Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Okay! Musume Digest #23


Hey guys, I am back with another bout of news for you all to read from this week! Get ready, because it's DIGEST TIME! Break out the biscuits and coffee, kick back, relax and get ready for some Idol news!!!

This week has been some fun and games, what with a lot of Halloween based reviews from the much needed influx of Halloween themed videos this year! Also, news is looking good, especially on the Hello! Project side of it all, so there is that to look forward to as well! That, and the week has just been awesome, you know? Blogging has been so fun! >3<


I would like to introduce a new bit to the digest which I hope to continue called 'Video of the Week' where I will post a random video for you all to watch that I have loved over the week, or that I think deserves some spotlight <3

If you guys have any video suggestions, then please comment with a video that you think should be featured! It can be new, old, from a popular Idol group or a group that is just starting out! Anything that you think is deserving of some love!!!

Video of the Week

This week's video is...

Darling to Madonna by Kikkawa Yuu!

Lovin' it!!!

This is a freakin' catchy song, and the PV is equally enjoyable. Kikka is getting better and better with every song, and yes, this uses the dreaded auto-tune, but it isn't used so much that you loathe it... Kikka, love you girl!

Anyway, other than that new spotlight, let's get into the rest of the rando little bits I keep adding! How about something I haven't done for a while...?

~News of Le Week~

Once again, I worry for my viewers after finding out just what people type into the Google search engine when they find me...

... What? No, just... Just no. Bikini butts, fine, sushi... weird and in no way related to this blog, but okay. But what the hell? Beckii Cruel in a bikini? Ew.

No... just no, guys. Why do people look for this stuff?

... Oh, I see Weather Girls appears twice. Nice!

Also, guess what is the second most referred link to this site? Or, better yet, picture via google images?

... Yup.

People like dem Potatoes.

In other news... Tanaka Reina is looking at a potential new (AV) market for Morning Musume, with toys and whips and chains included! Kids not allowed, Over 18's only!

Anyway, why don't we check the poll stats and see what people have answered this week, shall we?

Poll Winner!!!

And the winner is... -drum roll-

Hells... YES!!!

You have chosen Sexy Zone's sexy leader, Nakajima Kento, as your Oishii Oshi, with 40% of the votes! Congrats to this divine human being for winning the poll and our hearts!

Coming in join second with 30% of the votes are Kikuchi Fuma in all his delicious glory and the cute Sato Shori. In joint third (and last) place, with 20% of the votes, are the kawaii little Matsushima Sou and Marius Yo! Kya, I just wanna hug them all, don't you?

Anyway, with that done and dusted... guess what?

I have another poll for you all! Yes indeed I do! And this time, it is PV related! Awesome sauce!!!

So, the question, you ask? Well, here it is...

What is your favourite Halloween PV of 2012?

This includes PV's which aren't strictly Halloween themed, but due to the October fever that is Halloween, I count ALL PV's released in October as Halloween PV's now, regardless of how cutesy they can be! Of course, the PV's included are one's I do take an interest in, and I may not add all PV's released in October, so I apologise if there is a video released in October which I have not added...


Hello! SATOYAMA Life episode 21 is here, and for all of you DIY♡ fans, there is a small making of portion along with a PV preview for their song Fore Fore ~Forest for Rest~

Now, I will be truthful and say that I have not watched this episode! I just... forget, okay ;A; But don't stop watching it just because I did! I know that people do like this show!!!

Early previews for Morning Musume's Alo Hello! 2012 Photobook have been leaked! Also, there will be three editions for the photobook: 6ki version, 9+10ki version and a Group version.

Okay, so first things first: YAY PREVIEWS!

Secondly: Why the hell are UFA still insisting on Zukkini not wearing a bikini? Seriously guys? No one can tell me 'it's because she's too young' now, because it happened last year when Riho got a bikini, and now it's happening to Zukkini again even though she's older. Blatantly, UFA think that she's too big to wear a bikini. That's horrible!

Up-side, Fukumura now has a bikini too. Yay.

Source | Source | Source

Previews of Kudo Haruka's first photobook, Do have been leaked via UTB magazine. The pictures show off Kudo and her cuteness in different shots.

It's nice to finally see some previews of our Lolly Queen's photobook, and we have quite a variety of shots from the ones we see here. Whilst I really don't like seeing bikini shots of underage girls, though, it seems that this photobook will show off both Haruka's cute and childish side as well as her mature side.

It's a PB to look forward to, so check out the pictures!

