Monday, 5 November 2012

Who wants to play 'Spot the PV' with i☆Ris!?

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You know what's fun? Colour. And what's better than colour? Idols wearing different colours, because it reminds me of when I used to draw, a time where I actually did art and took an interest in drawing and being creative. I don't do that now. Damn.

Oh, and it makes everything a lot more appealing to look at in a video, too. Sorry for bringing up personal grudges. Oh my~


Color is the single we will be talking about today by Avex's newest project, i☆Ris. Whether or not this is the groups first ever release (I assume it is) is unknown to me, but from what I can see (and hear) this group seems quite promising already. Then again, these girls are under Avex - they pretty much always pick some good talent, so I trust them on this one.

So, stalking arama today really payed off, because I was introduced to a new group and their debut not-quite-full-but-this-is-avex-they-never-give-me-full-PV's PV, as well as seeing S/mileage's latest... but I was not quite as taken with what S/mileage had to offer like I was with Color. Then again, I'm a sucker for colour. Yeah, I spelt it with a u, whatchu gonna do about it?

So, before my inner Reina-yankee comes out, let's get into this colourful PV that is i☆Ris' debut PV, Color.

I like the sky! But Maasara Blue Jeans did the spinning sky thing first!


Hey, this shot looks really familiar...

Could it be...? Surely not...

I'm pretty sure PARTY TIME had bubbles too...


Seriously, I thought that UP-UP GIRLS had released a single, because this is the thumbnail for the video... I was so damn hopeful... D;

Yup, I'm positive on this one now.

It's time for a PA-PA-PA-PA-PA-PA-PIYA PARTY!

Oh, you're quite cute...

Those dresses though are quite mother-f****ing hideous.

I like the one with jacked-up teeth. She looks cute.

I call you the 'Tooth Fairy!'

Nice use of the split screen here!

And whilst we're at it...

Colour Collection~

Tooth Fairy: "If you keep pointing out our H!P copies, Ima bite you!"

She looks like a little vampire, kinda like Meimi, but a lot cuter...

i☆Ris want YOU to pretend that you didn't see their PARTY TIME imitations!!!

Greeny: "I swear, I'm having some major De-Ja-H!P here!"

Me too, kid.

Seeing an Idol in the kitchen is every male wota's wet dream... and maybe mine.

Joke... kinda o-O

... Nope, can't think of anyone you're copying here girls. Good job, though I am sure other Idols have done the same thing with a curtain.

OraPur: "Look! Originality!"

Or is it?

Just sit there and look pretty girls. Just sit and look pretty...


Reddy: "I swear, I have NEVER seen the PARTY TIME PV! Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pizza!"

Tooth Fairy: "Whilst H!P are still not as loved as AKB, we will steal their idea's! That is the plan!!!"

Bun-girl: "So I finally get some screen time, eh?"

I swear, other Idols have done this, I just can't be bothered to find out which @.@

This one reminds me of Tweet Dream, but a lot cuter and more in tune with the actual song name...

Tooth Fairy: "I don't want to be Orange!!!"

Nice shot there, I'm liking it, because I get to see Tooth Fairies butt!!! (believe it or not, she's 19... I know, I wonder how as well o-O)


... And that is, sadly, the end of the PV... until the full one is released, of course, but that could be in forever, who knows?

Before I begin, I want to say this: When I saw this on Arama, my immediate thought was that UP-UP GIRLS had released a PV, only because the thumbnail for this video is of the girls all cute into individual shots that are put together, with their colours. This is how UUG are, as they wear their colours more than anything during performances. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed when I found out that this wasn't the group that I thought it was originally (despite the fact that I don't listening to UUG), though I actually like this group a little now...

Now, before you get mad at me for making fun of the fact that I found so many similarities, or at least played up to the amount of similarities, in this PV that were similar to others, I want you to know this: It was all in good fun, and I meant none... okay, I meant some/most of it. Promise!

That said, why don't we talk about them?

