Thursday, 8 November 2012

Oh, What Beautiful Legs DIY♡ have in 'Fore Fore ~Forest for Rest~

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Are you ready for some Fore Fore Beautiful Rest Legs...?

Now tell me truthfully, when have you ever seen so many beautiful H!P legs together all at once? And don't prove me wrong with former members, because this is all so new to me, seeing all of these beautiful legs together in one place...

Oh yes, it is quite wonderful, isn't it? Especially when they are all so mature and beautiful. You really can't help but drool over the girls and their gorgeous legs, can you? I do love Satoyama for creating such a beautiful unit filled with leggy beauties.

... Okay, I'll shut up about legs... for now.

So yeah... DIY♡ have released their PV just days after the release of Peaberry's simplistic but beautiful Cabbage Hakusho was officially released through Satoyama's official youtube channel, and with a different tune and a few more members, how will this PV differ from the sweet and innocent Peaberry PV?

Well, quite a lot, actually, because let's just say we get a lot of legs and beautiful women in this video to keep us all entertained and tuned in! Wanna find out more? Well, stay put for the pic spam and enjoy the lovely ladies and their outrageous legs as they camp their day away together!

We might need a rest after the amount of leg present though, I warn you.

Okay, that's bright! I'm surprised it isn't black, but hey ho...

Oh my god, it's a Barbeque! Am I invited?

I wonder who's lovely legs these are? Er, I mean shoes...

Okay, seriously, what the heck has happened with Chinami's leg!? Is she like, super flexible or something? O-o

Well hello out of focus but much appreciated Harunan legs!

Miyabeam is stealing the spotlight with how fierce she is!

Harunan: "Bitch please, I'm the Oshi in this group!"

Harunan working her inner Diva on the dance floor.

Well hello much needed Miyabeam and Nakky butts!!!

Oh, here's some Maimi appreciation for you guys, because I know you love her and all...

And some more, but a lot more natural, and plenty prettier than the moody one above~

Miyabeam: "I will gladly steal your soul and eat it..."

Miya is plotting something, guys...

Oh my, what beautiful legs you have!

Nakky is pondering on how to gain my attention...

Harunan: "I may not be the most experienced, but I have youth over them all..."

Haruna pulls out the cute card, and not the sexy one. Still, DAYUMN!

Harunan: "I have the appeal of still being underage in Japan, so it all works for me!"

Harunan, you are just simply gorgeous, your innocence really surpasses them all! <3

Nakky: "Will my sexiness win your heart?"

Nakky, how can you be both sexy and cute!? That's just criminal!

Nakky: "I know! I'll wink for the Winking Wota! Kyu~un!"

GAH! Right in the damned heart!!!

Oh wait, what heart?

Chinami: "Are you effing kidding me here?"

Chinami does not appreciate the amount of pictures she has been getting in this post, whoops...

I really wanna go for a swim now, or push Maimi in, either one is a good idea...

Miyabeam: "Oh my god it's a TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!"
Harunan: "Yes, Miyabi, a tree... we've been through this already, they grow from the ground up. Have your managers really kept you holed up for so long?"
Nakky: "She's a gonner, Haruna, just let her go..."

Miyabi is fascinated by nature, but Harunan's too new to understand just how bad it can get when your managers cram you and your buddies in a studio for so many years...

Chinami: "These? They are MY boobies! No touchy!"

Chinami becomes protective of her chest...


Dat... SKY!!!

Maimi: "Oooh, a shiny coin!"

Diva it up, gurlfriend!

Are you giving an imaginary blow job there, Maimi? Because it looks like it.

Harunan: "Do you still love me?"

Haruna is too adorable in this, I think she is so sweet <3 She really gives a nice balance to all of the maturer women in the group...

Nakky: "I am still the cutest, even though I may be older than this Haruna girl!"

Speaking of mature but still cute... ero-kawaii!!!

Chinami is really getting into this dance, and she looks damn Good in shorts! Mhm, Chinami legs! <3

All: "BEER!!!"

Brea out the vodka shots, cos there's gonna be a PARTAAAAY!!!

Chinami: "I'm gonna get SO drunk!"

Chinami is ecstatic that her legs are loved, and that there's a drinking party going on somewhere...

Loser has to drink the tequila!!!

Just... just so freakin' gorgeous, I can hardly contain myself...

And those LEGS!!!

Nakky: "Duuuuuh..."
Harunan: "Is... Is that Maimi streaking...?"

Funny screen cap had to be added, and it just so happened to be this one xD

Maimi: "Chinami, I have a confession to make... I... Well, you see I... I lo---"
Chinami: "Woman, can't you see I'm watching the scenery? This shit is rarely on in the studio!"

Awwww, this looks really sweet! Just like a couple...

Okay, so I want Haruna's legs, Nakky's, Chinami's and Miyabi's... yes, that will do for me right now...

You know what? I think I like legs, haha! xD

Okay, so my own stupidity aside, this PV is definitely a U-turn from Peaberry's innocent and simple PV. Whilst there was a primary focus on how the girls interacted with their natural surroundings in Cabbage Hakusho, Fore Fore is a totally different matter with the girls being the main focus throughout the entire music video. The backdrop is merely there for prettiness I feel, though the two work hand in hand.

As you have probably guessed from the video itself, DIY♡ is a group which seems to cater to a more mature audience, an audience which appreciates the maturity of this group compared to the sweet and innocent theme that Peaberry has going on. Here, we have five of the older members in Hello! Project who have mature looks, and longer legs. These are the girls who will appeal to people who do prefer the more mature looking girls, as well as being a group full of girls with extreme sex appeal. So, it's pretty obvious why the video for this group has more of a focus on the girls, and becomes a little more adventurous in the editing style as well as the sound and look of the group.

