Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

It's the last day of the year, so I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! It's been another fun year with you guys, and here's to many more!

2012 may have been filled with graduations, but let's drink to a 2013 filled with beautiful Idols and less of those grads! Hear hear? HEAR HEAR!!!

Let's hope that 2013 is just as Idolicious as 2012 was! To the Kingdom of Idols, and the Land of the Winking Wota! KAMPAI!!!

Happy New Year guys, have a fun evening and don't drink too much, kay? xxx


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The Top 5 WORST PV's of 2012 According to Chiima

Because I seem to be posting selected video's on this blog, here... have another one! Of course it IS PV related or it would not be here, y'know?

I dunno, do you guys like these video's? I know that Shayna said I should keep it up with the video's but any other thoughts on me and my hyperactivity? XD

Anyways, enjoy ;3

Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013 Predictions ~Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Wishes~

2012 has been a whirlwind of a year, flying by just as 2011 did! But now we're heading into a new year, and what does that mean? Why it can only mean that it's time for my predictions, that's what! So here I will be listing my Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Wishes for the new year ahead of us. What shall I have granted, and what will I get surprised by with 2013?

Before I get into the post, I want to say that 2012 has brought an eventful bag to the Wotasphere. We have had graduations, tears and loss, but we have also gained new members, better freakin' promotion (YAY!), but let's just say that the year has been an unexpected on. When it comes to H!P, we fans have had it good, but for the 48 fandom it's been pretty bad with all the graduations, especially Maeda Atsuko's - actually, I lost my own Oshi through graduation this year so I can sympathise with the 48 fans who have lost loved members. I have also lost members I like or somewhat cared for from other groups. To me, 2012 has been a year filled with Graduation. Hopefully 2013 will be a bit better, ne?

Hello! Project/UFA Hopes, Fears & Predictions

1. Morning Musume Record an A-side Ballad

The thing that has annoyed me the most this year with MoMusu is, undeniably, the amount of ugly auto-tune that has been used on their singles. Pyoko and Ren'ai Hunter were fine, and I didn't mind Wakuteka that much, but honestly, I would love to hear a ballad from MoMusu! You heard Be Alive, right? Well doesn't that prove to us all that these girls can sing quality ballads, without hearing Riho shrieking like she's a cat? Exactly. Honestly I would love love LOVE a ballad, and I would have preferred said ballad to be Sakura's debut, but we ain't getting that, are we? Anyway, I want an A-side ballad... here's to hoping! (fingers crossed!)

2. S/mileage lose a member

This is a fear - a strong one. Believe me, I'm not ready for another member of S/mileage to leave any time soon, but I woke up with this fear that in the next year, Dawa or a second gen member would announce their departure from the group. This is a fear/prediction, but hell no, don't come true! Still, putting it here because I am fearing it and possibly predicting it...

3. Hello! Project bring in a new Solo Act

Whilst this has, somewhat, been granted, I would like to see Hello! Project rope in a new soloist, whether they hold auditions or not or just choose from the Eggs. It would be nice to see a new solo act within the project and to see said solo act grow... but, preferably not Karin. Why? I actually came to this conclusion; she is too young. I wouldn't like to see a kid fighting it out her own, that, and I can't stand seeing kids (she's 14, I know, but wait till she's 16-17 at least) going solo. Karin can sing, yeah, but still... too young.

Anyway, here's to hoping for a new solo act, whether or not it's Aika's debut!

4. C-ute sell over 50,000 Singles

Now here's something that I would absolutely love to see! It's undeniable that C-ute are getting better and better with every single, but I would honestly love to have the girls hit the 50,000 mark, which isn't impossible right now because of how amazing they are! Aitai Aitai Aitai na sold over 49,000, so I would really like to see the girls get that little bit higher.


5. Hello! Project introduce a new group

I have no idea how many people are angling for this hope/dream, but count me in as one of them! It would be nice to see Tsunku create a group within the trainee's again (no auditions next time, though) and to show the great potential of these girls. It would be great to see Hello! Project grow again.

6. Ikuta Erina gets a Photo book

Hi, have you seen this girl? Yes, she is gorgeous, right? I know, so she deserves a photo book... No? Oh, well, one can dream, right? And I will dream, hope and PRAY that she gets one, because damn I love her!

7. Hello! Project get better Graphics Designers...

We all want this, I'm sure...

... My lord I have just realised how BAD this photo shop is as I write this o-O

8. S/mileage bring out better singles

Not to rain on anyone's parade EVERYONE'S PARADE, but S/mileage haven't really appealed to me this year in terms of songs. Choto Matte and Dot Bikini were crap and really derailed my opinion of how good the group was, especially the terror that is Dot Bikini, though Suki yo has temporarily saved my opinion of the group. Samui ne isn't really great, but it isn't terrible either - it's just the PV.

