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Okay! Musume Digest! #13


This weeks been a bit more difficult for me, because I've been away, running around after crew and cast for a small fan film I was helping out on! So, there may be a lack of news, some that I ignored due to time constraints and some which did not even interest me, but I put together mostly H!P related news because... well, I love H!P, other groups don't compare really. Anyway, despite the lack of updates from me, and one weird review... I think that the week has been quite good for news, don't you?

Though this week, I will not be posting a poll at all because of the limited time I have had on the internet. So, I will wait until next week... seriously, I am so un-organised with this week's post! I nearly forgot about posting it until I was back home a few hours later after a frustrating travel back. So yeah, here it is... rather late, but still here!!!

Anyway, here is your picture of the week!!!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey SEXY LADEH!

Sory, but I needed to use this gif x3 Psy is so funny xD

Anyway, let's get into the...


In this week's episode of Hello! SATOYAMA Life, we see Chinami working hard trying to plant a bamboo shoot (and failing cutely). Aika and Nakky together, with Aika eating all the produce... okay, not all of it! And some S/mileage footage! Yeeeeah!!!

I like these sorts of episodes where we get to take  sneak peak at what the Hello! Project girls are doing, especially if it concerns MV shoots. This time, it is S/mileage, showing a PV shoot for their latest single, Suki yo. It's nice to see the girls filming, especially their reactions and how they act in front of the camera for a certain song. Kanana was especially cute in this episode, showing her cute smile and how she messed up but continued to persevere, and also Meimi and her ball of craziness after filming. Seriously, she's rather whacky xD

This weeks episode was interesting, so definitely give it a watch!

The cover to Sayashi Riho's 2nd PB, titled Un Deux Trois has been released via the Wani Books website.

It would only be a matter of time until the PB cover for Sayashi Riho's un-anticipated second photobook was released, and here we have it for the fans of Riho to fawn over. The cover itself is really cute, I like the carefree feel and look to the cover, with Sayashi showing a cute smile (she actually doesn't look smug... weird) and running from the sea. It's a really nice picture, and I think that the editors chose the perfect cover.


Amazon's Limited Edition cover to Morning Musume's Ultra Smart live photobook has been released.

I honestly wasn't aware that there would be a limited edition cover, but when I looked at it for the first time, I was surprised, because it shows only Niigaki Risa, Mitsui Aika, Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina - but, I understand that they are the only ones shown because, obviously, it was both Mitsui and Gaki's graduation, and a new turning pint for Sayumi and Reina - he 6th Gen taking over the reigns of Morning Musume.

I do like the cover, though I would have liked more focus on Gaki and Aika because it is their graduation concert, however, I do think that it is nice that they have shown the four members who have helped this new Morning Musume to grow so far, and to also show off the two who will be leading the new girls until they eventually graduate.

Hopefully everyone who is aiming for a copy can get one! >3<


Nishiwaki Sayaka of 9nine has been chosen to be a main MC for Nico Nico Namahousou's new music program. It will be called Waku Waku Dwango Music Land.

Sayaka commented on becoming one of the main MC's for the program.
Since I will be meeting and talking with guests each time, I’m a little worried if I’ll be able to do well… but I hope to use my experience from meeting with guests every week on a regular radio show. By listening to stories from various artists, I hope to feel and study all kinds of things myself!
9nine are continuing to take on new projects and branch out, so I'm not surprised to see more news concerning one of their members pop up, and it seems like Sayaka is a pretty good choice as she is already a regular MC for FM NACK5's 'STROBE NIGHT!', so she won't go in completely unaware of what to do.

Hopefully the show will be a success and Sayaka will do well as a main MC!


Sea☆A have been busy recording their 4th single, titled Entry which will be used as the ending theme for Cardfight!! Vanguard Asia Circuit Hen! The single will officially be released on November 4th, but will be on sale from the 14th of the same month!

This is freakin' EXCITING news! Oh man, I love this group so much, so of course I am really excited that the girls will be bringing out their fourth single! So far, their last three singles have been really good, so I'm really anticipating single number four. I am also looking forward to the sound of the song, because it might be something new for the girls, though honestly, all three of their singles have had a different sound to them, each sound nice and appealing actually. I would love a cool song though, but who knows... >3<

Anyway, I am excited for this single~ This will be Sea☆A's last single together as a four member unit, considering their auditions are well under way, so to all the Sea☆A fans out there who love these girls... look forward to it!

I know I will!


