Friday, 3 August 2012

So, Goto's going to be an AV Idol? Okay

You don't necessarily have to agree with me, or agree at all, but I just wanted to get my thoughts out there on these rumours, okay?

So rumours circling around the web that Goto Maki, who went on hiatus from her solo career, will be releasing a 'hair nude' photobook, which will be followed up by her debut as an AV actress apparently.

Now, let's rewind for a moment and remember this: These are rumours, ones that we can't define as true until either:

A) Goto Maki herself reveals that this is all true and not a bunch of bull
B) Her agency states it is true

Either way, if this is true, so what? Goto Maki probably made this decision herself, and if she wants to become an AV actress, then go girl, go. It isn't my business, or another fans for that matter, what she chooses to do and where she wants to take her career.

Now if this had happened a few months back, I would have probably thought differently. Me and my sister have talked about what we would do or think or even feel if an Idol from a group we liked went into the AV business, and honestly, we said that we would both be upset. An Idol one minute, and then an AV actress the next, but that isn't the case now, because in the end this is a job, and you can't dictate what a woman or a man, regardless of what they did in the past, wants to do for their future career.

That, and Goto Maki could still continue her singing career - or she could join Ebisu Muscats, who knows? Either way, being an AV Idol doesn't necessarily restrict the girl from doing what she loves (or loved) to do befforehand, so if that's the way she wants to go, then hey, I'll support her with that, because ultimately this is what she probably wants to do right now. She's young and she wants to try new things... so try it~

I know that with this rumour going around, a lot of fans won't be happy. Some will be really upset, even, and honestly, I would have probably been in the same position if I didn't think the way I do now, but this is ultimately her choice, and if this is what Goto wants to do, let her do it. Yes, it's upsetting to think that an Idol you liked or even loved is going to do something you don't like, but we can't stop her from choosing this path.

But, remember: It is still just a rumour until it is officially confirmed by Goto's agency or Goto herself. Until then, this is merely speculation and a rumour which will upset some fans, and send others eye-rolling their way down to the next AV store, waiting for that video to come out.

Either way, good luck Goto. I hope to see you standing beside Sora Aoi in Ebisu Muscats soon~

*Edit: Hello! Online has reported that the news was linked from tabloid Men's Cyzo, and that when they indicated that these were rumours, they should be treated as such. I agree, but my thoughts continue to be the same. Just wait until official info is brought out.



  1. "An Idol one minute, and then an AV actress the next"

    Actually, it's been quite awhile since she could be called an idol. She's posed at least twice for nude still photos.

    1. True, but I just wanted to basically sum up the whole thing in one sentence, and it seemed perfect when I wrote it.

      And I never knew about the posing nude twice, but hey~

  2. Don't agree at all. If she really needs money that bad I would rather she sling burgers than turn into an absolutely worthless video whore. The semi nude pics were bad enough but if she really does this, she is garbage. If she's willing to do such a despicable thing she should just find a rich wota and marry him, at least then she could keep a little of her dignity. I'm sure there are plenty of them out there that would try to make her happy.

    1. It's perfectly fine not to agree with me, and I'm gad that you've expressed your opinion, but honestly, going into the AV business or anything like that does not make a person garbage. It takes a lot of guts for some girls or bys to go into this sort of career, and it can be scary for their fans AND themselves. Either way, I will respect her decision and continue to support her.

  3. But to be honest, I wouldn't care if this was true. She can do what she likes and she's an adult! Loads of people seem to be really upset though.

    I'd treat this as a rumour no matter what.

    1. Thank you for your input :) In the end, Goto is a grown woman, this is ultimately her decision - if she doesn't want to do it, she won't.

      But yeah, I'm gonna continue to treat this as a rumour xD

  4. A) Goto Maki herself reveals that this is all true and not a bunch of bull

    this probably will not happen. If it is true then she will use a fake name and probably change her age as well...see Nakanishi Rina/Yamaguchi Riko of AKB48.

    B) Her agency states it is true.

    this also will not happen. They will release some statement if any that they do not control her personal life. Don't forget that she technically took a break from the entertainment industry so she may not even have an agency anymore.

    1. This post was from a while back, when I first heard the rumour - whether it's a rumour or true, I still stick by what I say.

      I understand what you mean about her not having an agency any more, because I know that she has taken a break from the entertainment industry - but this is yet another hype rumour that people keep bringing up because they want to gossip. She's had this rumour a lot I think, or so I have heard... xD

  5. Either way, wouldn't really bother me which path she takes. She's got the potential to attract many fans no matter what she does.

    1. Thanks for your input! I agree with you that she will attract fans, either way! Some fans want this, if anything @.@