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Okay! Musume Digest! #16

It's time to DIGEST! How has your week been going? Oh quite dandy, thank you muchly my girl! Chuu~

I've had two cans of coca cola today, apologies for my hyper state

Okay, so this week has been full of surprises and lots of lovely news! I was really happy with the amount of information that was available this week, and we have some nice surprises that made me happy, and some news that just made me smile too. It's been a good week, to say the least, which helped me to stay happy as I prepared myself for the trauma of First-Day-Of-College, which happened to begin yesterday! It wasn't traumatic, thank goodness!

Also, Happiness (or on-coming trauma, it depends really) will come along this week, but you won't know until I post about it, or you do know, but you pretend that you don't know... OR you do know what is happening, because you're smart and have read my blog for a year or more now. It doesn't matter which, because whether you know or not, I'm not telling you until it happens x3 WHEEEEE!

Anyway, all of the News-goodness you will find out soon, but right now we need to talk about something a bit more important... Like the picture of the week x3

Boob grabbing at its best. Oh how I wish I was that hand right now...

Enjoy, Wota pervs ;D Enjoy...

... Yeah, because that's important, right? Well, it is to me, and I am pretty sure that many of you other fine young men and women will appreciate it just as much as I do! So enjoy the wonderful boob-gropage of Chisato...

Picture aside, and our pervertedness locked back up in our closets, shall we get onto the real part of the digest and pretend that Chiima isn't a little demented today? Okay, we shall do that...

It's time, my dears, for the:


On this week's episode of Hello! SATOYAMA Life!

CM's! Watermelons! A BBQ!!!

This episode mostly focuses on the girls talking and preparing a BBQ, so for fans who can't understand Japanese, this episode might be a hard one to watch because of how much focus there is on the girls conversing with one another (wait... that's every episode) hough I like how we get to see the girls prepare their food for their BBQ with ingredients that the have helped to unearth. This episodes reminds me of when my family used to have BBQ's in the summer and how nice it was to stand outside eating yummy food whilst talking to my family and friends.

The episode is quite nice to watch, and it reminds me of a happy end of summer. I also love that
Shanimuni Paradise has been put in as background music.

A promotional video for the Morning Musume + OG member Pachinko machine has been released! The members shown are Natsume Abe, Fujimoto Miki, Aya Matsuura, Satoda Mai, Ogawa Makoto, Niigaki Risa, Takahashi Ai, Ishikawa Rika, Nozomi Tsuji, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Reina Tanaka, Michishige Sayumi, Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Yasuda Kei and Yaguchi Mari.

THERE'S A GAME? WHY DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT THIS? And where's Koharu!? She's sexy enough to be in this, too, though I am ecstatic that Gaki is in it! WHOOHOO!

Anyway, this was a nice surprise, and I am happy that the older members of Morning Musume have released a Pachinko game. It looks fun, and they use a nice assortment of songs on it, including The Matenrou Show performed by Gaki, Shige and Reina.. it also has a PV to it, and I want to see more! Also, Gaki totally should have been in The Matenrou Show and not Riho. She wins at that song, my lord!

Anyway, I am happy. Wheeee~

It has been announced that Kitahara Sayaka will be switching music labels. She will transfer from her current label FRAME to Avex in October.

Hearing about Sayaka's move is quite surprising, and it makes me wonder if this is simply a label move for her music, or a full transfer to a brand new company, meaning that she will have left UFA. However, this move seems to be a positive one for Sayaka, who debuted as a Seiyuu singer, but it seems she wants to do more in regards to her music. Hopefully this move will be good for her and she will get to sing more and produce even more music. If it means moving to a new label, then we can only support her and hope for the best!

Surprising news, but it's also happy news!

C-ute have left a message regarding their newly released song, Aitai Aitai Aitai na on Kawaii Girl Japan's youtube. Here, they talk about the song and what it means, and talk about their thoughts on the dance, video and song.

I love Kawaii Girl Japan, because they always translate any promotion that the girls seem to be doing, and this one is no different. It's nice to know what the girls are talking about and to see how they are promoting their newest single release.

Hopefully everyone will take a look and listen to C-ute talk about Aitai Aitai Aitai na.

Tsuji Nozomi has announced that she is pregnant with her third child!