Sashihara Rino is set to release her second solo single, titled Ikuji Nashi Masquerade, which will be used for the movie Muse no Kagami, My Pretty Doll which Sashihara stars in. This will be Sashihara's first single released since she joined HKT48 as an official member after her scandal.

Fukuda Yuichi, the director of the movie, commented on the movie:
When the said article about Sashihara came out, I thought to myself, ‘Ahh, this movie wouldn’t be able to be released’. However, Mr. Akimoto and the fans have been assisting it, and I’m very happy that somehow, this movie could get a release. If by any chance, Sashihara gets written up by a magazine again, I think she  might have to move to Jakarta, so please support Sasshi (Sashihara)’s movie!
Knowing that Sashihara will release a second single is wonderful news for both my sister and myself, as we have wondered what would happen to Sasshi's career since the scandal she had and her move to HKT, so to get confirmation for a second single is somewhat a relief, because Sasshi wil be able to continue promoting herself, and will now also represent HKT as a soloist.

Hopefully everyone will look forward to the single and the movie and anticipate the release of Sasshi's new song!


9nine are set to release a new single on November 14th, titled Yi Er! Jiang Shi feat. Hao Hao! Jiang Shi Girl. The title track will also serve as the theme song for TV Tokyo's Midnight Drama series, Hao Hao! Jiang Shi Girl ~Tokyo Denshidai Senki~ which stars Kawashima Umika. The drama will start on thr 12th of October.

YES! More 9nine goodness! It's always amazing to hear news on any new singles or PV releases concerning 9nine, as they are one of my favourite Idol groups, so more news on the girls is always a plus for me! Also, the fact that this song will serve as the main theme for a drama is also wonderful news for any 9nine fans, as it means a bit more promotion for the girls, especially Umika who will be starring in the drama.

Hopefully more information will be released soon! Bring on the previews!!!


Yajima Maimi has graced the covers of GooBike Magazine.

GooBike Magazine are definitely not short on models for their magazine covers, because they seem to use a lot of Hello! Project members... well, mostly the older ones, so it isn't surprising to see Maimi splaying herself... er, I mean modelling next to the bike. Though I don't favour Maimi in any way, she does look pretty and is a very good model, though she looks bored...

Anyway, for all you Maimi fans... eye candy!!!


On August 18th, five members of HKT48 have withdrawn from the group due to personal reasons. They are Eto Sayaka (14), Komori Yui (14), Sugamoto Yuko (18), Taniguchi Airi (13) and Nakanishi Ayaka (16). This leaves HKT48 with 14 members and 3 research students.

HKT48 seem to be going through a lot of change right now, what with the sudden transfer of Sasshi from AKB to HKT, and now this. It's rather saddening tat a group which has only just begun is going through a lot right now, but hopefully the girls will continue and move forward with their activities, and hopefully have a major debut.

As I know so little of any of the '48 family groups, I can't really say much in regards to the girls' withdrawal, other than the fact that some fans may blame Sasshi, or others will blame the girls themselves for doing something. Well... the rumour mill is going, and apparently the girls did something with some boys which resulted in them all 'withdrawing'. Well, whatever it is, let's hope that HKT continue on, but right now the group seems to be going through what Pure Idol Heart described as 'A Melt down' - and I totally agree with that.

Anyway, whatever happens now happens, but seriously, HKT are going through a rough time right now.

... and when is their major debut? Also, these girls specifically all look like MomoClo clones, except the last one and the second one - they look like AKB mini's.

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A full radio rip of Morning Musume's song What's Up? Ai wa Dou nan da~ has been released for everyone to hear!

This is a radio rip that I have personally been waiting for for a while now, and when Be ALIVE comes out, I will be even more excited. But for now, I will love this radio rip and treasure it until the MP3 is in my hands!

... er.. anyways, this is a really nice song, and I like that it has rap in it. It kind of shows us the direction that this new MoMusu is taking, and their image too. They seem to be in a 'cool' era right now, and I like that. The song is really good, and I liked the rapping parts. Riho still has a way to go with rapping, however I was surprised by how good both Reina and Riho were with their raps, as I was scared that no one would be able to surpass Gaki or Aika. Well, they certainly haven't passed Gaki's style of rapping, but I think that with practice, Riho can get to a good level of rapping,

I would say the thing that disappointed me the most with this song was that I don't think that Ayumi, Haruka or Haruna got a solo line in this, whilst Sato did, though it's pretty obvious that, whilst Ayumi may be pushed to the centre, Sato will become the 'Ace' of her generation as opposed to the other members. Anyways, that's my only beef with the song.

