Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fangirling like I have never Fangirl'd before... Yes, it's SHINee's LUCIFER!

All (lack of) thoughts and opinions within this blog are totally my own, and no one else's. PEACE!

The PV Request week continues, and now I am on to person Number 3! And still I don't think that this Request week will last a week, because I have a lot to get through! It's freakin' fun though, you know?

Be warned: This post gets picture heavy... Hence why I am adding a break! Jump to see the Holy Pic spam!!!

If you look at the picture above then you will know that I am totally out of my element, because this Kpop and a boy band all rolled into one., two things which I tend to avoid, even if I have become a lot more open to boy bands in general... but you get the idea, this is something that is definitely not within my comfort zone, thus being enjoyable for all of you as you watch me cry my way through this.

... Not that I cried, because I didn't. I actually laughed my way through the beginning of this, weirdly enough.

So continuing with my PV Requests I am now onto SHINee's Lucifer, which has been requested by Mamba Pon, my own dear sister who decided that she would take this chance to force me into listening to some of the groups she likes. Well, considering I did do this to myself, she didn't exactly force me... but honestly, I should never tell her my blog plans ever again, because it results in this, though I would have had to have reviewed this group anyway because you guys like this group, and they have been requested more than once.

... Yeah, I think I'm going to get to know SHINee a lot better after this, regardless of whether or not I want to.

Now the only things that I know about SHINee are these two weird and random bits of trivia that my friend told me, one being the fact that Onew loves Fried Chicken to the point where he would have sex with it or marry it, and that Onew has a giant bulge in his pants... And that's all I know about SHINee, other than the obvious facts that they sing in Korean and are all of the male species... unless one of them is a girl, and Onew's apparent bulge is a lie, but I digress!

Now before I get into the spam of holy pictures, I need to admit something... guys, this is hard for me to say, but I need to get this off of my chest... I watched the Japanese version before the original Korean version, and I thought that it was the original before I truly listened to it (and talking to my friends, asking who the hell the blonde dudes were) and realised my mistake. I apologise, guys! Forgive me... please? I didn't mean to!

But that ultimately means that I have two sets of screen caps (what!?), and after sitting through both MV's (something which I didn't think would happen... ever), and after taking to Mamba about which one I should review, she told me to basically do a comparison. So compare I will, guys, compare I will...

So all that is left to be questioned is just what do SHINee have in store for me? Will I like them, or will I hate them? Heaven forbid, will I fangirl over these guys? Well it's time to find out, and see if even Lucifer can make me like this Korean boy band...

Well, I certainly prefer the car park...

Oooh... walls...

What a purty hand...

I swear, Minho just got prettier...

Wait did I just learn someone's name!? Ah, whatever, he's hawt.

Key: "I got swagger, gurl."

Pulling out the moves, I see.

... New hair > Old hair

My lord, Taemin, what the hell happened? You looked so hot in the original PV... and now you have a witches hat. Dafuq, man, dafuq?

"I can't look at it... i-it's so hideous..."

Jonghyuna still looks hot in both PV's, no matter what.

Minho is so sexy in this, but adorable in the other one...

This is... The Smoulder...

Tangled Reference

Wait... who are you!? 

My lord he is FINE!

So fine, he's appeared twice!

Jon: "Gurl, I've appeared three times in a row now. Do you want me or sum'in?"

Minho: "There is just too much DAMN Jonghyung in here!"

Looks like Minho has a headache from the amount of awesome in this pic spam...

Awesome in both videos... but Taemin's hair in the original rocks harder.

... Jon, are you getting a blowjob in the second picture? Jon?

Oh well... still hot.

New Onew: "Beeeewb grab!"

Damn Onew's hair got better in the new PV! Old Onew hair is douchey.

Jonghyun: "Whoo, that was sexy"

Well, someone's sexy...

Taemin: "Bitch I'm sexier!"

My, what a pout!

There's some snazzy camera angles in the Japanese version, I say~

Let's be honest here, I prefer the water scenes...

... My god, I love his hair in this. He's just so... so...

Ah shit I'm fangirling...

Onew: "Come at me, girls."
Taemin: "Come at me, bro, I'll fight ya."

Sexy Taemin: "I'm so pretty..."

Yes... Yes you are xD

Blonde Taemin: "My hand is so... it's so beautiful..."

My lord dat hair.

Just freakin' awesome, this is why I like the Japanese PV. It reminds me of SHABONDAMA!!!

Bitching, the originals could FLY!

"I can reach for the stars! I am a STAR!!!!"

Oh my lord this is fantastically camp!!! xD

Beautiful! Just... Just so beautiful!

But splashing around in water is always fun, and I'm not damn flexible enough to do the jumps these guys did!

Whoo! Refreshing!

Jon: "My damn head hurts from all these damn interchanging screen caps."

Key: "Bitch, why ain't I in your screen caps as much as the others?"

Ah crap, I keep forgetting Key!

New Key: "I'm hurt, Chiima."

I'm sorry!

