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The Return of Nana and her Magical Lips! Naaboudoufu@Nana's 'Magical Lip KISS!' PV Review!

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Watch out, I get a little curse-heavy here...

Naaboudoufu@Nana, the girl who found fame after showing off her flexibility on Nico Nico Douga, is back once again after releasing her second official single, Magical Lip KISS. This time around there is no colourful backgrounds or crudely drawn graphics thanks to green screen! No, instead we are given yet another dose of what is known as the Robotic hype in Japan, meaning auto-tune (urgh) galore and a sci-fi like video!

Okay, so before we get into the all-holy spam of the pictures, I would like to say that I originally wasn't overly ecstatic about this song when I first heard it. I was pretty bummed out by all the auto-tune, actually, and thought that I would hate the song. Surprisingly, I don't, because I actually love it. I actually think that it's better than her debut song, and I loved/love KuneKune BRAVO because of how fun and quirky it is, but listening to the entire song has allowed me to really enjoy it, and honestly? The auto-tune here works, and I think that's because Nana herself works it, suits it, and makes it her own in this song. She totally owns it here, in more ways than one.

I'm not going to keep you any longer, because I want to get into the pictures of spam, and share with you a Magical Kiss from Nana's beautiful lips! Bring on the legs, lips and the lady herself, Naaboudoufu@Nana!

Nana: "Oooh, what does THIS button do...?"

No, Nana, do not touch that thing, you don't know what it could do to you...

Nana: "Dafuq...?"

See... told ya. That's what you get for playing around with lightbulbs.

Yes, Nana, those are some lovely coconuts you have there on your chest.

Let's Para Para, Hinoi Team style!

Holy cow that's bright!

I think I'm blind, it's too white, too white!!!

Oh phew, Nana's lovely face has saved me from the brightness...

Nana: "My lips rival those of Nakajima Saki, yes?"

Isn't she just gorgeous, and absolute doll? Man, if I lived in Japan and was a man, I would totally marry this girl...

Hell, I'll marry her as I am. I'll find you one day, Nana~!

Nana: "Do you want a Magical Lip Kiss?"

Yes... Yes I freakin' well do!!!

Nana: "Not before you bow down to me, vermin!"

Well, someone has a bit of an attitude about them...

Wait... what? Multiple Nana? Oh my lord, am I in Heaven or what!?

Oh dear, it's the second coming of the Mayuyu army... but with Nana instead...

We're going to die of beautiful, beautiful kisses and her wonderful flexibility, aren't we?

Nana: "I will kill you, and then steal your heart. Deal?"

And yet death via Nana seems quite nice. I mean, I would gladly die by her wonderful hands... So long as she gives me the kiss of death, of course.

Nana: "Help me!!!"

See, Nana, this is what happens when you tough stuff you aren't supposed to!

Nana: "I shouldn't have pressed that button!!!"

No, you shouldn't have, but now you're trapped. It's your own damn fault, of course. I mean, I did warn you, but nooo... No one listens to Chiima...

Nana: "If you forgive me, I will give you a kiss..."

I forgive you!!!!

Nana: "Too late, it's gone now!"

Damnit!!! Oh well, whatever... not like I care...

Because I give no fucks about your kisses!!! AHAHA!

Okay that's a clear freakin' lie

She's judging you and burning your soul slowly with that look...

Nana: "Morning Musume's sirens are shrieking again, better put these on..."

Look at that smug smile, she knows that she owns your ass, and your soul...

... Yup. She knows she owns it all, because that's how awesome she is.

Nana: "I sparkle like Edward Cullen!!! I am IMMORTAL!!!"

An immortal Idol sounds somewhat scary... and makes me think of Koda Kumi... is she an Idol though?

Nana: "If you can keep a secret, I will give you another kiss..."

Are kisses your only bribing method, Nana? What about panty shots, or something else? Get creative, girl!!!

Nana: "Don't fuck with me, vermin. I could kill you in seconds, you know?"

That smile tells me she wants to eat my soul for dinner...


I swear those headphones just malfunctioned...

Awww, she looks so sweet and kinda out of it...

Were there drugs in those headphones that activated when they exploded?

... Well, that's my soul gone. Yours is slowly being sucked away too as she stares at you like this.

Bye, soul.

Okay, are the drugs in the headphone taking effect on me too? Are they taking effect on everyone, because really, this seems a bit trippy...

Actually, it's really cool. I'm liking these headphone drugs!!!

Look at that smile. It's like she knows she makes this video awesome and that she's wrapped your souls around her little finger...

Nana: "I still have your soul, you know? You're not getting it back, either."

Those lips <3 <3 <3

A heart for me? Why thank you!

Lil' bit of Ai no Dangan effects going on here? Though of course, Nana looks a lot more badass doing it...

Damn she's one happy chick! You go, girl!


... Can I have my soul back, now? Please... I kinda, er, need it...

Okay, so I have been waiting for this. I really wanted to see this PV to see how it would turn out, and honestly, it is better than what I expected. And it's not because of the snazzy little effects or the fact that there isn't really much CGI in this. Oh no...

