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Okay! Musume Digest! #15


Do you know what I call this week? Procrastination for the Nation week, because guess what? That's all I've been doing with this Digest... and it wasn't until today that I actually put up a bunch of news, so I've been pretty bad this week... But meh x3 Nothing much interested me, though there have been too may graduations e.e

Anyways, lazyness and Graduations aside (cry cry don't cry FU~) it's been an all right week news wise, though I feel like it's gone a bit slower than usual. That, or the news just doesn't seem to fit my taste buds right now DX Though the Show Luo album release is my favourite bit of news for this week... >3> Muahahahaha...

Anyway, before I get into the News of the Week, allow me to reveal the winners of this weeks poll, as well as hand you all a delightful picture of the Week ^^

So, the winner of this Week's Poll, Who is your favourite AKB48 Senbatsu member? is... -drum roll please-

Oshima Yuko, Shinoda Mariko and Takahashi Minami with 22% of the votes each! You go girls!!!

I am honestly surprised that the Creeper didn't win! I really am! I thought that Mayu would take this poll by storm, but once again you guys have surprised me, and chosen girls I didn't think would win... well, I knew Oshima would get a high vote, but I wasn't expecting the amount of TakaMina love in this poll! I appreciate the TakaMina and Mariko love, by the way, they are two girls who I quite like in AKB48!

Anyway, with a three-way tie, what did the other girls get in terms of votes? Let's take a looksy!

Watanabe Mayu 18%
Kashiwagi Yuki 18%
Minegashi Minami 16%
Sashihara Rino 14%
Matsui Jurina 14%
Kasai Tomomi 12%
Kojima Harua 11%
Miyazawa Sae 11%
Kitahara Rie 11%
Itano Tomomi 7%
Matsui Rena 7%
Umeda Ayaka 7%
Yokoyama Yui 5%

And those are the results! Thank you to everyone who took part in this poll and voted for their favourite Senbatsu members! Overall, there was a grand total of 54 votes! So, once again, thank you for taking part in the poll and helping Yuko, Mariko and TakaMina climb to the top! I really appreciate it!

And now, let's move onto the main event of this Digest. Yes, you know what it's time for! It is time for the...


This week's Hello! SATOYAMA Life is brought to you by: Sexy Times, because C-ute isn't so Cute any more.

No auditions this week! And yes, this did disappoint a lot of people, which is honestly understandable. I was actually hoping for more audition footage, because I never actually said much about the first bit we got when it was released, so yeah... I was hoping for more, and didn't get more x3 Maybe in the next two weeks? Cos next week's episode won't have any footage either xD

Anyway, this weeks episode shares footage of Aika and Chinami doing some DIY work together as they try to make a bench. You know, I hate watching people use saws. Ever since I sliced one of my fingers with one in Wood Work class, I haven't really been able to handle saw's or sharp things in general. Yes, I needed to share that with you to creep you out xD

Anyway, there is also some C-ute love in this episode, showing some footage from the recording of their music video for Aitai Aitai Aitai na. This will be a treat for any C-ute fan I think, and it adds more variety to the episodes of SATOYAMA Life too, so be sure to watch it even if it's jut to see C-ute.

It's a nice episode to watch, so have fun! :D

The King of Perfection himself, Show Luo, will be releasing his debut Japanese album this September 19th! A PV preview for the first song featured in the album, RUNNER, is also available for fans to view.

Track List:

2. Bounce!
3. Dance in Paradise
8. Tarantula
9. I Just Wanna Love You
10. See the same sky

Okay, finally, our darling Show Luo is getting a Japanese album! I absolutely adore Show Luo, he is an amazing singer, a great dancer and an absolute cutie, so I've been awaiting a new announcement concerning a Japanese release, and we have one now!

I'm really looking forward to this album, it seems promising. There are a good number of tracks (and a PV!) with previews available on Show's official ponycanyon website to get everyone excited! There are dance based tracks, love songs, cool songs... you know, plenty of genres x3 From the previews, Runner, Tarantula, STILL and See the same sky all sound like extremely promising songs... Oh, and of course the PV looks fantastic from the preview!

