Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pimpin' Pants and Sheki Sheki Dance with Dream5's 'Shekimeki' PV!

If you don't like my opinions, y'all, then okay that's all cool and all, but don't diss a person for their opinion, cos you have one too! What I think or feel about a certain group, their songs or their PV's is entirely my own opinion, and you can't change that. Believe me, my opinion... The opinion is strong in this one indeed...

Believe it or not, I really am alive... I've just been so busy that I have only been able to blog the News of the Week (and even that is getting hard to do with the amount of life I have right now, urgh) and/or rants which take my fancy in the middle of the night. Weird...

Anyway, I actually a free day! Or at least a day of procrastinating homework due in tomorrow, but we will leave that until later, won't we? I have missed my blog, and I want to talk PV's!

Mainly, Shekimeki.

Out of the two PV's I wanted to talk about, Shekimeki is clearly my favourite, despite the fact that I have literally just watched it for the first time. It's just... well, it's everything that the other PV isn't, it's a PV which I really enjoy despite the low budget it has, despite how little there is to work with in the video.

This PV beats out Wakuteke Take a chance by a million miles, guys. That is my opinion indeed, but I am being totally honest here. Wakuteke sucks in comparison to this for me.

And I will tell you why... after a pic spam, which really does not do this video justice.

Oh, and it's a short version of the PV (despite being a good 4 minutes long) which makes me sad, but if I am already excited for the PV, then there's a good chance that the last few minutes or seconds will be just as freakin' cool. Seriously, Avex, you know how to make a girl wait and anticipate, don'cha?

Anyway, let's dive in head first into this pic spam and see what little justice pictures will do for this damn awesome PV...

Colour blocks? Tacky gold foil jackets...? Oh boy, this won't go down well...

... Let's just say first impressions aren't always good, because it gets even better!

Is it just me, or is Mikoto getting prettier every video? Seriously, my impression of her grows every time I see this girl!


It works so well with those blocks, it just.. mind blown

... DAMN Momona, you are working this video and dat HAT! <3

Yuuno is just so cute, it's not even real x3 I want to hug this girl! <3

AHAHAHAHAHAH Akira! XD I swear, one day I will force you to marry Yuuno or Momona D<

... I hate your hair like that, gurl. Get a new stylist or keep it curled! Please!

Oh, sexy guys. So sexy.

... It's bad that Akira looks hot in those skinny jeans.

Work it, gurl boy!

I just can't get over the colour and how epic it all looks with the clothes and the group and the cubes and squee!

... DAMN Momona is looking better with every PV! Yuuno has a serious contender for my favourite.

Mikoto: "Keep me in your heart, ne?"

What are they all plotting over there in the background, hm?

Yuuno, you just so darned cute! <3 -hugs-

Akira is loving his Pimp Pants! YEAH!

Awww, are they all picking on you Kotori? How mean!

... Guys, you made her cry! Apologise now!


... Okay, then just cheer and be dicks D8<

These costumes are growing on me, cos they are't as cheap and tacky as other costumes x3

Akira: "Bow down, my bitches!"

All of the girls are so overwhelmed by the on-coming hotness of Akira!

Reach Up For the STARS!!!!


LOL Yuuno, what the heck are looking all crazy for? And Akira... are those Harry Potter Glasses I see!?

Why yes... Yes they are! And lovin' the Apple Mac sunnies, Kotori!

Momona is NOT impressed, Kotori.

Epic colours and dance is epic... or are epic. I dunno :/

I'm actually really bummed out because this is only a good majority of the PV and not the full version. When it ended, I was actually quite sad because I am really enjoying this song and the greatness of this video. Dan you, Avex, damn you...

When I started watching the PV, I really didn't expect much out of it. Maybe an okay dance, an okay-ish song and something which would keep me and my Dream 5 cravings at bay, but really, I wasn't expect to love it so much... It really makes me wish for the full PV, which I am sure I won't get until the end of October when the single actually comes out Dx

Anyway, this is a pretty damn good PV in my eyes. There's a lot of moments where I couldn't help but laugh (mostly Akira based, seriously he's pretty good at the funny stuff me thinks) and there were a lot of parts where I just really enjoyed the video and appreciated every moment of it. It's fun, it's colourful and despite how little there is to work with, this PV is amazing in so many ways I can't even...

