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This is Awkward... Oishii! Project's 'GAMETIME' PV (Version 1) Review

All opinions are my own, and what I think goes on here, whether you like it or not. Wheee~

When I asked my sister if I should write a review on this PV, she told me no, because I might make them cry. Well, if that happens, then I doubt that these girls could stand the pressure of ever being a real idol group.

Which I actually doubt, anyway, though it might happen. It really depends, doesn't it?

Yeah, you know where this is going...

Oishii! Project, that makeshift 'Idol' group from the internet made up of girls around the world by none other than Japanese failed Idol, Beckii Cruel. This was something of a surprise, I guess, but it isn't exactly news, either. Other girls have tried to make their own real-life Idol projects, such as Pinku Project who worked hard to get out their own CD. And now we have this project, and their... erm, debut mini album, GAMETIME.


If I'm harsh, it's because I just am... and I am not being lenient on an English, or international, speaking Idol unit, especially not an internet one. My thoughts are my own, and I will express them as I will.

Let's start at the very beginning, which is extremely forced and kind of unnerving, if anything. We have one of the girls, I forget who, but I think she's one of those Dancers on youtube who got popular, singing something so contrived, and it's just disturbing. It doesn't sound natural - it is clearly forced. It may have been more comfortable to leave that out than give her more screen time...

Anyway, that said and done, it does end, thankfully, and the song starts.

Which does, in all honesty, sound pretty good, despite the cheese and the goody-two shoes nature of the song. Yeah, for a song that is auto-tuned to the max, it's really well done, the composition is nice, and I do like it. I really have no complaints where the song is concerned, other than to find a less 'follow your dreams, they will help!' kind of formula.

But yeah, the song sounds really good. I would probably buy it in Japanese, actually.

This girl is creepy as heck, but I actually blame the lighting on that one...
Being Kawaii, or trying to be, can fail pretty dang hard, guys.

It's mostly the video that is the entire problem here - it isn't very professional, for one, and you can really tell, because most scenes are situated in the girls' bedrooms. Actually, a lot of people who have commented on the video itself have stated that it would be better to find a room with just a one colour wall as opposed to simply staying in one's bedroom, so I'm not the only one being picky here. Thank god.

Bedroom's aside though, the lighting that the editor did... Holy cow, what the hell did they do? The lighting, the editing of it all, is just terrible. It really saturates the girls, and makes that one chick in the picture above look extremely terrifying to my eyes. I think how she acts in front of the camera adds to her creepiness, but I put most of the blame on the lighting.

This is my bias, you can hate me for actually caring about someone in this group.
 In fact, all of the editing is pretty terrible - very few scenes are put to the beat, and with what few lip-synching clips we do actually get when the girls aren't camera-whoring, usualy those lip-synchs are out of synch, timed way out of the song itself and not even close to what the girls are saying. The only one who gets it good is the girl above, who is probably the best member out of them all and could actually make it as an Idol.

Yeah, bias, bitches <3

Er... I digress. I was talking about editing, right? And just how terrible it is. Thank the lord they got the dance scenes to the beat... or at least, I think they did?

Sadly, we don't even get much in term of dance scenes - we don't get much at all, actually, other than looking in the mirror shots or looking at the mirror, watching the girls do... well, nothing but admire themselves. And that's pretty freakin' boring, guys.

So much bias, she is here a second time.
One of the bigger issues, an issue which I barely cared about until I only saw the girl I like twice in the entire video, is that some girls are shown more than others, which is already an issue in the Idol industry, but apparently a codec problem on Oishii Project's part. Okay, that's forgiven, but I still don't like your editor. It looks like they just shoved this thing together, and hoped for the best.

Urgh... This PV is, as commenters have said on the video, a fanmade PV at best, and nothing more. The editing is sloppy, the girls' houses are an unprofessional backdrop, and the video clips themselves are boring and don't fit to the beat or theme of the song. I would have honestly loved to see more, seen the girls do more than just stare at themselves or stare into your soul through the camera lens, eating away your soul as you try to pull away, trying not to trap yourself in GAMETIME and its badly edited PV. Throw in a couple of creepy looking girls, and you have yourself one awkward video made up of nine awkward girls trying to pull off that 'kawaii' look.

