Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Okay! Musume Digest #22

Okay guys, it is that magical time of the week again... Digest Time! Get ready to Digest~

So this week has been pretty good for H!P news I think, with a few other bits and pieces on the side that I randomly picked up. Thank goodness the week wasn't a total dud! Anyway, other than gathering news, I have been pretty busy + really really tired too, so I haven't been spending much time here DX Have yet to spend a lot of time online at all, really! Oh me, oh my DX

Anyway, I hope that you have all had a lovely week! Hope that you haven't been as busy as I have, and remember: SLEEP!!! 8D

Also, this would have been up earlier if not for distractions... DX

SO, what is the picture of the week my dears? Let's take a looksy, shall we?

Right in the groin! Ouch... okay, I kid xD

But dayumn, that's a good kick, Eripon!

Anyway, poll time. Wanna know what it is, and yes, I actually have a poll question! My sister actually gave me the poll idea, so thank you, Mamba Pon!!!!

Who is Your Favourite Sexy Zone Member?

Haven't had enough Sexy Zone in a while, so hey, why not? So pick your fave member, or members, and have fun! So, who is your Sexy Zone fave/ Mine is Marius, of course! Such a sweety <3

... I swear I have done this poll before?


Anyway, I think that it's time for the...


The cover to Kudo Haruka's first photobook, titled Do, has been revealed!

The Queen of Lollipops and Gum drops has once again graced us, this time in the form of her all natural beauty. Seriously, she looks so innocent and sweet here, nothing like her usual bossy attitude, am I right?

This girl will be a real looker when she's older. Damn, she is awesome... <3


A short PV or Sashihara Rino's up-coming single, titled Ikujinashi Masquerade! has been revealed. This version is the Muse no Kagami version, which shows scenes from Sasshi's single.

Shall I be honest? Yes, I will, because to be blunt, this short PV was hard to watch because of how bad the acting in it is. Oh boy Sasshi can not act... or at least that's what I think? But it killed me, I can't even watch the entire 2 minutes because I find Sasshi to be such a crappy little actress.

However, nice to see PV's appearing. Nice to see Sasshi only, actually. Yay.

Morning Musume have released a Sakura Oda version of Wakuteka Take a Chance, showing off Sakura as she dances to Wakuteka.

I wasn't expecting this... wait, was anyone expecting this at all? Well, regardless, it's pretty damn good I think that UFA are doing this in order to promote not only Sakura, but also the single. Okay, so her dancing looks stiff and lacking in refinement, but that doesn't matter. This is what will tide over the hungry Oda fans until the next single, I think, and honestly? Damn clever of UFA to do this.

Nice work.

Oh crap, I meant UFP. Promotion seems to be their aim now, DAMN!!!

Michishige Sayumi graces the cover of EZ Japan and looks as stunning as ever~

Promotion! Oh man, it seems UFP really are serious about this name change thing and it not being a joke... until next year, of course, when they begin to suck again, but that is not the point right now! PROMOTION! Of Sayu, no less, the one who is just awesome in a cute way~

Yay, promotion! (can you tell I'm happy?)

Morning Musume have appeared on Thailand's TV show, Japan Bravo where the girls performed One Two Three and talk to the hosts as well as meet their fans.

Seeing this is really great because it shows just how loved MoMusu are in Thailand, and allows the girls to see their fans from another country and to realise just how much they are loved. It was great to see scenes of the fans who support the girls waving and smiling, and to also see the girls (Iikubo mostly) waving back! It's really nice.

Hopefully promotion like this keeps up! It's getting good!

The covers to Hello! Project's 2012 Summer concerts, KtKr and Wkwk have been released, showing the girls in off-shots during performances.

The covers are your standard affair, showing off the groups and the girls either individually or together. It's a nice little cover for each concert, and whilst not overly complex or well thought out, the covers are nice to look at.

Source | Source

The Queen of Smug and Auto Tune (kinda) has graced the cover of Weekly Famitsu Taiwan.

Promotion! All hail promotion, even if it is for Smugleaf (haha Pokemon fan-name reference) and her ability to pop up everywhere even when you don't want her to. But, it is promotion, and promotion makes me incredibly happy because it means that Morning Musume get more of a push. YIPEE!!

Go UFP, you really are putting the promotion in your name, aren't you?

A full length preview for S/mileage's Samui Ne has been released for everyone to listen to, so check it out!

The song is quite a cool song, one which follows a similar feel to it that Suki yo delivered. It's different from the usual we get from S/mileage, but the song sounds nice and has a slight sad, Christmas feel to it, bringing on thoughts of a sad, lonely Christmas.

I'm not used to this new sound that S/mileage are producing, but the girls seem to get more and more diverse the older they get. Also, is it just me, or does this sound somewhat familiar? I can't quite put my finger on it, but I swear I have heard this tune somewhere else before...

Morning Musume grace the cover of Luck You magazine.

1) Nice photoshop, I seriously can tell you have no idea what you're doing. It looks choppy.

