Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Okay! Musume Digest #20


This post is a day late, I'm sorry! I have just been busy and was too tired to finish it up for Tuesday... Okay, I was too lazy to post it when I returned home at 8pm, and decided to schedule it instead. Yup yup x3

The week has been a long one, guys, and I am tired. I really am.

The news has been good, though! SO YAY FOR GOOD NEWS!

... Or maybe that's just me, who knows? I mean, all the good things are basically from groups I like, I guess, especially the HouPri stuff... that was a surprise, but I needed it. HouPri forever!!! And also, thank goodness that the news isn't all about MoMusu or H!P, or I would cry, because I like to have some diversity, even if its only a little.

... And I finished the Hunger Games series, too. In about under 2 weeks, I think. Catching Fire has to be my favourite, just saying. And yes, Katniss x Peeta (PEENISS shipping!) forever! I haven't stopped reading the fanfiction since I finished Mockingjay, really... sad, I know, but I need to do something when I am procrastinating essays and reviews...


Guess who won this weeks poll? Go on, guess!

Hells yeah, AKIRA!!! You won, dude! You won! Man, we love ya! -claps-

Akira received a healthy dose of 60% of this weeks votes, claiming the top spot as your Oishii oshi member whom you love and clearly adore! So, shall we bow down to Akira? Well... wait until the rest of the results are over and done with, okay?

Kotori 46%
Yuuno 26%
Momona 26%
Mikoto 20%

I can't really say much, other than the fact that I am happy Akira, our own Harem-wonder in the making, won the poll! This will be sure to make his fan girls happy, eh? ;D

Anyway, until next week, no more polls! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now, onto more important (and hopefully less hyperactive) matters, which can only mean that it's time for the...


More on Oda Sakura and her surprise announcement upon joining Morning Musume! LET THE CUTENESS PREVAIL!!!

All I can say is: UFP, you are milking this girl. And that's only because it is all you can do for now, isn't it? Because she really can't do much until her debut, which I pretty damn far off in my opinion...

Anyway, Oda Sakura fans, these episodes will be your best friends for a while now, because until we get any more info, who knows what else this girl will do and how much she will appear? I am happy for these episodes, I truly am, because we get some more insight on Sakura (though the amount of repeated footage is stupid, it's getting annoying).

So, we get some footage we haven't seen before, but we also get some repeated footage such as her announcement, and when she talks to her senpai. It gets old rather quickly...

Anyway guys, enjoy!~

A PV preview for AKB48's up-coming single, UZA has been released, showing a darker AKB48 with a mannequin feel to the girls.

... Oh yay, AUTOT-TUNE! Because I freakin' missed you so much after all the auto-tune abuse Morning Musume has had. Yaaaaay...

Well, other than the fact that Morning Musume seem to have spawned Idol groups to use the stupid auto-tune, I actually quite like the look of the PV. AKB48 are very good presentation wise, but I will need a better rip of the song before I can judge it entirely, but again, it looks good. The scenes are very nicely made, lovin' the Resonant Blue costumes that AKB have copied and pasted from Morning Musume, and the doll-like feel to the video.

I'm fine with it right now, but I want a better preview, or a full PV in order to give my full thoughts. Hopefully it won't confuse the hell out of me like Gingham Check did.


On October 2nd, it was revealed that Momoiro Clover Z's next single will be titled Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi-tachi Yo and has been produced by music legend Hotei Tomoyasu. Moreover, it has been announced that the song will be used as the theme song for the up-coming NTV fall drama Akumu-chan starring Kitagawa Keiko.

... Okay, so when MomoCloZ look this bad-ass, even I take notice and care somewhat! WOW! For once, they don't look like crazy candy-suckers and I might actually watch this PV if it looks as cool as these pictures suggest.

And, of course, Momoka is an absolute cutie! She really is wonderful to look at! The others? Eh, though Reni looks pretty bad-ass as a Devil, so I may watch out for her in this PV if it isn't over-the-top crazy or just... weird.

I'm intimidated by the weirdness of MomoCloZ and Kyary, k? Shush!


The cover to Tokunaga Chinami's up-coming Photobook, Metamorphose, has been released!

