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Are You Ready for a DokiDoki Typhoon? - Weather Girls 'Koi no Tenki Yohou' PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions regarding a group, their PV and their songs are all my own thoughts and no one else's. If you don't like how I think, just remember that no one has to like what I say! Opinions will ALWAYS be different, no matter who you are! No two opinions are the same, no matter how similar they may seem! Wheee~

Oh my, oh my, oh my Gosh!

I've been waiting for this, heck, I've actually been anticipating it since I heard that these girls would debut. A Taiwanese girl group, with all the girls originally being Weather Girls for a TV station, making their Idol debut in Japan... yeah, of course I was excited, because they are from the same country as darling Show Luo and Rainie Yang. Nice.

And here it is. Their debut PV, titled Koi no Tenki Yohou, is finally here for us all to watch and take in! But really, what do people think of it?

Some like it, some love it, others will hate it. Whatever you think, it is really up to you. Personally, I'm okay with it. The PV, that is. The song is a totally different matter.

Anyway, I need to get the pic spam over and done with before I talk about these girls more, so let's get ready for a mini typhoon of pictures! Prepare yourselves!

... Already, there is too much pink. But it's cute, no denying that.

We have received confirmation that they are now... The Waiter Girls!

It's really cute how the voice-over guy can't pronounce 'Weather'. It adds that element of 'D'awwwww'.

Loving the darkness of it before we actually get into the song. The silhouettes look pretty cool.

... More pink? Really now?

IT'S SO BRIGHT!!!!!!!!

Oh than gawd, we have some sanity in this MV that isn't made up of pink and cuteness. Ah, relief...

Short-cut Girl: "This is how I bitch slap back in the Hood."

... Aaaaaand the pink is back!

Ponytail may become my favourite, she just seems... cute xD

Girl: "Bitches, get in the back!"

Single file, ladies! SINGLE FILE I SAID!

Is it just me, or are those dresses too short and skimpy?

... Or maybe these girls are just very, erm... leggy.

How cute, but you look too old to pull of the 'kawaii' look.

OKAY, YOU'RE HIRED! I mean my favourite... seriously, anyone who can do a Kawaii wink is wonderful! You go, Ponytail!

... I don't like Pigtails' hair styled like that, it looks like a hot mess.

Manager: "We are sorry to say this, but you have not made it as Chiima's favourite."

It's so hard breaking the news to poor unfortunate souls Idols who never become a favourite );

Main Girl: "Don't worry, the Wota's will dig you."
Sad Girl: "Bitch, can't you see I don't like you?"
Pigtails: "Ehe~ CHOU KAWAII!"

I've seen the office set up in some of their Weather forecasts, must be one of the more popular ones? Also, love the clouds on the desks.

Weather Girls: "STOP THE FORECAST!"
Long Haired Girl: "NEVER!"

Lovin' the shredded soccer outfits! Very Oh! inspired.

Okay, this got me! Lovin' it~

And today's forecast: Sunny, with a high chance of Frosty bitches in your area.

DAMNI those legs!

Shot-cut: "I can't play soccer, there's a plastic thunder cloud over my head, gussun~" -cries-

Short-cut: "What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuck..."
Pony: "Pyuuuu~n"

And Ponytail saves the day! I like you more and more! Kawaii!


Those legs... seriously, it is so weird seeing tall Idols because Jpop girls are freakin' MIDGETS!!! Can't get enough of them LEGS <3

Yup... legs all the way <3

And... eject! Weather Forecast for today: Over!

Okay guys, review time! If I make no sense during this part, bear with me because I am ill and tired from being ill, so sorry if I am less than understandable for today! I just wanted to update with reviews and get my butt into gear >3<

So... Weather Girls, eh? Why isn't it raining men? Joke joke xD

I've been anticipating the entire song for a while, and the PV less so, and it's nice to finally see the entire thing, though it's incredibly short for a PV in my eyes, but for the 3 minutes and 30 seconds you get, there is enough crammed in there to entertain you and keep you occupied as you watch it, and for sure, you won't get bored of it. The scenes change enough and there are different costumes to suit your tastes, so a good amount of variety in one little PV!

We also get a nice amount of scene changes, such as the sickly, eye-catching pink dance scenes with lights randomly going off every which way, the simple soccer-costume based shots, an office shot and the girls in school girl uniforms, too... though most of these girls don't look like school girls any more, but oh well, it's the appeal, not the age, that matters, right?

Before I get into anything, the K-pop influence in this video is really high - from the video to the song, I can see that influence, and whilst I may not be a big fan of K-pop myself, I do like how the girls took it and how catchy the song became. That K-pop sound really is nice, and it works with the girls themselves. It might actually encourage me to listen to some K-pop...

... NAH!

The entire PV is actually really cute, and whilst the eye sore pink scenes aren't particularly my favourite, I do like the outfits and the dance as well. These girls are actually quite good at dancing, which surprised me, and seem to have practised a lot for their debut. They all look great, and I love the amount of appeal they have in the video - not just by the way they look, but by how they act and present themselves in front of the camera. These girls are extremely charismatic and it really shows. Oh, and they have that much needed group chemistry, too. They are all just really enjoyable to watch in the video, and whilst the video isn't exactly one of my favourites, I think that it's a really nice debut for the girls and it really shows off what they are about: Weather girls who appeal with costumes and scenarios that they have to play up to, and they used those scenarios well.

Also... I can't get enough of how tall they all are! Seriously, I've been watching short little Idols for too long! I didn't realise how weird it was to see someone tall in a music video until I watched this one, but... those legs! I am bala-ba-ba-baaaa... I'm loving it!

The thing I like the most, though, just has to be the song - Oh my gosh, it's incredibly catchy! I can't get enough of it! The song is infectious, it just drills itself into your head straight away. That quirky poppy tune is enough to make me like the song, but the girls are also a part of the reason why I like it too. They all sound great, and they also look/sound like they really enjoy singing this song! It has a nice cuteness to the sound, and it just makes me feel really happy and energetic. I love singing along to it... ah, it's incredibly easy to sing to! Those little 'Ioh my Gosh's' are really easy to follow, and you may just find yourself singing along to these girls and even practising their cute little dance moves as well.

I'm really digging the song and PV right now. It's enjoyable and incredibly catchy! I can't help but like it a lot, and for a debut, this is a pretty darned good start for the girls as Idols. Hopefully they will continue producing music in Japan, and maybe even have their Taiwanese debut, who knows? I love how they all sound, the look they have and the concept they were created from. Weather Girls are pretty good already, and I can see them getting even better the more they work on their Japanese pronunciation. If they keep up what they are doing and continue to appeal to the Japanese public, these girls may go pretty far... I say may, because this is still their debut period.

I can't wait to see what else they bring out. Maybe a doll based PV? I want a doll based PV! >__<


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