New Key: "Aye girl, it's all right. I'm joking."

Fail wink, but a wink all the same!

My god he looks so hot...

Still the winner of being the hottest in both PV's!

Minho: "Do I need to take my damn clothes off just to get some more screen time on this damn review?"


I actually think that he's quite hot in the original...

But DAMN he got hotter in the Japanese version!

Minho: "Girl, I know you want me..."

I want most of you, believe it or not xD... as long as yur hair is nice, that is shallow bitch

My lord he is simply delicious!

... Even when capped whilst pulling weird faces.

Minho: "It hurts to know he's your favourite..."

Minho, you're a pretty close second, I swear xD

I like rappers

Onew: "My fucking head hurts with all this DAMN love you're giving everyone else."

... I find you cuter in the Japanese version?

New Onew: "Bitch, I don't even like you... I only love Fried Chicken!"


Period pains, arrrgh!!!

Those pants


Blow job faces!!!

Johnhyung? More like Johnhynng!

This dance has really started to grow on me, it really has...

But nothing can beat SHABONDAMA!!!

You know what? I think that the new dance scenes work the best.

Though Jonghyun does look nice in front of those cars...

A million screen caps later...

Okay, I swear that I never anticipated this review to have so many screen caps, but when my sister suggested the comparison, I knew that I didn't have the heart to delete too many of these pictures, hence why this pic spam is so damn long... apologies, but I'm the sort of person who basically keeps everything she finds amusing or essential to the post, even though most of these pictures may not be that essential to this review.

But hey, they're pretty to look at! Especially for you SHINee fans who may be reading this, right? Right?

I really need to stop side tracking myself and get on with this review, so let's stop dithering about and get on with it! Review button START!!!

This is the first SHINee song that I have sat through by myself, watching it from start to finish, whilst mentally asking myself what the hell I was getting myself into. As I have said many a time before the pic spam even started, I am totally out of my element here, and honestly, when I first watched this video, I felt totally out of place. I wondered just what I was doing, what I was watching, to the point where I ended up laughing my head off at the dance to ease myself into it. I really didn't know how to feel, and whilst that may sound strange to you guys, I just felt completely lost... kind of like how my friends would probably feel if I sat them down to listen to Japanese music when they only really know English pop and nothing else.

It was weird going right into this group with no prior knowledge. A group like Perfume is easy for me, mostly because they are female and Japanese, but a group like SHINee, a group of the male species who sing in Korean, is something totally new and different for me. I barely listen to Kpop as it is, with IU being the only Korean singer I listen to frequently. Yes, I have heard other Korean songs, but that was ages ago... I kind of tune them out now, if anything, so watching SHINee's LUCIFER PV was totally new for me, and extremely scary in a sense...

And then I freakin' fell like every other fangirl, didn't I? Urgh...

Listening to it more and more, I've come to really like the song. It's fun and energetic and extremely cool. Now, I am really only familiar with Korean girl groups, so their sounds are a little more poppy and cute, so I really was heading into the unexpected with LUCIFER, but it's quite a pleasant song, as pleasant as something cool and electro can be, I guess. It's catchy as heck, the beat is infectious and the sound is rather edgy. It's cool, and I have found that I really like it, no matter how much I try to tell myself not to fall into the SHINee fangirl trap that they seem to have constructed...

Or the trap that you guys have constructed, that is. Thanks guys, thanks.

The song also has that wonderful element of rap in it. Now, if you know me, then you know that I enjoy rap anyway, so the rap in this song is much appreciated when it comes up (Minho... <3) and I whole heartedly enjoy it. It sounds amazing, just like the rest of the song. And the vocals... wow. When one of my friends said that Onew had vocal cords that are obviously made of chocolate (direct quote, too) I really did not believe her, but after listening to this song I have realised that Onew is one of my favourite voices, despite his douche hair in the original PV (he looks adorable in the Japanese remake, though). Other voices to note are certainly Jonghyun's and Minho's. Just... damn!

Aye baby, how you doin'?
Obligatory Jonghyun picture for my own desires

Let's just say the song is a winner, okay? This will certainly make SHINee fans happy, because it means you've kinda succeeded in making me enjoy one of their songs... it's just the others you need to get me into next, which I am sure you all will, because hey... I have more SHINee requests to complete at a later date, don't I?

But we need to move on and get into the PV portion of this review, and the part where I can actually compare the two PV's, because let's be real... the song's are pretty much the same, but instead they are in a different language (even though I clearly can't tell the difference, given the fact that I thought the Japanese version was the Korean version... that, or their Japanese pronunciation sucks.)

So obviously there are two PV's, and honestly I am a little divided on the two. On the one hand, I do prefer the Japanese version for the SHABONDAMA water scenes and the diverse amount of dance locations the group has. On the other hand, I do like the original for the fact that Taemin's hair is gorgeous (he also doesn't wear a bloody witch's hat), and the scenes where Jonghynng is dancing in front of the car. Seriously... just... it's so sexy I can't even... I swear, it's beautiful, guys. So so beautiful...