Holy... -nose bleeds all over the place- I may have to buy this...

Well, I wasn't expecting that to say the least, although it is pretty apparent that the girl is wearing a bikini... but yeah, this will surely draw in the Wota, what with the innocent look that Chinami is pulling off and her Ero-Kawaii appeal... Oh boy...

I want this... but I doubt I can buy it xD


Oda Sakura has graced the cover of the November issue of Top Yell magazine!

Y'know, it's really nice to see these sorts of thing in my Twitter feed... well, it's nice to see it when it isn't a member who is Reina or Riho, because they are always on the cover of something, so when I saw this I was really happy! Sakura is still very new, but promotion is really working in her favour, which is good because it means that UFP are pulling their socks up and trying hard to get the girl recognised before she officially debuts with the 51st single.

Actually, I need an updated group photo of Morning Musume! BRING ON THE ODA!


A full radio preview for The Matenrou Show Type 0 has been released! This version includes vocals from Niigaki Risa, Mitsui Aika, Tanaka Reina, Mitsui Aika and apparently Takahashi Ai. The song will be present on Petit Best 13 as well as a PV.

It's surprising to find a preview of the song a good two months before the official album is released, and even more surprising to find that Aika is a prominent lead in this single alongside Reina and Gaki. Sadly, the same doesn't go for Sayu (and apparently Takahashi) who seem to only be a part of the chorus for this song, which is quite sad if you think about it - especially for Sayumi.

However, I do think that it's great to hear Aika once again. She sounds quite a lot like Riho, but more girlish with a lot more control and better pitching. It's amazing how alike the two sound, and I really think that Aika being a lead is great!

Hopefully everyone can check it out and see what they think!

A PV Preview for Sea☆A's up-coming single, Entry! has been released to prepare everyone for their 4th official single, which will be used as the ending theme for the anime Cardfight!! Vanguard  Asia Circuit Hen. The coupling song is titled WAY TO VICTORY, which has a preview in English. The single will be released on the 14th of November, 2012.

Entry! is an unexpectedly cute song, one which shows more of the girls' carefree natures and how well they all get along. We get to see a lot of cuteness and friendship in this video from the girls when they spend time with each other, as well as in their race scenes. The story of the PV seems to fit around finding treasure on a map the girls have obtained.

It's cute, and I like that Sea☆A are continuing to use the outdoors in their PV's, because it's refreshing and just allows us to see things outside of the studio.

I'm looking forward to Entry!. It may never become one of my favourite songs, but it sounds really cute and charming, and as this may also be the last single with Sea☆A as a 4nin group, let's treasure it, guys~

Source | WAY TO VICTORY Preview

A billboard for Morning Musume's up-coming release, Wakuteke Take a chance, has been promoted at Shibuya 109!

Okay, so it looks like UFP are going for more promotion once again with another billboard showcasing the girls and their latest single! Hopefully this will get people interested, and will bring sales up once again with this single. I have to say, though, I am really impressed with UFP right now - they are really trying hard to promote these girls and show Japan that Morning Musume are still going strong, even after 15 years and a brand new era in the making. It's actually really nice to see that UFP are continuing to promote these girls and support them all the way.

Please support MoMusu, guys!

Source | Source

UFP continue to promote the new MoMusu by sending out a Colorful Character truck, Sakura included!

Wow, UFP are actually doing it right... event though Colorful Character came out last month, so I am pleasantly surprised by the promotion that they are continuing to do for MoMusu!

Seriously, who else is surprised?


On October 6th, it was announced that Sakura Gakuin sub-unit, BABY METAL, will be making their major debut under TOY'S FACTORY with the release of their new single, Ijime, Dame, Zettai which will be released on January 9th, 2013.

I'm more surprised that these girls haven't debuted yet as an official unit, considering their popularity, but for all BABY METAL fans this will be amazing, wonderful news! Whilst I don't listen to these girls, I do think that the concept they have, Lolita Idols rocking hard to metal and head banging, is a pretty cool concept and will attract plenty of fans. Hopefully their debut will go smoothly!


