Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Okay! Musume Digest #17

It's TIME TO DIGEST!... The news ^^

Wheeee, this week I had 1) My birthday, and 2) My first week of college. Hectic? INDEED. Happiness? INDEED... and also, panto auditions, which I didn't make it into, but in the end of it all, who really cares? It means less time to learn lines and more time to BLOG!!!!... And do essays. Whoo hoo~

Anyway, news wise, this week has been a bundle of fun and freakin' surprises, mostly being the surprise of the 11th Gen member announcement. There have been tears, happiness and butt hurt fans, but in the end of it all, Oda Sakura reigns supreme and we honestly can do nothing about it!

So has everyone had a highlight of the week, by the way? Mine would have to be receiving my copy of 13 Colorful Character in the mail today, as well as getting a few photo set things from ebay. We-he-HEY!

Oh yes, I am hyper...

Anyway, should we get into the picture of the Week? Surprisingly, you guys aren't getting a GIF...

To celebrate the release event of the Qki and 10ki photobook, here's a picture of the girls at a release event! They all look really cuuuuuuuute!!! <3 Dying of cuteness here!

And also, the poll for this week! Here's the question for you, and you will answer with your favourite!

Which song from 13 Colorful Character is your Favourite?

As this is the newest album, and I am pretty sure many people are loving it, I thought that this would be the most appropriate poll! I am enjoying Be Alive quite a lot right now, as well as Lalala no Pipipi which is such a cute song! Actually, I still haven't listened to all the songs, hence why no album review! I've been waiting for my copy and all, you see~

Anyway, poll SET, which can only mean that it's time for the one, the only, it's the...


Hello! Satoyama Life Episode 15 is here, and we get to see...

The finalists! Which is completely useless now, Tsunku! Hammocks! Chinami!!! MAASA!!!!

Oh, and that C-ute leader girl ._.

So, let's be honest... I've not payed any attention to this episode, though this is the episode everyone was excited about because it revealed the 6 finalists for the 11th generation... and then we got the news the next day that Oda Sakura had won xD Anyway, Satoyama Life is always enjoyable to watch, so definitely check it out even if I haven't!

Tamura Meimi's Birthday FC tour has been announced. Blood sucking, blood baths and shrieking has been included in the set list, so all fans are welcome to come, though warning: The event only occurs at night!

... Joking aside, kinda, it looks like the Vampire is next in line for an FC event, so for any fans who can go, sign up and go see Meimi! She will do the obvious, such as singing, dancing, shrieking, workshops and answering questions as well as taking pictures with her beloved fans, so this is an opportunity for any dedicated Meimi fan who can make it!

The event is on the 30th October... so, take your stakes and crosses, garlic if you must, and prepare yourselves for a Fangtastic time!

.. EW!

Ew, ew, EW! I'm sorry if I am acting like a child, but no. These costumes are crap, they are absolutely, utterly crap. These are probably the worst costumes to come out of Morning Musume since... well, I don't know when (maybe the cover art costumes for Aruiteru, those sucked hard too) but they are horrible. They look like cheap concert costumes with no effort or creativity put into them.

In fact... that's what they are. They look like bin bags, urgh.

Anyway, my dears, THESE THINGS are the costumes for Wakuteke Take a chance, I kid you not. They aren't really attractive, and poor Haruka and Sato have terribly shaped and styled 'dresses', though thank goodness for Kanon's dress, it actually suits her.

Oh, and allow me to rip those cat ears off of Reina's head. Honestly, who woulda thought we would find something more annoying and disdainful that isn't her pigtails, side pony or that giant ass bow... urgh.

What ugly costumes. URGH!


A digest for S/mileage's recent FC tour and Wada Ayaka's Birthday event has been released.

The digest is a nice brief on what happened during the FC tour, and allows everyone to get a look at what to expect on the DVD if they were to purchase it. Like all S/mileage performances, this FC tour promises to give a high energy feeling to each song with a lot of cute and fun times thrown in there as well.

The DVD looks cute and promising, so definitely check it out!

A digest for Mano Erina's recent FC tour has been released!