This looks to be a promising album, so yeah... I am really looking forward to it! Bring on the Sow Luo hotness!!!

Yajima Maimi and Suzuki Airi have been featured in the weekly magazine Shounen Sunday!

The preview is small, but hey! At least we can see the girls in all their glory! Of course, Airi is the real stunner here, and Maimi looks a bit derpy. Anyway, as both of these C-ute members are very popular, it comes as no surprise that they are featured on a magazine together. Hopefully all fans can buy it and stare at the glorious beauty that is Airi!!!


SKE48 will be releasing their first album on thr 19th of September! A trailer has been uploaded via their official youtube channel showing off short clips of the members.

SKE48 are probably the most energetic and best group out of the 48 family in my opinion, and now they are releasing an album, which is amazing news for any fan of the group! I love SKE, because these girls have some really great MV's and songs which I really like.

Anyway, it's something to look forward to! So, let's look forward to the up-coming first album of this great group, and if you love them and can buy it... yeah, buy it! xD

Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon and Sato Masaki promote Morning Musume's 13th album in this video from MacPeople magazine!

It's great to see that promotions are somewhat going under-way for Morning Musume's 13th album, which will be the first album featuring the 10th generation, and to see that UFA are allowing two 9th generation members and a Jyuukie promote it.

As you probably know, Riho, Zukki and Sato were all chosen to be shown in MacPeople magazine, promoting not only themselves but also their group, so it's great to see that the girls were able to record a small clip of themselves promoting Morning Musume's new album for the same magazine so that fans can see it! Hopefully everyone can watch it for the cuteness of the girls!


The outfits for Mornig Musume's Autumn concert tour have been revealed in this preview!

Erm... why are they ugly? Why are they tacky? UFA, did you stab your eyes to make these? They suck D8

Whilst yes indeedy, these costumes are colourful, they aren't exactly attractive, though the retro feeling I'm getting is nice, but honestly, these costumes suck. The hats look horrible, Haruka's hair... what did they DO!? Is she the new Aika with her hair and catastrophes... OH, and Reina's hair! The pigtails! NOOOOO D8< This photo is damn old xD

Anyway, whatever, they suck, we will live. Boohoo.

The members of Buono! will appear on Ikasama Takosama on September 5th.

Okay, so I am pretty sure that this is a TV show, but it might be a drama... who knows? Either way, an appearence is good news because it means promotion, and if it is a TV show, then may there be a song promotion in the works? Hopefully, because Buono! just released their mini-album, so if they are promoting it it will be great!

Anyway, I hope that fans will look forward to the performance!

Satoyama Life now has an official youtube channel for everyone to check out as a part of their Satoyama movement!

I wasn't expecting a youtube to come out of the Satoyama movement... then again, I don't think that anyone was expecting two new sub-units to come out of it, either, so this is another pleasant surprise for everyone who has been watching the Satoyama Life videos from the get-go.

There are already three videos up on the channel, including two full concert performances: One from Peaberry, and the other from DIY♡. From the sub-groups and youtube channel that have been created for this movement, it seems that Satoyama Life is set to promote itself well and to try its best in making sure that everyone knows about it, which is of course great! Hopefully there will be more surprises to come from this movement later on, maybe a MoBeKiMaSu surprise before Mano graduates? Honestly, if that happened, it would be amazing!

Stay tuned for more Satoyama Life if anything ever happens after this!

Creepy Idol Wota Eripon's official DVD cover for her journey to (and during) Niigaki's FC has been released, showing Eripon in all of her Wotaful glory.

The cover... Oh boy, the cover is just wonderful! Whilst most Idols are prim and proper, and show a more girlish lady-like side, we see a totally different look with Eripon, who is now known for her creepy Wota tendencies and her fangirlish love over Morning Musume's 7th leader, Niigaki Risa. For many Eripon fans, this is a release which is much anticipated, because this DVD follows Eripon on her Wota journey as she experiences an FC event as a fan as opposed to being an Idol.

