Tuesday, 30 October 2012

When AKB goes Bump in the Night... AKB48's 'Uza' PV

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You can not run... and you can not hide... yeah you gotta face it baby things go bump in the night...

When the clock turns to Midnight, the dolls come out to play...

AKB48's latest single and PV, Uza, is a dark Idol affair in this Halloween treat, with the girls posing as toys in the attic that come to life by the ways of two mischievous magicians who take control and force these girls to dance until the morning comes. Are you prepared for things to go bump, bump, bump in the night?

Halloween Madness has returned, continuing with AKB48's latest which shows the girls in a darker and more creative light as they turn into beautiful dolls of the night who come to life by the ways of Jurina and Mayu's magical mischief! Returning to direct the video is Joseph Kahn, who directed Gingham Check, a PV which I thought was messy and all over the place. But is Uza going to be the same story all over again, or something different?

Let's find out as we get into Uza and take a look at what we are in for, shall we?

Are we entering the AKB48 theatre?

Well hello Jurina!!!

... Oh, and, er... hi Mayuyu.

Wow, Mariko looks stunning!!!

Ha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha... Jurina looks hot, Mayu looks bored.

These outfits remind me of Resonant Blue... they really do. Even when I saw the performance preview, they reminded me of Resonant Blue.

I really love these costumes, just saying.

Jurina looks like she would happily whip you and not regret a thing...

Do you want a whipping from Jurina? Because I certainly wouldn't mind if it was her...

Is that... Paruru, in all her boring but cute glory?

By gosh, it just might be!

I do love this location, it's fucking awesome!!!

Yuko looks so pretty, but where is her shaved side of her head?

Now, wouldn't you just enjoy a good straddling from Jurina?

Oh, you just wish you were that chair, don't you?

... Yes, Mariko is gorgeous. She wins over everyone else in this video for beauty, hands down.

Haruna (I think) is so shocked by Mariko's beauty, she feels faint!

Oh those dead, soulless eyes...

Oh cool, measuring tape!

Very pretty, love the ear muffs!

Mayuyu, looking bored still.

This is not a good video for the hyperactive creeper.

Hello legs!!!

... It is safe to say that my favourite is Mariko.

Dance, puppets, DANCE!!!!

Okay, I really like those costumes too... @.@

Dance forever, ballerina's, DANCE!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Jurina breakin' it dow-ow-own...

This has to be one of the best props ever... other than Jurina and her cane, that is.

Takamina is just gorgeous, there needs to be more of her, I swear <3

Little Toy Soldiers are prepared to serve you diligently!

... Okay, that's pretty damn cool, and Mayuyu looks a little bit happier as well.

Love the make-up, but this chick still looks as boring as she did beforehand. She really has little appeal for me.

Blow job face! Every PV has one... somewhere.

Well hello soldier girl!

Ue Kara, Mariko! <3

I want an attic that big, I seriously do.

It's like Jurina is the master of all tricks in this video, and she possesses everyone and forces them to dance for however long she wants...

Vindictive bitch xD

I hate Yuko's lipstick in this, but it strangely suits her.

Jurina looks like she's come out of the Cell Block Tango, don't you think?

The Master wants to sleep now, so go away...

Jurina: "Bitch, I'm so sexy, I made it as a centre... again!"

Jurina's pout face is lol-worthy. Yuko is not impressed, though.

And so the doors to the AKB48 theatre have now closed, never to be opened again...


... Did I scare you? I bet I did!

So, Uza is AKB48's second PV with Kahn, as well as the first without an appearance by Atsuko since her graduation. Needless to say, her presence was not missed by me at all, and I actually really like this PV. It's thankfully very well structured, unlike the hot mess that was Gingham Check's original PV.

... In my opinion, that is. A lot of other people like it. I just don't.

The song though... that's another story, which I may as well get into before praising the hell out of this PV. Bitch first, praise later, you know? Leave the happy stuff for last and get on with bitching about the song. So let's roll!