Morning Musume have performed their upcoming single A-side, Wakuteke Take a chance, on Music Japan on October 7th.

I have to say, MoMusu are looking a lot more fierce now with this new image, and whilst I am not all too happy with the use of the stupid amount of auto-tune during a live performance, it's fine... though Riho and Reina should have been auto-tuned too to keep the effect, because whilst the others voices sound more... robotic and polished, to say, some others don't when singing live (you know who I am getting at lol). But oh wellpers.

It's a good performance, so watch if you can~


(Left: A version, Right: B version)

A new Idol group is on the scene! Panache!, a group made up of three popular cosplayers, will be making their major debut under DefSTAR Records with their single Kirameki Miraizu. The single will be released on October 24th.

The members are Kuroneko (Blue), Enako (Pink) and Itsuki Akira (Green). The girls formed back in August, ad will sell two different versions of their debut single.

Seeing this cute group... yes, I want them to debut, I want to hear their song! The downside?

I don't listen to Vocaloid. We've already covered my dislike of auto tune and what not, but I do listen to some... and who knows? Maybe these three little cosplaying cuties will peak my interest and get me to listen to more vocaloid outside of Nankai Renai! Heck yeah, GUMI!

Anyway, I am looking forward to the debut! It's like I'm seeing anime characters on a single all over again! Ah, anime memories, how I have missed thee. Will Panache! ignite my anime love? Who knows~


Station♪ have released a short rehearsal video showing the girls as they practice for an event to promote their latest single, LOVE Happy Station♪.

It was nice seeing this video pop up, though I would honestly much prefer a PV or even a PV preview, but to know that the channel isn't totally going to waste was reassuring, and it made me realise that Station♪ are actually getting somewhere, and aren't stuck back in their own mini theatre... wow.

It isn't much, but it's a nice enough video to show you the girls rehearsing for a minute.

'Team Okai', made up of Okai Chisato, S/mileage's 2nd generation members and a few Trainee members have released a dance cover of Morning Musume's latest single, Wakuteke Take a chance.

The positioning of the girls, who they copy, speaks a lot for what UFP think of these girls, I think, such as Okai leading as the 'Riho' and Akari taking Reina's position. The one I obviously don't agree with is Meimi as Ayumi, but that's because she isn't as strong a dancer as others. Meh, though.

It's a very good dance cover, all the girls are strong dancers actually, and it was nice to see a dance cover by other members of Hello! Project, especially Okai, who hasn't done a dance cover in a while. This is a great way to show off members and to promote them more, as well as promoting the single itself to C-ute, S/mileage and Trainee fans. Nice one, H!P, or UFP. Whoever.


And that will be all for this weeks digest! Hopefully you will stay tuned for next weeks news round up, with hopefully more Idols, more news and a new poll! I'll be waiting~


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    1. I might make a post about it on its own XD or next one~

  2. Chiima-san, I'd like to point out that in the Matenrou Show Type 0, that voice that you hear as Aika is still Riho.

    Some of the lines in the song are still the same lines used in the "original". So that voice that you are enjoying is Riho. I hope this makes you like her a bit more.

    I'm really disappointed...I thought I'd get to hear Ai-chan D:

    1. WOW really!? Then that means they really do auto tune her to high heavens in the studio? I prefer her natural voice, then! It's a lot cuter!

      I may like her more, though lately I've started to like her anyway XD Not to the point where I adore her, but enough to not dislike her so much people hate me xD

      And yeah, Ai-chan D8

  3. ahhh, it`s so nice to hear Niigaki in that song!! XD Momokuro looks amazing!! I was actually really weirded out too at first, but then their 3rd live and that Mugen no Ai song won me over. With them, no matter how cool they look, they are definitely crazy-candy-suckers (love that description btw). Part of the charm. ;)

    1. Niigaki is so wonderful in the song, maybe it really was meant for her but they had to redo it? Who knows, but singles are planned months in advance, so possibly... ;A;

      Mugen Ai, is that the pirate song? If so, then I like that song too! I am slowly warming up to them, I recently saw their Furby PV xD I really liked the song!!!

      And yes, Crazy Candy-Suckers XD I just... think of that when I look at them xD