So yeah, I hope that S/mileage brings out better quality video's and songs. I feel like the group has changed a little, and I love their old concept when they were the original 4, but right now... I'm not feeling the maturity or atrocity of Dot Failure. So please... better stuff, or stuff I will find quirky and interesting to keep me liking the group.

That or I bail xD

9. Katsuta Rina gets a PUSH!

*picks up phone... it rings* *Answer* Hi, er, yeah, you don't know me, probably don't understand me either, but er, yeah, I want you to know that I want Katsuta Rina to have a push... yeah, you know, the girl with the weird eyes in S/mileage you continuously push to the back? The one who can sing? Yeah, she needs a push, I wish for it to happen, I pray for it, too... She needs more lines, because she can sing better than DAWA and Meimi and Akari... yeah, thanks, bye~

i.e. she needs a push, god damnit! Her talent and beauty and smile is going to waste in the back there! -stomps foot-

10. Morning Musume (and S/mileage) get better, simpler PV's

I might be wishing an praying for a long time, but I will try! Honestly, the PV's now, Morning Musume and S/mileage namely, are so tacky and cheap and sometimes a downright eyesore! The effects are crap, and there really is nothing great or outstanding about the video's they produce. The only PV I enjoyed properly from MoMusu this year was Pyoko for its diversity and how fresh it was, and Suki yo was pretty good for S/mileage, same with Choto matte, no matter how much I did dislike that song, but my lord, these girls need to go outside! Stop with the shit effects, push them out of the studio or warehouse and get them out in the open, walking around and what not. It works for Mano, it can work for these guys! URGH!

11. Auditions

I don't know why, but I have a feeling that there will be auditions in H!P for 2013, whether it's an audition for a new group (pleasE?), Gen 12 of Morning Musume (Oh hell yeah, PLEASE) or S/mileage third gen auditions (NO!) - either way, I have a feeling. If it comes true, I will be happy x3

12. Mitsui Aika does, er... Something

By something, I mean anything that doesn't include GREEN FIELDS, because they bore me to death, I swear! Then again they put three girls together who become one giant ball of bland in terms of singing style and personalities. Aika is so lovely with the right people (Reina), but I would love to see her try something which will show her strengths... probably become a mentor to the Morning Musume girls? I mean she was fierce with 9th gen, imagine her whipping nearly all of H!P into shape!

Now I can't get the image of Aika in leather knee highs whilst holding a whip outta my head, urrrgh...

12. Zukkini gets in a bikini a Push (and better clothes)

I will be in my grave before this ever happens, BUT I am going to dream, wish and PRAY for this one thing to happen in 2013, because I love my Zukkini. She is a glorious bundle of boobs and love, and she really needs more appreciation. Hopefully after Reina flies away to join her Winking band Zukki will get the push she deserves... or at least more screen time and better clothing for singles.

13. Miyamato Karin débuts and becomes H!P's new Face

Now I don't know about you, but Sayashi Riho should never become the 'face' of H!P, simply because she lacks the emotional and vocal quality of the Face; said Face being Suzuki Airi, that is. Hence why I want Karin to debut STAT! I don't care where she débuts in H!P, just... début her already, I'm getting worried for the safety of the rightful face of H!P!!!

14. Sayashi Riho gets pushed to the back for ONE SINGLE!!!

I asked for this last year, and I will ask for it from the Idol Gods again... PLEASE GIVE THIS GIRL A REST!!! And her horrible shrieking voice unless you give her a low, slow song, DAMNIT!

15. Morning Musume's Line Distribution improves

Everyone wants this, because lord knows how we will stop our ears bleeding if Riho continues to lead with only Sakura, Sayu and Fukumura to semi back her up...

Okay, that's mean, but honestly when Reina leaves, I would love the distribution to be shaken up a lot. Reina's vocal prowess has been apparent since her debut, and she has ultimately lead most if not all songs, especially during the Platinum era where her lead along with Takahashi's was extremely prominent. Because of her impending Graduation, the line distribution will hopefully get better. Hopefully being a strong word, here...

16. Suzuki Airi does not graduate

This is a strong fear I have, and it's only because I recently found out that Airi had mentioned in the 2012 Alo-Hello! that if she were to go to University, she would graduate from C-ute and Hello! Project. I really don't want that to happened because she's amazing and the most talented girl in all of Hello! Project... that, and leaving the 'face' to someone like Riho is not up my alley at all. Please at least leave the Face of H!P spot to someone with an ounce of natural singing talent...

2013 Jpop Hopes, Dreams and Wishes

1. Bump.y release more than one single and STAY in the Public eye

It might just be me (it probably is), but I was really unhappy with how little Bump.y did this year and how out of contact they seemed to be. Seriously, they did nothing and then reappeared! I'm happy that they are around, but for 2013 I wish that they would stay around and not disappear into obscurity like they did for most/all of 2012.

