Friday, 31 August 2012

So... How many chances do I give this one? - Chiima on Wakuteka Take a chance

Please remember that all opinions are my own, and no matter what you say, whether you call me a hater or someone who is biased or whatever, that you can't change my opinions just because you think I am wrong. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, you, me, those who read this blog or that blog, and even your pet dog - our opinions are our own, and they define us. If I don't like what you like, why should you care? If you like it, more power to ya! If I don't like it, more power to me! OPINIONS RULE!!!


Excuse me while I go cry tears of disappointment.


Erm... props to a full blown preview of this song though, am I right?

ANOTHER Auto-tune filled song of... well, auto-tune? Oh why, UFA, why? Are you really going to start a new era, the first that I am a part of, with songs that I am doomed to dislike/hate? Or like on a level of 'I don't care but whatever'? Because I am not liking this deal! Though I admit, yes, Riho needs auto-tune, and so does Sayumin, ChokuBonBon and Eripon, but the rest surely don't, especially the flawless Potato Fukuhime. So why more auto-tune of doom?

Well, it seems that this is what the new era is about - Robo-fying the sound. Okay yes, admittedly it is popular with the fans, as everyone but me (I think there are very few others who don't like it either) seems to really dig this sound that Morning Musume are currently carrying, so yay for Morning Musume finding a sound which works for their current line-up, but honestly... it isn't for me.

Then again, I am a part of a minority, and this part of the minority will be bitched and moaned at by some of the more whiney, bitchy majorities. Not all, but I have seen people bitch at those who hated One Two Three.

In all honestly, I am quite disappointed - but not as disappointed or loathing as I was with One Two Three. I actually don't mind this song as much, because the auto-tune sounds less messy and a lot more well placed, and the song, whilst typically not the sort of song I care for (I like cute songs, not cool songs... though Ren'ai Hunter was a different story of love) is okay, but I keep forgetting the tune and mistaking it for What's Up? Ai wa Dou na no Yo~, which is a song I really like, so I'm thankful that I mix the two songs up and think of this one xD

But yeah... when I first watched this, my sister showed it to me, and was quite excited by, it but once it ended, my first words were 'I don't like this' and she laughed, because she already knew that One Two Three hadn't been to my tastes, though I admitted afterwards that this was better and I could tolerate it more, and anyway, she knows that eventually the song will grow on me, and I will like it more than I do now, but for now... I am content with being okay with the song, but it's going to be like Renai Revolution 21 used to be, and Love Machine before my sister played them to the point where now I find them quite catchy.

But hey... there will be songs I like, and songs I don't no matter what. I love Morning Musume, but it doesn't mean I have to love their entire discography, same with everyone else. Sadly, this song does nothing for me, but that's how it is~

I'm quite content with the songs others seem to hate, thanks very much. (Pyoko time!)

I'm honestly glad that Morning Musume are now going in a new direction and taking on this cool image, because whilst the group has many diverse characters, a lot of these characters are cool, such as Riho's dancing image, Daishi's coolness as both a dancer and a singer, Haruka's cool and feisty nature which demands attention, and the cool beauty who is Fukumura. The image fits this new Morning Musume, and the time for change is ripe, so it's nice to see the group change and take on something new for a new generation.

Yeah, so it doesn't fit my tastes... but that doesn't mean I am ready to jump ship. I love Morning Musume, and if the A-side doesn't satisfy me, then maybe the B-side will. There's still a lot more to see from this group, and I anticipate every new single.

Robo-Musume, you're cool... I just don't like this song so much right now. Give me a few weeks or a month or something, and then come back to me x3

... Or maybe the PV will change my mind. Y'never know (unless UFA are cheap asses again and hate everyone and add sparkles to make crap look like ice cream.)

Lalala~ Its time to listen to something that is both cool and appealing for me~


  1. Robo Colourful Era FTW! They have finally caught up with the rest of the world but I feel like this could have been the B-side for One Two Three instead the more I think about it.

    The song grows on you, trust me :)

    1. They certainly are going for a new look, and sound, aren't they? x3 And I could actually see this as a B-side... hm...

      Let's hope it grows on me! xD

  2. Hey, you don't HAVE to like everything. One of the best things about Momusu is that they do so many different styles and there's a lot to choose from (at least I think so). Some of it might not appeal - doesn't make you a non-fan or something. And I really like Pyoko actually. I suspect it's the costumes that turned most people off that song. The whole listen-to-it-a-few-times-and-it's-suddenly-great thing happened to me for a few Momusu songs (Mikan for example). Who knows, they might surprise you with something Robotic but Chiima-Friendly. ;) Can't waaaaait for the album.

    1. I know I don't x3 which is perfectly fine by me, I mean, I have loads of other MM songs that I really like or love, but yeah, not everything is to my taste, but they have the diversity in their sound, which is good! I know that I am not a non-fan, but people instantly peg you as a hater if you don't like a popular song (One two three is an example xD)

      OMG SURPRISE ME X3 I loved Song for the DATE, which is robotic and cool o3o

  3. Okay, I only read the first couple of paragraphs of this because it's really late and I'm too tired to finish it... but about the song....


    Dude, seriously, for all 3 of their past singles, I've loved them from the first listen. LOOOOOOOVVVEEEE IIIIITTTTTTTT!!!!!

    Okay, I'm done, I'll finish reading this tomorrow. :P

    1. That's good! I'm happy that lots of people are enjoying this new sound. I love Ren'ai Hunter, but One Two Three and this song are something different for me in a way o-O