It's exciting and thoroughly enjoyable. I couldn't stop smiling throughout it, and even just listening to the song gets me excited and pumped! I can't help but spack out (or dance) to it and enjoy myself whilst listening to the song and watching them dance themselves. They all look like they are having a blast there, which just makes the PV so much better than it looks when you just see the pictures. Even though the set is nothing more than colourful blocks, you still get an amazing PV! It's all down to how the group works together, how the dance fits into the song and how great the group chemistry is!

Actually, let's talk about the group chemistry, because it's really strong here. In the scenes where these guys are together, whether it is dancing or making fun of each other, the group chemistry is apparent and you can really see how these guys work well together and how much they just love being a part of the group. They made every part of this PV great with their chemistry and how well they fit together, and that's what I look for in a group.

... That's probably why MoMusu fail right now, right?

Other than group chemistry, the dance is awesome. Then again, when isn't a Dream5 dance awesome? One of the things that is apparent in this group is that these guys are focused on mostly the dance and two vocals, so if they failed in the dance department then there really would be no point in these guys being a dance/vocal unit. They all know how to work it, there is no denying that, especially Akira who is working it here! They all look incredible dancing, and you can tell that they adore doing what they do, even if three of them don't get prominent vocals.

Honestly, there isn't enough to talk about here in terms of the PV, but a lot about how I feel about it. It just makes me... well, incredibly happy and hyper. I love the energy and emotion in the PV, these kids really translate their love for the group and the energy they have in this video, and in turn it makes me really happy and helps me to feel energised and hyper. I really wasn't expecting it when the PV started, really I wasn't. I just thought that I would like the PV a little bit, and be done with it, but despite the cheapness of the set, I still feel incredibly fulfilled with what Dream5 have given me.

They have made a simplistic PV incredibly entertaining to watch, and it's just extremely enjoyable. Pictures nor words can describe how great this PV is to me. The energetic dance, the happy song with happy voices and happy dancers and singers really just make this video a wonderful one to watch. There is so much energy and happiness flowing from this video, and it translates so well to the audience, something which Dream5 seem to be great at: A group which translates the feelings of the song, whether they are silly or genki, through their voices and their videos.

This video is incredibly silly, cute and fun to watch. I love it so much, and I was really prepared to just not care for it like I do now. Yes, I have only just found it, but I already rank it higher than some PV's or songs which I have listened to in the past. For me, this already beats out One Two Three (anything beats that out, though) and Wakuteke Take a chance... heck, it even beats out Ren'ai Hunter. That's three singles from MoMusu! And this isn't even the full PV!

Group chemistry, guys. Group chemistry and translating their feelings through their song. Something UFA should really think about doing, y'know?

I can't really say how much I enjoy this video and how much I really do enjoy it. Of course, you don't have to follow what the heck I say, because you may feel completely different about it, but for me, Dream5 really do know how to make a PV great without even trying. They look like they love what they do, and they really translate their feelings through both the song and the video. That is what makes Shekimeki such a great PV in my eyes.

That... and the colours all work so great together! Can't get enough of that colour, y'all! x3

Pimpin' Pants and Akira's bitches, ready to Rock n' Roll!

To the Dream5 fans out there: I may be inching closer to loving these guys more than I do MoMusu... and that, in a way, is a freakin' scary thought, and also... I can see why you all love them. They are incredible.

Count me as a Dream5 follower. This CD is probably going to go on my Christmas list. Wakuteke is like... 3rd now, behind Dream5 and YuiKaori.

It's... it's just great. If you don't like it, cool beans, but I am lovin' it like I love Eripon, Chokubo and Zukkini. Yeah, lovin' it that much right now x3

Thursday, 27 September 2012

And So Sashihara Rino is Shafted in her own Single... (Rant time)

Let's talk about something... interesting here, regarding Sashihara Rino and her new solo single, out on October 17th and titled Ikujinashi Masquerade. This will be her second solo single, right? The one right after her scandal and after being transferred to HKT48.

A PV in which she is not the centre!

Seriously, what. the. hell?

I'm sorry but... huh, what, why? WHEN, HOW, WHO?

