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Okay! Musume Digest #25

Are you ready? Okay, let's go!!! IT'S DIGEST TAIMU!!!

Welcome back to your weekly ingestion of Idol news and happiness, I am your weirdly wonderful host, Chiima, and this week we have some more news to Digest. Get your bowls and spoons ready my dears, because we're going to have a feast! Muahahahaha!!!

... Wow, what a weird way to open. But I'm feeling hyper, and this week I think that I have a nice collection of news and bits and pieces that may be interesting! There's quite a lot going on in the '48 world which will make plenty of people happy, some Hello! Project here and there and a little more, but mostly it's '48 and Hello! Project. Not surprising, really.

Also, a big HAPPY CAKE DAY to Nia's Wonderland. Nia is celebrating her blog's first birthday, so be sure to take a trip over to where she's hiding and congratulate her! The first anniversary is always an emotional one... -sniff sniff-

And in random blog-related news... there is no news. Let's get into the Video of the Week!!!

Video of the Week
This week, our video is:

Hyadain no Kakakata☆Kataomoi-C by Hyadain!

It's all kinds of fun and wonder, so please give this a listen and have some fun and giggles with this song and video. Hyadain is a singer, songwriter, arranger and composer who made a name for himself on Nico Nico Douga. He debuted back in 2011 with this very single after gaining fame via releasing vocal remixes of popular game songs prior to his debut. He has worked with YuiKaori, AKB48 Himawari Gumi, Natsuko Aso, Dempagumi Inc, Kirarin Tsukushima/Koharu Kusumi, Milky Way, Momoiro Clover (Z), no3b and plenty of other artists. Yeah... he knows his stuff I think.

All I can say no is to enjoy, fall in love and become obsessed with this damn song, because it is good.

Today seems to be Chiima-is-creepy day, huh?

And now onto the Picture of the Week!

Picture of Le Week

Riho is trying to become a creeper, but our dear Eripon is having none of it! In fact, Riho seems to bore her slightly... Zzzzzz...

Then again, nothing is weirder than this Gaki-Wota... Oh wait, Chokubo is weirder... Well, whatever, your creepiness does not faze our Wota, RiDOS!!!!

Well, picture done and dusted, guess what it's time for? YES!!! It's that time again, ladies and gentleman, so get your popcorn out, your hats on your heads, and prepare yourself for the...


In this weeks Hello! SATOYAMA Life!!!

Embedding has been disabled! (Damn...) A new face has been added! Finally!!! More helping out on the land! The making of for Harvest's Forest Time PV!

This weeks episode seems to have a nice mix to it, showing both the productive side and the fun side to SATOYAMA life. We get to see some members helping out and working hard, whilst we also get to see a cute making of and see what goes on behind the scenes of the Forest Time PV for Harvest. For SATOYAMA fans, please check it out, and for Harvest fans... please, check it out!

A PV preview for GREEN FIELDS up-coming PV, Boys be ambitious! has been released via the programe Hello! Satoyama Life. The PV features Aika, Saki and Yuka in a very gentle paced video showing the girls eating together, and in various scenic places.

First of all, I hate Saki's hair. It looks a little unflattering on her in this video. Secondly, it's a very cute video and the song itself is very calm and layed back, something that really fits the country/nature theme that the Satoyama Movement is promoting. The video looks lovely, and I can't wait to see it. And, Aika!!! Welcome back, sweetheart! <3

The song name also reminds me of AMBITIOUS! ~Yashinteki de Iijan~

AKB48's 29th single will be titled Eien Pressure, and will be released on December 5th 2012. This is the Janken single which will feature Shimazaki Haruka (Paruru) as centre. There will be four types of this single, A, B, C and D, as well as coupling songs fro SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48. This will be the first original song for HKT48. The single will also include three music videos which won the Music Video Request 2012.

(Type D is TBA)

Paruru looks damn evil, soulless and basically the same in how she msiles at you as if she wants to take your soul and eat it...


1. Eien Pressure
2. Totteoki Christmas
3. Tsuyogari Tokei (SKE48) (Type A)
3. HA! (NMB48) (Type B)
3. Hatsukoi Butterfly (HKT48) (Type C)
3. TBA (Type D)
(plus off vocal versions for all songs)

The songs which will be receiving music videos are:

1. Team B Oshi
2. First Rabbit
3. Sakura no Hanabira (Maeda Atsuko Solo ver.) (WAIT HASN'T SHE GONE YET?)

And type C's booklet can turn into a doll house, which is pretty damn cool.

The profile pictures for Berryz Kobou have been updated for their up-coming single, WANT!

Erm, er, Risako... what the fuck did you do to your hair? Why does it looks horrible? Risako? RISAKO!?