2. The 48 Family have less Graduations/Misfortune

Let's admit that this has not been the best year for the '48 family members, and next year I would love it if there were less graduations and less scandals coming up. A lot of the girls have suffered in 2012, so for 2013 I want these girls to just have a break from the madness and being pointed at, and let them get on with their careers, ne?

3. Paruru gets less hate from '48 Nazi's'

This is a dream which will never come true, but hey, I'm gonna dream, damnit!

4. These excuses of a rival group get a decent single + PV + Costumes and sell on the SAME DAY as AKB48

I can wish, and I will, but even I doubt that this will come true. My faith in this group is so low it's created a hole in the floor.

5. StylipS release more AWESOME singles

All of their singles have been good, in my opinion, and I hope that the awesome streak continues for these girls in the new year, so please girls, continue being amazing!

6. Afilia Saga East bring out a maid cafe based single + no graduations ;A;

I want a maid cafe based single/PV for my own selfish, fetish-based needs, and no graduations because they have lost three already DX Please stop, girls... I lost Rose Gardenfairy already! No more, please no more!!!

7. Fudanjuku add a new member!?

I don't know why, but I feel like they will... but that's just me, and I could be getting my hopes up, but this is me predicting it, and if it doesn't happen, who cares? I love Fudanjuku as they are, so yeah~

8. Ono Erena releases a good A-side and not a rehashed song like her first 3 singles

Don't deny it, they all sound pretty similar, and yes I love all of them but I do like diversity, too.

9. Watanabe Mayu release more good singles, and doesn't produce generic anime sounding crap like her first two singles

Hikaru Monotachi was awesome, and Mayu can continue to be awesome... she just needs epic music, a ton of auto-tune and Vocaloid by her side! Please continue to sound good Mayu, don't let AKB's generic crappiness get the better of you!

Which leads to...

10. AKB48 bring out better songs

I wanted this last year. Did I get it? No. Only Uza and Manatsu sounded different and new, though Manatsu did borderline both generic and refreshing, so I can't even count Manatsu. Whatever, please bring out decent songs next year, not crap like Gingham Check, Give Me Five (I really don't like it) or Eien Pressure... These were terribly made singles, they sounded the same and had no originality. The only decent things about them were the PV's, sans Eien Pressure... that was a weird video, unoriginal but cute...

Still... bring out better songs, please. Stop wasting talent only to make a quick buck.

11. HouPri start releasing PV's again

I'm so disappointed in HouPri this year, because their songs and PV's haven't really been released to the public - more so their fans who attend their lives get the songs, because that's where they sell them now. Honestly, if I want to continue loving HouPri, I need their music in my life!

12. Station have a Major Debut

This one might not happen, and I do understand that, but this past year these girls have been amazing together. They have so far released four singles (one digital the others physical) and an album, and I love their style and sound. For an Indies group they seem to continuously mix up what they're singing, experimenting with new sounds and trying different things. I would love to see them debut in the next year, or at least announce it.

13. Hyadain Stays Awesome

Nuff said.

14. Naabadoufu@Nana releases more catchy and cool singles

She's released two awesome singles this year already, and I honestly can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for her! She may not be the most vocally talented, I know that, but she can hold out on her own already - she has Nico Nico Douga fans and possibly a few Hello! Pro fans, too. That, and her gimmick is awesome and I would love to see her do the splits in a PV!

2013 Personal Hopes & Wishes

1. I get into Dream5 more

I want this, others want this... I hope it happens, I really do xD

2. I get into more Indie Idol Units

I like Indie units, sadly I haven't found many others to fangirl over aside from Station♪. Here's to hoping that I find more girls to fangirl over and love!

3. I pay more attention to AAA

I like AAA, but I don't pay enough attention to them, so I hope that in 2013 I can take my time to appreciate and love the group more, whether or not I share that love with you guys. I think that AAA are an amazing group, but I do need to invest more time in them.

4. I continue to enjoy LoveLaDoll

Hopefully I stick to this one, because I lost so much interest in HouPri this year. Let's hope that the same case won't happen again for this group, because LoveLaDoll are really interesting.

5. I get into Perfume a little more (For the sake of my Nia-Pocket)

Okay, not just for Nia, but for me as well. I really need to get over my electropop/techno fear thing and appreciate it. That, and there's KashiYuka in all her beautiful glory...

6. Kyary begins to Appeal to me... or something...

I find Kyary as appealing as I find Lady GaGa. I'm also scared of her, like I am scared of MomoClo, but again, I need to get over it and start enjoying different kinds of Idols and music. Hopefully 2013 will bring me an ounce of appreciation and a new form of curiosity which will allow me to venture out of my comfort zone...