Source | Source | Source | Source | Source

Takahashi Ai and Sayashi Riho will both be featured in the next issue of Top Yell Magazine.

Oh, hi there promotion, I see that you are still being used... even if it is with two over-milked members of a popular Idol group!!!

Oh well, who can really complain? Considering Ai-butt was the last ace of Morning Musume, with Riho as the current Ace, it's great publicity for any Morning Musume fans. That, and it will get Riho or Ai fans interested in either one of the other members, and will also keep Ai fans interested in the current Morning Musume.

UFP are really using promotion to their advantage now, thank god.


Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa and Tanaka Reina all show off their beach wear in this clip from the Hello! Project pachinko game!

Seeing a clip from the game itself is great, because it gives us more of an idea of what the game is about as well as to see the girls together again! Also... bikini's. Need I say more?

Enjoy the Gaki goodness... Oh, and Reina and Ai-butt. But Gaki, mmm...

A promo clip for the stage play 'Sugar Spot' has been uploaded to youtube, so check it out!

Too much Maimi, not enough Chinami. Sad face );

S/mileage have released a video showing some behind the scenes footage from their latest concert tour. Check it out and enjoy some S/mileage love!

If you love backstage footage, then check this out for some S/mileage happiness and watch the girls rehearse and then watch snippets of the concert and what it has to offer! Videos like these are great for fans who want to see what goes on backstage or behind the scenes, as well as offering the fans a little bit of a preview for what to expect for when the concert is released on DVD!

Watch it and enjoy S/mileage's little video which preview their concert.

More images from Kudo Haruka's up-coming photobook, Do, have been released, but this time these images are HQ!

More than this at the source (around five pictures) so click, enjoy and fall in love ;)


The Sea☆A audition results recently came out for everyone to view, and it has been announced that there have been no candidates selected at all.

This news is actually surprising, but also somewhat relieving for me. I actually like Sea☆A as they are now, so to know that the group will continue to work as a 4 member unit is a happy feeling, but I do feel bad for the girls who tried hard to get into the group, only to find out that no one had the sufficient ability to become a potential member for the group.

Of course it does make people wonder just why Sea☆A's agency decided this, but honestly, we can never know for sure. If anything, this is another MoMusu Gen 7 case where someone wasn't picked, and it really does not benefit anyone.

Here's a question: Will they try again, or just decide not to add any new members unless a current member graduates? Hmm...


The cover to S/mileage's Best Album special concert DVD has been released, showing the girls in their S/mileage uniforms and singing into the microphone... well, except for darling Gorilla-chan, that is.

Really, is showing Kana as the only one not  singing a subtle hint at her lack of vocal ability? Why isn't Wada or Meimi doing the same, then? Okay, joke, because actually, that image draws more attention to my darling Gorilla. She looks positively radiant with happiness here, doesn't she?

It's a cute cover, simple, but sweet. Hopefully fans will take the chance to check it out!


Due to being in poor health, Tanaka Reina will not be present at the Paris handshake event.

News like this is always depressing, because it means one less member to see an to talk to or share a handshake with, and for any Reina fans, this news will be absolutely devastating. However, for Reina it is in her best interests to get better as soon as she can and to make sure that she is strong enough for her next set of activities.

Wish all the best for the Winking Squirrel-voice and her cat ears! Get well soon, girl!

Kikkawa Yuu's Darling to Madonna (MMD. Ver.) has been released!

For any vocaloid fans, this is a great addition to what seems to be Kikkawa Yuu's growing collection of MMD PV's! In his video we see Kikka in her computerised form dancing to the song and walking around. There is plenty of colour and CGI to keep everyone entertained!

The song is pretty damn awesome too.

JIJIPRESS has released footage from the GREEN FIELDS and Harvest performances at Morning Musume's recent concert.

Seeing footage, no matter how short, is always wonderful, especially if it includes clips from the girls performing. Thankfully we do get to hear a little bit of the songs, and they both sound good from what I can hear, though GREEN FIELDS would have to be my favourite because of the great mix of voices within the group and the somewhat soothing sound.

Hopefully everyone can check out this video and see which group they want to hear from the most!

S/mileage's profiles have been updated with their costumes for their up-coming single, Samui Ne.

I will be honest and say that these costumes look tacky and horrible... very much like Wakuteka Take a Chance's costumes. Really, they look like concert outfits, not the real deal. However, we can't... erm... complain, because it's happened. But they still look horrible.

Yay for Kana tummy?

Covers to C-ute's second Best of Album have been revealed, showing off the girls in an elegant and mature way.

