Saturday, 20 October 2012

Niigaki Risa, Birthday Queen!!!


Bring out the party poppers and the cake, because it's Gaki's birthday today!!!

My Reigning Queen of Girl Crush and H!P, Niigaki Risa, has turned 24 years old today! Still looking youthful and beautiful, this Queen is celebrating a special day, the first birthday outside of Hello! Project since she became an official member of the group she loved and adored!!!

I sadly almost forgot about this special day, thanks to actually having a life and becoming a busy bee, but facebook and friends were my saviours, reminding me of this beautiful young woman's birthday! So, Gaki, Happy Birthday! You are my Oshi, I adore you and I want you to continue being you, awesome, beautiful and just overall spectacular!

Also, my dears, this is my 300th post! And who better than to dedicate it to than Gaki herself? Gaki, I adore you, and thank you for being the one who kept me interested in MM and helping me to become a follower of such a wonderful group! I love you, you are my Idol forever and beyond!!!

Happy Birthday! Now, let's celebrate with a pic spam! This may get heavy, guys!

Happy Birthday, Lord Gaki! May you continue to be beautiful! xxx


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