It's great that Eripon was able to get this opportunity to be filmed and to even get her own DVD, showing off her love for Gaki along the way. It's great that she was also able to interact with fans too, and to show her love for Gaki. This is why I love this creepy girl x3

I really want to see this DVD! Hopefully subs will be available soon! Actually, I hope the DVD itself will be available soon! Gyah!

Here is what seems to be a clip from the DVD, so look forward to it, guys! :D

The cover to Niigaki Risa's ~Morning Days Happy Holiday~ Risa Niigaki Fanclub Tour in Shizuoka has been released in low quality for all to see!

The FC tour cover is quite like Eripon's own DVD cover, though less creepy, and more casual looking, but the way it is designed is in the same kind of format, though Gaki's seems to be more mature and less childish, in a way. We get quite a few pictures on the back, ranging from professional to natural where Gaki isn't posing, and it's nice to see those sorts of pictures on the cover. Just from this, we get a good idea of what to expect from the DVD: Plenty of Gaki, and  singing, of course!

Hopefully all fans can buy a copy, and if you aren't sure as whether or not to buy it, then take a look at her performance of Takahashi Ai's graduation solo, Jishin Motte Yume wo Motte Tobidatsu Kara decide for you!

Niigaki Risa has been cast in the stage play 'Dietrich', and will be playing the part of Maria, the daughter of the lead character Marlene Dietrich. Performances will be held in Tokyo from October 29th until November 4th at Aoyama Theatre, and Osaka performances will be held on November 16th-18th at Morinomiya Pilotis Hall.

Niigaki Risa is certainly keeping herself busy, because right after wrapping up the stage play Tumbling Vol. 3, she has now landed a new part in Dietrich, a play based on the life of Marlene Dietrich, who was a German-American actress and singer who became popular in the 1930's onwards.

For any fan of Gaki, this is fantastic news, as Gaki is keeping herself busy and working hard with her acting career now. She has been in a few stage plays, and is still keeping herself busy with work! So when I found out that she would be in a new stage play, I was really happy, because Gaki is a fantastic actress.

Hopefully any fans who can go to see this play, or go buy it even, then do it and see Gaki shine!

Also... a video where Gaki promotes the stage play!

Backstage footage of Niigaki Risa and Mitsui Aika's graduation concert, Ultra Smart has been released for fans to see what went on behind the scenes for around 15 minutes!

Backstage footage is always nice to see, especially when it concerns a graduation, and when I first saw this, I really teared up. Gaki has been a favourite member of mine since late 2009, so for me, she was the member who I had the longest 'run' with ever since joining the Morning Musume and Hello! Project fandom, so for any fan, these clips will be quite emotional.

Hopefully more, such as the graduation concert itself, will be uploaded for everyone, especially the international fans, to see at some point.


Michishige Sayumi's solo song, Lalala no Bibibi, which will be available on Morning Musume's 13th album, has now been released as a radio rip for everyone to listen to! Cuteness, auto-tune and Sayu loveliness to ensue!

Honestly, I am not a fan of most of these auto-tune songs, but with Sayu, I am used to it... and so it isn't surprising that her solo song has that auto-tune edge to it. It's cute, quite enjoyable, and very sugary. Quite the opposite from her solo song It's You, which is a lot more... sexual, I guess. Anyway, this song is really cute, and if you love Sayu, you might just love this. It has Sayu and cuteness written all over it x3

Karen Classica has announced her graduation from Cafe based Idol Group Afilia Saga East. After taking a break since the end of July, she has come to terms with how difficult it has been to come back into her activities, she finds that her graduation is due.

It seems that a lot of graduations are happening lately in the Idol world, some bigger than others of course, but everyone will agree that any graduation is sad, no matter what. This time, it is Karen from Afilia Saga East. She joined back in 2010, so her run with the group has sadly not been a long one, though she has been a key member to the group ever since she joined.

When I first found out that she had graduated through the JPH!P forums, I was shocked. Actually, I thought that it was Kurumi graduating, but then I remembered that Karen never used 'LaLa Milk' at the end of her name, but knowing that another member was graduating was still deeply saddening. No, Karen was not my favourite, but she was such an energetic member, one who you cul recognise from her genki nature and beautiful smile, and I will be sad to see her leave the group.

