Sunday, 28 October 2012

Bring on the MomoClo Madness with 'Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi-tachi Yo'!

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It's time to begin the Momoiro Clover Madness! Aha!

Halloween Madness continues with Momoiro Clover and their Freaky new video!

Get ready for weird to get weirder with the Crazy Candy Suckers as they take over the night with their latest single and PV, Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi-tachi Yo. If there is one thing to expect from MomoClo, it is a Craze-tastic video filled with fun and surprise!

Okay, so firstly, I am not a MomoClo fan, and I think plenty of you already know that. However lately I have taken to watching their material more and trying to embrace my inner 'MomoClo Freak' who likes these girls and how eccentric and weird they can be. I don't embrace that side too often, but it's been popping up more lately ever since Wee-Tee-Wee-Tee, which is now my go to song.

Damn you, MomoClo Z!!!

Anyway, they recently revealed the PV to their latest song, and honestly it was everything that I was not expecting... but I really should learn by now never to expect anything but the unexpected from MomoClo, because really, they're the sort of group who aim to surprise you with their weird creativity. But yeah, I was expecting something different, because the concept photo's showed the girls in Angel and Devil costumes, giving the girls a rather tame but sexy image just in time for Halloween, and what did we get?

... Well, weirdness, because it's MomoClo, and if these girls weren't weird, then they wouldn't be as popular as they are now, and they certainly wouldn't catch our attention! However they do have the Ying and Yang concept running through the video, you know, light and dark, good and evil, all that jazz? Yeah, it's apparent in the video, but they did it in a way that no other Idol group could.

So, why don't we bring on the MomoClo Madness and get into the Pic spam, shall we?

It's as if I've entered a theatre...

... Wait, have MomoClo stolen someone's child? Quick, call the police!!!

o-O What the hell is on  their heads...?

Oh my lord, the plants grew too quickly! Now they are evil tree's!!!

... Wait, MomoClo are the tree's? Okay, what drugs is the producer/director on and where can I get them?

You know, it's always a freakish kind of joy to see how crazy happy Momoka is in any MomoClo video. I swear, that smile is borderline psychopath...

Girl: "Oh shi... what did I do?"

This is looking pretty spooky, actually.

Shiori is totally fabulous, even when she's rocking one of the weirdest MomoClo hair do's to date.

Kanako, why is your voice so terrible to my ears? Why must you sing through your nose? Why?

They're using a foreign girl? That is actually surprising, but she resembles Alice from Alice in Wonderland...

... Whut?

Oh yeah, break out the moves, girls!

MomoClo: "Thrilleeeeeer! Thriller Night!"

These girls are getting ready to spook you all this Halloween and take away all your candy!

Those wigs are such a huge turn off, and surprisingly, the only thing that hasn't suited Momoka.

... She's still the prettiest member IMO, though.

My favourite scene, it looks so good!

Creeper MomoClo, trying to snatch away an innocent child! Leave her alone, you creepy child snatchers!

Reni: "Got your nose!!!"

Let go of Momoka, Reni!!! And lol, Kanako looks like she's been bitch slapped!

Momoka: "Bitch, please!"

Momoka will twist that puny little hand off of your arm if you don't watch it, Reni my girl!

OMG!!! YES! The Angel (or good) versions of the costumes are here! Oh my god they are BEAUTIFUL!!!

And loving the tinted wigs, they look pretty decent, a lot better than the dark ones.

Momoka: "Eat my dust, bitch!"

Reni and Shiori can't handle Momoka's glorious presence.

Bow down to Queen Momoka!!!

Reni and Shiori looks positively beautiful here.

... I'm falling for Reni, guys D;

.... YES!!! This is totally epic on all levels! Oh my god it's just...

The light up dresses really made my day, I swear. I wasn't expecting it, but it totally blew me away and made me enjoy MomoClo and how epic they can be, seriously...

Breaking it down MomoClo style!

Reni, why the face palm? Is Kanako's voice that terrible?

Shiori... she looks hot.

... What.



