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Wake the Hell Up, It's time for YuiKaori's 'Ueika!!' PV!

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Are you ready to wake up?

I have been waiting for this. I have been waiting for a long freakin' time, and finally... finally, the full PV has been released and is finally in my cold, clammy little grasp, never to escape again...


This is truly the Precious one... Indeed it truly, truly is...

Epic creepiness aside, YES, I have been waiting for this damn PV for a good while now! Thanks to the download/upload law in Japan now, it's going to be a lot harder for fans of Idols to get some PV's, especially the lesser known Idols who's managers only release short versions of their video's. Like many, I am a tad impatient when it comes to the release of PV's and singles, and this one... well, it freakin' killed me not knowing where the heck I could find this music video, because seriously, this is the video that I have been anticipating since the short version was released back at the beginning of SEPTEMBER! That is nearly two whole freakin' months of waiting, drooling, crying and spitting/hissing with rage over the fact that I couldn't find this PV and could only live with the short version, hoping that one day, I would find the full video and drool even more over it and cry with happiness...

Which I nearly did when I found the whole video. Honestly, I wanted to cry and scream with joy, but it was around 1 am at that point, and the normal people of my house are asleep at that time, so y'know, I had to just sit there and quietly have a fit of joy over the fact that I had finally found the whole PV. Celebrations really should have been in order, but again, it was late and I was at that point tired and also reviewing other things, so yeah...

SO this means that we are in need of a celebratory pic spam! All 46 screen caps at our disposal to look at and love! Yes, now that I finally have it, I can harass you all with this colourful, fun PV!!! Have fun, my dears... -cackles-

What is this CGI cuteness I see before me? Could it be... Yui and Kaori in a new PV!?

Wake up and get a FREE hug from either Yui or Kaori!

... This offer has now expired, you lose! :p

Okay, this is cool, I like this whole dream thing going on...

It's PARTY TIME!!! Break out the vodka!!!

Yes, really... now break out that damn vodka, I wanna get drunk with you two!

... Wait, you meant it's time to wake up? Well, that's my plan thrown out of the window...

Yui: "Imagine my cute voice is your alarm! What a wonderful way to wake up!"

If I woke up to Yui's voice, I would also wake up with a migraine...

But Kaori as an alarm would be nice...

Yui: "HMPH!"

Yui's a little pissed off with my favouritism for Kaori... Whoops~

D'aww, Kaori, don't cry... Yui didn't mean to yell at you, she's just stingy because I prefer you...

Yui: "Get back here, you damn Toothpaste!!!"

... Well, Yui forgot about the favouritism thing quickly, because now she's chasing toothpaste around the house!

Wait, where did that slice of bread come from!? Yui, are you a magician!?

I've watched enough 90's cartoon's to know where this leads to, and holes opening up from the floor are never good...

Though it looks like they're flying xD

Yui: "Kaori, I don't think we're in Kansas any more..."
Kaori: "No shit, squeak muffin."

Those looks of pure what the hell are actually quite genuine xD

Okay, now THIS is freakin' COOL!

Level 1: SET!!!

Yui: "Aye, you down there... WAKE THE HECK UP, WILL YA!"

Yui used Stomp!

Yui and Kaori used Dance Mania to wake the foe up! This move was not affective in the least!

... There's a sheep which looks like candyfloss in this PV.

Whatever, I'm game. Baa...

YuiKaori: "NAI!!!"

Yui and Kaori do NOT want you to lie in, so Wake Up!

Wait, they're still asleep? How can they sleep with so much damn noise above them?

Kaori: "This game plan isn't working out for us, is it..."

Kaori i so gorgeous, I just... <3

Kaori: "Wake the fuck up, kids! It's the bloody middle of the morning!"

But she is certainly not impressed by your lack of waking the hell up!

Kaori: "Oh my, did you hear?..."

Looking a little like gossips here, girls!