Erm... wow... I'm surprised this is her third and not her fifth, cos she seems to always announce her pregnancy... xD Okay, I'm joking, but you get what I mean. Out of the OG members, she seems to have the most consecutive pregnancies... or at least, that's what I think. Anyway, her new baby will be 3 years younger than her second child, her son, who is also 3 years younger than his older sister.

Here is a translation of what Tsuji wrote on her blog:
“I’m looking forward to see the Sugiuras that will be even more lively with the new family member. Everybody, please continue to watch over us, Sugiura family warmly.” - Tokyohive
Congrats to Tsuji and her husband! May they continue to create Off spring!

Source | Source

Who doesn't love a girl in chains?

PASSPO☆ have revealed that their fifth major single, titled WING, will have the concept of 'PASSPO☆ meets German metal'. This will be the third part of PASSPO☆'s Airline trilogy (or World Tour Rock), and will be available in two editions: 'Economy Class' and 'First Class', with Economy Class featuring the title track and the B-side Dum Dum Freedom as well as the instrumentals, whilst the First Class edition will come with a bonus DVD featuring the PV for WING.

When I saw that the girls were going to take on the concept of German metal, I was quite surprised and intrigued. I have no idea what German metal involves, but if it's PASSPO☆, I am pretty sure that these girls can pull it off, because I absolutely adored Next Flight when it came out.

Anyway, the single seems to be promising. The girls all look amazing in their new costumes, and the covers themselves look great! I'm going to take a guess that this song will be quite dark and different, and if it is, it is something I really look forward to seeing from these girls! I can't wait for the PV to be released!

More details for Erena Ono's second single, titled Erenyan, have been revealed!

Erenyan will be released on October 3rd in five different versions, Limited A-D and a Regular edition. The title track has once again been written by Erena herself. All editions will come with the coupling track Senbonzakura, as well as the track Aa, Subarashiki Nyansei on the Limited A, B and D editions and Regular edition, whilst the Limited C will contain the track Takaramono. Each limited edition will come with either a PV or a making of, depending on the cd you get.

Also, to commemorate the singles release, Erena will be holding an event across Japan called Maneki Erenyan Shufuku Tour!!. She will appear at each event wearing different costumes.

Tour dates:

Saturday, September 15th – Sendai Parco (Miyagi)
Sunday, September 16th – Akihabara (Tokyo)
Saturday, September 22nd – Fukuoka
Sunday, September 23rd – Nagoya (Aichi)
Saturday, September 29th – Matsumoto Parco (Nagano)
Sunday, September 30th – Sapporo (Hokkaido)

Seeing updates for Ono Erena is always exciting for me, and I honestly can't wait for the release of this single and to listen to it! I adored Erepyon, so hopefully Erenyan will be just as well recieved. There's is little under a month now until the release of this single!

Excitement and anticipation!!! Wheeee~

A 'Dummy version' for Morning Musume's up-coming single, Wakuteka Take a chance, has been released via Morning Musume's Youtube channel.

So... are these the dance instructors? If yes, or if no, who cares? It's good, and honestly, I'm surprised that this was brought out... unless UFA are really trying to promote in any way they can? Recently they've become creative with their promotions, actually, and I do like that we get another preview of this song, but with new dancers, or 'Dummy's'. And I can't say much else as of yet other than that... I like this song. A lot. Yeah ._.

This one didn't take long to win me over xD One Two Three can't touch this song x3

A 'Live Back Shot Ver.' of C-ute's Aitai Aitai Aita na has been released on their youtube channel!

Er... what?

I can see all you back fetishists licking your lips in anticipation and pleasure right now. Oh yeeeeah, backs baby... backs

I find this a little confusing, though my sister eased said confusion when she explained that there are some parts of the dance which require moving to the back which you don't generally see in the dance shot on the MV, so I can kinda understand it from that view point, but still... back shot is a new one xD

Oh well, promotion is promotion, and the weirder and kinkier for some it is, the better, right?

A digest for Mano Erina's September 1st release event for her song Song for the DATE has been released through her official channel.

Digests are always great for giving fans a taste of what to expect from a DVD release, and of course this one doesn't fail to deliver. We get a good mix of song previews from the performance Mano delivered during this event. There is about 10 minutes of footage, and Mano sounds amazing in all of her songs! Definitely check this out if you are a Mano fan!


