Friday, 14 September 2012

Oh boy, now I need to choose my 11th Gen Favourite, this will be sooo hard!

Wait... what? No, Tsunku, no, this is just... this is just all too sudden, it really is. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh now, really? Oh, Tsunky-boy!!!

So, little story behind how I found out, okay? I come home from college, because I finish quite early today, and I was told that my sister was waiting upstairs for me. Of course I was wished a Happy Birthday by my mother, so I was already quite happy. Then, my sister came downstairs and told me to get going, but I wanted a drink. Eventually, she asked me from behind the door, like the creepster she is, if I remembered how cool it would be if Tsunku was a miracle and decided to announce the 11th gen winners on our birthday?

Well, what do you know? Tsunku, man, I LOVE YOU! <3

Yes, Tsunku, you SHOULD feel victorious!
Honestly, I don't think that I could have a better birthday present... okay, my poster beats this, but right now this is one of the happiest things I have heard since turning up to college and having Happy Birthday's and 'You OAP!' thrown at me! That, and the fact that the girl I wanted got in... well, it makes the day even more special for me.

Oda Sakura, our very own Suppin Utahime, has become Morning Musume's sole 11th generation member (and then my sister joked about Tsunku adding in a few Korean members. I peg Psy as a new addition), which my sister considered the 'bad news' for me, though I am ecstatic! I originally wanted a one member generation, and then decided that maybe, just maybe, 2 would be a good number. But nope, Tsunku and UFA decided to answer my prayers, grant my wishes, and take me to a magical land filled with Idols and happiness, because now we have a one member generation!

And she is a wonderful singer, too! What can beat that?

I want to rip off those cat ears on Reina's head, theyre just as bad as Momochi's pigtails. 
I'm so happy that Sakura was picked. She has a certain beauty about her, and a wonderful voice, and I feel so glad that she was chosen. Yes, I feel bad for the girls that weren't picked, but at the end of the day, this is how the audition process works. Maybe these girls will be added as trainees, or they will be picked up by Aki-P's white van of Idols, who knows? Either way, these girls got to the finals, and even though they didn't get into Morning Musume, they have a shot at other things because each of those girls are talented.

The only thing that concerns me right now though other than her hair, what the fuck did they do!? is why is the announcement now? Why so early, why today of all days? I mean, it was only yesterday that we were given the names and ages of the finalists, and today... we get the winner? It's a shocker, it truly is, and I doubt that anyone thought it would happen now, but it did. So, there must be a reason behind it. Is someone graduating, or did they think that Sakura was the one? Who knows.

Hopefully my toughts will be answered at some point, but for now, let's bask in the glory of Sakura!

And yes... I cried!

BEST. PRESENT. EVER!!! LIES! My sister is my best present.

What are your thoughts on this sudden announcement, and how many of you are happy about it?

Also, video for you all! Oda Sakura's announcement! Wheeee~

Lol, Tsunku looks like a perv ;)



  1. I’ll just post what I wrote on my blog: I did not watch a single video or update on the 11th gen auditions. But upon watching Oda Sakura’s video clip of her being accepted into Morning Musume by Tsunku and evaulating her skills, I was impressed. We have to remember this audition was to find a singer not an increase of members. But even I have to agree with some others about it being a 1-nin gen, she has to be pushed then.

    I like her even more after watching the video. She looks so cute and fits so well with the others. She sings really well and her voice changes from low to high, I think her dancing is not so bad either. Someone made a comment that when she imitated Namida Tomarana Houkago, her voice changes from Konno to Miki in the video of her audition time and they were right.

    This is only a small part though hahaha!

    1. I'm glad that Tsunku picked one girl, it's the amount I wanted from the beginning and what I hoped would happen, because the last two generations were made up of four members, so I had hopes for either just one girl or two, and they would need to be strong vocalists. And that is what we got.

      She is a great singer it seems, she has a lovely voice which changes well for the type of song she sings! I think she will be a key in Morning Musume, considering Riho can't really... adapt to a song like Sakura can.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^_^ That is so cool!!!
    I haven't seen all of the footage, but so far so good. She's cute and her voice is wonderful. Can't wait to see more of her. And I LOVE that you cried (I mean that is endearing...I don't mean I'm HAPPY you know what I mean-?!). You're awesome!

    1. THANK YOU ^O^ <3 Being wished Happy Birthday from one of my idols of blogging is amazing ;A; <3

      Haha, crying is good I think! It shows your happiness in this situation (or sadness, such as Mogi not making it when I liked her XD) but my tears meant that I was glad that Tsunku picked Sakura! She was the girl that I thought should get in... I am happy my feelings matched Tsunku's 8D

  3. In my humble opinion, she is a good addition to the group, but she is not a Nachi, Yuko, or a Goto Maki like some fans are saying, i think Reina would have to graduate first in order for her to be consider, Riho's already one, that girl has talent her voice can be strong if needed or cute if it has too, Ayumi is getting a push too and Sato seems to shine a little more now but who knows maybe Sakura will join Riho in taking the lead vocals. My problem with her is very superficial i don't see in her the momusu beauty, compare to the other members i said she can be consider cute, not sayumi level of cuteness of course. Tsunku said he was going to look for talent and not just beauty i guess he wasn't kidding. I wanted 2 girls to be choose and i was cheering for Ayano and Maria or Sakura in any case one of my top 2 choices weren't selected. Anyway at the end is always up to Tsunku to make the decisions :)

    1. I believe that, like everyone else, Sakura is herself, and it honestly annoys me when people label idols as 'this or that' idol - no, they are themselves. They are not imitating or trying to be someone else, they are trying to be themselves and have fans like them for them.

      Also, I can see what you say about her not having that 'MoMusu beauty' - Sayu, Mizuki and Eripon have that MoMusu beauty about them, whilst there is a sort of plainness that is about Sakura, though that is quite endearing in a way too, she sticks out because she looks plain compared to the others.

      In the end, as you said, Tsunku makes the decision, and in general he does pick girls who are good for Morning Musume, whether it is in the talent area (Takahashi Ai, Tanak Reina, Fujimoto Miki) the beauty area (Sayumi, Eripon, Haruna...) or the long-run area (Niigaki Risa, possibly Zukki, Yossy, Kaori etc...)