I really like these colours... a lot. They look very nice, especially the more colourful covers which give a rainbow effect on the girls. The final cover is a lot more classic and elegant, giving the girls a more mature and womanly vibe whilst the other covers have a colourful and fanatasy like effect.

Very nice, and I really want to buy these covers now. I really do.

A radio rip of the re-constructed Ooki na Ai de Motenashite! has been released, with Nakky and MaiMai leading the song with their adorable voices!

... Urgh. Auto-tune...

'nuf said.

A radio rip for C-ute's re-constructed Massara Blue Jeans has been uploaded to youtube for everyone to listen to, so check it out!

Too much Maimi, not enough Okai. Really, now UFP? Airi, fine, but Maimi?


... Yeah, I'm a bit hard on Maimi, but I don't like her voice XD anyways... this sounds cooler, but it's weird to hear it so... modern...

A preview to Girls News Hello! Project 11 has been released, showing scenes from concerts, handshake events and jacket cover shoots.

If you didn't know (which I am sure you already know), Girls News is a programme which seems to have a section dedicated to Hello! Project and promoting the groups within Hello! Project, as well as featuring a guest every episode and talking about... well, things.

I honestly don't pay attention to these episodes because I have no idea where to find them, but for me, any promotion for H!P is good promotion, and it seems that Girls News will deliver certain things to fans that SATOYAMA LIFE can't.

Naaboudoufu@Nana promotes and talks about her second single, Magical Lip KISS on Kawaii Girl Japan.

Kawaii Girl Japan is one of my favourite promotion networks, as the site and youtube offers articles and videos for both Japanese and English speaking/reading fans, which serves as an international database for anyone interested in learning about certain groups. Kawaii Girl Japan also aids in helping people find out about up and coming acts as well as lesser known names in the Idol industry.

It's great to see that Nana is continuing her activities as an Idol, and it's nice to find out the back story to Magical Lip KISS.

Check out the video if you are a Nana fan and support your Idol!


And that is all for this week in News! Thank you guys for sticking around for these weekly digests and taking an interest in the news that the Idol world has given us! I was genuinely surprised when people started to comment on these posts when I first began them, stating that they liked the idea of the Weekly Digest - it makes me extremely happy to know that this is something you all enjoy as a part of this blog, so thank you for sharing your thoughts on the digest!

Stay tuned for next weeks round up of Idol news and the new Video of the Week!!!


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  1. Apparently Zukki isn't in a bikini because her parents don't want her to wear clothing that is too revealing. I'm actually surprised that UFA is honoring that request, but I'm glad that they are, since I'm sure her parents feel better.

    Also, I think they choose their own swimsuits...

    1. Really? I didn't know that, but if that is the case, then that's really good of UFP to understand the parents and do what they ask. Actually, why can't all the parents be like that for the underage girls, at least... xD

      If they do choose them, then they all have a cute style x3

  2. I can't believe they auto-tuned Ookina Ai!!!? There was no need for that at all!!! Ugh...don't get it. What is with every group suddenly having colour-coded costumes? The C-ute covers look great though! I kept giggling whenever you called her Ai-butt. ;P And the potato pic and your search terms are hilarious. The things people come up with are just straight up wrong sometimes...^_^' Oh and I didn't realize that Zukki's parents requested that. I wouldn't have known. I had the same fear as you actually, so that's kind of a relief eh?

    1. I know!!! I was absolutely devastated when I first heard, I mean... -cries- and I have no idea what the CC costumes is about, but I think that MomoClo brought on that hype xD And indeed, people can have weird findings for a blog, but I did use a sack of potatoes as a pic for one post XD And Yeah I had no idea about Zukki's parents requesting that either, because it is weird that an Idol's parents would say that as most if not all wear bikini's...

      And yes, our fears are the same, but it's relieving. Her parents seem truly concerned about their daughter in the Idol world, eh?

  3. oooh and also? Kikkawaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! XD Loveherloveherloveher!!! Have you heard the b-side for that single, Twinkle Days? Her voice is beautiful on that one. I'm really enjoying everything she puts out. (so many comments, sorry! >_<)

    1. KIKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I have really liked her past two songs, and I hadn't listened to her since the horrid Hapi Rap Sunrise, but I am loving this new sound from her at the moment! Auto tune done at its finest, me thinks! And I have not! I need to hear now *^* And I love your comments, it's like 'My blogging Idol reads my blog, or my Digests ; A; yaaaaay!!!' x3