Tracks from Morning Musume's up-coming album, 13 Colorful Character will be used as background music for Nagoya TV Show Sound Storm until the end of September.

This news was really surprising, but extremely exciting because it means that the album will be gaining quite a bit of promotion through the show, and allowing viewers to listen to the songs before the album is due out. I think that UFA are trying their hardest to sell Morning Musume now as an Idol group and they are doing really well. Hopefully they will continue this promotion and pimp out the latest album from this iconic group!


The Satoyama Life Movement's official youtube channel has uploaded two unreleased pieces of footage to their youtube channel.

I was quite surprised to see that the Satoyama movement had revealed two clips that weren't seen before, though now that I have watched them, I honestly don't find anything exciting about the clips, because it is the same as what we always see now. It would be nice if the clips were concert based like the other two surprise performance clips showing Peaberry and DIY♡ off. Anyway, I am sure that this will please some fans, but for me it's pretty boring.

The cover to Sayashi Riho's solo DVD HyaaHo~i♪( ´θ`)ノ has been released! The cover features Riho in a cute and carefree pose.

This is a really cute cover, and I like how the carefree nature of the pose and look Riho has fits with the title of the DVD. The cover looks great, and I like that we see a more child-like side to the ever-so-serious Riho who is such a hard worker. She looks adorable here, and I think that the cover suits her character well and shows off that childish, cute side we barely see on camera. It's honestly pretty refreshing!

Morning Musume's One・Two・Three/The Matenrou Show has recieved Gold Certification from RIAJ.

Whilst I am pretty clueless about RIAJ in general, it is nice to see that Morning Musume were awarded Gold Certification for their 50th single! I think that it is to do with the sales of a single, so for Morning Musume this is a wonderful achievement! Let's just hope that they keep achieving (and promoting!) and get another award?

It has been announced that Idol unit 9nine will be holding their first nationwide live house tour in November and December. The tour will be called Shucchou! Zenkoku Live House Hao Hao! Tour 2012, with the girls scheduled to perform in Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka and Nagoya.

Satake Uki commented: “To make up for the times we weren’t able to meet people in other regions, we will do our best for more people to get to know 9nine through this tour.” Meanwhile, Kawashima Umika stated, “All regions, let’s not lose to Tokyo and show our energy!
 - Tokyohive

This is wonderful news! 9nine just keep getting busier everyday, with new events creeping up and the girls becoming hosts or starring in drama's. It's wonderful to know that a group who have been around so long, with two new members added and three older members still there, are creeping up in the Idol industry and showing that they are still around and ready to take on a new image and a new sound. I am happy for this group, because 9nine as they are now are amazing, and I can't wait to hear more from them!

Keep it up, girls!

In a surprising twist of fate, happiness ensues as fans around the Wotasphere find out that the 9ki and 10ki members have opened up group blogs for their generations!

I was really surprised by this piece of new, mostly because I really just wasn't expecting it at all! I didn't think that the girls would get blogs any time soon, let alone group blogs where we will be able to see the girls interact with fans in a new way!

Of course this is a smart move, you have to admit - with these blogs, the girls will be able to write about their day or any experience with the other members whilst fans follow, which will help the girls to gain much more popularity and recognition. I think that UFA are trying hard to show off these girls now and give them all a chance to shine.

Currently, there are four posts on each blog, with each girl from their respective generation introducing themselves to the wotasphere.

Hopefully all fans will follow these girls and read their blogs regularly!

Kudo Haruka, Morning Musume's resident Queen of Lollipops and Gum drops, will be holding a birthday fanclub event on October 29th.

We all know that this will be amazing, because Haruka is an amazing singer and she puts her all into her performances. This will be a geat event for any Haruka fan, and hopefully many of her fans can attend the event and support Haruka on her 13th birthday! Finally, Morning Musume's Lolita is hitting the teen years!


Niigaki Risa's FC Birthday event has been announced. It will be held on the 20th of October.

Has it really been a year since Gaki's FC event with Fukumura to celebrate their birthdays? Time has flown by, it really has, so I'm surprised that this FC event has been announced now, but of course this is great news for all of Gaki's fans. She will be able to spend time with her fans and celebrate her birthday outside of Morning Musume after 10 years! Hopefully Gaki and her fans will have a great time, and she will have a day to remember!

