st single B-side in Peachii's project back in Nov 2009 or something <3 Omg, the memories.

    Anyways <3 I like the song. Lol :D

    1. YAY LOVE <3 <3
      Nakazawa is wonderful, she has amazing screen pictures XD

      MEMORIES <3 Have plenty of them XD

      The song is good whee 8D