Sunday, 18 November 2012

And so the Cake Day begins...

Cake Day... that's a weird name, but I have seen many-a blogger use it when it comes to their blogs anniversary dates, or at least, the day they created it. I typically call it a Birthday, mainly because I want to be a selfish child and celebrate two birthdays a year, or maybe because I genuinely do see it as my Blog's birthday... either way, I am celebrating an Anniversary, Birthday or a Cake Day on this blog today.

Right now. Riiiiiiight here.

And you're celebrating it too, whether you like it or not. Thanks for coming, friends.

So weird creepiness aside, it is indeed my Blog's Birthday, or Cake Day, whichever one you prefer to use, I guess, but whatever it is, today is the day where I celebrate the birth of my blog, the day where I bow down to it and chant a song, the day where I look at it, allow myself to become nostalgic and look back at how it came to be, and ultimately, a day where I can just sit here and waffle on about the blog itself, or like last year, create one holy pic spam which seems never-ending, especially if you hate the members I like.

This is how smug I am feeling riiiight now, just because I know that you have to sit here and put up with this damn post.

This time around though, I just want to talk... you know, that thing where you sit there and just have a conversation? Well, we technically can't do that here, because I am behind one screen and you are behind another, but I'm going to pretend that we're all together, on one giant sofa with, oh I don't know, tea? Beer? I say beer, or maybe vodka, whichever is your preference I suppose. So, we're going to sit here, on our imaginary sofa, with our imaginary tea, beer or vodka (unless you actually have vodka and a sofa close by) and we will talk about this blog... at least, until I rattle on about something else, I guess.

Eripon: "She is not here, I am not here, I am a bubble... a Gaki-shaped bubble..."

So... two years, eh? Seems like a long time, in a way. I mean, it seems so long since I created this blog, but once again, another year has passed and here we are... Two years on, and I am still here, doing so much more than I ever thought I would. Reviews, rants, oogling at legs and butts and all the good stuff that Idols deliver. You know, the good stuff that comes with being an Idol blogger. Something which I never thought I would ever really do because, hey, blogging is never the easiest thing to keep. I've tried it before, and I've failed plenty of times, each time resulting in the age-old saying: "I will never blog again.", and look where that got me.

Here. It got me here, because I ignored the fact that I was shit at blogging, and because I eventually found something that I wanted to blog about, and for once, I've managed to keep it up and chug on forward.

All For the Love of Idols.

Eripon: "Shit she's going to get nostalgic... I can't handle all this sappy crap!"

I mean, two years... that's a long time for me personally. Hell, a year is a stretch for me when it comes to blogging, because I've never been able to manage it for so long! To know that I have kept this blog going for two years, it's a truly amazing and rather shocking feeling, an achievement, really. It's something which I didn't think would happen at any point in my life, because let's be truthful here, I was ready to stop blogging again. I wasn't bored of it, far from it, I just felt that I posted too little, and that I posted worthless entries that nobody would care about, let alone read. Yet I chugged on, because I wanted to, because I liked Idols and wanted to get my thoughts across. This blog became a place where I could talk about the girls I liked, the girls that I didn't care about as much, and state my overly bitchy opinion.

Hell, I still post worthless entries that people don't like to read. I also post entries that people hate to read because they don't like my opinion, but it doesn't really stop me now, does it? Well, I post a lot now, come to think of it. I review more, and I express my thoughts a lot more now, too, and not just on PV's or anything like that, but how I see things when it comes to Idols... you know, like Potato Idols and all that jazz. Yeah, that sort of expression of thought. Though admittedly, in just two years, I'll say that I've become a bit more adventurous with my posts, even going outside of Hello! Project and taking on other Idols and groups that I wouldn't have given a chance if it weren't for experimentation or attempting to be more open-minded towards the Idol world and what it has to offer.

Still drinking that Vodka? Good, because it's gonna get a little bit sappy in here...

Though how I have changed is mostly due to the fact that people have read my blog and commented, telling me to give certain groups or people a chance. The biggest player in my change, though, has to be Ray of Idolminded and formerly International Wota. He has been a great inspiration to me, and has always helped me along the way ever since he picked me up through my early days of blogging. He's basically stuck by me, like a father or an older brother in a sense. Weird as that may sound, I do feel that way because Ray has pretty much stuck by me since August 2011 and has seen my progress as a blogger. Of course, this progress is thanks to him through his feedback and encouragement, something which I will always be grateful to him for, because you know, you always need encouragement to continue doing something you think that you fail at...

