Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ah Ah Ah Ah, You WANT! It!

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Taking time out my, er... busy Request Week, I have decided to review something which I never anticipated liking, let alone reviewing. Weird how impressions can change so quickly when a PV comes out, eh?

Berryz Kobou's 30th single, WANT! is the complete opposite to Cha Cha Sing! and Be Genki, and both the PV and song show the cooler side to Berryz Kobou which I thought they had kinda ditched after the failed attempt at making these girls look sexy or mature; see Aa, yo ga Akeru.

However, surprisingly enough, it seems that the girls do still have an ounce of maturity in them. WANT! is the PV that many have been waiting for, and by lord, don't we all want it now that it's finally here and we can see just how good it is. Yes, people, good, amazing even... it depends on how you view it, obviously, but honestly, I am really enjoying it. Berryz is getting so much better, and whilst they may not be hitting up the mature bandwagon that C-ute seem to rock on lately, I have to say that Berryz are so much more appealing to me than they ever have been. Hopefully they continue this winning streak of awesome singles and PV's, because I am seriously enjoying what Berryz has to offer at the moment...

That said and done, shall we get into this pic spam of glorious Berryz that will make you WANT! this single?

Wow, the beginning actually looks interesting!

Wait... what is that? It looks like a giant light and glow sticks...

It's too damn dark! Turn a light on, geez!

Okay, whoa what!? Turning upside down always catches me off guard...

First focus of the screen caps: MOMOKO!!!

... Surprised, aren't cha?

Yes, Miyabi... lay on the floor!!! Lay on it and look sekushii!!!

Damn she is gorgeous... Nng!

But lord, there is another gorgeous girl here, too... Hel-lo beautiful girl, how you doin'?

Those legs! My lord those beautiful, long leggy legs...

Someone does not look too happy...

Then again, when does she ever look happy?

Is Yurina in a garden because she grows like a tree?


Chinami: "Kyaa, I has screen time and lains!"

Happiness at the fact that line distribution doesn't suck.

Miyabi's legs... My gawd!!!

... Nng those LEGS!!! My god, they go on for miles! Yurina... those legs!!!

Momoko, looking flawless.

Wait, what did I say!?

This dance looks like it's so much fun! xD

Yes, Miyabi... lay on my bed... That's right, just like that...

My lord, Yurina is so gorgeous in this! Don't deny it!!!

Chinami: "If she's gorgeous, then what am I?"

You're beautiful, my darling... just gorgeous, beautiful, cute and pretty all at the same time. You win in the awesome category, too.

Maasa: "Where the hell are my screen caps, bitch!?"

I swear, they don't show Maasa enough

Miyabi: "Welcome to the Land of the Winking Wota, kyu~n"

Miya WINKU!!!

Well hello Berryz Kobou! Spreading legs since the Ai no Dangan era.

Miyabi: "Give me your money... you know you WANT! this..."

Miyabi is so effortlessly stunning, I can't even...

Momoko: "What about me? Aren't I effortlessly cute?"

Guys... what's happening to me? Momoko has had a good amount of screen shots here... My LORD WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?

Yurina: "You're delusional, Chiima."

DAMN she's hot! I can't get enough of her... I WANT! her!!!

Ri-Suck-Oh!: "Aha, what the hell, gurl?"

I never noticed, but I love the quote on Risako's wall.

Dust off those shoulders, girls! Be classy!

Dude, Risako's showing up in these screen caps quite a lot as well... What is wrong with me???

Chinami... <3

Saki looking rather lovely~

My lord, Maasa looks just like a princess! <3

Maasa: "Be the model, girl, be the model..."
Yurina: "I have the best legs in Hello! Project, no denying that."

Miya Knee's!!!! Nng!!!

I actually wonder what that giant back light is all about...

Yurina, why the sad face? Is it because you are related to a tree?

Risako: "Bitch, my hair is FABULOUS!"

I still hate her hair.

Chinami: "I hate it, too!!"

Chinami, why are you so adorable!? Kya!!!

Maasa: "What about me?"

My lord, you are beautiful, girl!

Chinami boobs! Ziiiiiing!!!

Two beautiful ladies together, and damn those Chinami legs!

I totally WANT! these girls and their lovely legs, and I know I'm not the only one!