Momoko looks cuter and more charming with her new hairstyle I think. SHE FINALLY BURNED THE PIGTAILS!!! CELEBRATION TIME, C'MON!

Up Up Girls' first major single will be titled Chopper ☆ Chopper / Survival Girl, and will be released in the form of a CD-only version. This will be their first single with a new label as well.

So... PV's now?

Hello! Channel Best Selection features Sayashi Riho and Suzuki Airi on the front cover! It will release on November 21st.

Well... what else can you say other than that this is to be expected, because it's pretty obvious that Reina is no longer the face of MoMusu...


HKT48 will have their major debut under Universal Music next year! This piece of wonderful news was revealed during their performance at the HKT48 Theatre in Hakata, Fukuoka on November 8th.

Okay, guys... I'm seriously freakin' happy, you have no idea how happy I am... finally, they are freakin' DEBUTING!!!! OMG OMG I am so happy... ;A; -cries lots-

Beautiful, Beautiful Source

On November 10th, it was revealed that AKB48's Kasai Tomomi will be making her solo debut. Tomomi was the winner of the JRA campaign AKB no Gachi Uma where 27 AKB48 members over 20 competed by betting on a horse race. As the winner, Tomomi will star in the JRA CM and has also earned herself a solo debut thanks to this. Tomomi will also be releasing her first solo photo book in late January.

... Who?

Okay, other than mmy lack of knowledge when it comes to AKB and the millions of members, er, congrats? AKB sure are popping out some soloists now that Bore-chan's left!


Speaking of Bore-chan, here's her replacement!!!

Kashiwagi Yuki will be making her solo debut on February 6th, 2013. The single will be released from Yuki's independant label, YukiRing (that sounds cute) which will be established under Avex Entertainment. The main song has also been picked up as the theme song for Yuki's drama, which starts in January.

... Wow, Bore-chan's been replaced. They actually managed to find someone with a blander face, actually. I am genuinely surprised, and honestly... I don't expect much. Then again, I barely follow the other million AKB soloists out there already. Whoops, I mean 8 other soloists.

... Yeah. That's it.


Nogizaka46 have performed their upcoming single, Seifuku no Mannequin for the first time. This will be their 4th single, and it will be released on December 19th.

My GOD it sounds decent...

And the costumes... Those beautiful, beautiful, NORMAL LOOKING SAILOR FUKU COSTUMES!!!

Thank fuck they did something right with these girls, and if they screw up the PV, then I know that NG46 are screwed over for life.

A 15 second TV spot for PASSPO☆'s upcoming album, One World, has been released via Universal Japan's official youtube channel. One World is PASSPO☆'s second official album which will be released on November 14th, and consists of 15 songs including Next Flight, Natsuzora Hanabi and WING.

An audio teaser for the album has also been released, so check out the songs and find out which one will become your favourite!

The album looks, and sounds, really good from the teasers we have. It seems like PASSPO☆ are continuing to experiment with some new sounds whilst also sticking to sounds that we know and love. Love Diary is very reminiscent of their Indie days, whilst Final Vision sounds very fresh for PASSPO☆ as a sound. 2DAYS is a rather interesting sound, it reminds me of American pop that I used to listen to as a child, so this should be interesting... Also, Love Diary seems to come with a PV for this album, so watch out for that!

It sounds like a really interesting album, and I can't wait to hear everything in full!

Previews of the bonus videos and the long interview on C-ute's second best of album have been released, giving us a dose of what is to be expected, and what's to come, in this much anticipated album!

So, other than some fabulous re-arranged songs (and the sadness that is auto-tune being abused and overused, of course), we're also getting soe awesome dance videos showing these girls rocking out to their newly arranged songs, allowing us to enjoy the song visually as well! Well, isn't that a wonderful bonus? The preview of the bonus videos is a good 3 minutes and more long, and it shows a lot of promise and excitement for those who are buying this album! Also, the interview... Yeah, I have yet to watch it, but that's because I know that I won't understand what the girls are saying!

Anyway, this makes me anticipate the release so much more! This is a must have album for all C-ute fans, because it shows their growth and change since they began, and how far they have come and how much more present they are as a 5 member group.

Mano Erina has revealed the covers to her final single, NEXT MY SELF, via her blog. The covers show off Mano's maturity and seriousness as well as her natural beauty.

MANO ;A; -cries-

I am starting to truly realise how close her departure from the Hello! Project world is... Mano... I love you!!!!

Five members of Berryz Kobou will visit Thailand on November 16th. The members who will be going have yet to be revealed.

So, who? Is it Kyary's wannabe follower, my sexy, leggy Chinami-chubs, My Brony (Miyabeam), Captain, Sexy Maasa, That Tall Leggy One or the irritating pigtailed... Oh gawd, wait, she has no more pigtails!!! I mean, er, Momochi? Who is it? And where are the other two?

