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Trick or Treat? - Halloween Junky Orchestra Invites you to their 'Halloween Party'

All thoughts and opinions within this post on the grup, song and PV are entirely my own and no one else's! Opinions are an individual's, and you can not change someone's opinion on something! Yes, you may enlighten them, but don't try to change how they think or feel about something just because you don't agree with them! We all have the freedom of thought, and here I am to share mine! Enjoy~

You have been invited to a Halloween Party!

Oh my god, Halloween! Yes! I haven't been so excited for this time of the year since the last Halloween I went Trick or Treatin', so it's nice to actually feel excited about this holiday! Okay, so it isn't as big as Christmas or your birthday, but it's exciting in it's own way and for some, it's a spectacular time of the year where you get to dress up, beg for sweets like Oliver Twist wished he could, and scare the living day lights out of people!

... Or, in my case, watch Halloween PV's and get excited about the costumes that Idols will wear in them! Sadly, this does not seem to happen too often, but this year seems to be filled with Halloween-filled PV's... okay, like three, but so what?

It's nicer than the candy coloured sweetness we usually get, so I'm game for it! A change is always good!

So, the PV in question actually isn't Idol-pop at all... more like rock, actually, so I'm surprised that I actually like this song. But, I went in for Acid Black Cherry, and I stayed for the Party. Seriously... I didn't expect it, but boy I welcome it!

... Yeah, I love this song and video. I was actually bloody sad when it was taken down from youtube and was nowhere to be found until now. Sad Chiima ;( So thank goodness I found it, I am in some serious need of Halloween Love! And this song really gets me in the mood for Halloween, I'm not kidding.

Hopefully it will get you into the Halloween spirit too? Who knows... you'll need to stay to find out at this Halloween Party...

Isn't that name just awesome? I like it, personally x3

Oh Hello there, Pumpkin King! I didn't know that Skeleton Jack was invited!

1 minute to midnight, children... Get your torches ready, because the Boogey Man's about to come out and play...

Isn't the setting for this just fabulous? It looks really cinematic, very Hallows Eve worthy!

Nothing like a classic haunted house scene for a Halloween PV.

Looks like the parties about to start. Prepare the buffet!

I am loving these shots, very nice.

The host is here! Get ready to have a blast!

The festivities have begun! BREAK OUT THE WINE!!!

Well hello hotty!

I would... a lot.

Who doesn't need more sweets! And wow, they didn't use the word candy! YES!

I originally watched this for Acid Black Cherry, stayed for the party, and don't deny this: Acid looks hawt, right?

... Admittedly, this chick creeps me the hell out!

The fact that both Tommy's were used is intriguing and cool at the same time - I love this Doppel ganger effect going on, as well as the dual personality theory between the two cats.

Hyde: "Trick or Treat?"

Get naked. Now.

Acid: "Boob grab!"

Acid, you perv!

Tommy: "No no!"

This picture totally fits the reaction to Acid's perverted intentions... even if it isn't directly after that specific scene ;)

... Pedo Bear?

Ooooh, Tommy's gonna break out the karate moves!

... Or just change to her dual personality. That works too (though she looks positively adorable here!)


These scenes where the girls kick out the Trick or Treaters is just amazing, I love what they have done with the editing and mannequin doll like pause effect. It's really interesting, to the point where I wonder: How do they do it?

... Is it just me, or does this remind you guys of Mary Poppins too?

... Just me? Okay );

Hello Acid! Marry me... Marry me now!!!

... Wait, there's a human in this! Oh my god!

Seriously, that woman's costume and how she acts creeps me out to the point where I like her in a weird, kind of scared way...

What? She intrigues me!

Yeah kid, I know... she scares me too.

Kanon: "This is so that you can't see where we're going to boil you..."
Homeless Kid: "What?"

Kanon fits this whole Red Riding Hood theme.

... That's creepy but cool at the same time xD

Junky Orchestra: "HUMAN SACRIFICE!!!"

Sh*t I did not see that clown until now... I swear I would have cried and probably run away if I was still afraid of clowns...

Glasses Tommy: Sensual
Lollipop Tommy: Cute and kinda sexy?

Whatever, I like them both!

... That transition to the cat face actually looks really creepy. So glad I screen shot this one! Looks cool!

And the winner for the best costume!

WHY AREN'T YOU SHOWN MORE? That costume is EPIC!!! I wanna see her more!!!

D'aww, Kanon, you've changed since I last saw you... which was actually your debut xD

... Shows you all how much attention I pay to her now after hating on Vampire Knight, right?

Acid is back for more boobies!!!

The rabbit costume wins hands down...

Oh, and everyone else wants Wakeshima cleavage xD

Kanon does not want her boobs to be touched! Just take the candy and leave!!!

Fuck that clown is back!!! But this still shot is too awesome, and they all want Kanon cleavage.

Oh shit, it's that time of the month again... Run away, Trick n' Treaters, run the hell away...

Apparently, Kanon turns into a bit of a hungry wolf when she's PMSing. Usually it happens on a full moon, so take that into account before knocking on her door and asking for sweets or candy, okay?

I actually wish that I could have seen these costumes up front, they look amazing and the cast is bloody awesome, too.

Hyde in all his delicious glory.

Thank the lord he doesn't sparkle. Urgh

It actually looks like a street party! And I would totally join!

Homeless Girl: "Look, look!"
Hyde: "What... Oh, f***!!"

That girl is so nice to them, even though they tried using her as a human sacrifice. Next year, Hyde, remember that she saved your ass!!!