By lord, do you know how hard it was not to screen cap Yurina ever second she appeared? I swear, I needed to restrain myself a lot just so that I could screen cap everyone else and make sure that this review was not 90% Yurina and about 3% everyone else, that's just how gorgeous she is in this video... Even now, I think that I need to screen cap her more, but no. No Chiima... stop it, and  give the gorgeous girl a break, okay? You don't need more Yurina, damnit!

Even Yurina says 'NO' to being capped loads

Well... we always need a little more Yurina in our lives, but let's not dwell on that, shall we? We have a review to get on with, and no matter how delicious Yurina and her fabulous legs are, I must not keep you by talking about just how yummy she looks in this video!

No matter how much I want to

Do you know how surprised I am by this video and the song itself? I am very surprised, because from the radio rip, I decided to hate this song. Well, turns out I don't hate it, because I actually really like it. That is mostly to do with the PV I think, because it's quite new for Berryz, and it looks great! So what if it isn't the biggest budget breaker ever? So what if it totally isn't original? I find it to be entertaining, and for once it looks like management knew what they were going for, rather than just throwing something together and hoping that the dance shot and close-ups would do. There was set interaction here, and a lot of group interaction too. For once, we don't have a PV which heavily relies on the girls dancing around a set and smiling at the camera. For once we have something else to work with!

... Of course that doesn't totally make the PV, but honestly, I felt like it worked for Berryz. I liked the different sets designed for each girl specifically, and I liked how the girls switched it up and sat in different rooms, rotating around the set and visiting each other or trying out a new place. It was fun, colourful and entertaining and quite unique for Berryz Kobou.

Can you tell that I like the PV yet? If not, then let me tell you that I really like it... a lot. Very much. Me Guste.

It's not just the colourful rooms which I enjoyed, I also really liked the dance. It's a direct contrast to the colourful, bright set where the girls sit down, look at the camera and talk to each other, The dance set is dark and cool, and reflects the edginess of the song that the pretty room-based set doesn't, and whilst I am not really one for overly dark sets, I think that this one worked, especially when the dance became a bit more, well... mature? Sexy? Damn hot? Actually, it reminds me of the darkness of Ai no Dangan, except that their costumes don't look as cheap or tacky as they did in that PV, though I did see that Berryz borrowed their leg-spreading moves from Ai no Dangan for WANT!.

Copying yourselves, girls? Now now...

Actually, let's talk about their costumes for a moment. You know, the Halloween Witch costumes they are all wearing? Yeah, those. I actually wonder why the girls didn't just release this as a Halloween single, because even my sister thought that this was a Halloween release. Hell, I half expected these girls to jump on some broomsticks and fly away at the end, that's how witchy their outfits are! But, despite that, I do like these costumes... especially their leg suspenders.

Mhm... Legs... Ah damn, I'm going off track! Rewind, girl, rewind!

Costumes aside, I found this video really fun to watch. I loved the camera angles used, showing us delicious leg, torso and bust (all the good stuff, you know?) and the revolving camera for the rooms was fun as well, though not so much fun for screen caps. I found the use of camera angles really interesting here, and it showed off the maturity of Berryz Kobou simply through the use of how certain camera's were tilted or positioned, such as on the girls' legs or their torso's, whether it was during the dance scenes or the solo shots. I was not bored with this video, because everything was interesting and the diverse amount of camera shots was entertaining and different, showing off that sexier, more womanly side to Berryz that I haven't seen in a while in their PV's... or at least, the PV's that I like. It's as if the camera men and the director finally realised that, damn, maybe Berryz are all grown up and need to show off those womanly body parts to get the Wota's blood boiling.

Well, it took you some time, guys! Now, let's just hope that they continue to show off the womanly sides of Berryz more now, and not just leave it C-ute and their sexiness. Here's to hoping!

