Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Okay! Musume Digest #26

It's time for the D-D-D-D-D-D-DIGEST!!!

Welcome back to the Weekly Digest my dears! This week has been pretty fun, and not just in news, but in blogging as well. I experienced the joys of hitting 90,000 page views all time, as well as the magnificent accomplishment of celebrating my 2nd Cake Day with Okay! Musume Time. I have also decided to take on a new challenge which you all might enjoy, called the PV Request Week where I will take on your requests and review the PV's that you have suggested for me. Of course, who could forget the rumours and announcements that have also been going around this week? Sayu was rumoured by fans to be graduating, when in fact Reina has officially announced her departure from the group.

Well, let's just say that when Tsunku trolls, he truly does troll the hell out of us all.

Flawless picture, don't you think?

But yeah... it's been a pretty awesome week, or for me at least, but I do put that down to the fact that I celebrated the 2nd Cake Day as well as flying rumours and a sudden graduation announcement. Some of you may have hated this week, though, because y'know... The Giant Winking Bow is leaving us all to vocally control another group. Because obviously she didn't get enough lines in the last one...

Okay, I'm done. Let's get into the important stuff, such as this little baby...

Video of the Week

This week's video is Dance de Bakoon! by C-ute!

Here's a song which I have rekindled my love affair with. Other than Shock!, this is the song which really introduced me to C-ute. I became a fan of H!P in 2009, so I've basically been around the C-ute scene since Umeda Erika upped and left for acting, and I was just as new as the re-defined, five-member unit that we all know and love today. This song is pretty much the first song that I whole-heartedly fell in love with by the group, as well as the first song to show diversity in line distribution for this group now that there were only a good handful of them. It's a great song and I really like it, and every time I see or hear it, I get extremely excited because it's just epic and reminds me of how I fell in love with this group and why I still adore them now. They have talent, and they have PAZAZZ!

Eargasm, much?

Okay, so let's quickly move on to the...

Poll of the Week

This week's poll is courtesy of Nia, who has suggested that I ask which Satoyama Unit song you prefer! It's actually a wonderful idea, so I will definitely be borrowing from my darling blogger... Thanks, Nia! -cackles-

So, this week I will be asking you this:

Which Satoyama song is your favourite?

Obvious poll choices are obvious for this one, but yeah... which one is your favourite? Cast your vote and let me know, and the winner will be featured next week, when I basically begin my request week... nice.

Have fun with the poll, guys!

So, what does it mean? It means we are heading towards the...

Picture of Le Week

This week's picture is:

Tsunku, because he continues to be a massive troll in the Wota world, and I also want to scar you all for life.

Seriously, my eyes... they burn...

And now onto more important matters with the...

News of Le Week

So, this is what happens when Nia and I begin talking, and Tsunku pops into the conversation...

And here is what happens when Nia decides that we need to follow One Two Three's suit and add sparkles...

Beautiful, right? I mean, Tsunku is beautiful anyway, but add a snazzy suit that you photoshop his head onto, a bedazzled mic, a rainbow background and some sparkles, you have what I call perfection, or close to. Am I in Heaven or what?

Tsunku has never looked so dazzling... and the best part is, it can't be unseen. HUR!

Also, we made Ayumi her own meme... because she's a shark, and Nia is a freakin' genius.

Also, Sayumi and Reina have been featured on 9gag due to their impeccable number skills when it comes to English...

I'm actually surprised that they got Five, Six, Seven, Nine and Ten right... but Teen and Teeen crack me up xD


And finally, Risako gives me some advice about her new hair colour...

Honey, when it's as bright as the Red Light District, you simply can't 'ignore it' like you suggest...

Okay, sorry for the fun and stuff, we'll get into the real deal of this post, which just so happens to be the:


The Theatre Edition to AKB48's 29th major single, Eien Pressure, has been released. This version shows only Shimazaki Haruka, the winner of the Janken Tournament.

It's cute, and that's all I can really say, and honestly... it's understandable that she would get her own cover because she's the winner, and people will love her for a while now, kinda like what happened to Mariko-sama...


AKB48 recently performed their 29th single, Eien Pressure live. This is your chance to listen to the song for the first time and see what the Janken winners have to offer!

... Honestly? It sounds like everything I have heard from AKB48 before. It reminds me of Ue Kara Mariko, Everday Kahcuusha and, sadly, Not Yet's Pera Pera Perao. Seriously, I started to sing some of Pera Pera Perao the first time I listened to Eien Pressure.

The sad thing isn't that it sounds like the songs, because I like the sound of it and all, but it's just that it's uninspired, it's everything we have heard before, and it's nothing special, nothing great... then again, I've come to expect that from all AKB48 songs lately. Nothing they do when it comes to songs now is wonderful, all they have going for them is their PV's and their popularity. Only their older songs like RIVER are epic.


The cover to Morning Musume Alo-Hello! 2012 has been revealed!

