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Let's Go on an Adventure with Sea*A's 'Entry!'

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Are you ready for a treasure hunt with some cute Idols?

Do you know how happy it makes me to find any new material from this adorable group? It makes me really happy, ecstatic, even, because these girls are amazing in my opinion! For such a new group, they have really come into their own as Anime-Idols. So far, I have loved all of their songs that they have produced, and Entry! is another one to add to my list!

Sea☆A (now Sea*A) have returned with a rather cute song titled Entry!, which is their fourth single release and what would have been their last single together as a 4 member unit, if it was not for the fact that no one made it past round 1. Yeah, I know, weird... but it makes me happy that these four are still together, because their chemistry is wonderful as they are!

Now, whilst this may be the girls' weakest single to date, I do find it rather charming and endearing like the rest of the groups PV and singles that they have released, but that's mostly to do with how charming this group is a whole I believe, and how well made their videos are, too. I think that whatever these girls release right now is lovely to watch, so if you like cute girls and charming videos, then continue reading for some cute pictures of this loveable group!

We're outdoors again? YES!!! I love the outdoors!!!

Haha, Estelle is trying to look tough. Not working well, sweety...

But it's even funnier when Winnie tries to look hardcore, because she's far too adorable!

Especially with that cute hairstyle!

... Yup, too cute for her own good. And is it just me, or does this girl get more and more adorable with every video!?

Oh, I wonder what's going on...?

It's a race! Ready, set, GO!!

Beryl: "Winnie, I can't find your sanity..."
Winnie: "Ooh, pretty cloud..."

I like Valerie more and more, she is so damn cute!

Well... I'm just as curious as the two of you as to why you have a giant comb in your bag, Winnie.

Beryl: "My head isn't THAT big... is it?"

Winnie: "What the flying fu---"

Okay, that's just priceless xD

Estelle is so pretty, I want one of my own, you know?

It's like a date! Valerie x Estelle FOREVER!!!

Estelle's gummy smile reminds me of Kusumi Koharu...

gummy smiles ftw

Lookin' a lil psycho there, Valerie. But it's okay, I love you anyways <3

Winnie: "It's... so... BIG!!!"

Winnie has found a phallic symbol to worship...

Beryl, however, has seen bigger.

Oh wait, it's just a map. Boo~!

Winnie: "Open up for the aeroplane! Vroooooooooooooooooooooom~!"

Winnie, don't play with your food!

Beryl, you look like you're struggling to swallow...

Okay, when did this turn into a perverted spam?

Beryl, why you so pretty!?

Where are you looking, Valerie? Is there treasure over there!?

Are we continuing the Valerie X Estelle date saga!? YAY!!!

Valerie: "So, who shall be the seme, and who shall be the uke...?"

Wait, when did this turn into a Yaoi relationship? I thought that you were both girls!?

Oh wait, they're only drawing! Phew...

And it's adorable, I want a plaque like this!

Winnie, I want to hug you right now! You are too darned cute!!!

Wait, are Winnie and Beryl on a date now, too!?

Oh yeah, you work that pout, Winnie!

Now, where's the duck face!?

Valerie, you are too damned gorgeous, did you know that!?

Winnie: "The hotel is over there!"

Ah, so the date's going well, I see? ;)

Estelle: "So, does this make me the seme...?"

Estelle is still contemplating over her relationship with Valerie, whilst her girlfriend just simply looks into the distance...

Beryl: "Look!!! YAOI!!!"

... I actually have no idea where I am going with this storyline I created o-O

Valerie: "We found them! YAY!!!"
Beryl: "Winnie, let's hug!!!"
Winnie: "Where the fu** is my treasure?"

I actually question what that map was used for in this video, because seriously, I am confused...


This damn highschool musical-esque jump has become pretty popular among Idols lately...

I really want a plaque like this now, with their signature D;

When it comes to Sea*A, I honestly can't find any faults with the group so far, I really can't. They continue to bring out promising singles with really cute PV's, and whilst this may not be their strongest single or video, I do find that these girls continue to give us a cute and charming performance which you can't help but fall for, and you end up liking them more and more.

Entry! is a very cute addition to the small amount of songs and PV's this group already has. It's a rather simple song I think, but it has that Idol-like charm to it that makes it very catchy and appealing to its listeners, and whilst it may be the weakest of all four singles that Sea*A has produced, it has a likeability factor to it that makes it hard to hate, but not strong enough to stand on its own without the anime-factor it has.

I find the song adorable, personally, but I do find that this song is probably the one that I don't like as much out of Sea*A's entire discography. It's extremely generic in terms of the sound, and isn't as vibrant or catchy as Deli Deli Delicious is, or as endearing and adorable as their debut single, DREAMSHOOTER. Even Friendship Birthday, which is a fairly simple song itself, has a bit more to it than this song does. That may just be me, but I do find Entry! to be that little bit more weak than their previous singles. Of course, it does have the strong point that it is one of their cuter songs, as well as the fact that is quite catchy as well. But that is pretty much it.

Even the PV is a bit weaker than the previous ones we have seen. It's cute, don't get me wrong, but it can be a bit confusing at times. I wondered why there was such an emphasis on a treasure map throughout the video, only to have the girls find each other in the end of it all, as well as the little bit on the girls racing each other. Throughout the video, there seemed to be quite a lot going on, but not enough explanation as to what was happening. Maybe the director and producers wanted something that was similar to the delightful PV that was Friendship Birthday, only to find that the direction for this video was lost in translation, or the editing didn't make things clear enough for viewers like me.

That said, I did find the PV charming in its own way. It showed nice scenes of the girls hanging out together and acting all cute and adorable like tourists, as well as the added cuteness of Winnie looking through her bag and pulling out random items that are questionable but sweet. The stealing scenes for me, though, were the solo shots of the girls. They all looked so happy and bright in their individual scenes, and it really highlighted the entire video for me. They all seemed very energetic and delighted to be in the video, and I actually wish there were more of the scenes of the girls on their own or maybe even together. The rest of the PV was so confusing and questioning, I would have preferred more solo shots because these girls looked gorgeous, and they can all appeal well on their own, even without a back story or additional scenes to an MV.

Maybe that's just me, though.

I did like the PV, but again, I kind of got lost in what it was all about. It's cute and simple, mush like the song, and whilst a nice addition to the small pile of PV's and songs the girls currently have, it is their weakest single so far in my eyes. It's adorable, yes, but it really doesn't have anything special going for it, and the lack of group scenes and the confusing plot really did nothing for me in this video. However, it has proven to me that these girls are extremely charming even on their own, and really made the video worth while with the date and solo shots.

It's a well made video, but not their best in my opinion, however I do look forward to more from Sea*A, because these girls have proven that they can produce good music and videos, and with the amount of promise these girls have, I know that I will be sticking around for a while with the group. They are truly wonderful girls, and I love everything they have produced so far. One weak single doesn't mean that I should take off and find a new group, because I have a feeling that Sea*A will continue to grow as a group, and bring us more wonderful singles.

So, how was your adventure with the Sea*A girls?

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