The video shows Mano taking a photoshoot, as well as showing us performances from Hello! Project's soloist. The performances promise to be high in energy from what the digest shows us, and for fans who missed out on the tour, this will be a great buy as it shows Mano at her best giving her all in her performances!

Though this may not be her very last FC tour, this is one of the last she will have before she graduates from Hello! Project, so for fans who love her, definitely see if you can purchase this!


Promo posters for Morning Musume's 51st single, Wakuteke Take a chance have been released in low quality, showing everyone the possible covers of Morning Musume's up-coming single.

Im glad that we have promo posters, because guess what...? Yeah, I'm re-thinking my thoughts on those costumes. Honestly, the poses make those costumes look... dare I say it...? Better. They make them look cooler, and hell yes to the short skirt on Eripon!

... Though Reina's cat ears need ripping off and burning.

So, who's anticipating this release even more now? Yeah!

Two previews for Ono Erena's up-coming single, Erenyan, have been released. The first is a recording preview showing off the song for just over a minute, and the second clip featuresa 30 second preview of the PV, allowing us to see a variety of costumes that have been used for this video.

Already this song seems quite promising from Erena. Much like her debut single as a soloist, Erenyan sounds like a cute song with a happy tune to bring an uplifting feeling to the listener, and the PV itself seems quite cute as well, with cartoon backgrounds and plenty of quirky costumes to set the mischievous mood. I can't wait for the PV to come out, though I will admit I am not crazy on some of the costumes, but everything else looks pretty awesome!

Another preview from Ono Erena's upcoming single, Erenyan, has been uploaded, and this time we get to listen to and watch a little bit of her b-side, Aa, Subarashiki Nyansei where Erena portrays two people, a young man and a barmaid. The two seem to have a conflict with each other (or the feale ver. of Erenyan is playing hard to get whilst PLAYA tries to woo her).

I'm really liking the look of this PV, and the sound of the song is quite promising. Erena shows her felxibility in how she can sing with this song, bringing out a deeper voice for her male counterpart whilst bringing out that fake, cutesy voice we all know I hate for her female counterpart.

Also, let's note that Erenyan is HOT as a boy. I would love to be in a relationship with him xD

Anyway, it looks awesome, though the costume for Erenyan girl is not my favourite, but who cares? I'm looking forward to what the PV will look like in full. Hopefully some cat fights or the male cat wooing her? Who knows~

AH!!! This is a cover of the Vocaloid song, sung by Kagamina Len and Gumi. And I was right, Man-Ono is a PLAYA!

MAiDiGi TV have released some footage from Oda Sakura's announcement as 11th Generation's only member. It isn't long, but for those who missed out on seeing the JIJI Press footage, be sure to check this out.

Plenty of footage has come out thanks to the announcement, and why shouldn't it? Sakura is now being shown off with her first speech as a Morning Musume member on camera around Japan so that everyone knows that she is the sole member of her generation, and despite the fact that the same clip is being repeated, it's great to see that there is a lot of coverage concerning the sudden announcement.

Check it out!

Oda Sakura will hold handshake events on September 22nd and 23rd.

Many people will find this announcement just as sudden as Sakura's quick introduction as Morning Musume's sole eleventh generation member, but for me, I find it understandable. As activities for Sakura won't start until the winter Hello! Project concert, the time she has now until then will most likely be filled with handshake events, or just events, centred around her so that she can get familiar with the fans as well as to make herself known to the general public. She may also do lessons to help her along and strengthen her before she joins.

Anyway, this is a good move on UFA's part - at least they want to promote this girl so that she isn't left without fans for her first few months where she isn't in a single or a concert.

A trailer for another Pokemon movie, titled Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice has been released. The movie will premier on Cartoon Network on December 8th.

Pokemon is pretty much my childhood (along with a few other anime favourites), and has been a favourite for a very long time, including now. However, I don't keep up to date with the English released movies or the anime now because... erm, well, they're a bit too corny for my own liking, and watching this trailer, I want to cringe.

