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Nyan Nyan, Erenyan! - Ono Erena's 'Erenyan' PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions on the singer, single and PV are all my own and no one else's. If you don't like my opinion, feel free to dislike this review, but give it a chance! All opinions are a persons own, and no two opinions are EVER the same. Just give another persons opinion a chance, and see if it makes you see something new from their point of view.

Are you ready to turn into a Kitty Cat this Halloween? Nyan!

It really must be Halloween, because the paws are coming out and so are the cat ears! Costumes galore, we have kitty heaven here, guys!

Yes, I am talking about Ono Erena's second single release, Erenyan. First it was the furbies, but now I am onto the Kitten in question and ready to review her PV! I've been loving the song for a while now, and have been waiting patiently (impatiently, actually) for the PV to come out! And because it has been released in October, I can call this a Halloween PV, right?

No? Oh well, I'll still call it a Halloween PV, because it includes a costume and has been released in the month of October!

Get your paws ready, we're gonna have a cat fight! Nyan!

Lets start with: What the fuck are you wearing, Erenyan?

Cleavage shot~

I swear, I have seen this somewhere before...

Ah, now I remember. Didn't know that Erenyan recycled ideas from other companies?

Erenyan: "Yurushite Nyan~" -wink-

Ah, she winked! I forgive you, nyan~

Getting excited for the TV! I wonder what's going to happen on this week's episode of: Nyan Nyan Erenyan!

If you think about it, Erena looks a little like a cat, doesn't she? She has that mischievous look to her.

I prefer that dress, but her dancers look looooool!

Hey, I've seen a magazine like that too in another PV...

Yup. Nailed it, though admittedly at least we get to see the Erenyan version in her hands.

Erenyan: "NyaGasp! So we're back to stealing ideas from Hello! Project again?"

Well, as Erenyan takes in the fact that she has recycled ideas, she ponders on what she must do next...

YES! Steal the idea of the food from Heavy Rotation. GENIUS!!! It helps that she's a cat too.

One.. Two... and POOF! Erenyan has evolved into...

... Oh wait, we must have pressed B button, because she's still an Erenyan! Nya~

Fuff. So. Much. FLUFF!


This has to be my favourite costume out of all of them, so pretty!

Thee little shots of her really make me think she looks like a cat xD

I still hate the backing dancers' costumes xD

Oh, colour!!! And cartoony stuff!!!

I do prefer the polka dot background, though. Very pretty :D

Erenyan: "There are so... so many!!!"

Looks like Erena is beginning her own army of clones. Mayuyu, beware of the Erenyan army!

The camera shots in this are extremely fun to watch, I think x3

D'aww, how sweet and innocent! Cute Erenyan -pets-.

Erenyan: "I dare you to pet me... I double dare you."

Coy Erenyan~

Erenyan: "Nya~"

Adorable Erenyan~

Hey, guys, is it just me or doesn't Erena look like Yaguchi Mari a little bit?

Yes, no?

Erenyan: "Nyaaa, I'll rip your eyes out if ya say that again!"

Okay okay, my bad!!!

Erenyan: "I look like no one! She must have stolen MY looks, capiche?"

Again, loving these camera angles.

Apparently, Ono Erena's third single release will be titled EreRocket.

Erena: "Yes... my plan is working, nyan~"

Wait, what plan? o-O

How cute, but where the heck are you now, Erenyan?

Erenyan: "Help me!!!"

She's reaching out to us, guys! It must be one of the millions of Erenyan's evil plans holding her back!!!

Hey Diddle Diddle, the cat had a fiddle... Erenyan jumped over the moon...

That's what I think when I see this scene.


'Nuff said.

And that is all the time we have today for this week's episode of: Nyan Nyan Erenyan! Ja Nyan, minna~

I didn't know if I was going to do this PV review or not, I really didn't, and that's mostly down to me being either A) Too busy, or B) Too lazy. In the end, I got around to it, because I actually quite enjoy this PV, and I absolutely adore the song. I also thought that it would be nice to add it to my 'Halloween' PV collection, even though it isn't remotely anything like a Halloween PV.

But, if I can class Idols dressed as Furbies a Halloween PV, I can class a girl dressed as a cat as one, too!

So, Erenyan is the second single from Ono Erena since her debut as a solo singer, and once again, the song was written by Erena herself. This time we get a large dose of Kitty love, something which we have been seeing a lot lately in Japan. I'm going to blame Tsugunaga Momoko for that, because the cat boom has hit hard after she started her irritating act of 'Momochi' and the Yurushite Nyan thing. It's annoying, it really is, but it seems to get her noticed and has even created a cat ear boom for other Idols, including Tanaka Reina. And now, we also have Erenyan.

Thank goodness I like it a lot.

This is a really cute and catchy song, though you could easily replace Erepyon with it too. The songs are actually very similar, something which my sister pointed out but I already noticed, and are completely interchangeable. The sound is the same, but honestly... I still like it. I like most generic, cute poppy tunes, so this one is no exception to that rule there. Erenyan is cute, Idol generic and a happy song to listen to it. I enjoy putting it on a loop, and I love the energy present in the song. Erena's voice is lovely to listen to in my opinion, and she doesn't get annoying, either. I've listened to this song plenty of times now, and have yet to get tired.

And that's all I can say for the song, honestly. So, let's talk about the PV, nya?

The PV is a bundle of colour. It's very bright, peppy and a nice bucket of fun! There are plenty of nice camera angles to keep you going, as well as an array of costumes that Erena wears to catch your attention through the changing scenes. There is also a small dose of CGI in the background, though it isn't present in the entire PV (thank god) for some scenes which fits with the cuteness of the video. There's no plot. Just lots of Erenyan.

And that's all you really need, isn't it? Plenty of Eye candy in a video, and boy, does Erena give you eye candy!

When I watched this PV with my sister, she asked me if this was sexualising Erena at all. I can't say I really took notice until she said that, but I do think that this PV is showing off that older, more sexual image of Erena in Erenyan. There are quite a few shots where her cleavage is on display, and the tightness of her outfits don't help with covering her up, either. So yeah, I guess her sexuality is played up a lot here, showing off her womanly features and taking away her innocence. That, of course, I don't really mind. It's not often I see that in a PV, and it isn't like Erena is thrusting herself at the camera, actually, she's pretty tame. Cleavage here, cleavage there... it's fine I think, though when I first watched the PV, I wondered why there were a lot of a cleavage shots.

Hasn't freaked me out yet, though.

I think that the main appeal of this video is definitely the eye candy that is present. Erena does a good job of portraying herself as a cat-like creature and playing up her sexuality in the video. She makes herself stand out in different costumes, and with quirky camera angles and plenty of colour through the costumes and scenery, we are given a video which, whilst without plot, is not boring or drags on too long. In my opinion, it's a pretty good PV. There is plenty of visual appeal, from the colours used to Ono Erena herself, as well as a song which fits the video nicely.

It's a good second PV from Erena, though I would like to hear a more challenging song from her next time, and possibly something with a plot to the video, but until then, I am quite content with Erenyan and all its cuteness and cleavage.

So, are you ready to be a cat, too? Nya Nyan~

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