I do find that both video's are quite similar, though. Both the original and the Japanese remake feature the same dance (duh, Chii) as well as the same effects used that SHINee look at throughout the video, though these effects are a tad more prominent in the remake, showing how everyone is effected by it to the point where it hurts them in a way. The remake also adds additional scenes, showing everyone kicking water or jumping around in it, replacing the gymnastic-esque shots from the original. Obviously, the locations have changed in the video, but they're still quite similar to the original video itself, and really, even the editing style is the same, or at least heavily similar. All we have to add are additional scenes, some hair changes (some better than others) and different costumes, and that's pretty much it. It didn't really change, in my opinion.

I do like both PV's, though. They are extremely enjoyable to watch, and whilst I did openly laugh at the dance at first (seriously... it was hilarious to watch) I really like it. There are a lot of complex moves that I would never be able to achieve, and it's extremely fierce and fits the tone of the song really well. I love the fact that the locations change, and it's pretty easy to see that this PV focuses mostly on the dance, even when we do get the additional scenes where we see the members of SHINee stare at their hands or around the room. Also... the guys are sexy, I have to admit it. Especially Jonghynng and his delicious body... My lord, he is beautiful! Where has he been all my life? Where...? Where? He is divine, guys!

The PV's are edgy, and they totally suit the song. I like the locations used, and the dance is extremely fun to watch. It's definitely different to all the Jpop groups I see, mostly because Japanese Idols don't focus on dancing (less edge, more cute it seems), so this is quite new for me to see a dance heavy video which focuses on the dance more than how the members of the group look or how they can appeal to the camera, though it's pretty obvious that, yes, these guys do appeal to the camera and work it so beautifully that I had to fangirl. Yeah... it's nice to see a video which has such a cool dance to it, and to actually see some talent.

... I just dissed Japanese Idols and their dancing, didn't I?... Oh well!

Riho and Ayumi ain't got nuthin' on SHINee, though most of you already knew that.

It's very polished, and I'm not used to that at all, but I really liked it. The PV is cool, the dance is freakin' awesome, and there is so much eye candy that I really find no reason to complain. Sadly, the video's are far too similar for me to really give a great comparison between the two, but hey, I can always try, can't I? So, shall we score them and see which one I prefer?

Additional Scenes:

... Yeah, it just has to be the Japanese remake! Damn I do love me some SHABONDAMA!


Even though Onew's hair sucked in this MV, I'm sorry but... yeah, hands down, the hair wins in this MV, no matter how much I may love Minho's new hair...


Yeah... it goes to the original...

Overall Sexiness:


... Do you even need to ask? Dude... if anything, it's the original, because we get to see Jonghyun's back!!! YES!!!

So the Original's better, mostly because I find that the costumes are a lot more tasteful, Taemin's hair is divine, and we get to see Jonghyun dance in front of a car. What more does a girl need? Sadly, the Japanese version did not deliver a nearly-topless Jonhyun, so therefore it loses.


This has been fun... xD

What have you guys done...?


  1. I'll just point out that there Japanese is normally better. Imo, Lucifer is the worst of their Japanese remakes. I love them but the Japanese version wasn't a patch on the original, for me. And Taemin's hair wasn't nearly as fab ;D
    Also, as hilarious as the dances may look at first, Lucifer is one of the most notorious K-Pop dances!
    Also, I like how your tastes seem to be bending toward Taemin (judging from the fact you said you were fangirling over him before) and Jonghyun, seeing as Taemin and Jjong are my personal favourites, in that order xD
    And, as for that note about dancing - Japanese male idols focus a lot on dance sometimes. Kis-My-Ft2 do, I'm sure, on rollerskates, no less. KAT-TUN gave up somewhere along the lines, seeing as the concept of synchronised is far beyond them. That being said, Junnosuke is an AMAZING dancer.

    1. Awwww, poor SHINee, having a bad patch with Lucifer... oh well, whatever, I enjoyed both despite the fact that I can't tell the language difference XD And Taemin's hair in the Japanese version sucks, his hair in the original is sexy ;3

      I had a feeling that this dance was popular... it's pretty hardcore xD

      Actually, I would say that Jonghyun is my favourite, considering I liked him in both and I thought he was just pure sex in both versions... Taemin only really won me over in the original, with his hair and all, but I like Minho second best, because I liked him in both versions too... I guess. We'll see the more I watch, really XD

      Yeah, I noticed that Japanese male Idols have a better dance focus, mostly cos they don't have the boob goods to shimmy around and look purty... well, they look purty but girls have hair and bewbs and what not to entice us, the boys... well, they can't whip out their manliness on screen, can they? Not that you'd complain if KAT-TUN or GACKT did that... xD

  2. Yeah SHINee is one of those boy groups that people love right now but Lucifer is probably not their best era but the songs on the album are amazing at the time :)

    1. Aha, I have been told that Lucifer is not their best, but I quite like it :)