Monday, 26 November 2012

Perfume want to go Wireless in 'Spring of Life'! (PV Request Week)

My thoughts are totes my own! I am not a computer-controlled robot, I promise.

And so the PV Request Week continues! What shall we be reviewing today?

Now, just a reminder: I may not review all of these PV's, as I had said in the post concerning this PV Request Week. I will review the top 3, or the 3 that I think I should review if you have added more than that number of video's to your list. If I decide to review them all, then they may not necessarily be in a specific order... This PV Request Week might also last longer than a week, it depends.

This PV is a day late because I am ill, and went to sleep before I could fully review it and comment on the caps. Sorry guys... DX Nia, forgive me!!!

I have totally been procrastinating, and it's more so to do with the fact that I feel so run-down and tired. It's weird, but I need to get over it and write this review! PV Request Week won't get done all by itself, will it now?

So, continuing with the Request Week, I have come to the last of Nia's requests. Three out of five requests is a pretty good number, in my opinion, and if I have the time, I'll probably review one more of her requests once the challenge has finished. It depends, I guess, on how I feel at the time and if I think that I will do a review on it that's good enough. Again, it totally depends, and this applies for all the PV's that I miss on throughout the request week.

That said, the final PV from Nia's requests is one of Perfume's latest, Spring of Life. I knew that I would review this one because it's the first Perfume song and PV that I sat through and listened to fully of my own accord. Back when the PV was first released, I took a look at it and I really did enjoy the whole concept, and I actually planned to review it... but I just didn't, because I was either too lazy to do so, or I was swamped by other PV's which I liked a lot more and regarded higher than Perfume's latest. Horrible, but true.

Well, never reviewing that PV has inevitably lead to me here, which is basically me reviewing the video (finally) and remembering why I had been so impressed by Perfume when I first saw this. Oh yeah, it's a pretty impressive PV to introduce you to this group, or at least it is in my opinion...

And before we get into why I like it, let's jump for joy and take a look at a pic spam, shall we?


Wow, I didn't know that the Perfume girls were made up of particles...

And they're also made up of 90's telephone cords, too!

If none of you whipper-snappers know what a phone cord is... damn, you're pretty young!

Ring ring... Ring ring... Ring ring... Hello? Maintenance? Yeah... my phone cord's aren't working...

-laughing ensues from Maintenance because nobody uses phone's with cords any more!... except me-

Wow... that's one heck of a hickey, Nocchi...

I'm having flashbacks of my time as a young whipper-snapper when I watched A.I Artificial Intelligence...


... They like making Nocchi open her eyes, don't they?

Truly, Christmas is just around the corner, because these girls light up like a Christmas Tree!

Perfume: "Don't look at the directly, argh!!!"

What, did the atrocious outfits from Chocolate Disco return or something?

Nocchi, why so lifeless?

Nocchi: "I am a bubble... a beautiful, Nocchi-ful bubble..."

Nocchi does not look too happy in her bubble...

My gawd, A~chan scares me sometimes. She has this awesome ability of looking creepy and lifeless, like a doll in a way... 

Kinda like Paruru...

Kashi is just gorgeous, and dayumn those legs! Nng!!!

Oh look, I finally found my heart! Too bad it's computer programmed to be a bitch.

Now isn't Kashi just lovely? I want a Kashi-filled bubble of loveliness...

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree...

Those light up dresses are awesome, no wonder MomoClo stole the idea...

Nocchi: "MomoClo stole our idea..."

Nocchi, why the tears?

A~chan: "Who's heart is this? I don't remember ever having one..."

Ah, my heart! Thanks for finding it, dear!

Perfume: "No! We don't want to see the copycats OR their interpretation's of our beautiful outfits! WE ARE THE ORIGINAL!!!"

You know... I can't fault wardrobe this time around. Maybe they finally shot the old wardrobe designers and bought new ones?

Kashi is a beautiful doll~

I actually wonder how they can dance with those cords attached to their backs! Don't they kinda stop you from going places, or even get tangled up?

Love? What is this word? Is it some form of emotion or something?

Those... legs... Nng!!!

Ah crud, this PV is intent on finding me some emotion...

Malfunction... Malfunction... Connection disabled... Nocchi dooooow... n...

Hits Internet connection box Damn internet, stop making this video screw up!

Nocchi is a mime! I KNEW IT!!!

... Okay, I didn't know it...

A~chan: "What's that? Morning Musume are trying to use into Electropop in their new singles?"

Mini Moni Terephone de RIN RIN RIN~

A~chan: "Aha, bitch please, tells those little girls that over-used Auto-tune is NOT electropop and never will be."

I actually wonder who A~chan is talking to, maybe Producer-san on how much she hates the wardrobe department?

A~chan: "Hahahaha... who do those washed out Idols think they are, trying to take over MY electropop... Bloody kids."

Ah well... time to hang up, I guess.

Kashi, you don't need lipstick, you're already beautiful enough!!!

Okay, I want one of those machines... And is this the happiest Nocchi has looked since the PV began? I swear it is!!!

A~chan: "Bitches, why you ignoring me?"

Aww, don't they all look sweet, frolicking around and all...

Nocchi: "Let's get rid of these out-of-fashion phone cords, shall we? SO 90's!"
A~chan: "Mobile girls all the wa~ay!"

