Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Just Wanna talk about Gumi and that Apple Girl...

I admit that I am one of those types of people who can sit there for hours listening to the same song over and over and over again without getting tired of it or even getting irritated. My sister actually really does not like this aspect about me, but she hated it when we lived together because the songs I enjoyed were constant, and some of the songs I loved were the songs that she eventually came to hate because of the loop I put them under. But that's just me, in general, these song loops last mostly a day or two before I decide to move onto another song because I want a change of pace.

But sometimes, and this one's a bit rarer for me nowadays, I do find a song which I like so much that no matter what I listen to afterwards, it stays in my head and I can't shake it off of me at all. I end up listening to these songs on loops for days on end, sometimes breaking away to listen to other groups and pieces of music, because hey, I need to - I'm in the beginning of my Request Chronicles, so I need to break away sometimes. But I also do it to just listen to something different... but then I get this nagging sensation within my brain that tells me I need to listen to this song again, because I miss it. I can't get enough of it, I need it, I need to hear that tune in full, in great quality because my brain can not fuel on just hearing it from memory. In essence, it's like a drug to me, and it becomes pretty much obsessive to the point where I can only go one day (barely) without listening to it before I can't hack it any more, and put it back on to ease myself and enjoy the song to its fullest.

Ringo uri no Houmatsu Shoujo, or The Transient Apple Girl, is that song right now, and surprisingly enough, it's a Vocaloid song. As you all probably know, I am not a fan of Vocaloid, and I very rarely listen to their songs, or even avoid them altogether. But there are two that I really enjoy, and this is one of them.

My sister introduced me to this song, only because she thought that I would enjoy the story aspect of the video rather than the song itself. She recently exclaimed her surprise at how much I had come to really enjoy the song, because I'm never really into anything by Vocaloid. It has probably made her happy to know that I at least acknowledged the song and came to enjoy it, but I actually don't think she realises just how much I love and adore this song, or even how much it has affected me since she showed it to me, because if anything, I am obsessed and addicted to this song to the point where I am getting worried about how I feel towards other songs right now.

The Transient Apple Girl is definitely my favourite song right now, and I don't think that any other songs can really hold a candle to it because of how amazing I truly think it is. Even though it is a song which was created by a computer program, I find so much passion, love, warmth, sadness and emotion in this song, more than any other Idol song that I have ever heard. The story behind it, a story which is a very cute fairytale, translates so beautifully through the song to the point where the emotions from the story teller feel very realistic and sincere to the situation that the main character is in. It all feels very realistic for me as a listener, and I guess that's what has me hooked on this song; the realism of the feelings, and the meaning behind the song itself.

The instrumental really helps to bring all of these things together with the vocals. It's an instrumental which really allows us to hear the joy, sadness, hurt and positivity that the character in the song has throughout the entire story. It's full of life, it's upbeat and cheerful but can quickly change to a more negative tone through the sadder parts of the story, before springing back up like the character herself, allowing us as the listeners to truly appreciate the positive attitude of the girl and the moral behind the story that she is trying to convey to the listeners.

I honestly don't know how I became so hooked on this one song, but I love it to the point where I really wanted to talk about it, even though this is an Idol blog. I want to be able to share something that I really enjoy and love right now with you all, and tell you about it so that you too can appreciate the song if you decide to listen to it.

It's new, yes, but the amount I have listened to it, you probably would not think that it was only created (or uploaded) this November. Even so, this is the one song that I can not put down right no, no matter what. After my PV Reviews are finished up, I put this song back on play, and I forget that the other song existed. I generally can't remember the tune of the other song, either, that's how much power this song has over me. It's just that addicting.

Kind of like apples when I am craving them...


  1. I still haven't found a song that addicts me like this... But I like all GUMI songs. Yowamushi Montblanc and Light Lag are amazing though <3

    What is the other Vocaloid song you like?
    Is it Hello/How are you?

  2. Thanks, Chiima. Without you calling this gem and that gem to my attention I'd be lost. Best thing, finding your blog.

    1. Ahhh really? >3< Thank you!!! -blush blush x 1million-