Ah, it's cute, and looks like previous Alo-Hello's, but with different girls! I like Reina's bikini, and Haruna's... Oh, and Fukumura's...

Mhm... Fukumura boobage...


C-ute have graced the cover of CDJournal magazine!

Well, aren't we looking a little constipated there, Maimi?

Damn, Mai, you are getting hotter! Why are you in the back and not awkward doesn't-want-to-be-there Maimi?

Airi's eye is on the loose, too... getting a bit wonky there, gurl...


The Blu-ray cover to Hello! Project's 2012 Summer concert tour has been released!

Totally LOL-ing at Nakky's still for the cover. Do Hello! Pro hate her or something? Tough Momoko seems to want to your soul in hers, and Chissa looks ready to kill, so H!P must hate them too...


The short PV to Eien Pressure's B-side, HA! by NMB48, has been released. The PV shows the girls dressed as Mafia Boss Wives, showing a more mature look to the girls.

It sounds, and looks, more interesting than Eien Pressure... then again, we have yet to see the PV preview for that song. Anyway, it looks and sounds good, then again... the B-sides are always better than the A-sides, which is a shame, isn't it?


Ishida Ayumi has graced the cover of Weekly Famitsu Taiwan!

GO BABY PREDATOR, GO! You promote the hell outta yourself and your group! -plays Jaws theme music-


The cover to Yajima Maimi's up-coming photobook, Hatachi, has been revealed!

Okay, so, is it just me, or does Maimi look shocked and a little bit like a Deer caught in the headlights?

What did Tsunku do, whip out his magic microphone from his pant and brandish it at the poor thing? She looks simply horrified!

UPDATE: Her Solo DVD, released on December 19th, will be titled Chelsie.

Source | Source

S/mileage react to their own PV, Samui Ne!

So basically, they're doing what I sometimes do, and sit there, react and get all happy over the fact that, le gasp, they appeared in their MV!!!

Don't look surprised, girls, because you had a drunk cameraman and terrible costumes.

The digest to C-ute's DVD Magazine Vol. 28 has been released via UFactory's official youtube channel. Check it out to see what you can all expect!

It's only short, a minute or so long, but it shows some clips of the girls during their concert and allows us to get a good look at what we should expect from this DVD Magazine. Hopefully all fans can buy themselves a copy and watch their favourite C-utie's!

C-ute will be holding a handshake event and live at Tower Records Shibuya on December 9th.

Handshake and live events, something that you know I find quite exciting, mostly due to the fact that it means promotion and a reason for the fans to go and see their favourite girls! Of course, this event will be for the promotion of C-ute's second best of album, and the live will undoubtedly include some, if not all, of the newly arranged songs on said album. It's a great way to show off just how much C-ute has changed in both appearence and sound, and how well these new arrangements translate live.

Go if you can, and meet these lovely C-uties!!!

It has been revealed that as a part of their Spring Tour, Berryz Kobou will perform in Bangkok on March 9th, 2013.

UFP are working hard, I see! Thailand is really getting the full works with seeing Berryz Kobou in their country now, and I hope it doesn't stop! This is a great way to promote the girls and to get them known worldwide! Hopefully Morning Musume, C-ute and S/mileage will get the same treatment, and hopefully they come to England!

A clip of Yasuda Kei, Eripon and Haruka has been released, showing the OG member and her little minions rocking it out to Renai Revolution 21 in public!

This is probably meant to be more of a fun gig, if anything. I doubt it's serious, but it looks extremely fun. Just look at the pure delight and happiness on Haruka's voice! You can just see how much Haruka loves performing, even if it is for a bit of random fun! It's a nice little clip to watch, so check it out!


Tanaka Reina's band members have been revealed! Okada Marina (19, Vocalist), Uozumi Yuki (21, Guitarist) and Miyazawa Marin (19, Guitarist) are Reina's new band mates and will make their debut outside of Hello! Project.

Seeing the band members revealed after/during Reina's graduation has pretty much set the deal for fans, and for me, it's pretty exciting to finally see the girls and see that UFP are taking a more mature and cool approach with this band, which is great because this is what Reina is all about now; being cool and mature, but still singing like the Winking Squirrel that she is.

Just... no bows, okay? Okay, UFP?

Also, the band currently has no name, so UFP are requesting that the fans send in names for the band. You can send these names in at band-name@reinaband.com. Because I have creativity, I have yet to send one in... Maybe Reina feat. The Winkette's?


On November 18th, Morning Musume's 9th Generation held their 100th concert performance! Congrats to the girls!

Well... at least my Cake Day celebrated alongside the 9th Gen. SUCCESS!!!


Suzuki Airi stars in a new Pizza-La CM.


It's all I can say, really o-O

(Her CM is currently the second on)


Niigaki Risa will perform in the Kiben Hashire Melos stageplay, which runs from December 27th until February 2nd.