Whilst I am all for boosting other members in a group (it worked in Mayuyu's twintail PV where she promoted Nogizaka46 and made them look a little bit interesting) and promoting people, I don't really think it's appropriate to shaft the soloist in favour of someone else. HELL, the girl is even put to the back in one of the single covers, her solo single and she is in the back. THE HELL?

Okay, I get it - she had a scandal, she made a mistake and she has to make up for it, but honestly, this? This is just plain bitchy in my eyes! Not only does she have the fans on her back now, some hating her, few still supporting her, she also has to deal with becoming a leader figure to HKT as well as dealing with the fact that all she had is gone. And now this. She is being shafted in her own solo single, and that is just plain fucking horrible, in my eyes.

It isn't just in the PV preview, hell, it's even in the live performance, and you can bet that the focus is on the girl, Kawaei Rina. Now, nothing against the girl herself - I'm happy that some random AKB members are actually being shown off, but seriously, THIS IS SASSHI'S SINGLE! Or haven't I said that enough yet?

Maybe I am butt hurt, or maybe I am just plain old pissed off, but seriously, this is not even fair! Even Rino doesn't seem happy about this turn of events, well, at least that's what her face tells me at the end of the live performance. It's just... it's unjust I think.

Rino has had her fall from grace, and sadly, they are still punishing her for it. Honestly... I actually wish that she didn't get a solo single now, because it's just horrible seeing her being treated like she is now nothing.

And from comments on youtube - it's pretty apparent that the girls in the video are indeed to boost sales, but it's still horrible. If they do just so happen to bring out a Sasshi centre version, by the way, yay and all, but still... the live version proves otherwise.

This is a pissed off Chiima, who knows this is her opinion and that people may not agree with me, and even take a dig at me and say I am in the wrong or something, but honestly... I feel really unhappy about this, and I am not pissed off with the girls - it's management.

I feel bad for Sasshi, and this PV/dance just proves that management are still going to be dicks about everything and even take away her spotlight in her own PV.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Okay! Musume Digest #18

Because Google Blogger is a fucking douchey piece of shit, I've had to write most of this news out AGAIN because blogger's new interface sucks, I hate it, and Google ruin EVERYTHING1 Youtube, now blogger. Hi, Google - FUCK OFF. Thanks.

This post is a day late, but that's due to the poll being a day later, as well as the fact that I wanted more news than this week gave me. Thank goodness yesterday was the day of news! Mostly H!P, of course, but what can we do there guys, hm? That, and I've been pretty busy. I've spent the least amount of time on the internet this week! Horrendous! D8

Also, is it just me, or does the new blogger interface SUCK? I swear, it has actually deleted some of my SAVED WORK on THIS update! I might have to seriously complain to google, because it fucks everything up from Youtube to fucking blogger...

Anyway, other than a bad week of news, slowness and business, let's get onto the poll, shall we?

This week I asked you what your favourite song from Morning Musume's new album was your favourite. Here is the winner...

What's Up? Ai wa Dou na no yo~

Ever since the dance practice revealing the song was uploaded, it has been a popular choice for everyone, and plenty of people love it! I think it's a great song, one of the more listened to tracks on the album for me right now! It's fun and great to listen to, so if you haven't already, check it out!

Here are the rest of the results!

Be Alive 40%
Renai Hunter 33%
One Two Three 26%
Namida Hitoshizuku 26%
Zero Kara Hajimaru Seishun 20%
LaLaLa no Pipipi 13%
Dokka~n Capriccio 13%
Waratte! YOU 13%
Pyoco Pyoco Ultra 13%
The Matenrou Show %6
Chikyuu ga Naiteiru 6%

Okay, it is now time for the...


This week on Hello! Satoyama Life...

Cooking! Hammocks! Some Oda Sakura! Chinami! Maasa! That one I don't GAF about!

I've started to realise that Hello! Satoyama Life now heavily relies on how you cook your food that you grow yourself, which is actually pretty good because for food fanatics, this will be a great part of the show. That, and Aika tends to hosts that corner of the show. Other than farming, we can see how you can prepare the ingredients and make something, for a healthier, but also quite delicious, meal.

Hopefully everyone can take a look at the episode! Have fun!

High quality images for Morning Musume's 51st single, Wakuteke Take a chance have been released, and let's just say that there are... erm, interesting...