Junky Orchestra; "Hiiiiissss... DAWN LIGHT!!!!"

What, are you going to melt, or aren't you allowed to be seen by the humans?

Ah well, it was a fun party whilst it lasted. Now, it's time to sleep for another year until the next one!

Loner Hyde. Poor, poor, loner Hyde...

This is Halloween Halloween Halloween...

In this town we call home, everyone hail to the Pumpkin song...

So guys, have you enjoyed this Halloween Party as much as I have? If you did, then let's share our love and allow everyone else to join this party of spooks and fun!!!

I am honestly glad that I took the chance to go out of my comfort zone and listen to this song, so glad that you wouldn't believe it actually. I originally wasn't going to listen to this song, but as Halloween was coming up, and I saw that Acid Black Cherry was going to be in this (and Kanon Wakeshima, but Acid Black is love) I decided to give in and watch the video.

Best. Decision. EVER!

Not only is the video beautiful, but the song is also really catchy and a joy to listen to! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the song, actually, but it's really great - it's energetic and fun to listen to, it has an infectious beat which I can't get out of my head and just sounds awesome. Actually, it reminds me a bit of how infectious and wonderful This is Halloween is from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I adore that song, so I'm really glad that I like this song and took the chance to watch the PV and fall in love with a different sound.

This is definitely not your everyday Idol-pop tune - This is rock, and the song is pretty heavy on the instrumental and vocals used, but it isn't so heavy that you will hate it if you rarely listen to rock (like me). It has a beautiful opening too, one which eases you into the song itself with a violin and piano (or organ... I have no idea! DX) which is both eerie and gorgeous to listen to. It really adds that element of darkness to the song before really getting into the opening chords of Halloween Party and entering you into a world of Halloween fun and games. This instrumental is just wonderful, it's enchanting and dark, one which really brings through the theme of Halloween in the song. It sounds... it's beautiful, okay? I adore it, I really can't fault the instrumental at all and the vocals... Just... just love.

The vocals, mostly the men, are great I think. You have some distorted vocals which sound like growling (or however Hyde sings), and the female vocals really lend to the song and soften the harshness of the male voices when needed. All of the vocals here are spectacular, though I will complain that Kanon Wakeshima's voice was far too soft during her solo's, she sounded a little too quiet. The same almost went for Tommy, but she was a lot louder and clearer and I could hear her far better than I did Kanon, however I find that the softness of their vocals was a nice change from the heavy, masculine voices you get throughout the song. It gave a nice balance.

So yeah... this song, I love it. It's been stuck in my head for a while, even when I couldn't find the PV anywhere online for a while. I actually missed the sound of this song during that time, so now that I have found it again, you can bet that I will be listening to it on a loop for a while. It's just awesome, and it really fits the image of Halloween and how fun, energetic and spooky the night can be.

... And now, the PV. How awesome is it? Really, it's all down to what you think personally, but for me, I love it. I totally love it.

It's... it's just perfect in my eyes, I don't think that they could do anything wrong. There was just so much going on that was right, from the fantastic costumes, to the wonderful choice of cast, and right down to the setting and how everything was edited together. It is a wonderful PV, one which is really worth the watch if you really want to get into the spirit of Halloween and experience a fun and well-made video that caters to your Halloween needs.

As I said, there is a lot going on in this PV. You have everyone doing something, whether it's picking up instruments from the ground on Halloween night, to stealing a little Homeless girl and making sure that she can't see what's going on for this Halloween party. There are also fantastic camera shots, something which always excites the media child within me, which really lend to this PV and help it to look even better. The editing, too, is awesome... the scenes where Tommy and Kanon both kick people out of their houses when they run out of candy is just amazing, because the still spins around and shows you something that looks like it could be out of a story-book movie. Okay, I can't explain it, but it is awesome... really, it is.

Everyone looks amazing, too. Whoever designed the costumes really knew what they were doing, because there is so much variety and creativity that went into those costumes. My favourite would have to beRINA's, which is the rabbit costume. It looks spectacular, and I really do wish that she was shown a lot more in the video, because she really caught my interest in this. Another costume which I though was amazing was Kyo's - it was amazing! Anna Tsuchiya's was also really good, but most of what I liked about Anna was how she acted - she was crazy enough to the point where I felt intrigued, but also really creeped out by her. However, props to whoever designed Kanon Wakeshima's costume - the whole wolves head popping out of her apron thing is quite weird but also really wonderful - it was like she was transforming or finally allowing herself to be devoured by the wolf.

Actually, that has to be my favourite part of the entire MV, because it's just... weird, but it's interesting too. I really laughed when I saw it for the first time because I didn't expect it.

Yes, this PV is pretty amazing in my eyes - there is a good amount going on, and you won't get bored of it any time soon I think You have the spook factor going on with some of the costumes (such as the clown, argh!) as well as the fun of Hyde dancing with the Skeleton body, the different scenes where everyone is having a blast as they party in the streets and the Halloween factor, showing people knocking on doors and asking for treats before being kicked out when the owners run out of treats for their guests, giving them a nice little trick beforehand by changing into a dual personality.

Added with really nice scenery and effective editing and shots, this is a really great PV which fits that Halloween image and really gets you in the mood for the scariest time of the year!

This is a spectacular PV. The visuals are beautiful, the song is wonderful to listen to, and it really brings forth the meaning of Halloween: To have fun, and spook the living daylights of people with creative costumes and the rising of the dead! If you haven't watched this PV already, then I definitely recommend that you check it out and see if you want to join in the Halloween Party!

So, do you want a Trick, or a Treat?


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