Basically, these girls have been sexualised in the video, or at least, that's what I think... and it's not a problem, I actually find it refreshing to see the older members being sexualised than the younger members, so I do indeed welcome it.

So, as I said before, this PV is a lot more adventurous than what Cabbage Hakusho was. Whilst there was a more simple editing style with Peaberry, we find ourselves with plenty more shots in DIY♡'s video. There are foot shots, leg shots, stomach shots and plenty more to keep everyone entertained, allowing a more divers arrangement with this video that we weren't really offered via Peaberry, but I find that's more so because Peaberry are playing up on the innocent whilst DIY♡ are playing up on their sexier and more womanly personalities within this video. Unless you are Haruna, and then you just play up the innocence and become a little more fierce in the dance scenes. But hell, it works.

In fact, it all works here. The editing, the girls, everything. This is totally different from Cabbage Hakusho, but it's just as good, I assure you, and I know that plenty of people will prefer this over Peaberry's PV any day, but I do like both about the same I think.

Fore Fore offers us viewers a great taste of the more mature side of Hello! Project, showing off the leggier members of the group who are older in age, which ultimately means showing off their sex appeal and just how wonderful these girls are together. I have to say, Satoyama, or Hello! Pro, picked a good mix of girls for this group. I find that all of these girls work really well together, and they each have a certain point to them which makes them stand out in the group, such as Haruna's innocence and her being the underdog, Nakky's ero-kawaii appeal, Miyabi's maturity and superb voice, Maimi's... well, what people call sexiness, and Chinami's adorable and fun personality. It's a great mix, and all of the girls look great together. They have a nice group chemistry from what I can see, and the PV shows off how nicely they fit together as well.

Whilst the focus of this PV may not be on nature itself, we get quite a bit of focus on the dance and the girls interacting with each other throughout the PV when they are working on a barbeque together. Of course, considering their name is Dance In Your♡, you would expect there to be more of a dance focus in this video, and we do get it in two different scenes: A club scene and the landscape scene, and both work well for the video, giving it a cooler vibe. I like that we have two individual dance scenes to look at, because then you get to see the coolness of the dance in the club, as well as the beauty of the scenery and the epic blue sky!

This is a very well put together video I think, and I just love how the girls act and look in this video. Their surroundings are gorgeous, and the shots taken for the solo shots are so natural and beautiful, and the girls' interaction with the camera is just wonderful to watch, because they each have something different to offer to the camera lens. I find that everything in this video is just lovely, from the pure and beautiful outside shots to the cool and mature dance scenes. It's basically all well put together, and it's so very different from Peaberry that it's fantastic! For a sub-unit, I am honestly surprised by the great quality PV that has come out of this group, because there was something so simple and sweet for Cabbage Hakusho, but for Fore Fore we have something fierce, energetic and fast paced which suits the song perfectly, and compliments the maturity and sexiness of this group without being exposing or indecent in any way.

The song itself is also quite different from what we got with Peaberry. Fore Fore ~Forest for Rest~ is an energetic and up-beat dance number, one which has a great instrumental which is fun and really compliments everyone's voices. I find that there is so much more going on in this song, it's so well-paced and sounds amazing, just like a good old club song! I love listening to this because of the great sound, the harmonising and the nice editing on the vocals for solo's, such as Haruna and Nakky's solo lines. They don't sound horribly auto-tuned, and their voices work so well with the song. Well, everyone's voices work well with the song, but you know what I mean... I hope.

It's catchy and it's fun, and I think that a lot of people will enjoy this song because of that. It's quite easy to sing to if you pick up on certain lyrics, and it sounds so different to anything I have heard from Hello! Project so far. It's refreshing in it's own way, and I love how up-beat and new it is.

It's gorgeous, guys, it really is, and I love how different it is to Cabbage Hakusho. It's an entertaining video and a great song, so I suggest that you all watch it... like, NOW!

Bow down to the maturity of these sexay ladies!


  1. I love this song so much! It has such a beautiful energy to it! It's just so catchy... The PV's nice too and it's definitely more focused on the dance like you said! But I think the only problem I had was with the lighting contrast between the dark scenes and the light scenes; it was a little... bright. Okay, it was really bright. Still! I love this group!

    1. It is definitely the most energetic of the four groups, and it works so well for all of the girls IMO! And I can somewhat agree on the contrasts - it worked somewhat but not totally, it was like ... 'BAM' xD

  2. I absolutely adore this song, this dance and everything about DIY. It is such a great group so I hope they get another song even though they are just a unit. More Haruna and Saki too please~

    1. It's great, isn't it? Definitely the catchiest song in my opinion out of the four. As far as I know, the Satoyama units have been signed for 2 years, so they should release more because they are promoting Japan's agriculture :)

  3. The pv is beautiful. So far I like this one the best. The 'fore fore' line is stuck in my head! XD

    1. I know! They really showed the beauty of Japan and the girls' legs... I mean the girls, of course...

      It's catchy as heck, fore fore... beautiful legs... I mean beauty for rest...

  4. Great review. The part with one girl putting her head on the other girl's shoulder reminds me of the Aruiteru PV - maybe it's was a nod to that video for long time Morning Musume fans.

    1. Oh, thank you! And I can see that, that's actually a nice nod to the video! I rather like Aruiteru, much like this video, it was simple and sweet. So good find there! Thanks for pointing that out to me!