Yui: "We want YOU... to wake the hell up!"
Kaori:  "Oh no you didn't just fall back to sleep, uh-uh!"

Those sheep should create a Candyfloss Zombie army...

Okay, that sounds like an awesome B-rated movie. Let's make it!!!

Stage 1: COMPLETE!!!

I love the cute effects used to make the board and the girls disappear, so cute!


I think they overslept...

You are in my dreams, Kaori...

And yes, Yui, I do indeed keep you in my heart, locked deep down inside the pit of it all...


Wait, what!? Why are we at Stage 10? What the hell happened to levels 2 through 9!? Did we just totally skip past them and get straight here? Was all of Stage 1 also Stage 2-9? Huh? Explain, video... EXPLAIN!!!

Kaori: "Oh mother of fuck, this is still going on!?"
Yui: "What did they take last night, sleeping pills and Vodka!?"

So this means that Yui and Kaori are still asleep. Seriously, how can they not be awake!?

Yui: "Well, we've done this already... looks like we have to do it again..."
Kaori: "If these bitches don't wake up this time around, I'm going to personally go all Freddie Krueger on their asses in this dream."

Yui and Kaori have no choice but to carry on, despite how persistent this little game seems to be...

Oh well, STAGE 10: COMMENCE!!!

Do da Funkeh Chicken!

This is Yui and Kaori's impression of guns, and what they want to do to you if you don't wake up like they want you to!

Wait, have we already completed this level? So soon!?

That was much easier than Level 1... o-O

Are you actually awake yet...?

JAYSUS you look like you've had the life sucked out of you!

Okay, I'm confused - are you just another dream sequence or are you actually awake and running around energetically?


Caps appreciation!

Kaori, I love you, just needed to let you know that, okay <3

YuiKaori: "Power UP!!!"

The girls are transforming into their Sailor Moon forms, guys...

... And this totally doesn't copy DELI DELI DELICIOUS, does it now?

Just for the damn clarification, of course~

The army of Candyfloss Zombie Sip bow down to their overlords and their song!

Seriously, it's like a mini concert, it's adorable - AND THE SUN LIP SYNCHS AS WELL!!! Look out for that, because it surprised me when I found out xD

YuiKaori still want you to wake up, despite becoming the top Idols of the Zombie Sheep Underworld.

Okay, ahve you properly woken the hell up now?

Wait, you HAVE!? OH MY GOD, FINALLY!!!

... Wouldn't it be nice if their next PV was in that garden? It would be a nice freakin' tie in!

Well, that took a while now, didn't it? Though I'm pretty much the same in the morning, except that I don't have epic freakin' dreams where Yui and Kaori are cosplaying as game girls who want to wake me the heck up. I wish I did though, because then I would never wake up... Oh wait, that's bad...

Dreams and Idols aside, are you all awake now after taking a glance at this fun and colourful PV? It sure did for me! So, if you're still sleepy, please just sit down and watch the video, and wake yourself up some more for Yui and Kaori, because boy, do these girls want to get you up and out of your dreams! Wake up, sleepy head!!!

Now, it took a while to actually see the final product of this PV, but boy, is the wait worth it. This is, by far in my opinion, the best PV and song that YuiKaori have produced as a duo. It's new, vibrant and energetic, showing off such a fun and cute side to these girls which is something that I haven't seen in a while from these two. The producers and directors have really pulled out all the stops with this video, creating a strong and stellar performance which is random, giddy and extremely cute and fun to listen to and watch! Though of course I'm not surprised by how well this video and song was done, because Hyadain was the man behind the magic that is this video, something which I had suspected because the sound of this song was so much like something he would typically do! It's whacky and fun, two signature's of Hyadain and his music/PV's.