The lighting, the editing, it's all bad, and it's a bit unprofessional with the settings and where the girls are. Luckily, this is only Version 1. Hopefully Version 2 will deliver more variety, maybe more shots of the girls who weren't shown as much, less of that forced, horrible beginning with awkward singing and over-the-top happiness, and maybe more dance shots and less bore and snore. It was a nice effort, I guess, but the PV did not fit the song at all, and the girls really did look bored to the high heavens... barr a few.

Thank goodness this is not as bad as You Can't Kiss Me. That's just... urgh.


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  1. Well screw Uza, THIS is the scariest Halloween PV I've seen! Just... I'm going to have nightmares about a bunch of pastelized girls singing in my bedroom under blinding white lights tonight! Sometimes Youtube idols frighten me; Beckii Cruel and her minions especially O__O

    1. Haha! Yes, Halloween here we come! O-O Really, I think girls should stick to how their international singers work, as opposed to trying to take on another cultures ideal of an 'Idol' or singer. Whatever XD

      And yes, that damn white light! Their bloody editor needs firing or needs to learn how to saturate properly! They really just washed out all of the girls and made them look scary... especially the one who tried to act all kawaii when really, she was just plain creepy e.e

      Youtube Idols are just youtube Idols: They need to learn that. I know I dub, but I know that I will never ever be an Idol DX

    2. Exactly! I say let them have their fun and then a few years later they can point and laugh at this in good humor! As long as you KNOW you're never going to be taken seriously without doing anything more than posting some dance/singing covers, then there's no harm to it! Gee, I could do a whole article about this topic... maybe I will!


      Also, yeah, this is all fun and games. Unles they get truly professional, and if they ever actually meet up, I doubt they will get far - Japan aren't really known for their 'international Idols' - most 'international' idols are girls who are mixed race and live in Japan, like Becky (not Cruel) or May J.

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  3. To be honest, I LOVE the song! Although I wish I could hear the girls better in some parts.

    But yeah, I wasn't a huge fan of the lighting either. Hopefully Version 2 will be better.

    Be yourselves girls, not kawaii robots!

    1. I like the song, though I find it pretty forgetful DX Not always good, but the song is nice enough that I don't hate it to shreds xD

      Version 2 will hopefully be nicer DX if not, and if they continue with their horrible editing of the light, urgh...

      YES! Please don't try to be 'kawaii' - it ends up creepy!

  4. Saw this post on Arama, nice review.

    I kinda feel bad for these girls in the video. Like, they probably think they are doing some like amazing job and are succeeding so well, and that they're going to be huge. They probably bought into all the hype she who shall not be named gave them, and then in the end it turned out like this.

    1. I had no idea that my review had found its way to Arama, so I was surprised to see that in your comment! Thanks for telling me! xD

      In all honesty, I hope that they just see it as a fun pass time, and not a real job. I know that they aim to become 'Idols' and go to Japan, or something, but ideally they should also focus on school and look at life realistically, and see this as a bit of fun.

      These girls are far from professional, and I hope they realise that...

  5. God, Chiima, I'm really worried you're gonna be slammed to all holy hell by these guys xD

    1. Meh xD You know I don't really care. Most they can do is act butt hurt and call me a weaboo who wishes I was like them.

      That, or find my dubs and slander them xD but meh

  6. Not sure who you are to say who's professional and who's not. I like your review but I don't see any validity to it.

    1. I'm not professional either! XD But I am an Idol reviewer, and they claim to be Idols, so I will say what I think about them. In the end, not everyone will like my opinion, professional or not.

  7. I agree and I believe this online idol group thing is a big NO if you ask me. What were they thinking making this?? I mean I know the reason but I still think it's stupid as ever. >__<

    I actually have been talking to Naniko/Nyanko for 2 years so I was surprised many people talked about her and liked her :O I didn't think she'd actually be in this group. She does embrace her Japanese side a lot but she's very cute and frienly.

    1. I somewhat agree, but I think if it is for fun (and ONLY that) then I accept it, but I have a feeling that these girls are trying to get into the Idol industry, which is kinda... NO.

      Naniko? D'awww >3< She seems to be a favourite, but it probably is because she has the most kawaii factor without even trying~

  8. why they don't show Naniko that much... she is cute :c

    1. I know! She seems to be the most popular member actually XD