7. NMB48 win me over

I was so taken with Kitagawa Kenji, but in 2013 I would love it if NMB48 finally won me over and really made me enjoy their music. I generally ignore them, but they have done well this year - next year, I want to like them more and give them a better chance.


And so concludes my Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Wishes for 2013! AKA the Predictions and what not! Hopefully I have no foreshadowed anything too saddening or drastic for 2013 (please no!) but I also hope that some of my wishes/hopes come true in the New Year as well.

Well, here's to another Idol filled year! KAMPAI!!!

What are all your hopes or fears for the New Year in Idoldom?

The Top 10 J-Pop PV's of 2012 According to Chiima

My opinion does not affect yours. Also, mine won't change no matter how much you disagree with it~

It seemed easier to make a video for my Top 10 PV's... I was wrong XD But it was fun!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012: The Year That Was

Seeing as the world didn't end (as we all knew anyway), it seems that another year has gone by and another one is coming into our lives, bringing forth the Year End recaps of the Idol and blogging world! The year that has passed us as held tears and joy, happiness and loss in many versions. Or maybe that's just me? Who knows!

Either way, 2012 is ending and I am here to post my Year End recap, so prepare yourselves for 2012: The Year That Was. Let's go!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Okay! Musume Time's Top 5 Worst Songs of 2012

I honestly don't care what people think about my opinion, because my opinion defines me and your opinion defines YOU! If you like a song that I don't, embrace it! I can not tell you what to like, and you can not tell me what to like, so just laugh at my opinion and think I am silly or question my own sanity... or something xD

With Every Top something or other there comes the Worst Of... list, or at least it does with me. Luckily only have 5 songs to bitch about that were released this year, and if you have read my blog before then you will not be surprised which songs I have wanted to rip apart since I first heard them!

Let's get into it, shall we?

The Top 5 WORST Songs of 2012

5. One Two Three by Morning Musume

Oh how I loathed this song, and how people loathed me for disliking it, but whatever. I really did not like this song, and even now I find I still think it's pretty bad. I enjoy it more, yes, but I didn't (and still don't) understand the hype around this song. It was messy, the distribution was poor and one of the lead singers (She who must Not be Named) was a pitchy mess. It was horrible and really made me dislike the direction that Morning Musume was going in. It's still a horrible mess, and for a 50th single, it's shit. I don't care what people say, because I don't like it, and you really can not change how I feel about this single. Yes, people love it and I am a part of a minority who really don't like it, but I feel such a strong dislike for this single, and no one can change my mind. It's horrible, and it really put me off of electronic sounding songs for a while until, gracious as they are, Perfume proved to me that electro-pop is not always as disastrous as this thing was.

4. Oide Shampoo by Nogizaka46

As a group in general, Nogizaka46 sucks balls. There is nothing really appealing about them in look and their concept isn't original either. They're basically a terrible copy of a greater group, and it shows in their songs and video's. Oide Shampoo is one of those songs, and it's a pretty disastrous song and video. Terribly generic, sub-par vocals and extremely forgettable when you tune into an amazing song, this is a very 'meh' song, like almost everything else they have done. I really can't fin anything appealing about this song at all or this group right now. They seem to always fall flat on their arses, and always seem like they half-ass what they do. Or at least the cover designers, costume designers, composers etc make it look half-assed, which it is.

In my opinion, at least.


My lord give me strength... this was a terrible, terrible song, one which set off the rest of the year for AKB48 in terms of the quality of their sound. Generic, boring, forgettable, bland... it has left a bad taste in my mouth, and as the year went on, I realised that I did not like it one bit like I did when I first heard it. It's a song which turns sour over time the more you listen to it, for me mostly I guess, and whilst I truly liked it when I first heard it, now... Not so much. It's not very good, in fact it's pretty bad, and it was a very poor start to the year for AKB48. Then again this year's been pretty poor in terms of music for them as a whole anyway.

It's weird how an opinion can so quickly change from the beginning of the year to the end of it, isn't it?

2. Guru Guru Curtain by Nogizaka46

Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh my GOD this is a terrible, shitty, horrible, generic piece of crap that should have never existed... But it did set off how shit Nogizaka46 would be as a group in general with this excuse of a debut song... It's horrible, it's so poor in quality, the vocals aren't that great either, and it lacks personality, originality, emotion... It just lacks and I really do not like it! If I wanted to enjoy this song I would need to get very very drunk, pass out and probably cry myself to sleep before I enjoyed this song...

And that is how bad I think it is, dear readers.