Oh my god this just got weirder... @.@ Guys, wtf am I watching? Seriously, what am I watching?

If looks could kill, then MomoClo would be dead, because this girl is not impressed by her new 'do!

Shiori, you are so pretty! And that wig actually suits you a lot.

You look angelic, actually.

Shiori lead: How it should be, every freakin' time!

All hail the MomoClo Angels!

YEAH! Punch the air for some MomoClo Z spirit!!!

Kanako looks so happy, it's actually very nice XD

Guys, I really like this set and those costumes... even the wigs are growing on me... @.@

... Really, what the hell is up with that? What the hell is going on here!?

Kanako, please get to the back and let Shiori or Momoka take the front, kay?

Awww, she's happy! The wig has finally disappeared, so of course she's elated!!!

Oh wow, the tree's now have MomoClo fruit on them! So, which one will you pick? I will have either Momoka or Shiori... maybe even Reni! Who knows?

And.... The End...

Of one fucked up story o-O Seriously, what the hell MomoClo?

The Moral of the story, kids? To always expect the unexpected, especially if it's Momoiro Clover Z.

Okay, so in all seriousness guys, I really did enjoy this song and video, to the point where it is on a loop now beside Wee-Tee-Wee-Tee. I haven't been this infatuated with a MomoClo Z song since Mouretsu, and I really do adore that song from these girls. It's one of my favourites from Momoiro Clover Z. It's just... it's wonderful, it really is... and so is Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi-tachi Yo, though it's got nothing on Mouretsu in my eyes.

The song is incredibly catchy, though rather tame for a MomoClo song in a sense. It isn't as out-there crazy, but it has the distinctive Momoiro Clover sound to it that we all know and love/hate to love. It's catchy, it quickly embeds itself into your brain and migrates there or a good while, and sounds really really good. The instrumental is great, it has a good mix of cool and dark, pulling out a little bit of quirky happiness as well as some attempted rap, giving the instrumental a good mixture of different sounds in one song without sounding messy or crowded in any way. In a way, the mix is pretty crazy in how much is in there, but the sound is quite tame, and the amount of styles of sound that is in there fits with the image of the song, such as the slower parts of the instrumental fitting with the Angelic look of the girls, and the dance-enthused instrumental break fitting with the dance portion of the MV where the girls have light-up dresses.

It all just fits, okay? Believe me when I say that the instrumental, no matter how much the sound can change drastically, fits with the video and the song itself, and everything works well together, it really does.

... I swear, I make no sense sometimes. This is one of those times.

Basically, I think that song is really good. I love the sound of it, it's really catchy and infectious, and it doesn't freak me out like other MomoClo songs can. It's a great tune, one which is very dark in terms of a sound from/by MomoClo. It's dark enough for this group, which really works for the girls, because they can still sound eerie whilst still acting random and creepy like we are used to. It isn't like the girls have whipped out a totally different sound which is nothing like the usual MomoClo songs we get, but it's different... or at least to me it is.

Okay, let's move onto the PV before I start blabbering more and repeating myself about how dark and intense this song is compared to everything else I have ever heard from MomoClo, shall we?

I really did not expect what we get with this PV, I really didn't. The concept PV's had me hoping that the girls would run around in Devil and Angel costumes fighting each other off or having a wild battle throughout the video, but instead we get this... something that is really unexpected, and something that is very much Momoiro Clover Z.

I was creeped out at first, but I have actually come to terms with the video and I actually really do like it. In fact, I think I love it. Even those horrible wigs and Kanako's crazy psychopath smile. Yup.

It's a pretty dark PV for MomoClo I think, with the set being in a garden where the girls create havoc for the young owner who begins the video innocently watering tree seeds. The video is pretty much a mixture of the girls dancing in either Gothic or Angelic outfits, haunting the young girl in the video and the girls sitting on a couch or walking around together with a horrific wig on their heads with attaches them to each other. I swear, that is the creepiest thing in this entire video... other than the laser beam eyes which is equally horrifying.