I would also lurve to point out just how wonderfully desirable the girls are in this. Every one of them... well, not all of them, but you get what I mean. Mostly, of course, Yurina, Miyabi and Chinami. But I'm biased, so don't take my word for it. Anyway, I really enjoyed all of the girls in this, the surprising one being Momoko. I really liked her in this, I really did, which is both surprising and scary at the same time. Just as scary as Nogizaka46 releasing a damn good single Say what?. That's how scarily surprising it is, guys, but I digress! Everyone was amazing here in their own individual way, such as Chinami with her happiness, no matter how serious she attempts to be, Maasa with her beautiful lips, Yurina and her legs of glorious leggyness, Miyabi with her sexy aura, Risako with her... er, hair... I mean her prettiness, Saki with her beauty and Momoko with her natural cuteness. I liked everyone in this video, and I really can't fault any of the girls for their performances, because I actually really liked all of them in the video.

No matter how weird that sounds to me, but believe me guys, they all rocked, and this will probably become my favourite Berryz PV for the fact that it's fun, everyone is awesome, and it's good to the point that Ah ah ah ah, I WANT! it!

Now, other than the PV, we do need to look at the song, don't we? And Ah ah ah ah, isn't it so good? I swear, I hated this song before the PV came out, but now I really like it! Maybe it was because of my prejudice against auto-tune (damn One Two Three and the shittiness of auto tune used there) at the time, but honestly, I really like this song! The auto-tune is used well here, as if UFP have learned how to properly use it, and the girls all sound fantastic! Momoko doesn't sound hideously annoying, Risako sounds better than normal (in my opinion, cough) and Miyabi... well, Miyabi is just fabulous, as always! And Yurina... for some reason, she really stuck out to me in this video, not just with how she looked, but with how she sang, too. There was one point where I was just astounded by how fantastic she sounded, and it stumped me quite a bit. I'm not used to enjoying Yurina and her delicious legs this much, but boy she really impressed me in this video!

I always manage to go back to Yurina's legs... no, Chii, back to the song! My lord, girl!

Let's just say that I think the song is great, okay? It's got great line distribution, you can hear each girl individually and enjoy all of their voices without having to try and find their voices for one little slither of a line that other H!P groups MoMusu and S/mileage usually get. It's a cool, mature song which really brings out the best in Berryz in sound and how we view the girls. It's great, and I really can't fault it because, for once, UFP seem to know how to use auto-tune correctly, and it seems that they have learnt that Berryz are also mature and need to show off some womanly lovin' to their fans.

How many times can I say it, guys? It's a great PV and a great song. I feel like Tsunku saved the best til last for this year with Berryz, allowing us to see off the year with a great single that really shows off the more mature, much more desired, side to Berryz. Hopefully this single shows the direction that these girls are going in, and the future of their sound, too, because honestly, I really like this Berryz. So please, UFP, no more cutesy kiddish songs (unless it's awesome like Cha Cha SING) or super hero capes... just stick to this or something, because it works for these girls really well.

And please... never let Momoko go back to those hideous pigtails. No one misses those disastrous, ugly things.

WANT!... Do you want it?


  1. I think after reading this, I've come to realize that someone has a fetish for Berryz Koubou leg's~ We know your weakness Chiima~ ^_^

    1. Weakness, what weakness? Legs are not my kryptonite, oh no no no...

      I have a fetish for all legs, but Berryz seem to have the best of them all ;D


  2. Momo is SO much better like this!
    This is EXACTLY the kind of song/video I had been waiting for. I knew Berryz would suit it somehow ;w;
    But, yessss, Momo, grow on Chiima, grow on herrrr~ >3

    1. I agree, Momo is a lot better with her hair like this. It's cuter and doesn't accentuate her old man neck XD (jooke~)

      Awww Phobby happy >3< AND NO! DO NOT GROW ON ME, MOMOKO D; NOOOOO

  3. Even though Momoko lost the pigtails, I still prefer her hair down not like that. I actually think Risako's hair colour looks MUCH better now. Still do not like her facial expressions much >__<

    I quite like the song (except the autotune) and the dance as well, the sets were a little too bright but I guess that's to make their outfits stand out when you compare the dance set. Surprised that the length of their heels, that really shocked me but I love the dances on Risako, Saki, Yurina and Massa the most.

    1. Risako's hair colour looks okay, I'm still not used to the red... but I know I can live with it, because it's her hair, her choice. And her facial expressions are never too appealing, to me she looks like she's trying to hard and only derping in the process.

      I liked it all, actually, and I love the bright comparison of the revolving room, but it's all personal preference, really. And are their heels really that long!? o-O