Saturday, 27 October 2012

Becoming a Fashion Monster with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

All thoughts and opinions regarding the song, PV and singer are totally my own and no one else's. If you do not agree with my opinion then okay! Just don't try to make me convert to your opinion. That is not cool.

Who wants to become a Fashion Monster?

Believe it or not, I'm actually going to review a Kyary song... if only for the sake of Halloween Madness and the fact that every PV this woman does could be classed as a Halloween PV.

... That, and I want to do this for Nia. You better be reading this, girl!

Now, before I get into this head on, I want to get something straight: I am not a fan of Kyary in any way. She came about during my days of auto-tune hatred, and I really did not like her debut song at all. It was a little too weird for my own liking, and the use of auto-tune was pretty much unbearable. BUT I have listened to her other two songs before now, and that's only because my sister likes her and enjoys torturing me with Kyary's... weirdness. So, I'm not a complete stranger to the Japanese version of Gaga, but I am not her fan either.

... And now would be a good time to say that I am going to be reviewing this PV blindly, meaning that I am going to watch it as I screen cap it, and then give my initial thoughts on it afterwards. Doesn't that sound like fun, class?

No? Oh well, whatever... This is for you, Nia!

Welcome to Kyary's Castle, where weird just gets weirder!!!

What the fuck, man!?

I told you, weird gets weirder when we're with Kyary! What the HELL?

... I do like that hair, though.

I am literally thinking 'What the hell have I gotten myself into?'

... No turning back now, I suppose.

She is literally clawing out my soul right now...

... Lurch?

... What?

Admittedly, I think that Kyary is very pretty, especially with that wig.

Is she flipping me off!?

This... is as relevant as Aika's old man costume in Maji Desu Ka Ska...

meaning not at all relevant.

Oh yeah, hanging with the Oldies!

Is Kyary flirting with the old guy!?

When did this PV turn into Hentai!?



That is really creepy.

Is it bad that every time I see these dancers, I think that they are dressed as lamp shades?

Kyary what the fuck are you on!!??

It puked!?

What the hell am I watching? Guys, please enlighten me... what am I watching?

It's like I am watching Hentai, my GOD!!! Kyary what the HELL????

Well, thank goodness it ended on a prettier note.

Okay, so if you can't tell already by the screen caps and my comments, this PV has kinda freaked me out... but not as much as I thought it would. Thank goodness it's only that weird moon thing which has creeped me out. The rest of the PV is actually okay, and probably something I would re-watch.

... It's weird that I said that considering this is a Kyary MV.

But, that aside, I actually liked this video. It's pretty tame when compared to other Kyary PV's, that's a fact, but it's still weird enough to be considered... well, weird, but that's Kyary's style, and whilst this video does bring in that Halloween-Goth feel to it, we still get a good amount of random cuteness and colour that is Kyary's signature style when it comes to her videos. The darkness and the costumes that are used (as well as Kyary's fantastic hair) add to the Halloween feel of the video.

And the camera work is beautiful!

Honestly, I adored the camera work in this video. There are really great shots in the PV, with plenty of free movement and creativity going on where needed. It really added to feel of the video and gave it some variety, because let's be honest: Not much goes on scene wise in the video other than the CGI and the room that Kyary is performing in with her band of furries and Lurch. Oh, and that old man... what the heck was with that, by the way? Other than someone to stand there as Kyary tried to flirt.

Ew much?

Anyway, this PV is very bearable for someone like me who doesn't really care for Kyary's whackiness. It's pretty cute, actually. Kyary herself is incredibly adorable and enjoyable to watch, she really lets you get into the PV just by her facial expressions and hand gestures. She also has great chemistry with the camera, and I can't help but fall for her in this video. I really felt like, at the end of the video, that I appreciated what Kyary had done video wise. She is very likeable, I think, and I am happy that I actually liked this PV towards the end despite the... weird moon puking thing and Kyary bathing in barf.

Not the most appealing thing in a PV, but it's Kyary, so what else can I expect from her?

But yeah, the PV minus the old man and the barfing moon is a win for me... but what about the song?

... I really like it, and I am kind of killing myself for saying it, but also happy that I have finally found a Kyary song I like, because I really haven't given this girl a chance since Pon Pon Pon came out and I heard the terrible auto-tune that I loathed so much before Tweet Dream by Fairies.

The song is really cute, and whilst still reliant on the auto-tune, it isn't as heavy as I thought it would be. Kyary has an adorable voice, one which is tolerable but also not the greatest. It adds to the song nicely I think without going overkill on the cuteness. And the instrumental... well, it's just fabulous I think. It works nicely with video, both have a great pace and the instrumental breaks are lovely to listen to. I can't really fault it!

So, in conclusion, the PV freaks me out, but in a good way that allows me to like the PV as well without wanting to turn it off halway through. The song is nice to listen to, having that cute Idol pop sound which is pretty infectious and great to nod your head to! Whilst not Kyary's best PV or song wise, I really like this. It's tame enough for someone like me, who is easily freaked out by the likes of Kyary and MomoClo. But hey! At least I gave it a try, and in the end it turned out that I actually really enjoyed it and found another Halloween song to add to my favourites list! Woohoo!

Kyary has finally allowed me to like something, and you can be sure that I will be listening to this more until Halloween is over. It's cute and catchy, everything an Idol song needs to be to get me to like it! Kyary may not be a favourite singer of mine, but if I continue to like her songs, I might just become a fan of her...

Are you a Fashion Monster, too?


  1. Eee! Thank you thank you THANK YOU for reviewing this! It has completely and totally made my day, especially since you liked it! You really liked it :D This has totally made my day!

    1. Ah you're welcome! I knew you would like it if I reviewed Kyary, and considering it's Halloween Madness, I thought 'why not review Fashion Monster!" And I really do like it! In fact, I borderline adore this song! It's so catcy and just... worth the loop!

  2. PV was totally Kyary's style but I'm definitely not feeling the song or look but it does suit her. Kind of has a weird vibe like Tsukema Tsukeru but I did love that song.

    1. I think this can be a hit or miss for people really. For someone who doesn't listening to her like me, this is a song which could easily get me into her music. It's cute and a lot more tame than everything else she has done, but I can see why people wouldn't be madly in love with it like her other songs.