Now, I would love to talk about the costumes firstly... they really are terrific, like a cross between a Victorian gown and a modern day frock (yes, I said frock, sue me), especially the dark version of the costume. The pattern is gorgeous, and I really love how the costumes look. Add the wigs and you get a rather Upper-class lady look going on there, though MomoClo certainly don't act like privileged young ladies in this video, but hey, it adds to the creepy atmosphere and really works in favour of the darkness of the video, so to whoever made the costumes: You rock!
 The white costumes are equally pretty, showing off the more Angelic, innocent side to the girls which brings more light to the PV, giving us a great and much needed contrast within the video. The wigs also look a lot better, and I like the use of the tint to the wigs with the girls' colours. It's great for people who are still learning just who MomoClo are and are confused about who is who and just who is singing. I prefer these wigs, I mean it's pretty obvious.

Then there is the light-up dresses... Oh my god, thank you! There is more diversity in this video than I thought, and those dresses are just... My lord they are wonderful, and they fit with the dance break so bloody well! Yes!

They also remind me of that one Perfume PV (Spring of Life I think) where the girls had light up dresses, and really, I love that idea. I actually wished that for Wakuteka Take a chance Morning Musume would have light up or glow in the dark dresses, but it didn't happen, so to see the use of light-up dresses in this video was almost heavenly for me. It was a very welcome surprise, and I really love that aspect of the PV. Props to the director and costume maker. I love you guys for doing that.

Costumes aside, this PV is visually appealing. I absolutely love the set that the girls are on, it's simple, but it really works in their favour. It can go from being dark and eerie to light and open, and even with just one set you can tell that the director uses everything to his advantage. There are many shots which look like they are on a different side when really, you only have the one side of the set to work with, it's just the amazing use of camera angles and the props that have been used. There isn't even that many props in the video! A few pots, some tree's and a couch, and voila, your props are set! It's amazing what has been done with this video when there is only one location, a few props and the girls themselves. The video came out really great, and you get a lot of visual appeal with simple lighting adjustments, a smoke machine and the girls themselves.

By the way, these girls rock this PV. They really do, and I just love how well these girls mesh together in the video and individually... even if we don't actually get any individual shots this time around, but who cares? MomoClo's group chemistry is amazing, and their personalities really shine in every PV. I really can't help but like them more and more, they are always so happy and energetic and adore what they do. Nothing seems contrived with these girls, which is wonderful. They are really enjoyable in this video, whether creepy, psycho or happy - no matter what, MomoClo always seem to keep their viewers entertained!

I really like MomoClo's MV's, for the pure fact that these girls put quality into their videos no matter what. They aren't there just for the money, these girls are there to bring out some good quality videos that can entertain you with really good songs. Whilst other Idol groups will bring out mediocre, re-hashed or lacking PV's because they can Morning Musume, AKB due to popularity, MomoClo seem to continue going up and creating solid singles with solid video's that are very good or borderline amazing. Yeah, these girls may be weird, but their management really know how to handle them and give their fans something worthwhile.

This group is really growing on me, and I'm starting to see why people like MomoClo. They're different, but these girls really bring quality to their video's. They are popular for a reason, and it isn't because they are Idols or because they are overly weird... okay, they're overly weird is a good reason why they are popular now, but their PV's are pretty amazing and work in the girls' favour.

And their group chemistry is amazing, let's not forget that! These girls really know how to work a camera, whether they are together or alone, and that's what every Idol group needs. Awkwardness never wins in a group PV, I swear.

MomoClo are pretty awesome, and I may become a fan... enough said.

Will you join in on the MomoClo Madness?


  1. LOL... You'll know you're really hooked when Kanako's voice becomes an irresistible siren song! (But Shiorin in the lead at the end did have me hyperventillating.) Good breakdown of the video - unexpecteded but extremely satisfying.

    1. Haha really? Well, when Kanako can make me love a song more, I kno that I will have gone down, like a hook, line and sinker!!!

      It's a nice video, it really did satisfy me! I wasn't expecting it to be this good when it turned out to be everything that I did not expect it to be xD