Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pimpin' Pants and Sheki Sheki Dance with Dream5's 'Shekimeki' PV!

If you don't like my opinions, y'all, then okay that's all cool and all, but don't diss a person for their opinion, cos you have one too! What I think or feel about a certain group, their songs or their PV's is entirely my own opinion, and you can't change that. Believe me, my opinion... The opinion is strong in this one indeed...

Believe it or not, I really am alive... I've just been so busy that I have only been able to blog the News of the Week (and even that is getting hard to do with the amount of life I have right now, urgh) and/or rants which take my fancy in the middle of the night. Weird...

Anyway, I actually a free day! Or at least a day of procrastinating homework due in tomorrow, but we will leave that until later, won't we? I have missed my blog, and I want to talk PV's!

Mainly, Shekimeki.

Out of the two PV's I wanted to talk about, Shekimeki is clearly my favourite, despite the fact that I have literally just watched it for the first time. It's just... well, it's everything that the other PV isn't, it's a PV which I really enjoy despite the low budget it has, despite how little there is to work with in the video.

This PV beats out Wakuteke Take a chance by a million miles, guys. That is my opinion indeed, but I am being totally honest here. Wakuteke sucks in comparison to this for me.

And I will tell you why... after a pic spam, which really does not do this video justice.

Oh, and it's a short version of the PV (despite being a good 4 minutes long) which makes me sad, but if I am already excited for the PV, then there's a good chance that the last few minutes or seconds will be just as freakin' cool. Seriously, Avex, you know how to make a girl wait and anticipate, don'cha?

Anyway, let's dive in head first into this pic spam and see what little justice pictures will do for this damn awesome PV...

Colour blocks? Tacky gold foil jackets...? Oh boy, this won't go down well...

... Let's just say first impressions aren't always good, because it gets even better!

Is it just me, or is Mikoto getting prettier every video? Seriously, my impression of her grows every time I see this girl!


It works so well with those blocks, it just.. mind blown

... DAMN Momona, you are working this video and dat HAT! <3

Yuuno is just so cute, it's not even real x3 I want to hug this girl! <3

AHAHAHAHAHAH Akira! XD I swear, one day I will force you to marry Yuuno or Momona D<

... I hate your hair like that, gurl. Get a new stylist or keep it curled! Please!

Oh, sexy guys. So sexy.

... It's bad that Akira looks hot in those skinny jeans.

Work it, gurl boy!

I just can't get over the colour and how epic it all looks with the clothes and the group and the cubes and squee!

... DAMN Momona is looking better with every PV! Yuuno has a serious contender for my favourite.

Mikoto: "Keep me in your heart, ne?"

What are they all plotting over there in the background, hm?

Yuuno, you just so darned cute! <3 -hugs-

Akira is loving his Pimp Pants! YEAH!

Awww, are they all picking on you Kotori? How mean!

... Guys, you made her cry! Apologise now!


... Okay, then just cheer and be dicks D8<

These costumes are growing on me, cos they are't as cheap and tacky as other costumes x3

Akira: "Bow down, my bitches!"

All of the girls are so overwhelmed by the on-coming hotness of Akira!

Reach Up For the STARS!!!!


LOL Yuuno, what the heck are looking all crazy for? And Akira... are those Harry Potter Glasses I see!?

Why yes... Yes they are! And lovin' the Apple Mac sunnies, Kotori!

Momona is NOT impressed, Kotori.

Epic colours and dance is epic... or are epic. I dunno :/

I'm actually really bummed out because this is only a good majority of the PV and not the full version. When it ended, I was actually quite sad because I am really enjoying this song and the greatness of this video. Dan you, Avex, damn you...

When I started watching the PV, I really didn't expect much out of it. Maybe an okay dance, an okay-ish song and something which would keep me and my Dream 5 cravings at bay, but really, I wasn't expect to love it so much... It really makes me wish for the full PV, which I am sure I won't get until the end of October when the single actually comes out Dx

Anyway, this is a pretty damn good PV in my eyes. There's a lot of moments where I couldn't help but laugh (mostly Akira based, seriously he's pretty good at the funny stuff me thinks) and there were a lot of parts where I just really enjoyed the video and appreciated every moment of it. It's fun, it's colourful and despite how little there is to work with, this PV is amazing in so many ways I can't even...

It's exciting and thoroughly enjoyable. I couldn't stop smiling throughout it, and even just listening to the song gets me excited and pumped! I can't help but spack out (or dance) to it and enjoy myself whilst listening to the song and watching them dance themselves. They all look like they are having a blast there, which just makes the PV so much better than it looks when you just see the pictures. Even though the set is nothing more than colourful blocks, you still get an amazing PV! It's all down to how the group works together, how the dance fits into the song and how great the group chemistry is!