Of course, I can't really forget to mention the people who inspired me to begin blogging. I have mentioned them before, and they are all wonderful people who have different personalities and writing styles. Some do not post as often as they used to or as much as I want them too but they are the ones who really stick in my mind and make me think of great bloggers who are basically my inspirations and heroes. Greg of Selective Hearing, who I see as 'The Boss Man', was one of my main inspirations due to his snarky posts and how he seemed to never fear the reaction of his readers. His review of Nanchatte Renai was the first review I have ever read, and it impressed me. His way of writing was funny, and I truly enjoyed it, and I find that he is one of the main reasons why I started blogging, and the person who helped to shape my way of writing. I wanted to be just like him, basically... except that I am a girl and he isn't. I think o-O

Isilie of ~Itsumo Genki~ is, of course, my next inspiration. I absolutely adore her blog, more than I will ever let on, I think. I always wait for a new post from Isilie, no matter how long it may take, because she is just a beautiful, fantastic and hilarious writer. I swear, I have never laughed so much in my life from a blog post, she's just so funny Even in her smaller posts, she manages to make me laugh. A lot. Even with posts I have already read, I still laugh. She's just that hilarious, and that amazing, to me. She actually introduced me to pic spams, something which is... er, quite apparent in my posts. So basically, I stole how she pic spammed the hell out of her posts. Sorry, Isilie.

And, despite how little she does post, she still lives!!! She actually comments on here sometimes, which surprises me and makes me incredibly, totally and stupidly happy. Why? Er, hi, I love her, whichiskindacreepybutwhocares, and she was one of the reasons why I started a blog. Dude, if the person who made you think 'I wanna start a blog because these people are totes FABULOOOOUS' comments on your blog, you are gonna be freakin' HAPPY! Seriously, the first time she commented on my blog, I was almost crying to my sister saying 'OHMAGAWDISILIECOMMENTEDOHMAGAWDOHMAGAWDILUFFHER!!!" or something just as creepy as that.

Is it at all creepy that I still read this and feel stupidly happy inside because Isilie is, laik, ma AIDORU?

Yup... I luff you, Isilie... Lol?

Next up is, of course, Aim of Janakya Mottainai, who is basically my long-lost twin in the Wota-Blogging World. She doesn't post nearly as much as she used to, but whenever Wherever! We're gonna be together she does post, I always look forward to it. She's just a fabulous writer, and I just love how she explains everything and expresses her opinion flawlessly. She's informative, and again, flawless. I actually wish that I could write as well as Aim does, because I am seriously jelly over how amazing she is when it comes to expressing her opinion and giving you a detailed look into her thoughts of the song, the video and, well, everything. She doesn't write nonsense like I do, and she can be funny and witty, too! I also adore her screen caps, because she expresses everything so clearly in just a simple sentence and allows you to know what she is thinking, and why she likes it.

Basically, I fangirl over her writing... and I also took on board how she comments on screen caps, because I love that aspect of her blog as well. I just don't do it as well as she does, because she is ah-may-ZIIIIIIIIIIING.

Another blogger who inspired me, and one I dearly miss because she has since, from what I know of, been inactive and hasn't posted for a long time, something which killed me a little, a lot, maybe a million times over, inside. Pink Wota (She Who Shall Not Be Named, for I don't know her name...) was one of the bloggers I liked for how blunt and hilarious she truly was. She was not afraid to speak her mind, and reminded me of... well, Morningtime, but in female form. Or a perverted woman. Yeah. That's what she reminded me of, and I liked that about her. She had no fear, and I loved, respect and adored that about Pink Wota, and I wanted to be just like that. Hence why I act like a perverted, drunken sailor on this blog... or something. Pink Wota made me appreciate the Idols and how beautiful they truly are, allowing me to be... well, me, because I didn't know whether I should express myself, or be tame. I love expressing how I think a certain Idol is sexy, cute or gorgeous, I like their butts and legs (yup, leggies...) and I like to talk about them and why I like them. Pink Wota is/was so amazing, and honestly, I miss her entries a lot...

-cries and downs some Vodka and Coke or whatever...-

And, of course, who could forget Morningtime? I have no idea what his name is, even though I may have him added somewhere on facebook FOUND HIM, but he's one awesome, hilarious man. One who I would probably like to go out and have a drink with, if I actually liked alcohol. His posts, crude and wonderful as they are, always make me laugh and always give me a nice dose of sexy Idols, or a nice dose of hilarity. His sense of humour is definitely different to mine I think, especially when it comes to Aika, but I always find what he does quite, er... innocent and inoffensive, though others may not see it that way, and I enjoy his posts. He doesn't post as much as he used to, but when he does post something, he really does deliver. He's very to-the-point, and his perverted, blunt nature in writing is truly wonderful and something which just inspires me to make fun of the Idols I love without being so offensive or bitchy... Oh wait, I'm always offensive and bitchy, oops.

He's comical, and I think that most, if not all, of his posts are basically genius. I always look forward to what he posts next, and if I see that he has updated, I pretty much race there to see what's going on in the world of Morningtime and Nakky-ful Idols...