1. Dot Bikini by S/mileage

I fucking hate this song with such a strong passion, it's horrible, I hate it. So shrieky and annoying and URGH!
If I wanted to enjoy this song I would need to get very very drunk, pass out and probably cry myself to sleep before I enjoyed this song... - Quoted by Chiima
Even then I would probably need to be in several rooms away from wherever this song was blasting out from to mildly enjoy it. It's bad, the worst I have ever heard from S/mileage, and just... BAD!!!! It's so... There's nothing to like about it for me. It's just so terrible!


I'm going to hide out under a rock, because I am sure I will die for hating on Number 5 and Number 1. See ya!

But no, really, I strongly dislike these songs, and that's how I feel. Just because I dislike something does not mean that you should follow suit and dislike it. Try it out before you express how you feel about it. I have heard these songs, and I made up my mind about them.

And that is all xD


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The Top 20 Okay! Musume Time Songs of 2012! Hiyah!

2013 is heading upon us quickly, being a Ninja and all that jazz, so what is it time for? Yes, it's time for my Top 20 songs of 2012! Why 20? Because when I tried to compile 10 songs together I ended up with 20, that's why! So what is my Number 1? Which song is my Number 20? Stay here, sit back, relax, grab some cocoa or alcohol and find out!

And yes, this is pretty tough! 20 songs and I need to arrange them in order of my favourites! Oh my Dx

Okay! Musume Time's Top 20 Songs of 2012!

20. Fore Fore ~Forest for Rest~ by DIY♡

When the SATOYAMA units were announced, I think that everyone was surprised by the originality and diversity in the sound that was Fore Fore ~Forest for Rest~. It brought a new, dance-filled tune to the Hello! Project program and brought together the leggiest of them all, too. This is probably the best song to be released by Hello! Project in a long time, actually, what with the new and diverse sound. Everyone is hooked on it, and how can you fault them? This song is perfect and works so well!

19. STUDY x STUDY by StylipS

What a song to debut with! STUDY x STUDY really showed great promise with this group, and I absolutely adore this song! It's incredibly catchy, very original and new and extremely refreshing. It really showed off these girls' vocals well whilst also showing off their great group dynamic, too. I adored this song for a long time, and I still do! It's great to listen to, and it really gets me in the mood to dance, not study!

It's amazing, to put it bluntly. I love the pace, beat and feel of it. It's fun and energetic, and for a debut, this is damn amazing, and their other songs really can not compare to it, though Choose Me Darling can come pretty close.

18. Sentimental Girl by Ono Erena (Erepyon)

I don't know how many time I listened to this song, but it was a lot. This has to be my favourite B-side track from Erena since her debut. It's incredibly catchy, quite original and issues both her natural vocals and some electro pop in there, too. I love this song, no wait, I adore it and I wish that this had been the track which was given a PV, because be honest here, Erepyon as a whole was very generic and simple, a safe ball in the park I guess. Sentimental Girl, however, is easily a lot more original and really expresses Erena's vocal capability and how good of a singer she really is.

17. Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyoukyoku Dainana Gakushou "Mugen no Ai" by Momoiro Clover Z

There is something about this song which got me on a MomoClo high, thought it didn't last long, but I can't deny that this is one amazing song. It's catchy, incredibly original and very different to what they had produced before this song. It showed that random side to MomoClo, but it also made them look and sound cool, too, which surprised me. This is also the first song in a while which didn't freak me out, and the first MomoClo song I fell in love with upon first listen. I am amazed that such a sound could come out of MomoClo, especially with how terrible I find most of their vocals. It's heavy, edgy and sounds like a Queen chorus in a way. Different, but damn I love it!

16. Koko Kara Hajimarunda! by Kikkawa Yuu

I'm not a big fan of Kikka, mostly because Hapi Rapi Sunrise was a terrible song and I couldn't stand her voice after that, but Koko Kara Hajimarunda! is such a fantastic song! It's catchy, easy to sing along to and showcases Kikka's voice quite well, even if it is electronic and auto-tuned to make her sound a bit like a Vocaloid. I think it's a nice song, and I've listened to it a lot more than I thought I would this year. It really made me appreciate Kikkawa as a vocalist, and whilst I sometimes can not stand her voice (I don't think she's amazing like others do) I do think she sounds amazing here, and this is such a good song! I hope she continues this streak of good songs that showcase her voice well.

15. Tobitate! Furanger by Fudanjuku (Otoko)

I remember when I saw the live of this performed by Momo on youtube. I fell in love with the sound and the passion behind Momo's vocals as well as the meaning behind the lyrics. The song is all about the group, and that is what is so amazing about this song. It represents everything about Momotaro and how he feels towards the group. That, and it's a wonderful, fun song to listen to! It's so energetic and playful and reminds me of the days when I would sit and watch Power Rangers, wishing to be a Power Ranger myself. It's a great song, and it represents the group dynamic and the power Fudanjuku has together. I don't think that there is a song which represents how well they work together from their newer songs. It's amazing!