Actually, let's talk about the group chemistry, because it's really strong here. In the scenes where these guys are together, whether it is dancing or making fun of each other, the group chemistry is apparent and you can really see how these guys work well together and how much they just love being a part of the group. They made every part of this PV great with their chemistry and how well they fit together, and that's what I look for in a group.

... That's probably why MoMusu fail right now, right?

Other than group chemistry, the dance is awesome. Then again, when isn't a Dream5 dance awesome? One of the things that is apparent in this group is that these guys are focused on mostly the dance and two vocals, so if they failed in the dance department then there really would be no point in these guys being a dance/vocal unit. They all know how to work it, there is no denying that, especially Akira who is working it here! They all look incredible dancing, and you can tell that they adore doing what they do, even if three of them don't get prominent vocals.

Honestly, there isn't enough to talk about here in terms of the PV, but a lot about how I feel about it. It just makes me... well, incredibly happy and hyper. I love the energy and emotion in the PV, these kids really translate their love for the group and the energy they have in this video, and in turn it makes me really happy and helps me to feel energised and hyper. I really wasn't expecting it when the PV started, really I wasn't. I just thought that I would like the PV a little bit, and be done with it, but despite the cheapness of the set, I still feel incredibly fulfilled with what Dream5 have given me.

They have made a simplistic PV incredibly entertaining to watch, and it's just extremely enjoyable. Pictures nor words can describe how great this PV is to me. The energetic dance, the happy song with happy voices and happy dancers and singers really just make this video a wonderful one to watch. There is so much energy and happiness flowing from this video, and it translates so well to the audience, something which Dream5 seem to be great at: A group which translates the feelings of the song, whether they are silly or genki, through their voices and their videos.

This video is incredibly silly, cute and fun to watch. I love it so much, and I was really prepared to just not care for it like I do now. Yes, I have only just found it, but I already rank it higher than some PV's or songs which I have listened to in the past. For me, this already beats out One Two Three (anything beats that out, though) and Wakuteke Take a chance... heck, it even beats out Ren'ai Hunter. That's three singles from MoMusu! And this isn't even the full PV!

Group chemistry, guys. Group chemistry and translating their feelings through their song. Something UFA should really think about doing, y'know?

I can't really say how much I enjoy this video and how much I really do enjoy it. Of course, you don't have to follow what the heck I say, because you may feel completely different about it, but for me, Dream5 really do know how to make a PV great without even trying. They look like they love what they do, and they really translate their feelings through both the song and the video. That is what makes Shekimeki such a great PV in my eyes.

That... and the colours all work so great together! Can't get enough of that colour, y'all! x3

Pimpin' Pants and Akira's bitches, ready to Rock n' Roll!

To the Dream5 fans out there: I may be inching closer to loving these guys more than I do MoMusu... and that, in a way, is a freakin' scary thought, and also... I can see why you all love them. They are incredible.

Count me as a Dream5 follower. This CD is probably going to go on my Christmas list. Wakuteke is like... 3rd now, behind Dream5 and YuiKaori.

It's... it's just great. If you don't like it, cool beans, but I am lovin' it like I love Eripon, Chokubo and Zukkini. Yeah, lovin' it that much right now x3


  1. The CM's for Ito Yokado have nice effects that Avex could have used in the PV.

    Hopefully the full pv will be released soon. there's someone on dailymotion who posts the whole pv before the release date but i'm hopefully going to be able to get the fast shipping as i get paid the week before (yeah for pay day)

    I completely agree with you about how they are slowly taking over our number 1 groups. Berrys aren't doing anything great anymore and i'm finding myself feeling disappointed with them while D5 are making me want to pull a sick day and watch their Ustream lives.

    1. I would have loved to have seen those effects in the PV itself! They were pretty cool, tbh!

      I love full PV's, and Dream5 are always impressive one way or another, so I will wait with impatience x3

      I find that UFA just suck now. Promotion wise, they are doing well, but PV wise they suck. When will they learn that effects don't always create a great PV? Dream5 really impressed me, and I wasn't expecting that. I was ready for something lackluster like Wakuteke Take a Chance.

    2. Yeah. Dream5 have a lower budget than their other agency groups buyt they really get alone well and make these PV's fun to watch.

      i found this video yesterday of the group messing around.

      Just goes to show how close they are.

      I love ur new banner and background btw.

    3. They are a great group! And yeah I can see that they probably don't have the best budget, but these guys make up for it with their energy and chemistry! I love it!

      And thanks, I am going on a Dream5 binge XD