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Gettin' Cute n' Crazy with the Furbies in Momoiro Clover Z's 'Wee-Tee-Wee-Tee' PV

All thoughts and opinions regarding this group, their PV and their songs are my own and no one else's. Don't like my opinion? Okay, got it~ Not everyone's going to like it, and I respect that.

It looks like Halloween is here already! Break out the costumes!!!

I once had a Furby. Well, not me technically, because it was my sisters friends furby, but she kept it here once... We called him Stoner Furby. Yeah.

So, what's the deal with the Furby talk? Well, guys, considering that the Crazy Candy-Suckers are promoting furbies and even broke out their Halloween costumes early in order to do so, I thought that this would be a nice time to talk about a past Furby that I remember, and to start on Halloween orientated PVs, or at least costume themed PV's.

... Then again, isn't everyday Halloween for this group?

So, Momoiro Clover Z, a group I tend to openly avoid because of just how whacked out they can get, are back once again with their newest PV, a promotion for the product Furby, whilst looking like Furbies and dancing around a colourful set whilst high on candy. Sounds about right for this group.

... I feel a little unsure of myself right now, because seriously, I actually like this song and PV.

Help? Please?

What a name, though it fits the theme of 'What the flying fu--' for this group.

D'awww, Furbies...

I never really liked Furbies...

Okay, admittedly, this is damn cute!

Shiori looks like she would fit right into Pyoko, doesn't she?

Momoka looking bat shit crazy.

Shiori: "I CAN FLY!!!"

Look at the little chicky trying to fly~

Shiori laughs at you, Momoka's still bat shit crazy, and Reni...

Dat face?

Kanako's smile still annoys the hell out of me, and I have no opinion of Pinky Ayaka.

Roll over~ Roll Over~ So they all rolled over and Reni fell out.

Momoka is freakin' adorable, don't deny it.

Yeah Yeah Yeah Pyoko Pyoko Jump~

Shiori is rocking it out and Pinky Ayaka is actually making an impression on me!

Haha, that's actually seriously adorable!

Perfection is Momoka <3

MomoClo Z: "We want YOU!!! To buy Furbies!"

Kanako... wow, I actually like her here...

Please, Kanako, do NOT appeal to me ;A; I do not want to like you and your voice EVER...

I can't get Pyoko's costumes out of my head whenever I see Shiori.

Pinky Ayaka, continuing to appeal...

And Momoka looking freakin' adorable! I love you <3

Just... So... Cute...


... Why do their costumes look so... huggable?

Momoka: "Chuu~"

Reni, this won't go well...


Told ya.

Momoka, why did you copy Reni!? Now you've wasted your popcorn, too!

... Well, at least someone has an idea of how to catch the freakin' popcorn before it all falls to the ground.

So happy that they lost their popcorn!

But Shiori's shocked! She found out that she's a furby after looking in the mirror! Oh noes!

... Momoka, returning to that bat shit crazy look!

... Gorgeous, Reni, just absolutely gorgeous.

... Can I ask, why the hell is Momoka in blue? Yeah, it suits her, but I am pretty freakin' sure that there are green furbies out there, too.


Now it is time for the Furbies to say goodnight and go to bed.

And so, children, the day of the Furbies has come to an end.

I feel weird... maybe it's because I actually like something by MomoClo that ties in with their bat shit crazy image, but isn't so bat shit over the top crazy that it hurts my ears or makes me want to turn everything off... Kind of like that Christmas song, Santa-san? I have no idea how I came to like that song.

I really should talk about this song, not another song, shouldn't I?

So, I was surprised by how much I liked this song and PV. It's actually a very simple video and song, there isn't much to the video itself other than the fact that it is undeniably cute, sugar-coated and quite fun to watch. Despite not being a fan of the Furby franchise myself, I found the video really cute and interesting, and considering this PV is made up of two things I don't care for combined, Furbies and MomoClo, that's kinda saying something for me.

... Oh lord, am I starting to like MomoClo? Oh god...

Anyway, crisis of who and what I like aside, I really enjoyed this bundle of fluffy cuteness. The girls really appealed through this PV, and that's probably because it is all the girls had to do really - there isn't much going on in this PV other than the girls themselves, jumping around, dancing and looking cute. You get nothing more than that here, but it's all you really need to make this PV fun to watch. There is barely any lip-synching, either, so the main point of this PV is to simply watch these girls bouncing around, having fun and playing around the set.

The dance shot is extremely cute, too. I love the amount of energy and cuteness that was put into the dance for these Furby girls, and how well it fits the song itself. There's a lot of movement and jumping around for the girls, something which fits the image of Furbies I think. It ties in well with the clips of the PV that aren't dance orientated, and shows off that endearing cuteness of the girls themselves through this happy dance.

This PV allows you to see the appeal of each girl, I think, by allowing viewers to see the groups chemistry as well as the girls individually. There's barely any lip-synching that I know of, and most of the shots focus on the girls themselves having a blast on set. Each girl really stood out to me here, with their cute and goofy antics as they jump or bounce around on set to the song. I was really entertained by just the girls, which just goes to show that even the simplest of PV's, with a simple backdrop and the simplest gestures can become an entertaining video and entertain even the people who don't care about MomoClo Z (me). Heck, it entertained me so much, I thought 'I might like that Red girl now! YEAH' something which I don't plan to do, but might actually find myself doing in the near future. Not my plan, but if MomoClo continue to entertain me in even the simplest of ways, then hey, I'm game... I guess.

I really don't have much to say about the song, other than that it's catchy enough and cute enough to give me maybe one cavity. It isn't your usual crack-candy covered song from MomoClo in my opinion, but it does the job for the PV itself, fitting the video and theme nicely. We get a pretty good song out of it, though a rather tame one for what MomoClo can do, but it is enough for the fans I think, and ti shows off the cute appeal of this group nicely. I like it, quite a bit actually, and really makes me wonder why I don't like MomoClo...

I feel like this would be a great PV to show a kid. It's cute, fun and colourful, and there is enough going on to keep someone entertained, so I would say that you should give this a try on your kid brother, sister, nephew, niece or even son or daughter, and see how much they like it. For me, it's on par with Pyoko Pyoko Ultra cuteness and energy wise, and it will probably fit the same age range that it will appeal to, too.

Actually, I have a feeling that if MomoClo had been the one to do Pyoko, no one would have complained, right?

Then again, MomoClo are expected to think outside of the box. MoMusu aren't. Whee.

It's simple, but by god, it's damned cute I tell you, and worth the watch for Furby eye-candy! That's right... Furby eye-candy.

Now go imagine furbies in bikini's, and these candy-suckers in their furby costumes. Let the image plague your mind...

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