Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013 Predictions ~Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Wishes~

2012 has been a whirlwind of a year, flying by just as 2011 did! But now we're heading into a new year, and what does that mean? Why it can only mean that it's time for my predictions, that's what! So here I will be listing my Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Wishes for the new year ahead of us. What shall I have granted, and what will I get surprised by with 2013?

Before I get into the post, I want to say that 2012 has brought an eventful bag to the Wotasphere. We have had graduations, tears and loss, but we have also gained new members, better freakin' promotion (YAY!), but let's just say that the year has been an unexpected on. When it comes to H!P, we fans have had it good, but for the 48 fandom it's been pretty bad with all the graduations, especially Maeda Atsuko's - actually, I lost my own Oshi through graduation this year so I can sympathise with the 48 fans who have lost loved members. I have also lost members I like or somewhat cared for from other groups. To me, 2012 has been a year filled with Graduation. Hopefully 2013 will be a bit better, ne?

Hello! Project/UFA Hopes, Fears & Predictions

1. Morning Musume Record an A-side Ballad

The thing that has annoyed me the most this year with MoMusu is, undeniably, the amount of ugly auto-tune that has been used on their singles. Pyoko and Ren'ai Hunter were fine, and I didn't mind Wakuteka that much, but honestly, I would love to hear a ballad from MoMusu! You heard Be Alive, right? Well doesn't that prove to us all that these girls can sing quality ballads, without hearing Riho shrieking like she's a cat? Exactly. Honestly I would love love LOVE a ballad, and I would have preferred said ballad to be Sakura's debut, but we ain't getting that, are we? Anyway, I want an A-side ballad... here's to hoping! (fingers crossed!)

2. S/mileage lose a member

This is a fear - a strong one. Believe me, I'm not ready for another member of S/mileage to leave any time soon, but I woke up with this fear that in the next year, Dawa or a second gen member would announce their departure from the group. This is a fear/prediction, but hell no, don't come true! Still, putting it here because I am fearing it and possibly predicting it...

3. Hello! Project bring in a new Solo Act

Whilst this has, somewhat, been granted, I would like to see Hello! Project rope in a new soloist, whether they hold auditions or not or just choose from the Eggs. It would be nice to see a new solo act within the project and to see said solo act grow... but, preferably not Karin. Why? I actually came to this conclusion; she is too young. I wouldn't like to see a kid fighting it out her own, that, and I can't stand seeing kids (she's 14, I know, but wait till she's 16-17 at least) going solo. Karin can sing, yeah, but still... too young.

Anyway, here's to hoping for a new solo act, whether or not it's Aika's debut!

4. C-ute sell over 50,000 Singles

Now here's something that I would absolutely love to see! It's undeniable that C-ute are getting better and better with every single, but I would honestly love to have the girls hit the 50,000 mark, which isn't impossible right now because of how amazing they are! Aitai Aitai Aitai na sold over 49,000, so I would really like to see the girls get that little bit higher.


5. Hello! Project introduce a new group

I have no idea how many people are angling for this hope/dream, but count me in as one of them! It would be nice to see Tsunku create a group within the trainee's again (no auditions next time, though) and to show the great potential of these girls. It would be great to see Hello! Project grow again.

6. Ikuta Erina gets a Photo book

Hi, have you seen this girl? Yes, she is gorgeous, right? I know, so she deserves a photo book... No? Oh, well, one can dream, right? And I will dream, hope and PRAY that she gets one, because damn I love her!

7. Hello! Project get better Graphics Designers...

We all want this, I'm sure...

... My lord I have just realised how BAD this photo shop is as I write this o-O

8. S/mileage bring out better singles

Not to rain on anyone's parade EVERYONE'S PARADE, but S/mileage haven't really appealed to me this year in terms of songs. Choto Matte and Dot Bikini were crap and really derailed my opinion of how good the group was, especially the terror that is Dot Bikini, though Suki yo has temporarily saved my opinion of the group. Samui ne isn't really great, but it isn't terrible either - it's just the PV.

So yeah, I hope that S/mileage brings out better quality video's and songs. I feel like the group has changed a little, and I love their old concept when they were the original 4, but right now... I'm not feeling the maturity or atrocity of Dot Failure. So please... better stuff, or stuff I will find quirky and interesting to keep me liking the group.