14. Hikaru Monotachi by Watanabe Mayu

Isn't this song pretty damn amazing? I know, I think so too. Really, I didn't expect much from Mayu as a soloist when she started, especially when both of her first two singles were very generic and had little to offer in the originality department. But then Hikaru Monotachi came out and proved me wrong when I started to believe that Mayu was a terrible, anime-singer type girl. Really, this song is amazing and I doubt any other single she produces will top it. Why? Well it's amazing, it's the best she has ever produced, and it fits with the electronic sound that's hit Jpop recently, but it's the best electronic sound out there for Idols that aren't Perfume, too. The PV is also damn epic, but again, this song is really good. It's her best, and I just doubt that anything else she produces will win out against this song.

13. Egao ni Namida ~Thank you DEAR MY FRIENDS~ by Niigaki Risa (Ren'ai Hunter)

Don't be surprised that Gaki is here, because she is the Lord of Okay! Musume Time. That, and yes, I adore this song so much. When her graduation was announced I was so sad, but this song that she covered represents everything about her, from how much she loved Morning Musume to how dear the members were to her as well as her fans. This song is basically Gaki personified, and I felt that it was the perfect Graduation song for her to depart with. It has a lot of meaning behind it, and all of that meaning is embedded here in this song through the lyrics and how she sings. The song is very meaningful not just to Gaki, but to her fans, too, and she sang it so beautifully.

GAKI!!!!!!!!!! -cries-

12. Cha Cha SING! by Berryz Kobou

This is an amazing cover song! Really, it truly is, and it's incredibly fun too! I just loved the energy, happiness and effort put into this song. It's so good to listen to, and it really shows how great Berryz Kobou are together when they're having fun. Okay, so Momoko's piftails are infuriating throughout, but I really enjoy the song itself and everyone sounds amazing. I think that this was definitely the best song produced for Berryz, probably tieing with WANT!, but in terms of how much I loved the sound, Cha Cha SING wins.

11. Futsuu no Shoujo A by Tanaka Reina, Sato Masaki & Kudo Haruka (Wakuteka Take a Chance)

I really can not fangirl about this song enough, but believe you me, I love it!!! It's an amazing song and the best that Morning Musume has had to offer this year in terms of sound. It's fresh, new, exotic and extremely diverse in sound, and the best part? It represents each singers' vocals beautifully. They all suit it, surprising since Masaki sounds like a cute child still, but it sounds great despite the deeper, more mature sound quality that it has compared to most of Morning Musume's songs. It is so rich in tone, and it really brings out the best of these girls' voices. I just hope to God that this continues, because this song is damn amazing!

10. Tasogare Kousaten by Mano Erina (Doki Doki Baby/Tasogare Kousaten)

I had a tought time choosing where this song should go; It was either going to be in my Special Mentions or in this list, but considering the amount of times I have listened to this fantastic song, I really think that it deserves to be right here in the Top 10 of this list. Tasogare Kousaten is such a beautiful song, and when Mano sings it you can hear so much passion and devotion in her voice, and it's simply amazing. She has really matured through this, and she just sounds wonderful, as if she's already broken out of her Idol mould and proven herself to be a singer and not someone who is just there for show. It's an amazing song and I love it, it's so meaningdul and shows how far Mano has come as a singer.

9. Magical Lip KISS by Naaboudoufu@Nana

I really can not fault this song at all - I love it! It sounds so cool and catchy compared to the fun and quirky debut of Nana. Much like many other Idols, this song took on the electronic concept but did it so much better than other groups or singers did. This even beats out Hikaru Monotachi in how diverse and original it sounds. It's a great song, incredibly catchy and fun to listen to, and I think that it works with Nana's voice beautifully. She isn't the best singer, but her voice is enhanced here, and she sounds pretty damn good to me. That, and she givies this song some freakin' ATTITUDE!

8. Lady Diamond by Sexy Zone

MY GOD THIS SONG!!!! I swear, I fall in love with every listen over and over again! Lady Diamond is just so fun, cute and catchy, and it really shows off Sexy Zone and how good they are as both performers and singers! It's an incredible song, a song that I love so much and my favourite from this group of boys. I think it's just amazing, and I enjoy it with every listen. It's just so fun and childish! It's a perfect song to make you feel so much happier, it's great for a pick-me up and just so easy to sing along and dance to!

Are you ready, I love you!~

7. Friendship Birthday ~Arashi no Yoru no~ by Sea☆A

This was easily my favourite summer song (and video) for 2012. The song itself made me love Sea☆A so much more and appreciate the friendly sound that they all have. Friendship Birthday is a really easy song to listen to and get into, and whilst it isn't as epic as DELI DELI DELICIOUS, I still love the tone and sweetness that it has. It's a beautiful song, a cute ballad type song which sounds raw, but it also sounds precious and friendly. If anything, this song showed off the groups love for one another and their love for singing as well, and that's why I love it.