Wait... whut? Whut? No, girls, no, do not take that out... Nocchi, put that damn thing down girl, if you unplug her she will die... Nocchi, I'm warning you... NOCCHI! This is not Secret Secret, Chocolate can not save you here!!!

... See. I told you. But you didn't listen, nope... Urgh, I give up with you, Nocchi...

Killing yourselves just because you want hearts and freedom... -rolls eyes-


I did not forget this review, I promise... I was just ill when I began writing it, and had to stop in order to try and regain some energy... sorry for the lateness, guys, especially you, Nia!

Alas, this PV seems to have lacked chocolate, or the mere mention of it, though I did find another way to tie in the video to Secret Secret, mostly with the whole topic about the girls being controlled and trying to take on their own lives, though this time, they don't live because they can no longer survive on chocolate, but on phone cords which no one uses any more. Hell, even Nocchi knows that no one uses those old phone cords any more. Time to go wireless, bitches!

Okay, so Spring of Life was the first ever Perfume PV that I actually sat through on my own, of my own accord, and enjoyed... only to never look at their other stuff again or even bother to review the video itself until now. Needless to say, the PV did impress me the first time around when I watched it, and it still honestly impresses me. The idea of the light-up dresses is quite different and new for me, as I've only ever seen it happen in another PV which just so happens to belong to MomoClo Copycats, but the PV is pretty memorable anyway... then again, it's a very good PV. It's creative and new, and it's something which I find refreshing but totally Perfume, and no one else could ever do this video better, I think.

I think that one of the things that is very obvious with Perfume is that they tend to have a lot of set interaction in their video's, or at the very least, interesting sets which you can't help but admire. Spring of Life, whilst not the heaviest in set interaction, connects all the girls to the set (quite literally) and allows the viewers just to see how these girls are not just on the set, but also a part of it, something which is quite clever in my opinion. The girls are basically robots, and they are attached to cords which keep them alive and basically control them into doing whatever they need to do, such as learning to eat or programming them correctly, only for the girls to take control into their own hands and ultimately destroy themselves in the end of it all.

That's really cool, but also a little sad in a way, because it just shows how fragile life is no matter what you are, a robot or a human, and that just one little thing can take everything away from you and completely stop the life that you lead... scary or what? I might be reading into this too much, but eh

The PV is extremely enjoyable and such an original take on life and what it means. The girls are great in this video, showing that side to them which makes me think that they really are robots (they aren't... I hope) and giving us another great performance, one which allows us to believe that they aren't human and that they have to be controlled in order to live. I swear, Perfume are great at making their audience believe that they have no life in them... it's creepy, but it's so so good how they can just switch from regular young women to lifeless robots who want real hearts and not minecraft manufactured ones.

The video is an extreme joy to watch, not just for the really cool set (wow that's a lot of computer parts you have there, Perfume!) but also for the members of Perfume themselves, and the way that they show life in the form of robots. It's a really cool way of viewing life in the eyes of robots, and seeing how the girls develop emotions and feelings, and ultimately, curiosity and wanting to take control of their own lives before meeting their demise at the hands of this curiosity. You know the saying: Curiosity killed the Cat! Er... Perfume group...

It's a great PV, with a great dance and awesome light up dresses which really add to the greatness of this PV. If you have yet to watch this video, definitely take a look for the performance and set if the light up dresses haven't won you over yet, or even the dance, because I really like this dance... I'm serious, I actually danced to it whilst I was writing my comments for the screen caps. It's that fun and addicting, I swear!!!

The song itself is pretty fun to listen to, though I will be honest and say that I have a hard time remembering the sound to Spring of Life. Every time I try to think of this song, I can only hear Hikaru Monotachi ringing through my ears... No idea why, but those two songs just seem to collide with each other.

However, I do like the song, despite the fact that I have a hard time trying to remember what it sounds like, but when I play it I really enjoy it. It isn't boring, and it doesn't get on my nerves either. It's an upbeat and happy tune, if anything, despite the sad tone of the video towards the end., and is just a joy to listen to. I like the song so much, I even sing a little bit of it from the lyrics that I know in Engrish... see, I do pay attention! It's adorable and fun to listen to in my opinion, though I do wish that it was more memorable...

Spring of Life is a fun song with an original and quite diverse video which is extremely entertainig to watch and oh-so enjoyable. This is definitely something that I would recommend for those of you who do like the look of interesting sets in PV's, and for costume fans this is probably something to look out for because, come on, light up dresses are just that awesome. Seriously... the dresses are worth it, promise!!!

Just like Secret Secret, Spring of Life brings on the topic of the girls being controlled before they decide to take matters into their own hands only to ultimately destroy their lives and the progress that they have made as robots. It's a little sad, but it's still a damn good PV that you should all check out, enjoy and fall in love with!

Perfume... the group I neglected due to the use of electropop, but a group who are extremely impressive in their performances from their PV's. I might have to keep a look out for these girls, because performance wise, they are amazing, and their songs are also quite catchy... Stop it Nia, noooooo!!! I don't want to get out of my comfort zone!

So... Who wants a minecraft manufactured heart???


  1. I am absolutely loved Spring of Life but matter of fact, I love a lot of Perfume MV's. ^^

    1. Oh you do? :o I still need to watch more outside of the requests, but the group have really interesting PV's from what I have watched already :D