That or I bail xD

9. Katsuta Rina gets a PUSH!

*picks up phone... it rings* *Answer* Hi, er, yeah, you don't know me, probably don't understand me either, but er, yeah, I want you to know that I want Katsuta Rina to have a push... yeah, you know, the girl with the weird eyes in S/mileage you continuously push to the back? The one who can sing? Yeah, she needs a push, I wish for it to happen, I pray for it, too... She needs more lines, because she can sing better than DAWA and Meimi and Akari... yeah, thanks, bye~

i.e. she needs a push, god damnit! Her talent and beauty and smile is going to waste in the back there! -stomps foot-

10. Morning Musume (and S/mileage) get better, simpler PV's

I might be wishing an praying for a long time, but I will try! Honestly, the PV's now, Morning Musume and S/mileage namely, are so tacky and cheap and sometimes a downright eyesore! The effects are crap, and there really is nothing great or outstanding about the video's they produce. The only PV I enjoyed properly from MoMusu this year was Pyoko for its diversity and how fresh it was, and Suki yo was pretty good for S/mileage, same with Choto matte, no matter how much I did dislike that song, but my lord, these girls need to go outside! Stop with the shit effects, push them out of the studio or warehouse and get them out in the open, walking around and what not. It works for Mano, it can work for these guys! URGH!

11. Auditions

I don't know why, but I have a feeling that there will be auditions in H!P for 2013, whether it's an audition for a new group (pleasE?), Gen 12 of Morning Musume (Oh hell yeah, PLEASE) or S/mileage third gen auditions (NO!) - either way, I have a feeling. If it comes true, I will be happy x3

12. Mitsui Aika does, er... Something

By something, I mean anything that doesn't include GREEN FIELDS, because they bore me to death, I swear! Then again they put three girls together who become one giant ball of bland in terms of singing style and personalities. Aika is so lovely with the right people (Reina), but I would love to see her try something which will show her strengths... probably become a mentor to the Morning Musume girls? I mean she was fierce with 9th gen, imagine her whipping nearly all of H!P into shape!

Now I can't get the image of Aika in leather knee highs whilst holding a whip outta my head, urrrgh...

12. Zukkini gets in a bikini a Push (and better clothes)

I will be in my grave before this ever happens, BUT I am going to dream, wish and PRAY for this one thing to happen in 2013, because I love my Zukkini. She is a glorious bundle of boobs and love, and she really needs more appreciation. Hopefully after Reina flies away to join her Winking band Zukki will get the push she deserves... or at least more screen time and better clothing for singles.

13. Miyamato Karin débuts and becomes H!P's new Face

Now I don't know about you, but Sayashi Riho should never become the 'face' of H!P, simply because she lacks the emotional and vocal quality of the Face; said Face being Suzuki Airi, that is. Hence why I want Karin to debut STAT! I don't care where she débuts in H!P, just... début her already, I'm getting worried for the safety of the rightful face of H!P!!!

14. Sayashi Riho gets pushed to the back for ONE SINGLE!!!

I asked for this last year, and I will ask for it from the Idol Gods again... PLEASE GIVE THIS GIRL A REST!!! And her horrible shrieking voice unless you give her a low, slow song, DAMNIT!

15. Morning Musume's Line Distribution improves

Everyone wants this, because lord knows how we will stop our ears bleeding if Riho continues to lead with only Sakura, Sayu and Fukumura to semi back her up...

Okay, that's mean, but honestly when Reina leaves, I would love the distribution to be shaken up a lot. Reina's vocal prowess has been apparent since her debut, and she has ultimately lead most if not all songs, especially during the Platinum era where her lead along with Takahashi's was extremely prominent. Because of her impending Graduation, the line distribution will hopefully get better. Hopefully being a strong word, here...

16. Suzuki Airi does not graduate

This is a strong fear I have, and it's only because I recently found out that Airi had mentioned in the 2012 Alo-Hello! that if she were to go to University, she would graduate from C-ute and Hello! Project. I really don't want that to happened because she's amazing and the most talented girl in all of Hello! Project... that, and leaving the 'face' to someone like Riho is not up my alley at all. Please at least leave the Face of H!P spot to someone with an ounce of natural singing talent...