Suzuki Airi and Sayashi Riho both grace the cover of Idolgraph with some random SKE, Cheeky Parade, SUPER GiRLS and other chicks.

Promotion, again? Well, it's good, especially if two Hello! Project chickies are put on the cover! That, and the girls are being promoted alongside other Idols from big-name groups, so this makes me a very happy Winking Wota.

Promotion is key, guys~ No matter who it is, I guess~

Our sweet little Lollipop Idol's image DVD release has a cover! It has been titled HARUKA and will contain absolute sweetness, you will get cavities! Check it out and enjoy, guys!

Let's just say I am happy that she's getting a photo book and image DVD. This girl totally deserves it, even though I know that I won't read it because she is loli bait DX

On November 11th, there will be a female-only Satoyama one day Bus tour in Hitachi Oota.

Sadly, it looks like only Maimi from DIY♡ will be going, which sucks because I don't like her, she is one of my least fave H!P members - the others in DIY♡ I actually really like. Sucks the one who is urgh is there DX

Anyway, bitchiness aside, it's great to see that the Satoyama units (plus the randomness of Airi and Kanyon, new duo?) are able to have their own bus tour and promote themselves to the female fans of Hello! Project, whilst also promoting agriculture life, DIY and other experiences to do with the country. It will be a great learning experience for the women and will hopefully give these girls more promotion and exposure!

On December 23rd, there will be a Mano Erina fanclub event held.


Considering she will be leaving soon, this will be a great chance for fans to go and see their Idol before she officially graduates from Hello! Project as a solo singer. This probably won't be her last FC event, but if it is, definitely try to get there!

The cover to Morning Musume's 'Morning Musume Single M Clips 7' has been unveiled!

... Looking a lil crowded there, ain'cha?

A PV teaser to Naaboudoufu@Nana's up-coming second single, Magical Lip KISS, has been released!

To be quite honest with you all, I am not overly impressed with this PV or the song. There's nothing outstanding about it, nothing which makes me think 'Omg wow, cute, pretty, fun, colourful...' like KuneKune Bravo did. It seemed like there was a lot more personality in her last single, but here there is less of that personality and more of a robotic like girl... no, I am not liking it so much.

It sounds... okay? But I am not psyched on it. I'll wait till the full song and PV comes out, though, but definitely check it out if you're interested.

A preview to Morning Musume's up-coming 2012 Hawaii Fanclub Tour DVD has been released, so check it out!

Now, not to be a bitch, but I swear Riho sounds really shit live compared to when she first joined Morning Musume.

Just sayin'.

Morning Musume grace the various regional covers of B.L.T Magazine!

-cries- Oh beautiful, beautiful promotion... -weeps more-


... Aaaaand that is all for this eek! Plenty of H!P news, not enough of other news, but I keep ignoring everything on the internet right now.


Anyway, I hope that you all have a good weak ahead of you, and keep smiling and winking!


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  1. The S/mileage song sounds like of Namida Uri no Shoujo by AKB48 or maybe Dareka no Sei ni wa Shinai by SKE48 to me or As For One Day by Morning Musume. One of those three! I don't know if it reminded you of any of those songs... it just had that sound to it that a couple other songs have!

    1. OMG I think it might be As For One Day...

      I hate that song... xD

  2. I cannot wait for the new fanclub tour...everybody looks so adorable!!! XD ZUKKI!!!XD Riho does sound odd, eh? I've read that she's really straining her voice lately because things just aren't really in her range, but I don't know if that is fact or just rumour/speculation. I haven't really paid attention to S/mileage for awhile, so it's interesting to hear how different they're sounding. Love these digests!

    1. Zukki si sooo cute, this will be such an interesting FC tour, cos you will get to hear everyone individually at some point!! And yeah, I think that she really is D; It isn't good for her voice, she used to be REALLY awesome live, but they've kinda killed that by forcing her to cutesy up her voice...

      like Koharu, actually o-O

      Anyway, S/mileage and a new sound! It is weird, but the group is maturing, so it's inevitable. And thank yu Isile ;A; <3

  3. The SKE girl isn't some random SKE chick lol she's the ace of the group, Matsui Jurina .u. You know of Sasshi but not Jurina? .0.?
    Airi's zoh cute <333

    1. I know, I actually like Jurina XD I just didn't really type her name I was in a random mood! BTW I like SKE, so don't think I'm saying randomness for the sake of it, Jurina is amazing!

      I was just being stupid, forgive me?

  4. You're being too hard on Riho I think. I think she sounded very nice in Sakura Mankai and Being Alive. There was a bit of strain during Naichau Kamo, but that song was written with Ai in mind, not 13 (or 14) year old Riho. She just needs to keep taking lessons, taking care of herself, and her voice needs time to mature. Most girls' voices start to change around that age anyway, they don't have the floatiness that they used to as children.

    1. I agree with Be Alive, I actually really like her in that, but I think her voice is just too strained right now - I would love to hear her in lower songs, it is where she really works I think. I hope her vocals get better as she gets older, but I think that the songs UFA gives her now are too high for her to handle, and she can't cope with the strain.