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And so the final chapter ends for Mano Erina... 'NEXT MY SELF' PV Review

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It's ending, guys... -cries-

Mano Erina's final chapter within Hello! Project has finally been written, and it's been posted for everyone to see! NEXT MY SELF is the final single that will be released by Mano Erina as Hello! Project's only soloist before her graduation in early 2013. With quite a meaningful title, as well as her fans following closely behind her (quite literally in the PV!), will this become a memorable graduation video for both Mano and her fans?

I know what I wrote sounds cheesy/corny as hell, but for some reason I seem to be in the synopsis writing mood with this video, mostly because yeah, it's Mano's last PV as a H!P soloist, and quite possibly the last single or video she will ever release if she truly feels that she wants to be an actress and not an Idol. Not that I mind, of course, because she's a fantastic actress. I just truly hope that she gets a lot of work, because she deserves it and that is what she is known the most for; her acting.

Of course, I think that she's a fantastic singer, too, regardless of what others say... Despite the fact that I refused to listen to her until Seishun no Serenade was released.

... I'm a terrible fan, are't I? Oh, well. What counts is that I love her now, and that I cried when I first watched this PV. I also cried a second, third, maybe fourth time... I cried a lot, because I'm an emotional wreck when it comes to my Idols and their graduations or pretty PV's, and Mano's no different, because I like her a lot, and by Gaki, I will miss her! As the only soloist from H!P that I know of, she's impacted me a bit I think. She made me appreciate the beauty of PV's that are shot outside (My Days for You) and made me really like the look of playing the piano...

HEY!!! THERE'S NO PIANO IN THIS VIDEO! H!P, couldn't you have used Mano on the Piano for one last time? Urgh...

Seriously, I just realised this, though honestly it isn't a loss for me, because I came into the Mano fandom during her Piano-less days, so yeah, no loss, but I think it would have been quite nostalgic and sentimental for her fans who liked her way back when.

But again... oh well. In the end, the PV is, in its own way, very sentimental not only for Mano, but also her fans. So, without further delay, let's get into my final Mano Erina PV Review for Hello! Project, NEXT MY SELF.

"My final single title... what the hell does it even mean, I wonder?"

Mano Erina's final single as Hello! Project's sole soloist, NEXT MYSELF, will probably be the most emotional for me, mostly because yes, she is leaving and I don't want to believe that February is as close as a Ninja with a sword pointed at your neck. It is honestly scary to think that this is the final instalment in Mano's Hello! Project adventure as their only soloist. She's had her up's and downs, and finally, just when she was really showing what she was made of as a more mature, more sophisticated Idol, she shocks us all with her graduation announcement.

After releasing the best freakin' song she has ever made! Damnit, you H!P trolls, how could you do this to us all!? She was just getting good... I, er, mean better...

As Tsunku said, they all get better before they decide to leave. Dick

And whilst NEXT MY SELF is no Song for the DATE, it is a very pretty song which shows off the maturity of Mano and her voice, whilst still being up-beat and happy without turning into Genkimono Ikou or Doki Doki Baby. It's a song which is catchy, quite cute, but also mature at the same time. It's a mix of what Mano is good at, and it's positive, which I think is what is needed for a graduation single. If you can't go out with a positive bang, then why go out at all? It's better to leave a happy mark on your fans as opposed to leaving them sad, alone and depressed with something that is bitter and depressing.

And I think that's what Mano has done quite well here; she's left her fans with something that is positive, but also very appreciative of the support she has had from her fans over the years since she debuted in Hello! Project as a trainee, and then as a soloist.

The video is just as lovely as the song, and the tones match each other so well. I wasn't quite expecting this sort of video, but there is a lot of social interaction between Mano and people who I suppose are actors. They act like her fans, they're surprised to see her on the street and they basically hang around with her before breaking into the simple but sweet dance for the video.

I will be honest, when I saw the actors appear I was so happy. It was nice to see such an interaction happen in Mano's video, and it was extremely positive in my opinion. It showed Mano's happiness and appreciation for these people and their support of her, as well as showed that people liked her, recognised her and were happy to see her. Okay, so these guys are most likely actors, but their surprise and happiness seemed quite realistic, and I loved that they were a part of the video. It was like seeing the Idol Mano walking outside and meeting with her fans, and thanking them for just being there, noticing her and supporting her Idol career.

"I will reach my goal as an actress, and kick Maeda Atsuko's scrawny little ass!"

But I don't think that anything could beat the fans appearing. It was just so wonderful to see them in the video, with their Idol, taking part in her final video. Seeing the fans in the background was so wonderful, and it really made this video feel so much more appreciative of their loyalty than I thought it would. It just goes to show how much of a 'Thank you' video this really is for Mano. I have to say, whoever thought of this idea did a good job, because it's allowed her fans to create a wonderful memory and to say a true goodbye to Mano before she leaves for good. It's sweet, and yes, it made me cry.

As I said, this is a very positive video, one which allows us to see Mano in a very appreciative and thankful light. And, even though the song and the video are simple and quite happy in nature, it's a sad video to watch because you can't help but realise the meaning of the video, and how this is the final video we will get to see from Mano as Hello! Project's soloist. It's heart warming, but it's also saddening at the same time because you know that this is, essentially, goodbye. This is it, this is Mano's last song, it's her final video. She's going to be gone soon, and in all honesty, this is probably one of the best ways that Mano could go. Simple, but so freakin' memorable for not just herself but also her fans, and oh so sweet. It's Mano all over, and it totally works.

Is the song the best? No, I wouldn't go that far. In fact, I find it rather forgettable if I don't think to hard or listen to it enough. Is the video her best work yet? No it isn't, but it's everything that represents the new Mano Erina, which is simple, positive and uplifting. It's the sort of song and video that you can listen to with a smile, a video that you can watch and feel happy just seeing her face. Mano is so positive here, and you can see just how much she is loving the video and the song itself, and there's nothing more uplifting than that in my opinion. Seeing Mano so happy in her final video, singing a song which sounds cute and positive and appearing an equally positive and sweet video is how I want to remember her before she leaves us an Idol for good, and honestly, I couldn't ask for me from her.

Mano has made me cry with this video, but she has also made me extremely happy, and it's because of how positive she is. It's a beautiful video with a lot of appreciation behind it, and a lot of happiness for Mano and her fans. It's simple, but it's something that people will remember, because it's a video which shows us Mano Erina in her final days as an Idol, the Idol who is truly appreciative of the support and love she has from her fans, and I love that about this PV.

NEXT MY SELF is, in my opinion, wonderful, and the best way for Mano to go. She suits these simple but happy songs, and she has really left me feeling happy and sad at the same time. If she can do that, then this is a great way to go. I really thought a lot about the beautiful meaning behind this PV, and I like it a lot. I may be the only one who see's it this way, but for what I see, I think that Mano has made something beautiful for her fans and something which we will remember as a good graduation PV. It's lovely. Not the best, but not the worst, but it is a PV that I will remember that showed off Mano in a positive light, and a PV where she wanted her fans to see her at her happiest.

... But, I do wish there was a piano in it too... a little...

What do you guys think? Did she go out on a positive note?


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