2013 Jpop Hopes, Dreams and Wishes

1. Bump.y release more than one single and STAY in the Public eye

It might just be me (it probably is), but I was really unhappy with how little Bump.y did this year and how out of contact they seemed to be. Seriously, they did nothing and then reappeared! I'm happy that they are around, but for 2013 I wish that they would stay around and not disappear into obscurity like they did for most/all of 2012.

2. The 48 Family have less Graduations/Misfortune

Let's admit that this has not been the best year for the '48 family members, and next year I would love it if there were less graduations and less scandals coming up. A lot of the girls have suffered in 2012, so for 2013 I want these girls to just have a break from the madness and being pointed at, and let them get on with their careers, ne?

3. Paruru gets less hate from '48 Nazi's'

This is a dream which will never come true, but hey, I'm gonna dream, damnit!

4. These excuses of a rival group get a decent single + PV + Costumes and sell on the SAME DAY as AKB48

I can wish, and I will, but even I doubt that this will come true. My faith in this group is so low it's created a hole in the floor.

5. StylipS release more AWESOME singles

All of their singles have been good, in my opinion, and I hope that the awesome streak continues for these girls in the new year, so please girls, continue being amazing!

6. Afilia Saga East bring out a maid cafe based single + no graduations ;A;

I want a maid cafe based single/PV for my own selfish, fetish-based needs, and no graduations because they have lost three already DX Please stop, girls... I lost Rose Gardenfairy already! No more, please no more!!!

7. Fudanjuku add a new member!?

I don't know why, but I feel like they will... but that's just me, and I could be getting my hopes up, but this is me predicting it, and if it doesn't happen, who cares? I love Fudanjuku as they are, so yeah~

8. Ono Erena releases a good A-side and not a rehashed song like her first 3 singles

Don't deny it, they all sound pretty similar, and yes I love all of them but I do like diversity, too.

9. Watanabe Mayu release more good singles, and doesn't produce generic anime sounding crap like her first two singles

Hikaru Monotachi was awesome, and Mayu can continue to be awesome... she just needs epic music, a ton of auto-tune and Vocaloid by her side! Please continue to sound good Mayu, don't let AKB's generic crappiness get the better of you!

Which leads to...

10. AKB48 bring out better songs

I wanted this last year. Did I get it? No. Only Uza and Manatsu sounded different and new, though Manatsu did borderline both generic and refreshing, so I can't even count Manatsu. Whatever, please bring out decent songs next year, not crap like Gingham Check, Give Me Five (I really don't like it) or Eien Pressure... These were terribly made singles, they sounded the same and had no originality. The only decent things about them were the PV's, sans Eien Pressure... that was a weird video, unoriginal but cute...

Still... bring out better songs, please. Stop wasting talent only to make a quick buck.

11. HouPri start releasing PV's again

I'm so disappointed in HouPri this year, because their songs and PV's haven't really been released to the public - more so their fans who attend their lives get the songs, because that's where they sell them now. Honestly, if I want to continue loving HouPri, I need their music in my life!

12. Station have a Major Debut

This one might not happen, and I do understand that, but this past year these girls have been amazing together. They have so far released four singles (one digital the others physical) and an album, and I love their style and sound. For an Indies group they seem to continuously mix up what they're singing, experimenting with new sounds and trying different things. I would love to see them debut in the next year, or at least announce it.

13. Hyadain Stays Awesome

Nuff said.

14. Naabadoufu@Nana releases more catchy and cool singles

She's released two awesome singles this year already, and I honestly can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for her! She may not be the most vocally talented, I know that, but she can hold out on her own already - she has Nico Nico Douga fans and possibly a few Hello! Pro fans, too. That, and her gimmick is awesome and I would love to see her do the splits in a PV!

2013 Personal Hopes & Wishes

1. I get into Dream5 more

I want this, others want this... I hope it happens, I really do xD

2. I get into more Indie Idol Units

I like Indie units, sadly I haven't found many others to fangirl over aside from Station♪. Here's to hoping that I find more girls to fangirl over and love!

3. I pay more attention to AAA

I like AAA, but I don't pay enough attention to them, so I hope that in 2013 I can take my time to appreciate and love the group more, whether or not I share that love with you guys. I think that AAA are an amazing group, but I do need to invest more time in them.