Let's start off with the worst, shall we? The worst being Limited C because it is simply frightening. Daishi looks like she wants to kill you, and so does Haruka. In face, the only ones I like in the entire picture are Sayumi, Fukumura and Zukki, because they look somewhat happy. Riho looks smug, Reina looks bored, Daishi wants to kill me, Haruka hates me, Satou has no emotion, Haruna is bored, Eripon hates her hair and yeah. That, and the cluster and no room to breath in the image is just... off putting. I'm sorry, that is not an attractive cover!

In fact, Reina looks bored in nearly all of them except the Limited E, where she smirks. Actually, Limited E reminds me of Chokkan's covers in a way.

Regular edition actually has to be one of the nicer covers. My favourite's are Limited A (despite the awkward Riho standing), Limited D, Limited F and Regular. They have the best covers in my opinion.


The Hello! Project Kenshuusei are set to release an original song titled Kanojo ni Naritai!!!. It will be performed for the first time at S/mileage's Autumn concert by the selected Kenshuusei who are taking part as backing dancers. The single will be sold at event venues.

This is incredibly surprising and happy news! I wasn't expecting the Kenshuusei, despite their sudden amount of publicity and concerts, to get a single or original song of their own, so this is somewhat mind blowing for me! The girls have their own song to claim as their own, and we will get to hear how the girls all sound.

Just... wow. Amazing, wonderful and much needed news. Kenshuusei fans, be proud! Your girls have a single coming out! Now, how about a PV?


Kusumi Koharu will be taking part in the Girls Award 2012 Autumn/Winter fashion show.

It's nice to hear news concerning the Idol who began my Morning Musume fandom, and it's great to see that she is still getting work and doing her best as a model! Koharu will get to hopefully wear some lovely clothes (catwalk clothes aren't always so charming, I think) and will have a great time!

Good luck, Koharu!


Sayashi Riho will hold a handshake event in Hiroshima on September 28th to promote Wakuteke Take a chance.

It's expected for handshake events to happen, and it's quite expected for Riho to go solo when it comes to these events. As Morning Musume's ace, promoting Riho on her own seems to be something UFA will continue to do for a while now.

All I can say is that hopefully many fans will go to greet Riho and buy a CD when it comes out.


Tanaka Reina and Iikubo Haruna will hold a handshake event in Fukuoka on September 24th to promote Wakuteke Take a Chance.

This would have already happened by the time you guys see this piece of news, but when I read that Harunan and Reinyan would be promoting the single together, I was quite surprised. I thought that, as it is Fukuoka and all, Eripon would have been beside Reinyan promoting Morning Musume's up-coming single. Regardless though, it's great that Harunan and Reinyan will be going to the event together. It is a chance to show off Harunan and her charms as well as to help Reina's fans familiarise themselves with her.

Hopefully fans within the area can go to meet the girls.

Morning Musume will appear Happy Music on October 5th.

Obviously, more promotion is in order, because music TV show appearances generally mean that the girls will perform their up-coming song to gain more interest for the general public. This will most likely be a fun appearance, as the girls always show off their cute personalities no matter where they are, and hopefully they will all have fun!


Berryz Kobou will perform at the Osaka University of Economics and Law on October 11th. Momoko Tsugunaga will not be there due to schedule conflict.

This is nice news to hear, because no matter what venue you go to, a live or a concert is still great, and if the girls go to visit a University this will be a great treat for the students who are fans of the girls! Hopefully this promotion will continue for Berryz, and hopefully the other H!P groups.


According to Nakajima Saki's blog, DIY♡ recently shot their PV for their song Fore Fore ~Forest for Rest~ outside.

This is what I have been hoping for. Expected? Nope, but I certainly hoped and wished for it to happen, and it has. I am really happy, and surprised, because these girls make a lovely group together and don't bore me at all! There's an interesting mix, from the sexy but really boring (to me) Maimi, the funny and cute Chinami, the talented and wonderful Miyabi, the dancing master Nakky and the innocent but really weird Harunan. A great mix of girls, I think, and with a great song to add and their lovely legs, we get a cool group.

Hopefully the PV will be promising! I look forward to legs legs LEGS and dancing maniacs! Until then, we can only wait it out!


A radio preview of Fukumura Mizuki and Ishida Ayumi's song, titled Daisuki 100 Manten has been released. This will be the B-side song for Wakuteke Take a chance's Limited C and D singles.