I bet it's everyone apart from Chinami-legs and Brony, because they may be getting all sexy and leggy with DIY again. If the other five actually go, I CALLED IT! I TOTES CALLED IT LOL!

By the way, good to see that they are still promoting themselves heavily in Thailand. Nice going, Berryz~

Michishige Sayumi has announced via her blog that she will be releasing a new PB in the near future.

Why am I not surprised?

It has been revealed that Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome's second indies single will be released on January 30th, 2013.

Can I just say one word...?


Moving on...

Ono Erena has announced the release of her third solo single, titled Say!! Ippai which will be released on December 26th. Ono has once again written the lyrics for the title track herself, and claims that it is a cheerful song which will give energy and support to those who are doing their best at something. There will be four different types for this single, which are the Limited A, Limited B, Limited C and the Regular Edition. More details are to come.

Firstly... Wow, the first single which does not include her name. I actually was not expecting that. And two... all two of her songs have been cheerful! I want a BALLAD WOMAN! Or a rock song or something. If this is another Idol-cutesy rainbow festival... Well, I'll still love it, but GIVE ME SOME DIVERSTY!

Okay, I'm done... for now ;D

The DVD/Blu-Ray covers to Buono!'s PIZZA-LA Presents Buono! Delivery LIVE 2012 ~Ai wo otodoke!~ have been released.

For the covers, I honestly would have loved some diversity between the regular DVD and the Blu-Ray edition, because honestly guys, they're one in the same with the only real difference being that the Blu-Ray edition is bigger than the regular DVD edition. The covers are okay, I like that it's just one basic picture, but again... diversity, please?

A behind the scenes video for the stage play Sugar Spot has been released, giving us a look at what to expect from the play when it is in full swing, and how the girls are coping with rehearsals.

For fans who don't know, Sugar Spot is the stage play which both Chinami and Maimi are acting in. As far as I know, both girls have main roles within the play. Also, it seems that Miyamato Karin and another Kenshuusei member will be in the stage play, which isn't at all surprising as all Hello! Project members are great stage actresses and the Kenshuusei seem to gain quite the reputation there, and it's where they can get their name known, too.

It seems like it will be a great stage play, so watch out for it!

Morning Musume OG members Natsume Abe, Yaguchi Mari, Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika, as well as SharanQ, appear on Hey!Hey!Hey! for part of their final series.

This is a great chance to see older members of Morning Musume on the show, a place which will be nostalgic to them all, as well as to see how much they have grown since they debuted because there seems to be a look back as well. I will say that I don't watch many variety shows, I mostly stick to PV's and singles, but it looks to be a great episode which MoMusu fans, especially the old school ones, will enjoy.

Morning Musume, Iida Kaorin and Ai-bottom (My epic Britshness is leaking through...) will participate in Toyota's Yuuki no Tsubasa 2012 event on November 23rd.

From what I can gather, this event includes a variety of things to see and/or do, including paint exhibitions, stage shows, live radio and other special programs. This seems like a great event which will help to promote Morning Musume as they are now, as well as to see how Kaorin and Ai-bottom are doing.

Now, we just need to ask this... who from Morning Musume is going, hm?

JIJIPRESS have released footage for Naaboudoufu@Nana's release event for her second single, Magical Lip KISS. The video includes a short edit of the performance itself, as well as a short dance lesson on some of the moves in the dance, and comments from Nana herself.

The video itself is great for fans of Nana, because it shows that the press are taking note of her and keeping up with ow things are going. It seems like the release event for her single was a success and it's great to see that there are added clips like the short dance tutorial as well as comments from Nana herself.

Check it out if you're a fan and see the cuteness of Nana!


And that's all we have time for this week, ladies, gentleman and Wota! It has been a fun ride, and hopefully you will once again join me next week for another dose of Idol news and happiness. Frolics and dances ahoy, this journey has been a good one. Thank you for reading, and for now, toodle-pip!!!

Oh gawd I'm hyper...


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  1. Digest!! XD The adorkable pic of the week just happens to be my comp's wallpaper...o_0 how'd you do that!?? And I'll take Riho over Winky any day. Is it wrong that I actually kinda like Risako's hair? I don't know - I think I've been so traumatized by the grey-blonde-multi nonsense that strawberry is kind of a relief. Do wish she'd change the expression though...

    1. Ingest the Digest! Wheee~ And I love it, found it randomly on H!O and thought 'pic of the week~' and also... psychic... or we're just in tune with each other 8D and RIHOO!!! I like her so much more than Winky, agreed :D And I don't think it's wrong, I'm just... shocked and hate it XD maybe the style more so who knows. And lol, the expression is forever because it is her Pigeon Pout...