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Hello, Hello? Our Season's mixed Up! - Sexy Zone's 'Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Fuyu' PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions are my own and no one else's! You may agree with me, you may disagree, but no matter what, you may not try to alter my opinion. Time will change my opinion, but for now... I will say what I want to say at this very moment in time! AHA!

I don't know if it's just me, but whenever it gets remotely near to Christmas, and these sorts of songs start popping up, I can't help but get into that Christmas mood and crank out the festive songs... a whole two months before, yes, but really, what else do you expect when something like this comes out before Halloween has even crept up on us?

It's pretty obvious, but I just love Christmas music! I adore it, even! So much that my sister probably hates the music by now because I abuse the songs so much! Even my family hates me for listening to Christmas songs, even in Japanese... I guess it's that 'Christmas' sound that it has. All Christmas songs have it, and that's why I love Christmas songs! They're cheerful, they have a great, easy to remember tune, and they are just so wonderful to get you into the Christmas cheer!

And don't you dare Ba-Humbug me! I can't help falling to the hands of cheesy Christmas carols and Christmas pop tunes. They are just so... so fun...

So, guess who is a happy bunny now that Sexy Zone have brought out their own Christmas (or season based?) single? GAH I CAN'T WAIT! I might just have to buy this one, it is just...

Pic spam, anyone? Before I start to babble...

You know, the title is quite confusing, considering it says Summer and Winter. Weird~

Shori is really growing on me. Dangit, kid, stop it!


He's 16 soon, kekekekekeke

DUDE Shori, it's not like anyone is holding a gun to your head! Crack a smile, won'cha?

... Hello, Hello! Is it just me or is it getting HOT in here?

Better yet... SEXY!

Dust off the shoulders, dust off the shoulders...

Fuma looking FABULOUS!

... Never gonna get tired of doing this to these pictures, guys.

Taken for the Marius factor, staying for the Fuma love. Oh, Fuma, you and your reactions~

... Oh GOD, what did they do to you guys!? Those... costumes for summer... are HIDEOUS!

... Well, trust Fuma to rock the outfit.

Rockin' Around, the Christmas Tree...

D'awww, so sweet. Let's just hope Kento's hand doesn't go any lower...

Shori, STOP IT! My adopted son is Marius, not you!

Marius, you are so adorable! <3

Kento can play piano!?

... It just got even sexier in here. Whoo! -fans self-

It's a catwalk! Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai, anyone?

Oh look, new shipping material!

Those SMILES! <3 Sou lookin' a lil crazeh

And is it just me, or is Marisu getting better in front of the camera?

Despite the Hideous factor, Fuma still rocks out in the outfit, knowing he can work it.

Marius is shocked that he can do this hideous outfit justice!

Oh boy, PINK! Why am I always drawn to this damn colour!?

It looks... so good on them...


... What the hell is Kento doing? Why is he pulling that face at Sou? It's as if he's saying 'OH MA GURD, SOU, I ONLY WANT SHORI, CHUR!'

Or something?

... Yeah, you get hotter every time I see you. It's official.

Oh no! We don't know what season we are in! OH LORD!

Marius love for everyone <3

Lovin' the dancing snowflakes XD I swear, these poor juniors must hate the costume department by now.

Fuma, continuing to rock that body.

... I love Sexy Zone. I really do.

Really, I feel like I have just reignited a love for this group that never even extinguished. With every single, I can't help but love them more and more! Lady Diamond was brilliant, and still my favourite single of theirs, but this song, Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Fuyu really makes me enjoy this group performance wise. These guys are just so entertaining to watch... Especially Fuma, who I have really come to like ever since Lady Diamond. He makes me laugh, more so with how he gets into the song and dance and just...

He's wonderful. He truly is, despite that surly 'I'm so sexy' appearance!

The PV is just so fun to watch! Sexy Zone really do know how to make the video entertaining for someone like me, who is easy to please (in a sense) and enjoys fun and games. I just love everything about it! The changing scenery, the colour, the innocent, childish feel we get from the scene changes and the great choreography and the way the boys interact with each other. It's a great little PV, one which really makes me want to jump around and dance along to the song.

The one thing that I love about this group is how creative they seem to be right now. Okay, so Sexy Zone was pretty standard, but these past two singles have really shown how fun this group can be, and how creative their PV's are as well. We get something which is fun, visually appealing and really funny to watch. The reactions the boys make, how they perform in front of the camera and how they act together is all a part of the charm of the video, and I can't get enough of it!

I love how everything flows so smoothly, too, such as the scene changes from Winter, to Autumn, to Summer to Spring. The pacing is brilliant here, and it all just goes so well together! There is so much variety in not just the scenes, but the costumes as well and how they all use the sets, such as for dancing or simply playing, or even sitting at a piano. It's nice to see so much going on the video without it all getting too messy or looking clumped together.

I honestly can't get over how fun this video is for me. Sexy Zone and the Juniors are all just so entertaining and likeable, I feel that it's hard for me to not care about them at all in such a charming little video! Everyone has great chemistry, and you can truly see it whenever these guys are together - they all seem like brothers no matter what video, even the Juniors. Their interaction is just wonderful in this video, like it was in Lady Diamond. Their group chemistry is just perfect!

Group chemistry always makes me happy, and why shouldn't it?! Group Chemistry can make a whole lot of difference!

Now, onto the song!

Really, I don't know how I can't like it. It has that generic Christmas sound to it which I absolutely adore, and it's just so easy and fun to listen to! It really makes me happy, and it makes me think of happy Christmas days and how fun these songs can truly be, no matter what language it is in. Okay, so the song isn't the best Christmas song in the world - in fact, it's your run of the mill Christmas song, you could find this anywhere, but it doesn't lack charm, either. It's a lovely song, it is happy, the sound is nice, and it isn't heavy on the instrumental or vocals. It isn't overly energetic, either, but that doesn't make it any less fun I think.

It's easy to sing to as well, I think - I mean, I've been copying the lyrics for a little bit now since I found the PV and I am really enjoying how the song makes me want to sing and dance. The guys just sound great in this, too, and I adore their voices. I swear, they are really creeping up on me! Sexy Zone is just...

They are wonderful, and this song is really nice too, but my favourite part of the entire thing is the PV. It's so entertaining, so fun and cute it just makes me really love the members of Sexy Zone even more. I really hope that they continue with this streak of cheerful songs, because it suits them - not just because two of the members are young, but because even Kento and Fuma seem love the happy feel to these songs. Just by looking at them, you can tell that they all enjoy having fun and rocking out to songs which are care free and cheerful!

And that is what this song and video is! A cheerful PV which will surely let a smile creep to your face. It's infectious, and I absolutely adore it!

It's a little treat, so treat yourself and watch this Chrimbo PV that has a bit of a seasonal malfunction thrown into it!

... Trust Sexy Zone to bring out the very first Christmas song I have listened to this year!


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: October 11th, 2012

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