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Attack of the Pedo Pins in Team Syachihoko's 'The Stardust Bowling' PV Review! (PV Request Week)

I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so Help me Gaki, that all thoughts AND opinions contained within this blog are totally my own and no one else's. Thank you.

Let's continue this request week, and guess what? It's a different group! HUZZAH!!!

I wanted to start this earlier, but my energy decided to deplete rapidly whilst I was still reviewing Perfume's Spring of Life, so once that was done and dusted I actually went to bed and slept for a good 7 hours. I feel so lazy, I really do, though at least my entire body doesn't ache any more...

So, continuing Request Week, I am now on to Serenyty's pick, her only pick might I add, which is Team Syachihoko's The Stardust Bowling. Now, before I say anything else, one little sentence...

What the f**k did I just watch?

*Cough* Well... truth be told, this isn't my first time watching this video. I have actually seen it before, though I kind of skipped through it due to the amount of weirdness it has. That, and I didn't like the girls' voices at all in the beginning. Well, I've actually watched it through fully now, so don't fret, I didn't skip it this time... and it's okay... but it is weird still.

So, when she commented, Serenyty stated that she chose this group and video on the basis that she wants other bloggers to be more aware of the greatness of Team Syachihoko. Now, before I say anything else on that matter, I want to say that I find this group weird, like MomoClo weird (and considering they were created by Stardust Digital too, no wonder!) to the point where it freaks me out and I don't like it... that said, the more I watch this PV, the more I do kind of like it, though I am still on the edge. I'm being truthful here, guys.

All said and done, I do hope that people will check this group out because I know that some people really like these quirky and out-there groups. I'm not a fan, but others surely will be, and if you like MomoClo then you might just like/love these girls.

... We need to get into the pic spam, don't we? So, let's go Bowling!

Ooh~ pretty colours *^*

I like colour...

WOW... their outfits remind me of the cartoon bowling ball in the opening...

That's a lotta colour...

Why does this remind me of the Sailor Senshi?

Team Syachihoko: "Le GASPETH!!!"

... Your acting needs work, girls. Especially the girl on the far right who looks like Katsuta Rina.

... Dafuq?

What the hell am I watching!?

My god I'm going to have nightmares...

Wait... what? Hold up hold up... WHAT?

Pedo Pins? DAFUQ?

RUN GIRLS, RUN! Even if it means swimming across the pond! RUUUUN FROM THE PEDO PINS!!!

... I wouldn't dance in that water, girls, those Pedo Pins are catching up to you!

Cute <3

Seriously... the fuck is going on here?!

Yes, go Super Sailor Senshi Syachihoko! Kick some Pedo Pin ass!!!


Now run, girls, RUN! Leave their useless corpses behind, abandon the scene of the crime and RUN!!! Never look back, never return and never think about this ever again!

Well, seems like we're over the bloody beating of the Pedo Pins. This calls for a costume change!

... I have a thing for the girls in Yellow, okay!? They always seem to be the better singers in the Stardust Digital groups...

Again, girls, learn how to act disgusted, though Greeny has it down pretty damn well...

Which begs the question... Why so disgusted, girls?

Ah fuck...

The Mafia/Yankee Pedo Pins are back and they're just as ridiculous as ever...


Greeny: "Oh well, what can you do? KICK THEM IN THE BALLS!"

Don't look so happy, girl, they're trying to take a look at your pantsu!!!

YEAH! GO TEAM RED!!! You hit him in the head and make sure he feels concussed!!!

That looks like it hurts...

Pedo Pins: "Whooooooah!"
Team Syachihoko: "JUSTICE IS SERVED!"

Don't mess with prepubescent teenage Idols!

Greeny: "And stay down... BITCH!"

I swear, this chick gets a little more badass the more I watch her. She is also the only one who has decent acting skills, IMO.

No one messes with Team Syachihoko!

They look like they could be in Grease with those outfits, tbh

Why so glum, girls? You just won the battle!

Is that... is that CHOCOLATE????

Are all of your requests going to contain chocolate?

Girls... Girls... they're back... GIRLS, LOOK BEHIND YOU! THE PEDO PINS ARE BACK!!!

ARRRRGH! NO!!! They caught them! Guys, Team Syachihoko DOWN! They're gonners, guys, gonners ;____;

... I'm still Dafuqing over these guys, despite the amount of times they appear...


Nooo, not Team Yellow!!! ;_____;

Wait, whut?

Well this escalated quickly... What the hell are they doing? She's a kid!!!

... Kinky.