Oh yeah, he also made me like Nakky a helluva lot more. Dude, why? Why?

You know you want some of this
I would also like to give a special mention to three other bloggers who have basically been beside me with this blog for a while now, three people who have given me continuous support of this blog ever since they found out about it.

Thennary Nak needs a special mention. Whilst I don't talk to her like I do the other two bloggers who have a special mention, I feel like she quietly cheers me on from the sidelines, supporting me with her cheerleader Pom Pom's whilst she blasts JE music around me, trying to make me fall for them... Again, I don't actively talk to her, but she has commented on my blog a few times and has basically helped me out in a few ways. From what I do know of her, she is a sweetheart, and such a fantastic writer. Please check out her blog >o<

Finally, there is Nia, who has also recently had a blog birthday. Nia is someone whom I am actively close to. I talk to her a lot, and honestly, I truly treasure her. She's the person I basically go to when I have a plan or when I want to rant and rave about Idols, and she's the one who I fangirl with and just basically babble to when I feel the need to gossip about the Idol world. We have pretty similar outlooks on what we do and don't like, even if our taste in music does differ ever so slightly, and I swear, we're psychic, or at least mentally in-tune with each other.
 I feel like Nia is one of my bigger supporters in a way, she always seems to be raring to go with whatever plan I have for my blog, and is so supportive of what I do. She's such an enthusiastic and positive girl, and really, I adore her.

Really, I do wonder why or how they put up with me, because c'mon... I'm insufferable.

Clearly, you have all passed out from drinking so much vodka due to the sap I have put you through. Oh, but it isn't over just yet...

So yeah... Five Eight bloggers and my blogging, er, 'father', have lead to this. Two years of blogging, or my second official Cake Day. It's been a journey, and a lot of readers have stuck by me throughout it, and without you guys I wouldn't have achieved the impossible, which is reaching 50,000 page views. Whilst I do have my inspirations and Ray to thank for helping me to create and maintain this blog, you guys are one of the major factors in why I continue to write, other than the fact that I bloody love it, as well as the reason why I continue to improve as a writer, blogger and Idol lover. I get great critiques and comments from you all, and whilst my opinion is quite apparent in this blog, the comments you send also help me to realise a few more things and allow me to learn something about an Idol, video or song, and I take into account what you think too, and I can see something differently afterwards because you have pointed out things I missed, or things that I really need to know. I love your opinions, and I love how you all share how you feel about something in a few simple words or sentences. So thank you for being my readers and for helping me continue to improve and become more open-minded towards Idols in general.

An amazing achievement, one which made me cry...

I have talked to some amazing people thanks to this blog, and I have become a part of a great community. I have friends within the blogging wota-world, and I have people whom I respect and those who I desire to meet one day, if I ever can get to that point in my life, of course.

I now have over 300 posts, more readers than I could ever ask for, and I am getting closer to 90,000 page views all time. This is what 2 years has amounted to, and for me, that's one massive achievement. In two years, this blog has changed and as a writer, so have I. I never thought that I would ever continue this blog, let alone have people read and enjoy what I write. For me, these two years have been absolutely amazing, and it's thanks to everyone who has supported, inspired and helped me within these past two years. It's been absolutely amazing, guys, and I couldn't have done it without you.

To another year, and may many more follow!

Quick, the escape is near! RUN AND CRAWL FOR YOUR LIVES!!!


Happy Cake Day, Okay! Musume Time~

Now, where is Isilie's facebook?


  1. I squee whenever you mention me. You are so sweet!!! Congrats and Happy Cake Day!! That is the cutest pic of the Zuk...<3

    1. I love you <3 That's why XD Like a creepy stalker. I love Zukkini, she's such an adorkable teen <3

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  3. otanjoubi omedetou! heres to many more cake days! ::moves couch and gets tea::

    1. Thank you! :D Many more shall come along, I hope :p

  4. Congrats on hitting your second year!

    Honestly I never thought my own blog would go on as long as it has so I understand where you are coming from for that.

    I do tend to lurk a lot, and do read most of your entries even though I am not into H!P. If mainly because they still end up to be fun reads regardless.

    And I do have you to thank for discovering and sharing about Love La Doll. I just love this group and hope we can be following them for a long time to come.

    1. Thank you so much Thennary, it means a lot to me getting this far with my blog >3<

      I do find it weird how you read y posts despite the H!P thing I have going on, but thank you for reading them :D

      I love Love La Doll, I hope that they release so much ore because they are a wonderful group. They are great singers and lovely dancers :D

  5. How sweet ^^ Happy anniversary to Okay! Musume Time! It's a great blog and I'll keep following your posts.

    1. Thank you ^o^ I love my blog -hugs- so eat cake for her XD or him... who knows?