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Can you Survive the Afilia Devils and their Wrath? - 'SURVIVE!!' PV review

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Halloween Madness continues, and this time, we have the Horny Devils of Afilia Saga East! Will you be able to Survive their Devilish antics? Read on to find out!!!

You know it's Halloween when the Afilia girls bring out the Devil horns instead of the Maid costumes! Prepare to sell your soul to the Afilia Devils!

I honestly didn't expect a new single from Afilia Saga East so soon, and I certainly did not expect to see the girls sporting devil horns. Really, I thought they would sport their trademark Maid costumes again after Kindan Muteki na Darling showed the girls off in cute super hero-esque costumes, but what do you know? We get a sultry and sexy look from these fine young ladies!

I'm not complaining, though I do miss their maid costumes...

So, just in time for Halloween, 5pb have released the short music video to Afilia's 9th single, SURVIVE!! to tide us over until the girls come out in full force with the full PV! Will you be able to take on the wrath of these devilish young ladies, and will you ultimately be able to survive their adult charm?

Let's find out, shall we?

Looks inviting, doesn't it?

I swear, it looks bigger inside than it does outside.


Well hello there ladies, I see you're throwing a welcome party in this, erm... lovely warehouse you have here...

Hello LEGS!!!!

Initiate Nosebleeds all around...

Yukafin, you look surprised. Why?

Yukafin is slyly pulling up her skirt for all to see...

Louise Sforzur looks like she's a pimp in this shot. I dunno, but Kohime does not like this idea at all.

... Okay, I'm sorry for being terrible at remembering faces, but who's the girl on the left? She be sexay!!!

Karen looks positively adorable as always! And seriously, why do you girls all have the same fringe? I am really having a hard time telling most of you apart...

5pb, please update their profiles on their official web page @.@

Emiu is so pretty, I'm gonna start liking her more and more here on out, guys...

This little Devil can take me away any time she wants...

Maho: "Don't shoot!!!"

Looks like the Afilia girls are willing to do anything to get to the top of the Cafe Chain...

You know, some of these scenes remind me of Kimagure Princess...

Hello pretty lady!

Afilia: "Join us. We have Maid Cafe's..."

I want to join them... so badly...

... Is that.... is that Kurumi LaLa Milk, my lover?

Oh my gosh, it is!!!

Kurumi, your hair!!! Where did it go?

I adore these costumes, guys. I actually wish I could dress up like this for Halloween...

Looking gorgeous, as always. And Kohime still looks like a child among women, of course.

Emiu, why you so sexay!?

Hello darling!

She's just so happy to be there, entertaining you.

Backwards Jazz Hands! Because going forwards is too mainstream!

An Army of Afilia Devils has been created! You had better watch your back, boys and girls, or your hearts and souls will be stolen forever more.

Because hugging yourself on those cold and lonely nights is the only thing you can do when there is no one beside you...

Jazz Hands!!! Oh yeah~

Kohime, though small and child-like in many a way, is still the boss of these girls.

It's great to be an original Afilia member, isn't it?

Hugging yourselves again, girls? You know, I'm sure that I can hug you... and many other Wota, too...

Wait, where did they go? Oh no, this place is haunted, all I saw was... ghosts?


So... did you guys survive the PV as well? Good, because we aren't exactly finished with it yet! We still have a review to get through... let's see who can withstand it and survive the rest of this PV review!!!

For some reason, the title of this single reminds me The Hunger Games and Battle Royale, but I really put that down to my current obsession with The Hunger Games trilogy and the film Battle Royale, so I was actually slightly disappointed when the video of SURVIVE!! was nothing like a battlefield. Yeah, I had a little bit of an expectation for the PV, but then again these girls are Idols, and really, you don't want to see blood, guts and killing in a video.

Not unless you are AKB, that is. Then you can kind of expect it.

But even without anything to link the title to the video, this is still a pretty good video. I like it, not as much as I like other Halloween videos that have come out this year, but I do indeed like it. The girls all look stunning in this for one, and eye candy is always a winner in my books, and also... devil horns and awesome costumes. How can that not win? These girls look amazing, and it kinda ties in with that whole fetish thing they have going on in nearly every PV they release. Mhm... Devils...

The PV doesn't have much going in scene wise - we are in one basic location, which is a deserted warehouse that the girls are dancing or standing around in. You have your normal dance shots, group shots and a few solo shots thrown in there, with the solo shots spookily resembling the twirling solo shots of Kimagure Princess by Morning Musume. In fact, when I first saw the butt and bust shots before the head shots, I thought of that PV. The warehouse also reminds me of Nanchatte Renai, but it isn't completely like it. Anyway, I now think that Tsunku helped to co-produce this, or at least influenced the editing. You never know, considering he and 5pb's manager are best buds and all now.

Well, whatever, this PV is nice The execution is nice, and there is enough going on to keep people entertained. The dance portion of the video is nice to watch as there is a good amount of activity going on, along with the much loved 'backwards jazz hands' that people seem to like in this video. Also, the girls. Who doesn't like these girls in these costumes? I love them, personally, then again I'm an Idol perv, and I love anything which shows off legs and the appeal of any idol, really.
 The costumes show off that mature image these Idols give off, as well as working well with the theme of the video: dark but sexy. Nice.

If you like your girls looking mature and sexy, then this is the video for you. Afilia are great for this sort of thing, though their previous single could actually question their maturity too... but this single here is the perfect contrast to the cute and bubbly Kindan Muteki na Darling, showing the girls in a darker, more sensual light which really shows off their mature and more feminine qualities through how the girls portray themselves in group and individual scenes. This video may be simple, but by god, do these girls know how to make it interesting by how they work the camera and how they generally appeal to the viewers with their sultry looks and gorgeous appearances.

Now, before I leave and allow you to escape from the depths of despair that is this blog, allow me to talk a little about the song itself.

The song actually reminds me of Flying Get by AKB48 in the beginning, and I was honestly really worried that I would hate this song because Flying Get is a song that I really don't like or even care about, but thank the lord, the instrumental gets better for me when the girls begin to sing, and we find ourselves listening to a rather up-beat and cool song. Okay, maybe it isn't the 'coolest' song on the Idol scene, but it's cool for Afilia, and it isn't your general peppy Idol affair that Kindan Muteki was. It's like a step back, I guess, allowing the girls to sing a more mature song which suits their image more so than the cutesy Idol song they sang the last time. It's a change, and a very nice one at that, which allows the girls to look and sound more mature whilst still having a happy and cute sound to it.

It's a good song, one which fits the video and the dance. The girls all sound great (very cute, as always) and I thank the lord that there is no auto-tune this time around! Really, auto-tune has become all the rage for a while now, so it's nice to find a group who have decided to go down the route of not following other Idol groups. You go girls!

It's a nice video and a nice song. Not my favourite for Halloween, but for Afilia, this is a really nice addition to their growing PV and single collection! A must see for Afilia and Cute Devil fans, I think!

So, did you Survive??

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