Okay, firstly: YAAAAAAY!!!! Gaki is in another stageplay. Secondly...

WOW she looks HOT! Like... hotter than normal hot. Just look at her hair, her body language turns into Ursule from The Little Mermaid and her confidence! You know that she's bad-ass, just by the way she looks. WOW!

... Sorry... I momentarily returned to my Gaki fangirl state... Well... Eripon must be having a harder time dealing with this than I am, because whew, this woman... DAYUMN!!!

MAiDiGi TV have revealed footage concerning Tanaka Reina's Graduation announcement and the revealing of her band members for her band project which will begin activities after her graduation (or before, who knows)

It's great to finally see some footage after the announcement, as international fans would have wanted to see it because obviously Reina is a lot of people's Oshi. It's sad to see it happening before my very eyes, but it's also reassuring to know that Reina will be continuing her singing activities even after her graduation with new band mates who we will surely come to love... or dislike. Who knows?

But yeah... woohoo for footage? xD

JIJIPRESS have uploaded footage concerning Tanaka Reina's Graduation Announcement. There is also concert footage of the performances which many fas will enjoy greatly (including myself!)

Those cell phone costumes... o-o How ugly...

More footage is obviously greatly appreciated, and I like the transmission from Reina's solo performance to her Band and Graduation announcement. It's also great to see some snippets of the concert performances as well, so everyone, please enjoy the footage... and try not to cry, okay?

Mano Erina will be a part of the Guitar wo Machinagara stageplay. It will run from February 8th until February 17th.

For a stageplay, I do find this quite short, however this will hopefully be the start of Mano's career outside of being an Idol. She has stated that she wants to continue her activities in acting, and so this is a great start for H!P's graduating soloist. Hopefully any fans within the area will go and see it.

SKE48 have set a Guinness World Record with their first album, securing the spot by having the most music clips (I won't say videos, they are too damn short) in an album.

This is a great achievement for SKE48, one which is amazing and well deserved. The thought of using so many music clips in an album is a great idea, especially for a group so big, and it allows all of the members freedom to do what they want in the video and choose the songs they enjoy. I have seen the clips, and they are enjoyable.

Check out the video's and congrats to the SKE girls for earning a record which they will never forget!

Cosplay Idol group Panache! have announced the release of their second single, titled Sukaibirivu, which will be released in two editions; Edition A and edition B. The release date for their second single will be on the 13th of February, 2013.

The tracklist for the single has also been revealed!

01 Sukaibirivu
02 Yunizon
03 Sukaibirivu (Instrumental)
04 Yunizon (Instrumental)

Further details on the release and events will be revealed at a later date.

To see that Panache! are continuing forward is great news for their fans, especially if you are fans of Vocaloid and like the sound of their music, too. The girls seem to have a nice following going on, and to hear news of a new release so soon after their debut is always good news!

Hopefully fans will wait with patience for this release!

The Hello! Project Kenshuusei have added six new members. Three of these new members include Ichioka Reina, Kishimoto Yumeno and Makino Maria, the 11th Generation finalists who were not a part of Hello! Project, Back Stage PASS or Nice Girl Project beforehand. Kaga Kaeda and Wada Sakurako, who were also a part of the 11th Generation auditions, have also been added. Finally, Kanazawa Tomoko, who was an Ocean Music Award Shinjin Hakkutsu audition 2012 finalist has been added to the group.

To see new Kenshuusei being added is always a promising sign, because it means that there are talented young girls with a lot of potential who will be given the training they need to become better and a lot more talented than they already are. It's nice to see the finalists of the 11th gen auditions being added, because then it means that the AKB white van man can't come along and take them, MUAHAHAHAHAHA! -cackles- That, and they are all extremely talented girls, something we have all witnessed.

NEW KENSHUUSEI, YEAH! -cackles more-


And that, my dear readers, is all the news that we have time for this week! A nice mix of Idol news in my opinion! Hopefully you have all had your fill for this week, so until next time, goodbye and may the Idol be with you!!!


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    Also, what was the Sayu-Reina number thing from? I want to watch it!


      and no idea, it was on 9gag xD

  2. Its seems like mogi minami is gone

    1. I found out ;A; I was on FB and someone said she may have graduated -cries-

    2. I know! I loved her so much!

    3. It is sad, but it has to happen at some point... sadly, it was far too early for Mogi to leave as an Egg D8

  3. I am still shocked that picture is Tsunku >_< I need to cover my eyes!!

    DIY may actually win that poll. It's so addicting for me! When Sayu and Reina were on Kurobara, it actually made me cringe especially for most of the contestants >< Fow and Eito omg!

    1. Haha sorry! Cover them, bleach them ;A; well... don't bleach them, please D8 -gives random blindfold-

      I think they will, DIY have a song which appeals to everyone and I don't think that anyone can hate it! It's a strong, new sound for H!P which is just fun to listen to!nAnd haha , Fow and Eito *^*