The song is definitely not my favourite, as you have probably gathered from what I said just before I started this sentence. Firstly, there's that blasted auto-tune again. I heard the auto-tune in a concert preview, and I was pissed off straight away. Why? Why the hell do we need more auto-tune, especially from a group who we know has plenty of capable singers? I really don't like it, not here, not anywhere really unless it fits, and I think that this song would have worked without it. Okay, the robotic effect is in and all, but still... auto-tune is getting really really old, really really fast. The only groups or singers I want to hear using auto tune are Perfume and Kyary, and that is it, because that is what they are known for more or less.

And yet, auto-tune isn't my main issue with this song... it's just the song itself, because to put it simply, this song is so bloody boring I'm not even... it really has nothing to it in my opinion! I really can't get into it, and honestly it took one good long while for me to remember what the hell this song sounded like. Okay, so it has quite a nice, or okayish, dance beat to it, but other than that it's really boring. So boring that I only watched the PV twice before realising I had no passion or love for this song at all, and that the song would be the reason why I never reviewed this PV.

But, it's Halloween Madness... and I really like the PV. Which I might as well talk about now before I slander Uza as a song with fiery passion.

... So, who else loves this PV? Because I really do, and I applaud Kahn for actually giving this video structure and one nice running theme. Thank god this isn't a hot mess like the previous one... then again, the song isn't as generic as Gingham Check is.

The PV is extremely beautiful in every way shape or form, from the dance scenes to the visuals of the girls as dolls in an abandoned attic, where they come to life and dance under the influence of Jurina and Mayu. Everyone looks fantastic, and the performance in this video is top notch. I really enjoyed seeing so many different costumes and types of dolls, from swan-like ballerina's to puppets, all of which were being forced to dance either by the use of strings or by manipulation. The concept of the entire video is great, and I really did enjoy every moment of it. It's imaginative, and Kahn created something beautiful, something which was nothing like Gingham Check in all of its confusing glory.

Everything about this video, from the costumes to the girls, is just simply gorgeous. The location gives off such an eerie feeling, the dusty costumes and the stiff, doll-like motions of the girls really gives you this feeling of an unwanted awareness that these girls now have, and the manipulative moves and looks of both Jurina and Mayu make you think that this is all their doing. In a way, it's creepy, but it's also pretty fantastic. You really can't help but be drawn in by how dark and dramatic this video truly is, and I really can't help but be taken away by how wonderful it all is. It's pretty magnificent in my opinion, and whilst I may not like the song itself, fits the dark tone of the music that it was created for.

Jurina in this video was the biggest steal for me. She looked and acted amazing in this video. I really felt like she was taking control of the entire video and stepping forward as a centre. She was so much more present in this video than anyone else was, in my opinion, especially Yuko, who I really kind of... forgot about in the video unless she popped up. It really looked like this PV was solely centred around Jurina. Even Mayu, who I find is fantastic in videos, seemed lost here and out of place, and in no way impressed me at all. The star was definitely Jurina, and I absolutely loved her here. It actually makes me wish that she was in AKB48 permanently, because she would be the perfect choice for a permanent centre I think. She did an amazing job with this video, and she totally owned it.

It's a fantastic PV, with amazing costumes, location and choreography. I liked every bit of it. The darkness of it really sets it apart from the generic and girlish Gingham Check, and gives us a much needed maturity boost for both the video and the song. It's dark, eerie, gothic and quite beautiful, something that was needed for a Halloween treat! It's wonderful, and I really love the PV. The song, though... well, there is much left to be desired, but thank goodness the video is gorgeous.

So, the next time things go bump in the night, remember this: It might just be the AKB48 dolls, awakening for a night of dance and fun...


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    And I agree, Jurina was TEH SMEX in this video.

    1. I adore her! I've liked Mariko since... well, Ue Kara Mariko when I properly took notice of her. She is really lovely to look at <3

      Jurina just... I died of happiness xD

  2. I really enjoy listening to UZA. I might put it on the same level as Beginner and RIVER. The PV is pretty cool, but I actually think Kashiwagi Yuki and Oshima were the real scene stealers here not Jurina Matsui. Rena Matsui was great at acting like a marionette but her appeareance was very brief.

  3. The song is fine, but I agree that it is on the same level as Beginner and RIVER, but I am not really a fan of Beginner anyway, which is probably why I am not too keen on UZA either. I guess different girls are stand outs to different people though :D