This is a really cute song, and it really suits both of these girls' vocals. Fukumura is certainly the more talented singer here in the song, with her polished vocals and a certain softness to her voice which makes it easy for her to sing this song, and Ayumi, whilst not vocally the best, sounds really nice here. She has a certain edge to her voice which is really appealing and compliments Fukumura's vocals, and these two make a pretty great combo, even better than the combo of SayuMizuki.

It's a cute song and I could easily get addicted to it. Definitely check it out guys and see how you all like it!

Kudo Haruka's first photobook has been titled Do, which seems to be a play on words of do, as in do this or that, and the do at the end of 'Kudo'. The photobook will show images of Kudo in Goth Shoujo, as well as images of her swimming and diving skills. A Limited Edition cover has also been announced for the release.

Our Queen of Lollipops and Gumdrops' PB will soon be released, so details like this are sure to follow in the next few weeks to get everyone excited for Haruka's very first photobook. Whilst we only have a little information, the idea of seeing Kudo showing off her swimming skills and her cuteness in Goth Shoujo is something to look forward to with this release. Hopefully we will get to see the covers soon as well.

Reserve your copies for your Lolita Queen, guys!!!

Ishida Ayumi will hold a handshake event in Sendai on September 24th to promote Wakuteke Take a chance.

More handshake events! And whilst this will have passed by the time it comes around, it's great to see that UFA are splitting the girls up to do handshake events as it means that fans within the area can go see the members and talk to them as well as possibly become fans of the girls themselves. Hopefully all Ayumin fans can go and see her and have a handshake!

Hello! Project members Michishige Sayumi, Momoko Tsugunaga, Yajima Maimi, Suzuki Airi, Mano Erina, Wada Ayaka, Sayashi Riho and Ishida Ayumi have graced the cover of UTB+ Volume 10.

The cover seems to feature the more popular members of Hello! Project, and whilst it would have been nice to see more Berryz members (instead of Momoko and her ugly pigtails) the cover is very nice, with Airi in the front centre. All of the girls look gorgeous in Morning Musume's 'red' colour, and whilst I am not a big fan of the doll, lifeless look these girls are sporting, it's nice to see them all on this cover.

By far, though, Sayumi looks the best.

Iikubo Haruna and Ishida Ayumi will hold a handshake event in Fukushima on September 25th in order to promote Wakuteke Take a chance.

It's great that Haruna and Ayumi will once again be holding a handshake event for their group, though this time they are together, and it will be great for any 10th generation fans within the area who want to meet the girls and check out the single details. Hopefully all fans within the area can go!

Morning Musume's 9th and 10th generation members will hold a handhskae event and mini live for Wakuteke Take a chance on September 29th.

It's great that the 9th and 10th generation will be coming together for another handshake event and mini live. UFA seem to be promoting these girls really well right now, and are ready to show them all off together. Hopefully everyone who can go to the event goes and watches the girl in action to see just how much they have all improved and to cheer on their Oshi's!

Michishige Sayumi and Fukumura Mizuki will hold a handshake event in Yamaguchi on September 24th to promote Wakuteke Take a chance.

More handshakes, and possibly even more to come! This time the cutest duo are going to promote the single and possibly enchant their fans with their sweetness and ho well these two work together. Hopefully all fans within the area can go to the event and have a handshake with these two girls!


9nine will be releasing their single, White Wishes, on December 12th. The title track has been picked up as the ending theme for TV Tokyo's anime series Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun which will begin airing on October 1st. The song is described as a winter love song which portrays the romance of a highschool student.

I'm excited at the prospect of a winter love song from this group, because winter songs are always nice to listen to, and hopefully the PV with have a lovely Christmas feel to it as well. It sounds promising, and I'm pretty excited about the sound too. Whilst 9nine have a distinctive sound to them now, they seem to be breaking out a little and trying new things to see what works for this group.

Hopefully these girls will continue to keep busy and work hard!


 A radio rip for 9nine's up-coming single, Yi Er! Jiang Shi feat. Hao Hao! Jiang Shi Girl, due out on November 14th, has been released, featuring a new sound to 9nine.