Whatever happens afterwars, please everyone, support Karen Classica!

(Blog posts on the sources, including a translated version)

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Station♪ have revealed the cover of their new single, LOVE Happy Sataion, which will be released on the 10th of September!

I haven't really been keeping up with updates from Station♪ as of late, but it was nice to see that the girls had a cover for their next single, and thankfully it features everyone on it! Editing wise, the cover is quite plain, but the girls all look great, and the font and colour that has been used for the title stands out against the plain background. They all look great, and the cover is quite nice too!


Station♪ have now opened their official fanclub! Currently there isn't a lot to be seen via the site, though there is a video where the girls talk about the fanclub. Anyway, go and check it out!

It seems that Station♪ have become that little bit more popular, because the girls officially opened up their fanclub on the 3rd of September for fans to join! This is amazing news, because it means that fans can sign up for events that the girls might organise, and gives fanclub members other opportunities that may not arise for casual fans.

Hopefully fans will take the opportunity to sign up!


Watanabe Mayu has been cast as the protagonist for the upcoming anime film Nerawareta Gakuen and will also provide the theme song. The film is based on Mayumura Taku's Sci-Fi novel. Mayu's character is called Suzuuru Natsuki.

With Mayu's rising popularity as an AKB48 member, and with her voicing for a main character in AKB0048 as well, I'm honestly not surprised to see that she is getting a chance to shine in a new anime film, and I find that her lending her voice to the film's theme song is quite fitting for her, as her voice suits the sort of tone that anime songs have (She feels more like an anime soloist to me in many ways, I can't call her a real soloist xD) and the cutesy image they have, too. And, of course, Mayu's character is a rather happy, energetic character which suits how Mayu acts, too, so hopefully this will be an easy role for Mayuyu to take on!

Mayu commented on her character:

"Though I’m a little anxious, I would like to enjoy voice acting for this.  Since ‘Natsuki’, whom I’m voice acting for, is a very cheerful, cute, and charming girl, I’ll try my best so that people watching the anime will like her!”

Hopefully all fans will anticipate the release of this film and listen to Mayu's cute voice as 'Natsuki'


S/milege have announced atheir 12th single, their fall tour and a second album to be released in this year and in 2013! Triple WOW!

Their fall concert will begin on the 23rd of September, their 12th single will be released in November and apparently the album will be released in 2013. That's a lot to take in, eh?

It seems that S/mileage will be busy these coming months, what with rehearsals, recordings, MV shoots and photoshoots, plus fan events and promotions for their up-coming single and album! The girls will have a hectic few months, I think, but this is quite a nice surprise for all fans!

S/mileage have changed a lot this past year, but it's great to see that the girls are all doing their best for the group they love so much, and to know that they are still going, and bringing out their 12th single since their debut, it's quite overwhelming for fans who have been with these girls since the beginning. The new album will certainly be different from the last album that S/mileage released, which had only the original four members present, as there will be new voices, possibly new sounds and different personalities behind the songs.

Hopefully previews and such will come out soon, and let's hope for an MV release, too! Waiting is always the hardest part when it comes to waiting for a groups newest release!

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Morning Musume will be filming an appearence on NHK's Music Japan on October 1st. The episode will be aired later on in the month.

TV appearances = GOOD NEWS! Then again, I always think that anything to do with events or TV shows is good news, because it means promotion, so yeeah! Anyway, it's great that fans have been given confirmation of a recording so that we know when to expect the episode to come out, though no official date for the episode to be released has been given as of yet.

Currently, there is no word of what the girls will be doing on the show, though they may be promoting their album or their new single, Wakuteke Take a chance. Big chance it's the latter.

Anyway, good news. Yatta~


Morning Musume will be attending JapanFesta 2012 in Bangkok!

This is a great announcement, because it means that Morning Musume will be able to promote themselves in another country, and once again go abroad! The last time the girls went abroad (that wasn't Hawaii) they went to Paris and performed, so it's great to find out that the girls will once again be taking a flight to a different country to promote themselves!

Currently there is no other information available, but hopefully we will get confirmation of who is going and what they will do.


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