Girls, you've defeated them once, twice, three times even... I'm pretty sure that you can do it again. No whips, chains or handcuffs can keep you from victory!!!

Yeah!! That's the spirit, girls! You go and kick some Pedo Pin ass!!!

Go Go Power Rangers Team Syachihoko!!!


How cute x3

Team Syachihoko WINS!!! Pedo Pins DOWN!!! Fuck yeah!

Now those Pedo Pins won't come and get middle school girls thanks to Team Syachihoko! Another day of Justice has been served!!!

Admittedly, this is a really fun PV to screen cap! I actually had a really hard time trying to stop myself from capping everything, because I try to limit myself to 40 caps maximum (42 for this one... oh lord...) due to the amount of weirdness that goes on in this video... but yeah, it was a bundle of fun to cap this, despite the restrain I needed to put on myself!

So... Team Syachihoko's The Stardust Bowling... it's definitely weird, something which is certainly out of my comfort zone when it comes to PV's, and definitely out there and different...

But it isn't too bad, and I can handle it. Which is something, I guess, especially since I tend to avoid Stardust Digital groups thanks to how weird and whacky they tend to be with their videos, and how annoying their songs can be for me. But yeah, this one's pretty good. It definitely has that what-the-fuck factor that I find less than wonderful, and it still creeps me out. I won't ever get over those creepy Pedo Pins in this video, though I do like how they tied in bowling to the video without making this PV or song a direct copy of MomoClo's Mirai Bowl... yeah, I've watched it.

For me, this PV is creepy. It consists of innocent girls walking around before they are attacked by giant bowling pins who are set to destroy them, only to be thwarted by said little girls because hey, this obviously occurs daily. And that's pretty much the PV, though there are plenty of locations where the girls are attacked and where they fight or get captured, which certainly keeps interest in the video and allows me to think that this harassment is not just a one-time only thing. But yeah... that's pretty much it until the girls eventually get captured, only to kick Pedo Pin ass once again and win the battle once and for all!

... I have also come to the conclusion that the girls are, in fact, bowling balls. Hence why the creepy Pedo Pins want to destroy them no matter what! These Pedo Pins are sick of being knocked down for the sake of human entertainment!!!

Okay, so I honestly don't care too much for the PV itself, but that's mostly to do with just how much it weirds me out. I mean, if I can't handle MomoClo most of the time (I'm getting there... I think), then I doubt I can handle Team Syachihoko, but I do think that these girls are really cute and they have that weird, quirky charm that Stardust Digital are really good at finding. They are entertaining throughout the PV, and they certainly keep my interest with their cute little actions towards the camera and with how they interact with each other. They are simply adorable, I think, and whilst their acting could do with a bit of work, these girls are pretty fun to watch.

The song itself is... well, it's cute and annoying at the same time, something which Stardust Digital seem to enjoy going for when it comes to their Idol groups, and this song totally reminds me of anything that Hyadain does (he writes/composes most if not all MomoClo's songs), though the annoying part is mostly to do with the girls' voices, but I put that down to the fact that these girls are currently very very raw young Idols who are still in the process of growing as Idols. That said, their voices aren't the worst that I have ever heard, and they don't annoy me enough to make me switch off the video and listen to something else, but yeah... their voices kind of grate my ears, but they're still pretty new (is this their first release?) to the Idol scene, so I will let them pass on this one.

I find the song quite fun to listen to, actually. It's happy and energetic, and it's got that Stardust Digital Idol sound written all over it which will make it instantly recognisable to all MomoClo or Ebichu fans. It's a good song, but admittedly it isn't a song that I would listen to a lot because of how bad I find the vocals... Seriously, I do like it (I mean the instrumental)... I would just prefer better vocals xD

Wait, am I contradicting myself at all? I don't even know...

It's good, okay? Hands up it is good, it's just too weird for me to comprehend! I don't do MomoClo weird, and I doubt I can do Team Syachihoko weird, either, but it's good and you guys should definitely check it out, especially if you are huge MomoClo fans. Please don't let my negativity steer you away, because I swear, it's just me! I'm easily freaked out, but if Pedo Pins and cute girls are your thing... you go and watch this and enjoy the hell out of it, because it is one giant bow of what-the-hell that is quite entertaining to watch.

... I really have no idea what to say other than that. I'm stumped.

I feel bad, because this was Serenyty's only pick, so I feel terrible that I don't like it as much as I think I should... Serenyty, I'm sorry ;____; feel free to kill HouPri or Station or Afilia for me as revenge, kay?


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