4. I continue to enjoy LoveLaDoll

Hopefully I stick to this one, because I lost so much interest in HouPri this year. Let's hope that the same case won't happen again for this group, because LoveLaDoll are really interesting.

5. I get into Perfume a little more (For the sake of my Nia-Pocket)

Okay, not just for Nia, but for me as well. I really need to get over my electropop/techno fear thing and appreciate it. That, and there's KashiYuka in all her beautiful glory...

6. Kyary begins to Appeal to me... or something...

I find Kyary as appealing as I find Lady GaGa. I'm also scared of her, like I am scared of MomoClo, but again, I need to get over it and start enjoying different kinds of Idols and music. Hopefully 2013 will bring me an ounce of appreciation and a new form of curiosity which will allow me to venture out of my comfort zone...

7. NMB48 win me over

I was so taken with Kitagawa Kenji, but in 2013 I would love it if NMB48 finally won me over and really made me enjoy their music. I generally ignore them, but they have done well this year - next year, I want to like them more and give them a better chance.


And so concludes my Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Wishes for 2013! AKA the Predictions and what not! Hopefully I have no foreshadowed anything too saddening or drastic for 2013 (please no!) but I also hope that some of my wishes/hopes come true in the New Year as well.

Well, here's to another Idol filled year! KAMPAI!!!

What are all your hopes or fears for the New Year in Idoldom?


  1. Wish nr. 6 is so true and needed, as well wish nr. 9. I like this idea!

    1. They need to happen ;3 for our sakes as FANS 8D

  2. I can't wait for the new year! I'm so excited! Next year my favorite Momusu member of all time is graduating (noooooo...) and Mano Erina, too. :( But I'm also really excited that Cheeky Parade is making their major debut!!! (and I just realized as I'm typing this that the PV is already out.... oops)

    1. New Year New Year! *^* I hope it fills us with great Idol cuteness and love and just... IDOLS!!!

      Reinya will be missed, BUT, better line distribution? XD PLEEEEASE!!! And Cheeky Parade didn't debut this year? I thought that they did! XD XD XD

  3. As far as the soloist thing goes, didn't Matsuura start when she was 14/just turned 15? If that's the case, I could see Karin being a soloist.

    I agree with almost all of the other H!P stuff XD I want there to be a new group. I'm waiting for them to pick up a new anime, so there's more temporary-but-long-lasting groups, like Guardians Four.

    I'm not looking forward to 12th gen auditions, atleast not for a long while. This was my issue with the 11th gen auditions as well- you should promote the current members and show off THEIR talent before you add new members, and I mean every single member. Sure I think some people(Haruna, Erina) still have a long way to go before they're showcased in a Momusu song,but still, adding new members without showing what the current members can do is a slap in the face if you ask me. After they have a song with Zukki, Haruka and Fukumura as leads, Momusu could add 8 girls for all I care. XD'

    BUT. A fear I have about Momusu- Zukki graduating. She hasn't looked like she's been having fun since her debut, and it makes me scared that she's going to graduate or formally resign from Momusu due to her own personal feelings.

    1. She did? I have no idea with Matsuura, I wasn't a fan at the time XD //shot

      If a new group happens I will be SO excited! I would love another indies faze like S/mileage's or something though, too~ And oh my gosh, a new anime! YES!!!

      I think that they have promoted the girls, a lot better than most people anticipated actually, because they continuously pop up in magazines, they represent for Mac People, they also get to do various interviews and have been on more shows than they were last year - their introduction period is going well and they're being promoted nicely, though Zukki's kinda missing out on that one @.@ But their talents have become apparent, especially with Haruna and Eripon who seem to be the new Variety faces of Morning Musume.

      I don't think Zukki will graduate too soon, but I admit even I feel that she will be the first to go... I know he was badly shaken up with Aika's sudden graduation, but it's possible that she's not looking happy because she's trying to be a grown up senpai who has a cooler look than she did before.

  4. If Airi graduates...I would be truly devastated...more devastated that Gaki graduating - which was horrible in itself. Gurl doesn't need Uni - she needs to stay in C-ute, especially now when they've gotten so popular!