I really wish that I could go!


Hello! Project's Queen of Smiles and Bow-ties is releasing her second photobook, titled Metamorphose, which will be released on October 12th!

Am I dreaming? Is this truly real? Is this happening? Is my Chinami-chubs getting another freakin' photobook!? This calls for celebration. POP THE CHAMPAGNE!!!

This is fantastic news, and one which really bowled me over when I first read it. I simply could not believe what I was reading when I saw the news on my Twitter feed, actually. I was just stunned, but I am incredibly happy about this. Chinami deserves it, and I am absolutely loving the push she has been getting lately! Next up, UFA: MAASA!

Anyway, the title of the photobook makes me think of Cosplay or Butterflies, because Metamorphosis is the change of one thing into another, like a super hero or, caterpillar to butterfly. Well, Chinami has never been a caterpillar, but I would love to see her act as a butterfly! Maybe get Zukki in on the act, too?

Anyway, I am excited! Who wouldn't be!?


Niigaki Risa was recently featured on Asu no Chikyuu Tokodomo Tachi ~Pray for Happiness~ where she interacted with what seems to be the shows mascot, and gets attacked by him!

Watching this, I thought that it was quite cute. I liked how it was carefree and had a playful nature, so I am guessing that this show is for children just by how the mascot looks and how Niigaki acts. It's a cute little segment which we get to see Gaki in, and it's quite enjoyable to watch, so definitely check it out, Gaki fans!

C-ute have announced that they will be releasing a second Best-Of album, with the tracks re-recorded and re-arranged with the current line-up.

This news isn't actually surprising (I know, I've been surprised a lot this week!) because with the current popularity that C-ute are riding on, and their success with their new singles as a 5nin line-up, it's actually quite expected that they would release a best of album with this great line-up!

I'm anticipating how the old songs will sound with the current vocals of the group, as most of the past singles had more of a focus on Airi and Maimi and Mai, but with Okai as a lead now, and Nakky being a great singer anyway, I wonder how the songs will sound with this mix of vocals.

Hopefully all fans will anticipate this release, because I know I will!

A trailer for Space Shower TV's 3-hour special for Morning Musume's 15th Anniversary has been released. The special will be released on the 15th of September.

I am pretty sure that a lot of people are really anticipating this show when it becomes available for all fans to watch, and I don't think that it can get anymore anticipating than seeing a CM for the special itself! We see some of the members, old and new, talking as well as the man himself, Tsunku. It's a nice little clip that will help fans to get excited for the show, and with a great new song playing as the background melody, I can easily say that I really want to watch this show, subtitles or not!

Hopefully everyone will wait for the show with patience and excitement!

Clips from Girls News have been released, with footage focusing on Hello! Project's Summer concert and the girls' practice.

It's really nice to see footage with backstage or practice videos that fans can see, because it means we can look at how hard working the girls are and to see who is doing well, and to also look at how our favourite members act behind the scenes. The clip focused a little on the struggles of Nakanishi Kana and Satou Masaki with their dancing, which was nice to see how the two newest, and clearly the two who struggle the most, in Hello! Project are doing right now.

These are great clips to watch, so definitely take a look!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND That's all, folks! Please stay tuned for the next episode of 'Okay! Musume Digest', which will be out next week, when I find more news and where I will probably be less bloody hyper! ADIOS!


  1. I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW CHINAMI PB! WHOOO! I nearly fell out of my chair when I found out!

    And I'm super happy that you actually like the new Momusu song too! 8D

  2. But why does Chisato's hand action seem like she disliked it so much? LOL! C-ute needed a Best of album but I am against them re-arranging the parts.

    " it is nice to see that Morning Musume were awarded Gold Certification for their 50th single!" It is nice because it has been a while. And I am happy 9ki and 10ki now have blogs :3 Tsuji seems to have a pattern now: first child born in 2007, then 2010 and now 2013.

    That footage of the summer practice was good :) I always like to see how they practice and the first one I saw was from 2010.

    Btw, if you have time (you can vote daily too) can you help me out? http://www.topblip.com/w/13930