Anyway, it's nice to see Keldeo getting a movie - there are four sub-legendaries in Pokemon Black and White, and they are the Three Musketeer pokemon + Keldeo, who is the apparent underdog of the group, so seeing that Keldeo is having a movie is quite nice... then again, the Keldeo release event is on the Pokemon B&W 2 game.

Whatever, this will be fun to watch for kids, and if I want some cheese, I will go ahead and watch it!

A radio rip for one of the B-sides to Wakuteke Take a chance has been released as a concert rip. The song is Futsuu no Shoujo A by Tanaka Reina, Sato Masaki and Kudo Haruka, and is a mature and darker toned song that we aren't used to from Morning Musume. The song showcases Masaki and Kudo's ability to adapt to lower songs.

Tis song sounds like something I would hear from a dark musical, or even Phantom of the Opera, as well as something from a dark themed, or vampire themed, anime... like Vampire Knight, I guess. It's mature, it's different, and honestly it is brilliant. I like how Kudo's husky voice has been put to good use with a song which showcases the maturity she can portray for a girl of her age, as well as help Masaki to show off her flexibility in singing, because she isn't just a cute voice, I can tell you that now.

From this rip, we hear a good song... but what's the radio rip going to allow us to hear, as we will have a higher quality, and you always hear more in a radio rip and hear things you didn't hear before.

Oda Sakura will not be participating in the September 20th and 21st Hello! Project trainee events due to her acceptance into Morning Musume.

This has to be expected, though it is rather sudden news, so it makes me wonder if the girls will be shuffled at all (if they were put in groups) or some other girls given the lines that Sakura was to sing, unless she wasn't cast anyway, but considering the news is very close to the day of the performance, the girls will need to change a few things to allow everything to go smoothly.

Anyway, I hope that this doesn't disrupt the flow of the trainee events at all!

The Hello! Project Kenshuusei will hold a fanclub event which has been scheduled for October 21st.

I feel like the Kenshuusei are getting a lot more time to shine than they used to, and honestly, it's amazing when I hear news of the girls getting to do fanclub events or take part in stage plays or movies with their senpai members of Hello! Project, so this is also great news! There are plenty of Kenshuusei fans out there, in Japan as well as international, so the fanclub event will be a great place to buy goods and gain news fans!

Hopefully the girls will have a great day and meet many fans!


Okay, that's all for now! Hopefully we will have another fun week ahead of us, so look forward to the next Digest guys!


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  1. Chiima! Why isn't Reina's solo song on the poll? I know she's not your favorite, but it's a damn good song! XD

    Also, POKEMON!!! It made me smile that you included the movie in this digest. xP

    I'm wishing the B side on Erena's single was the A side though. I mean, I'm glad both songs get PVs, but I think the B side shows off her talents so much more than 'Erenyan' does.

    1. WAH! Thanks for pointing it out, I really didn't realize I had done that! ;____; It's added now, though the poll itself is 'new' XD

      POKEMON <3 I love Pokemon, so I was happy to see the cheesy trailer on youtube XD

      The B-side was just... <3 I really want to see the rest of the video, and I've heard the entire song now and I like it (though I dislike middle of the song) As you said, it shows off her talents a lot better.

    2. Sankyuu Chiima! <3

      How many pokemon movies does this make? I've lost count. XDDD

    3. Nooo idea, too many to count I suppose! XD

  2. Those costumes for Wakutake Take a Chance... They might be even worse than PyokoPyoko Ultra for me! They look like those candy bags they handed us on Halloween when we went trick-or-treating on Halloween. And I never thought I'd say this, but if Reina's new schtick is cat ears from now on, I'll gladly take the bow back! Though I like Eripon's hair (don't know why, the messiness just fascinates me) and even the new look RiDOS is sporting isn't too shabby on her!

    1. Indeed! Though I loved Pyoko's costumes, and these ones are growing on me slowly XD and Candy bags? Never seen/heard of those, then again I am from a totally different country!

      BOW! BRING BACK THE BOW! -gets pitchfork and fire thing-

      RiDOS looks great here! I love her hair like that!