    1. I think that the world would implode on itself if Suzuki Airi graduated C-ute... and honestly, if she grads, then C-ute go with her, no doubt about it.

  5. Generally speaking ballads have never sold as well in Morning Musume history as their fast songs. Given that things are sort of tenuous right now and they're reviving it's sort of like when Maki joined. Out of 10 songs, from Love Machine to Koko ni Iruzee the only ballad is I Wish and it sold less than all of the others around it. I guess you can sort of count Do It Now? But... that's really a stretch. Ballads are a good way to shore up your base but they don't seem to (judging from sales) get new fans to want to purchase singles.

    1. I know that fans are happy when things sell well, but honestly, I do love a good ballad once in a while after quite a lot of fast songs. Be Alive was amazing, and I would love to see something similar in 2013 to show that Morning Musume can still pull it off.

      It's either that or attempt R&B which would be just as desirable for me as a fan XD

  6. A late Happy New Year! If Morning Musume did a ballad similar to Be Alive! I'm sure it would be good.

    In my opinion, since Mano Erina is leaving and even though there is three new generations of Morning Musume plus S/mileage 2nd gen but a new group and soloist would be a new turn. At least, I want it! Also S/mileage cannot afford to lose a member, I for one think they still need to be stable as a group like C-ute. And I loved C-ute singles this year especially Aitai Aitai Aitai Na! mostly for Kanashiki Heaven!

    I feel like there lies problems in S/mileage and Morning Musume more too now that you point some out. More S/mileage 2nd gen need a push for a real especially some other 9th and 10th gen of Morning Musume. Exposure and lines. But let's see if UFP will give 9th and 10th gen an equal line distribution, I think S/mileage are fair.

    Airi Suzuki?! Wow, I have NEVER heard that before O__O That would be a big loss to C-ute to be honest if she left...her reason does make sense though!

    Trust me, you will LOVE Kyary. Still can't believe I'm 6 months younger than her and look how well she is doing! >_<

    1. A late Happy New Year to you too! :D

      I think that a lot of people are hoping for something new in Hello! Project that has nothing to do with adding a generation - people like the current lineups, or they're still unhappy with the change in S/mileage, either way, people are comfortable with how the groups are currently. And I doubt that S/mileage will ever be stable - their name is quite youthful and cute, and they may need to have additional generations after some time.

      I think that quite a few girls in S/mileage and MM need pushes - C-ute and Berryz are fine in the fact that nearly all girls (except Maasa) get good pushes. Sadly, as you say, there lies problems in S/mileage and MM.

      It was on something random, and rumours are popping up that she is graduating, but honestly, if Airi graduates for education, then it's the truth - she wouldn't leave because of some scandal or management wanting her to leave. She loves her job, and also, she's too valuable to lose.

      Kyary scares me a bit but we will see xD

  7. congratz on wning the award =)...

    btw, i have asked you before to help us promote a gaki graduation tribute and i'm glad you did help us... and now, we're asking bloggers again to help us promote the graduation tribute for Mano..hopefully, you could help us again...thanks

    1. Thank you very much ^^

      I was glad to help for the Gaki tribute. Sadly I never sent in a picture which kinda disappointed me that I never did it, but I was happy to promote it. I will do the same again with Mano because I love her <3

  8. Actually Airi was saying that if she went to college she'd definitely want to graduate from college (not H!P) at the age of 25 (I think the translator misinterpreted what she was saying).. :)

    Lol, and I don't even know why you're even bothering to hope that Riho won't become H!P's new face (I don't even know why you're even bothering to hope she will get pushed back a single... That's NEVER going to happen.. Stop getting your hopes up.. -shot- XD).. Riho is DEFINITELY going to become H!P's new face... She is being pushed the same way Airi was when she was her age (which was only 4 years ago)... XD

    (I think you can relax a bit for a while though... Airi should be around for at least 5 more years... She's only 18... :) )

    1. Hi! ^^ Thank you for telling me this, it reassures me so so so so much! I feel happier knowing this!

      I think I really shouldn't bother hoping, and honestly, I'm coming to the point where I no longer care... Riho is slowly growing on me (I still whine and stuff but meh) but I do want her to have a single where she does not sing but is mostly shown; girl needs a rest.