I actually only noticed the PARTY TIME similarities with first the staircase, and then the garden scene, and I know for sure that I am not the only one who picked up on it, because some commenter of the video saw it as well, and it's pretty clear as day that this video has very strong similarities and echo's of the past to the Guardians 4 PV. I mean, this video really does reek of copy-cat in a way, what with the use of the camera positioning for the dance shot as well as the close up shots - they are very similar, in fact almost exactly the same, to the PARTY TIME shots. The use of the bubbles doesn't help, either, because Guardians 4 used that method too.

Oh, and they used balloons.

Other than that, the copy-cat stuff kinda stops there... though honestly, the whole sofa/couch reference through Seishun Collection and the Maasara Blue Jeans opening were thrown into this review for shits and giggles, because I wanted to play up to the whole 'copy cat' thing. The rest of the video, though, was shot very nicely.

But yeah, this director was majorly influenced by H!P, if you couldn't really tell. That, or they directed PARTY TIME and no idea how to execute the video otherwise...

That said and done, I do actually like this video. It's cute, and as I said, the video itself is shot very nicely. There are very nice scenes in it where you get a lot of movement from the girls, such as the roaming camera which looks like it was taken in one continuous shot (which I am pretty positive it was) as the girls move around and sing to the viewers. It's a very nice shot to take, actually, and I would have loved to have seen it like that throughout the entire PV - one shot videos are indeed hard, but they look very impressive once you see them in full swing. A-B-C-Z's debut PV is a great example of that.

The girls themselves are very cute in the video, though let it be known that those costumes are hideous, and look like something that Morning Musume wore for their recent concert tour, as well as those ugly dresses the Model Girls or whatever they are called wore for their PV. I really hated those dresses, despite the bold and bright colours. They are very unflattering and really did nothing for the girls. I preferred the shorts and shirts, to be honest. So much better.

Overall, it's a very cute video, though the similarities can not be denied in this video from a certain other PV which was made back in 2009. However, I really don't mind - I like both videos equally, actually. That, and Guardians 4 are a defunct group now, which is sad but true... but yeah, similarities can not be denied, and I wonder if the rest of the PV for this single will ave anything else similar to other H!P videos...

Now before I leave with just that, I want to say that this is a really nice song. I wasn't expecting such strong vocals from the girls when the song started. Usually with Idols, you get these sugary-sweet, auto-tuned voices which can kill your ears, or temporarily deafen them. Here, that did not happen. i☆Ris is actually a group filled with very strong singers, girls who can actually sing and have a lower vocal range when compare to your average Idol group! It's very refreshing to be quite truthful, and I really enjoyed this song because of the relaxing nature it had, as well as the fact that the vocals were superb and didn't sound like something I usually heard from an Idol group from a major label. If anything, you have to give this group a chance for their vocals and this song, and not for the PV.

It's a nice combination, the video and the song, and they work effectively together. Again, give this group a try, for the song mostly and for the PV lastly. It's such a pleasant song to listen to, in my opinion, so please check it out and give i☆Ris a try!

Add a little colour to your world, and see if you can spot the PV in this video!!!

Also, find out more about i☆Ris here!!! i☆Ris website



  1. i just found this on my youtube page, so i did what i did with Dream5, looked them up.

    This is there first release, but under their music page on their website, there is another single. It's a called Destiny Sky and is sung by Wakai Yuuki, the girl in red. It's a really beautiful song and her voice is amazing.

    the other girls names are Kuhota Miyu (Orange), Shibuya Azuki (Yellow), Yumokita Saki (Green), Serizuwa Yuu (Blue) and Akaneya Himika (Purple)

    1. Thank you :) and yeah I saw on their page it was their first release, but I didn't know where to look for Destiny Sky, so thanks! She really does have a wonderful voice, I am jelly >3<

      I like my Greeny and Tooth Fairy - I will call Greeny Jelly from now on XD

  2. The pancake is like Koharu Papankeeki song.

    1. I did not notice it until you pointed it out today in the car XD