6. Koi no Tenki Yohou! by Weather Girls

Are you ready for a Doki Doki Typhoon, ow!

Boy this song is catchy as hell, and one of my favourite debuts of 2012! It's so refreshing, mature and different to what I have heard in 2012, and despite that distinct Korean sound, it does sound quite Japanese too. If anything, I love this song for it's absolute catchyness and how cute it sounds! It's a great debut for the Weather Groups and I absolutely love this song! I constantly find myself looking for the song just to listen to the wonderful beat and the cute vocals. It's a great song, not incredible, but it's so satisfying to the ears! Hence why it's in my Top 10!

5. Ueika!! by YuiKaori

This is the best thing to come from YuiKaori ever since their debut, I swear... It's so cute and fun, energetic and childish. It has a mixture of Puppy Love (what an annoying song) and Hyadain's Hyadain no Kakakata☆Kataomoi-C, and that makes it sound really fun, cute and addicting! It's as if someone took some cola and mixed it with a load of sherbet to create this Hyper-active mess of colour, fun and cuteness! It's extremely sugary and cute, so diabetic but so so loveable and fun to listen to! It's the best I have ever heard and seen from YuiKaori, and I can only hope that they do something this energetic and hyperactive again!

4. Chou HAPPY SONG by BerriKyuu

I love this song, but my love as worn off a little, I will admit, but it doesn't stop how amazing it is! This has to be one of the best songs I have heard from Hello! Project in a while, and it's totally original in how it was created. Everyone loved it, they loved the concept and the final product, and who can fault that? Tsunku pulled a genius move with this song, and the end product is just... argh, Tsunku, you mad mad genius, you!

 4. Song for the DATE by Mano Erina

Choices are getting harder to make, but who can really deny the perfection that was Song for the DATE? By far Mano Erina's best release ever, this song showed just how hardcore she truly was as a singer and how much of a Diva she could truly be. It is also the song that broke her out of that Idol mould and showed off her abilities as a singer and not a Hello! Project act. This is the song which has defined just how amazing she truly is. It's sad that she's leaving, because this is her best song to date and we all know it!

3. Shekimeki! by Dream5

Here is another song that I can not fault for how perfect it truly is... My Lord Gaki, isn't Shekimeki perfect to listen to? My god how can anyone not LOVE THIS SONG!? It's amazing! It's so catchy, unique and just totally wonderful! Both lead singers sound freakin' amazing in it. I can't really say anything other then that I love it! It's just wonderful, beautiful, the best thing I have ever heard from Dream5, and totally deserving of the Number 3 spot. It got so high on the list, beating out Mano! The HECK? Whatever, I love it! Time to JAM!!!

2. The Transient Apple Girl by GUMI (Vocaloid)

This is surprising, right? I mean me and Vocaloid, it just does not happen. But given how much I loved this song to the point where I just had to write about it, I'm also not surprised that it's my Number 2 pick for this year. I mean really, it's just... It's incredible. It's addicting, it's well constructed, the vocals are good, it has such a magical, fairy-tale like quality to the sound and the lyrics are meaningful and have a beautiful story with an equally beautiful video. It's heartfelt and extremely saddening at one point, but it also shows us that life has meaning and that we shouldn't waste it or take it for granted like the people of the town do in the video.

It's a beautiful, and it's a song which I hope to continue loving because of how meaningful it is and the beauty of the sound and structure of the song. It is so deserving of the Number 2 spot, and I truly hope that you can all love and appreciate this sound, too.

So... 19 songs down, and one more to go. My Top Pick, the Number 1 song for this blog, the song that has meant more to me than any of these other songs combined... It was so hard to figure out what I was going to have, but after listening to this song again... My God it feels so right to give it the Number 1 spot. It just... argh, it fills my soul and I love it.

1. BLISTER by ManaMinoRisa

BLISTER is such a hope-filled, energetic and meaningful song which really raises my spirits and makes me feel at ease. It sounds so perfect, so beautiful, and it really encourages me to continue doing things that I want to stop doing. It's a song which is just so enlightening and wonderful. It really fills me up with happiness and hope, and really, I could not think of a more fitting title for a debut song from a group who spent so long as Indies Idols, going through difficult endeavours in order to major debut. This is a great song, and it really speaks for all the hard work and effort that MaMiRi put in to getting to where they are today. This song is totally deserving of the Number 1 spot because it's pretty much been the one song which I have always turned to for a feel-good song, one which makes me feel better and happier in myself. It's just perfect.