GIVE THEM ALL LINES, UFA!!! You douches!

A short Making-of for Cat's Eye's PV has been released.

I was quite surprised that, along with the rather lacking PV, there came a making of... though of course, even the making of lacks any real substance, and is really only there to show off where the girls have been filming, and to probably show off the girls themselves.

It's short, only 1:30 long, so don't expect too much out of it. If you like your eye candy, and one of the girls you really do like is in there... then I guess it's worth the watch, right?


The covers for Morning Musume's up-coming album, 13 Colorful Character, have been released in low quality!

Covers have finally been released, and whilst yes, they are pretty low quality, we can't really complain! Well... I'm not! Anyway, I quite like the covers, more so the Limited version over the Regular, but both covers look pretty good. The Limited version, on the left, is the best and has all of the girls posing in quite a cool fashion, with their hands touching their faces, showing off rings with their member colours. Then there is the regular edition, which is your standard group shot and a photo shopped rainbow background.

Okay... they could have worked harder on the regular edition, but hey, whatevers - the girls look good, and I'm liking the Haruk/Ayumi centre with Riho! Whilst the covers may not be the best, I think that they set the tone for the album. Colorful for the regular edition, and cool for the limited - it mixes the new image that Morning Musume has created, I think.


Sexy Zone will be (FINALLY!) releasing their 3rd single this October on the 3rd, titled Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu. YEEEES!!!

FINALLY Pre-pubescent Zone will be releasing their next single! It has been forever since Lady Diamond, but now, we have the confirmation that these guys will return with something new and something to please their squealing fans of girlishness!

And yes, I am really happy! Forget the fact that it has summer and snow in the title, forget that it says Sexy Summer and has little kiddies running around, and forget that this may be a winter themed song which will be released closer to Halloween time than Christmas time. Forget all that continuity! THEY'RE RELEASING A FREAKIN' SINGLE!

And by Lord Gaki, am I happy!

I just hope it isn't a bloody christmas Carol!


JIJIPRESS have uploaded a video report from Hello! Project's final performance from the summer concerts.

This is a nice little digest for anyone who wants a preview of the concert itself, so if you haven't caught a glimpse or a preview of it yet (despite the fact that the USB has already been uploaded online) then this is a nice way to take a look at what my be watching.

It's a nice little update, so take a look!

MAiDiGi TV have also uploaded a digest of Hello! Project's summer concert for everyone to take a look at!

Another preview of the concert has appeared, and shows off the energetic side to Hello! Project's concert. I find that both previews are pretty good and give every fan a good idea of what to expect when they get around to watching this concert, though this video does show less but is just as impressive.

Hopefully everyone can take a look at the video.

JIJIPRESS have released footage from S/mileage's August 17th event at Zepp Diver City for fans to take a look at!

It's always nice to get glimpses of events that the Hello! Project girls have done, especially for the fans who can't go to these sorts of events, This is a great look at how the girls have all improved in their singing and to also listen to their interviews to see what they think and to answer any questions that may be relevant to their up-coming single.

It's a nice little watch for all S/mileage fans, so be sure to check it out!

Mano Erina's Profile picture has been updated on Hello! Project's site!

Usually profile pictures are updated when a new single or album is coming out, so I am quite curious about why Mano's profile has been changed... and also why it has greenery in the background... Well, I'm actually not complaining! It makes a change from the usual white background which can get quite dull, and wash out the girls, so seeing greenery is a nice and welcoming change.

Mano looks gorgeous here, and I like that the update shows off her more mature look with her new hair cut.


Morning Musume's 3rd round for their 11th generation auditions have officially closed, and Audition footage will be aired on the up-coming episode of Hello! SATOYAMA Life!

FINALLY, a beautiful confirmation that I have been waiting for! Audition footage... It makes me extremely happy, because it means that all fans will be able to take a look at the girls who have come into the auditions hoping to be a part of the next generation of Morning Musume! Personally, I am really excited to see what girls Tsunku and the UFA team have picked out, and just why they picked them out. Tsunku says that the competition is good, though his version of competition can be quite different to someone else's...

Anyway, I am excited for the next episode of SATOYAMA Life. I hope you guys are too!

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And that's all folks! Hopefully you will all stay tuned for next week's news, and let's aim for even more next week!



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