This song really surprised me with the rave-like techno pop used in it, as well as the chinese influencr to the sound of the song. I was expecting something similar to what the girls usually produce, but this time we have something that is vibrant, fresh and totally new from this group. The song is cute, it's energetic and fun and it really captures this cute, friendly and childish feel which I am liking. I wasn't expecting this sound to come out of 9nine, but I am really liking how these girls sound and how fun the song is! It makes me anticipate the PV more, as well as the single! It sounds promising!

Hopefully everyone will get a chance to listen to this song and see if they like it or not!

NMB48 have revealed their 6th single song, titled Kitagawa Kenji during HEY! HEY! HEY!'s three hour special on September 24th. The single will be released on November 7th. The song is named after an AKB48 staff member, Kitagawa Kenji.

Is... is this a chance to actually get interested in this bland 48 group? Oh my gosh, I actually like this song!!!

... And is that Ogwa Saki in the front with the short cut, or just someone who looks spookily like her when she was performing the song Short Cut? Who knows, but she looks just like her and those costumes look like the short cut ones but a bit more Kyrary inspired.

This song, though.. it may be a ticket to an interesting song in NMB48. I've never been a big fan of their songs, especially their debut, though Oh My God! was quite nice to listen to when I was on a 48 binge, but these girls have always bored me to tears, there is not one of them who interests me (Ogawa Saki look alike may be a good one to go for, though), so to hear a song which I actually like by them is pretty surprising. I'm actually looking forward to this song! The PV better be good, too.


Mano Erina's 13th and final Hello! Project single has been titled Next Myself. The PV for this single will also include FC members of Hello! Project to commemorate Mano Erina's final single as H!P's only soloist act.

This is sad news that this single will be Erina's last, but it's exciting that the single PV will include fanclub members who may star in the video. Hopefully for everyone it will be a fun shoot, and thanks to the title, we can now anticipate the sound of the song. It could be a ballad, or even a happy song that says goodbye to everyone. Maybe the video will be in the style of a concert or a handshake event, who knows? Either way, this is a single to anticipate and hopefully many fans can look forward to it!


J-Melo are holding a Fan meeting in Paris with former Morning Musume 5th generation members Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa, on November 10th.

This news is extremely exciting, and I was so happy and overwhelmed to see it... and then I remembered that I don't have a passport. But I am still happy, and whilst I do wish that I could go, I really hope that fans of these two will find the opportunity to go and meet their Idols. I would love to go, but alas, I can't due to being a broke student. So, have fun.

I might cry ;A;

Details are all on the website, so click the source and GO GO GO!


S/mileage's next single will be titled Samui ne, meaning It's Cold, and will be released on November 28th.

The song title immediately makes me think of winter, and thanks to the title I am now really hoping for a winter themed PV and song. As far as I remember, the last winter themed song within Hello! Project was Aitai Lonely Christmas by C-ute, and that was a song I absolutely adored. Christmas is sowly drawing near, people, so maybe this one will be the next Christmas release from Hello! Pro? Oh, if ONLY!

Morning Musume need to do a Christmas single, too.

Source | Source

Berryz Kobou's next single will be titled WANT! and will be released on December 19th.

The minute I see the title WANT!, I think of Cowgirls, lassoes, prancing around in hats and good old cowboy movies... you know, that sort of stuff, so if the PV has anything to do with the girls being wanted Cowgirl criminals or even sheriffs, then I'm game! Miyabi looking all bad ass, with Risako and Momoko as the cattle or barmaids... Oh, and if that is the case (not the cattle bit, I joke joke) then please do something with Momoko and Risako's hair. These girls look god awful hair-wise right now, and also... lay off the sauce Risako, you continuously look drunk...


Vanilla Beans will be releasing their 3rd album, titled Vanilla Beans III on November 7th. There will be 13 tracks, including a solo song each.

I pay very little attention to Vanilla Beans because they are so... er, vanilla I guess. They're pretty bland for my tastes, but if you like girls who are quite old fashioned in a way via their looks and the sound of their music, then definitely check them out, but for me they're quite boring. However, it's great that the girls are bringing out another album, so definitely check it out when it hits the store shelves guys if you are interested!

I won't bother posting the covers, they freak me out and are hideous IMO.

Okay, that's all for this week guys! Now, please excuse me whilst I go complain to google about their shitty system and how they ruined Blogger...