The video, which is very much like DELI DELI DELICIOUS in my opinion, is such a vibrant and energetic PV which is so fast-paced, with plenty of wonderful camera shots going on through the video that keep you interested and focused on the video itself. It's never boring in this video, what with all the colourful, cartoonish CGI going on and the cute 90's-esque game graphics for the Dream sequence scenes that the girls go through. There's also an extremely cute and up-beat dance added to this video, as well as funky costumes and fun shots involving the girls. I typically love all of the shots, but that's because there is such a wide variety, like the panning shots around the girls that circle them as they dance during the Dream Stage, or the shots which spin from one side of the room to the other. Whatever it is, it keeps me interested, and it is the pace and wonderful editing of this PV which has really kept my interest as well as the colour and the amount of fun that is present in this video.

You get so many great scenes here, from the CGI Dream sequences with the cute candyfloss sheep to the day scenes where the girls are running about the house after each other. Yui and Kaori themselves are such a delight in this video, and have really given it their all I think! They are so fun here, and they look like they are really enjoying themselves. They fit so well with this cute and fun image, and both the song and video have really made me like the girls more. I really can't fault them in this video, because performance wise, they were both fantastic and a great joy to watch. Their actions and facial expressions were comical but cute, and they just felt so natural and appealing in the video.

I guess my main complaint, which really isn't a complaint at all, but hey ho, is the fact that this video is very reminiscent of Sea☆'s DELI DELI DELICIOUS PV, which had a similar concept, but this time the girls are in a dream sequence and they aren't playing a game. The end was typically a lot more like Deli's PV, what with the transition from reality to the gaming world and then changing into their Dream sequence forms. It was a bit of a let down seeing that happen in a way, because I've seen it done once before, and Sea☆A did it so brilliantly in my opinion. Of course, I do think that Yui and Kaori have done it brilliantly, but I would have loved to have seen something more original in the Ueika!! PV. But, much like Sea☆A's PV, this is a video which is quite reminiscent of my days as a little gamer girl, where I loved Mario and Tekken. Sadly, this has been done before, but I do commend the producers and directors for trying out something new and fun with YuiKaori, and creating one of their best PV's to date.

I don't hate the PV, I honestly love it, but it's a little too similar for comfort towards the end, but no matter, it still excites me and really makes me feel happy when I see the video, because it's so well put together and just extremely fun to watch. It's nice that it was shown as a mini-concert for sheep, I think, and the girls really fit in with all the colour and the adorable pixels.

The song itself is actually quite game-like in my opinion. I found cute little 8-bit sounds were added into the instrumental, which gave it that Gamer feel and just added to how fun, quirky and cute it was, and how new and different it is from the other YuiKaori singles present. Okay, it may not be totally original, because this song sounds a bit like their album song PUPPY, except that Ueika!! is a lot less painful to listen to, and Yui doesn't sound horrendous for once, which is a surprise and one giant bonus.

I sadly can't say the same for Kaori, though, because at certain points of the song I really can't stand her voice, she sounds so grating and... well, just plain pitchy and terrible, as if she's trying to force herself to be cuter for the sake of the song. It was sad to realise that I hated how she sounded during parts of the song, but in the end, it happens, and I just guess that Kaori tried her hardest but didn't know how to sing it without sounding like she was tone deaf.

Yea, it's weird preferring Yui over Kaori in this song, but honestly, I do find that Ueika!! compliments Yui's vocals beautifully. It is so fun and cute, and it really brings out the best in her squeaky little voice. So, props to Hyadain for making a song which works for Yui and for making me appreciate how nice her voice can be sometimes!

It's a really cute PV, and totally worth the watch if you have been waiting for it just like I have. It's adorable and filled with such vibrant and fun colours, and everything is so over the top, it's fabulous! It really is a wake up song, because it makes you feel energised and enthusiastic. It's the sort of happy-go-lucky song that you will love if you enjoy cute and thrilling songs that really make you feel happy and energised. So, go wake yourself up and get ready to show the world just how hyper and wonderful you truly are!

So what are you waiting for? Wake Up, Hurry Up!


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