Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sakino Chiba Graduates from Houkago Princess

As you all probably know, updates concerning Indies Idol group Houkago Princess are hard to come by, so most of the research I dig up is what I find out through blogs and anything on their website. Of course, I do this very little because HouPri have this habit of doing nothing of any importance for a while. So, when I do decide to take a look at how the girls are doing, they generally have a surprise or two up their sleeves which leave me either A) Sad and blubbering away or B) Happy-ish. It depends on what happens, really.

Well... this announcement is, of course, a sad one. Because HouPri are all about making us sad right now, aren't they!?

On August 17th through her official blog, Sakino Chiba officially announced her graduation from Houkago Princess, deciding to pursue her dream. Feeling that Houkago Princess was taking her in a different direction, she has chosen to leave the group and pursue a career in fashion. Her graduation was on September 1st.

This is what I find when I am bored. This is what I find after a good day buying stuff at a car boot and finding some awesome Pokemon goodies. THIS is what I find when I hope for discography and/or PV updates.

Screw going on their staff blog, it brings too much sadness now. All I've seen every update with this group is graduations and nothing else, really.

It's actually rather upsetting, because recently HouPri has had these massive changes, with two new members joining, and then the sudden bulk graduation of Mayuka, Yumeka and Yuuki as well as new candidate members (and recently added Gen 3 member, Nene), so this is all a little overwhelming, especially when so little but graduations have been happening. Also... I was really starting to like Sakino, even though her voice is rather annoying when it comes to singing.

Okay, so I'm happy that they are changing things up, but now the 1st generation is made up of two original members: Hitomin and Nana. That's the same amount of members as Gen 2! Which ultimately means that HouPri have a total of five members right now, not counting the candidates. They've lost a lot of members in the past year since their debut, and it's rather saddening to realise that.

But, it's not like fans can do anything about it. HouPri's members have all graduated for different reasons, so the change, in the end, is up to the members rather than management. Yumeka's was due to illness, Mayuka wanted to be a model, and who the heck knows what happened to Devil Yuuki? Whilst this change makes me sad and all, I respect the girls' wishes to graduate and their reasons. I mean, you can't keep them there, can you?

In the end of it all, Chiba made a choice, and if she feels like this isn't the direction she wants to go in, then of course it's her time to leave the group, rather than fully regret that she didn't leave sooner later on in her Idol career. She chose fashion, and for her, that is important, but honestly... I will miss her. As someone who was a front girl, you always got to see her, so now that she's leaving, I will miss her.

The cute, squeaky and chubby-cheeked cherub Chiba has left HouPri, and for the fans who want to read her announcement, here it is, translated and all by the lovely Momo-Musu.

"I'm sorry if it's late (at night). 
At today's two part live an announcement was made, but because there was something that couldn't come out I'm going make another announcement.

And so please be supporting me everyone, to the people who this concerns, the announcement as become very abrupt, I want to say sorry from my heart.

In the quick second, I think I unable to announce this announcement to everyone.
Everyone is really really kinda...
I was able to feel everyone's kindness once again 
To start off with, I have a dream that I want to fulfill.

Being a part of Houkago Princess, I had thoughts that were difficult and agonizing.

They were continuously troubling me, "You want to persist in the opposite direction of your dream."
They were telling me with growing intention, I didn't have a feeling of incompleteness, I think I've come to persist in the opposite direction with all my power.

I can say with confidence that I love fashion, apart from trends, I'm going to persist in the opposite direction with fashion. 
Until now, everyone has given me many feelings and energy, and have given me support.

I have so much appreciation that it's impossible to express it all.

All those wonderful things, I definitely won't forget them, I think I will make use of them from now on!
From now I think I will be able to walk down my own way myself. 
Based on that and more, I, Chiba Sakino, on September 1, will graduate. 
I'm really, really sad but at the end, I think, I was able to smile at everyone and push forward.

From here on, because with the remaining time I want to do my best with all my might, please continue supporting me. 
Everyone, all of the members too, Thank you really.
I really love you. 
Houkago Princess, Chiba Sakino"  

It's sad... but graduations happen, and whilst I am trying to get over how different HouPri is now member-wise, I know that this is what Chiba wants, and I accept it...

But it will take some time to get over the fact that she has left the group.

Chiba, may the Idol be with you always. And may your fashion sense help you get a great career. Good luck, chubby cheeks and bad make-up girl. Your neon cheeks shall be missed D;

And if Hitomin ever graduates, I will probably procrastinate and mourn her loss from the group... and cry. A lot.



  1. Sakipyon is decided not to graduate and is still a member.

    1. I know :3 I just don't believe in deleting my posts haha ^^