This video is all about Nana, and no one else. Forget about the damn effects, forget about the auto-tune and the okay-ish backdrop. It's all about Nana, and no one else... it's pretty damn obvious that Nana totally owned this PV, and here's why;

This girl has some rocking confidence, and you know what? I have not seen that from a newbie in a while. Considering this is only her second single, and even in her first she was confident, this is freakin' awesome, because she totally owned the song and the video with just how awesome she is and it's pretty damn hard not to notice just how confident this girl truly is in the video when you watch it.

I mean, just look at her! The way she expresses herself through not just her facial features, but also her body language, tells you just how comfortable she is with herself and her abilities. She's totally okay with everything, and you can see it. She's happy to pull funny faces, she's fine with being a bit of a goof, and she's totally okay with pulling out the moves and showing the world who the heck she is and not caring what anyone thinks. In fact, this calls for my new favourite picture...

That's Nana, and that is what she's saying to the world and the haters. She basically doesn't care what you think about her abilities, because she's completely happy with how she is, and she knows it. She's showing us that she's happy, and that she loves who she is and what she's doing, and christ it is so bloody obvious you'd need to be blind not to notice how truly confident this girl is.

I mean she literally hits you at full force with her confidence in this video. She's just so fierce, a fact that she damn well knows, and something which has seriously impressed me and made me really take a look at her and wonder just how this girl became so confident. It truly amazes me with just how comfortable this girl is in her own skin, and how easy this whole video looks to her. It's just so mind-blowing, and I really had to think hard about how I would approach this review because of how impressed I am with Nana in this video and song... I still have no idea how to approach this review, actually, hence why I am blathering on.

I mean holy hell, this girl is good! Not only are her dance moves sharp and refined, but she's also got her camera presentation down to a T. She really knows how to work the camera and the set, and honestly, it's pretty hard to notice anything else other than Nana in this video... but that's probably why there isn't much going on in this video anyway, because Nana herself is such a freakin' distraction, you wouldn't notice anything else. Even the small amount of effects used her can't rhold a candle to just how fierce and awesome Nana truly is in Magical Lip KISS, and the effects are pretty damn cool, in my opinion.

As I said, there isn't much in the video other than Nana herself - they have even thrown in one of those plain white backgrounds that Indies Idols use for their videos, and even then, you can only look at Nana because of how great she is in this video. Her confidence is so apparent here. The way she dances or how she expresses herself to the camera just show you how cool and comfortable she is with her body and with the way she presents herself. I really can keep going on, saying the same stuff over and over again, because it's freakin' impressive and I love it! I just love how happy Nana is with herself, and I love that she can carry such a high amount of confidence and show it to the camera without wavering or faltering even a little, because there is no falters here. It's all just pure confidence and fierce presentation.

Again, I haven't seen this in a while from an Idol, and Nana's attitude and confidence is like one giant slap to the face that you very much need.

Hell, this PV beats out Mayuyu's Hikaru Monotachi, and that's because no one can rock a PV like Nana has right now. And seriously guys, I love Hikaru Monotachi Which is Miku Hatsune's initials, btw and the PV is bloody amazing, but nothing can beat out rocking confidence, awesome body language and some sharp mother-fudging dance moves that are accentuated through fierce attitude, happiness and confidence.

It's awesome, okay. It's just so damn awesome, I have to repeat myself and sound like an idiot.

Hell, even the song is awesome, and it's completely filled with auto-tune. Auto-tune I say! But it works, and Nana makes it work. She sound fantastic, the song sounds amazing. It's like Hinoi Team mated with the current Auto-tune trend and had an awesome baby called Nana, only she came out better than they had expected. It's a lot more fierce than KuneKune BRAVO is and really shows just how cool and different Nana can sound with a heavier instrumental and a more dance-heavy sound. It's mind-blowing...

Sadly I don't want to use the same screen cap for a third time, so here's some happiness for everyone.

And have I mentioned just how freakin' happy she is in this video at all times? Even when she tries to look serious, you know that this girl is happy and that she loves what she's doing, and that freakin' rocks my world. Nana is just wonderful, it's like she took a giant bottle of confidence and happiness pills and swallowed them all without and afterthought. She's wonderful, and nothing can beat how brilliant this girls confidence is and how much she freakin' shines on camera.

Hell, even in a live performance she has aggressive confidence! It's fucking amazing to watch, and the more I see of her, the more excited I get. GAWD this girl...!!!

Tsunku is a genius for taking her on and writing her songs, now all he needs to do is add her to Hello! Project or promote her more, because she needs more recognition. I don't care if people think that she sucks a singer - there's been worse, and there still is worse, but her confidence is flawless and she just totally owns everything she does.

Good job on not using fancy props to overshadow this girl and her striking confidence. Glad the producers knew who the fuck they were dealing with, because girl doesn't need props.

MoMusu, where the fuck is your fantastic amount of confidence? Don't leave it all up to Ayumi!

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