And so that concludes my Top 20 singles of the year 2012! It's a surprising mix of songs I think, especially considering it isn't all Hello! Project based! Of course I would love to give some special mentions, too...

Special Mentions Top 10
There is no Specific Order here xD

Color by i☆Ris was, in my opinion, a fantastic song to debut with when these girls did debut. It's a great song, one which is surprisingly mature in the tone of vocals but fun and harmonious in sound. It's a wonderful song, one that I enjoy listening to a lot, hence the special mention here!

Wakuteka Take a chance by Morning Musume is the best single from this group for all of 2012, but not one of my staple favourites that made it into my Top 20 of the year. This is a fantastic song and really shows off how good this group can be, even with the lack of vocal talent they have right now. It's a fun, catchy and energetic song, one which is so fun to listen to and dance along with!

Choose me♡DARLING by StylipS is such a crazy energetic song, and I do love love love it, and whilst it is just as fantastic as STUDY x STUDY, it isn't in my Top 20 because there were songs that deserved to be there so much more in my opinion. But my lord, this is a fantastic song and video! It's just so peppy and cute and gorgeous and wonderful!!!

Kinenbi ni Aimasho by Station♪ is such a gentle song, it's very beautiful and just so... well, perfect. It's my favourite song by Station♪ and it shows off their vocals beautifully in my opinion. It's a ballad; a winter ballad if you will, about meeting each other on the Anniversary. It's a lovely song and I think that people should give it a listen to truly appreciate how good these girls are. They're only Indies Idols, but honestly they sound so gorgeous and this song is quite mature in sound, too.

Honey♡Bee by LoveLaDoll is just sooo cute, energetic and fluffy! The song is adorable, very Idol-like and just so charming in its own way! I love the catchy cute tune it has and the adorable dance is just so wonderful to watch! That, and the vocals are superb! LoveLaDoll are only Indies still and very unknown, but they're refreshing and cute and really interesting! Please check out Honey♡Bee!

No 48 Family songs made it into my Top 20 because, let's be frank, this year their music sucked ass. Nothing was distinctive or new, and the one song that was bored me, but Manatsu no Sounds GOOD is a good song I think. It's generic, but it's a lot better than the half-arsed crap released so far this year. The only thing that killed it was the bikini's in the video. Such a turn off from a pretty good song.

Okay, I need to mention at least one song by Buono!, so how about Never Gonna Stop? It's a good song, and whilst it is no Hatsukoi Cider I do think that it's a great song which shows off their vocal strength as a group, and the video for it was very nice and meaningful, too. It's a good song, don't deny it, and I really like it! It shows the strength of Buono! and how indestructible they are together, because damn, they are awesome! Baby Never Gonna Stop!

Oh look, it's the original Dokka'n Capriccio! Produce by Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome is only their début, but I really like the sound of this song and just how fun it really is. It's a good song, and if you haven't heard it, it's basically Morning Musume's Dokka'n Capriccio, but this one was made beforehand... or released beforehand, either one. It's a fun, cute song, and a pretty good début in my opinion.

Daisuki by Juliet is such a good song! My lord, I really do love it, hence why it needs a special mention! It is such a lovely ballad, very powerful and quite riveting when you listen to it. The vocals are also extremely mature and beautiful to listen to, definitely different to the types of pitchy or cutesy voices I usually listen to. These ladies have amazing control and sound beautiful. I love this song, DAISUKI!!!

My Special mentions would not be right without NEXT MY SELF by Mano Erina in here, because whilst the song is typically a generic, run of the mill song, it's Mano's final single as Hello! Project's soloist and it's a song which truly speaks for her. It's a sound which isn't anything special, but the song represents Mano in her best form; simple, but extremely thankful and very sweet. It's a song whcih also shows off her vocals nicely, though not at her best. It's a nice song, and I like it, but it didn't make an impact on me... well, okay it did, but that's because of the PV and the fact that it's her final song and she sounds so happy in it...

Oh crap it made an impact on me D;


And with that, I end my Top 20 post. I may not have added songs that you like or agree with, but these are the songs which really stood out to me, making them my Top 20 of this year.

I'm genuinely surprised with the amount of main H!P groups I have in here, though, but I've really taken a step out of my comfort zone and tried newer groups I think, and I think that I have listened to a good amount of sounds, too. In terms of music, this has been a good year, and I love all of these songs a lot.

And if you're wondering why C-ute and S/mileage are absent, it's because none of their songs really struck me this year like others did. Yes, C-ute have been great, but I didn't really gain any interest in either of the two singles they produced, regardless of how awesome they are. S/mileage, on the other hand, really sucked this year. The only saving grace was Suki yo in my opinion, and Samui ne to a certain degree, if you take away that stupid video.

So, what is your Top 20 or Top 10 of the year? Let me know~ ;3