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Okay! Musume Digest! #12

I nearly forgot to update this! My bad guys, so sorry!

Anyway, let's get into the post! It's DIGEST TIME!

The week has honestly been a bit of a hit and miss for me, with some days slower than others and some days which had news that I liked, but I didn't exactly think was exciting either. I was, however, surprised by the good amount of Takahashi Ai based news, because she's been reported to be in a few more stage plays, so that's cool!

Anyway, before I get into the news part of the post, let's look at the poll results for the question I set last week, asking Which Hello! Project Egg would you like to see make it into Morning Musume?

And who woulda funk it? Of course, it's Miyamato Karin! From the get go, I knew that she would win the poll because she's a popular choice for everyone. Fans have wanted her to join Morning Musume or S/mileage since 9th/10th gen auditions began, and it never happened, so of course, people are still wishing, hoping and waiting for it to happen! Anyway, out of the 39 votes given, Karin recieved 51% of all your votes! WOW!

So, what did the other girls get?

Tanabe Nanami 23%
Kosuga Fuyuka 15%
Takagi Sayuki 7%
Kaneko Rie 2%

So yeah... I'm honestly not surprised, but I will also say that she wouldn't be my vote either, because I feel like Karin, no matter how good she is, would be pushed to the back of the group like everyone else, because honestly, Morning Musume right now is the Riho show. and I wouldn't want Karin to be shunned away like the other girls have a little. She deserves to sing, she really does.

Anyway, now that the poll is done with, let's move onto the news!

There's a nice variety of news for this week, I think, so hopefully there will be something that will interest everyone, so let's get into the...


This week's episode of Hello! Satoyama Life starts off with Yajima Maimi working alone with a farmer, helping to plant a tree (or plant). We also get to see Aika, Chinami, Maasa and a few Hello! Pro Kenshuusei  (Miyamato Karin, Kaneko Rie and Taguchi Natsumi) go to a Natsu Matsuri(?) together.

It's great that the Kenshuusei members were able to take part in this episode, because it means that the fan of Kenshuusei members will take more interest in the episode as well as the fact that the girls are being promoted too, because we learn more about the girls, and we get to see how the girls interact with their senpai's during the show.

I won't ruin the rest of the episode for you, but I do think that it's a really great episode, one of the best actually. It was entertaining to watch, and seeing the kenshuusei there was surprising and refreshing. I hope that the Kenshuusei will be used in future episodes too, because I think that the girls were a great addition to the episode.

Definitely give this episode a go guys :D

Takashi Ai will be starring in a stage play called High School Uta Gekidan ☆ Otoko-gumi. She will be taking on the role of the lead male.

That... is some shitty photoshop. For realz, guiz.

Erm... that aside, it's nice to know that Ai-chan is continuing to find work in stage plays, movies and drama's. She has been very active lately, and as this will be her first role as a boy (I won't count Ribbon no Kishi, she was half and half) it will certainly be a new take for her, as she will need to learn a few new mannerisms as well as how to talk to a boy. The play (depsite the awkwardly photoshopped flyer) will certainly be interesting. Let's just hope their heads aren't that big or attached so awkwardly in real life...


AKB48's youtube channel has released a Digest for their up-coming music video, Gingham Check, which was directed by Joseph Kahn. This video centers around Oshima Yuko, who won the senbatsu election this year.

So, Yuko dressed as Hard Gay, Diner Girl costumes, some... weird chicken scratching the floor dance moves, and movie scenes thrown in there? It's amazing how a video can make a lack-luster, generic song sound pretty darn good, isn't it?

The video looks great - I was surprised to see the movie references in there, but Kahn did say that he wanted to give the video a 'Japanese feel', and what better way than to use iconic movies that everyone knows about? I mean, Japan's movies are nearly always being adapted, so it was nice to see the use of those films in this video. Once again, another amazing music video from AKB will be anticipated. Too bad about the song, though.

12 artists will provide theme songs for the upcoming live-action movie Kyo, Koi wo Hajimemasu. These artists include SCANDAL, Perfum, bomi, LGMonkees, Tamurapan, SEKAI NO OWARI, MAY'S, Sayonara Ponytail, back number, Nakashima Mika, Negoto and 7!!.

The news about the film adaptation of the manga was announced a while ago, and at that time, I was incredibly happy, because I absolutely loved Kyo, Koi wo Hajimemasu, but at one point there were no releases, so I kind of... stopped reading it, as nothing was updated. However, now that I know it's being adapted into a movie, I am extremely happy, because I really liked the manga itself and the storyline.

Regarding the artists, I am happy to see that artists I've never heard of or rarely pay attention to are on the list, because it will get their songs out there, and I don't really like hearing popular or over-used groups' songs in movies, as I like new things to listen to and new groups to gain an interest in. So, I hope everyone is looking forward to this movie, and I hope that someone's favourite group is in there, lending a song for the film!


Takahashi Ai will be holding a fanclub tour in Shizuoka on October 13th and 14th.

Takahashi Ai is in a roll, people! With a new stage play coming out and a musical (as well as that drama she is in too), why not throw in an FC tour for all her fans? This will be a great opportunity to catch up with the actress and to spend some time with her, as well as probably hear her sing a few songs (Which will be good, because she's a great singer) and just have a nice time. Hopefully all fans will be able to attend the event, and oooh, pretty flyer!


Station♪ have been featured on IDOL SUMMIT Vol. 5, singing their first two songs, Let's Go Tetsudo Idol and Susume.

Yes! My favourite Station Idols are back, and even though I have heard these two songs a few times already (they are always played at lives, then again... they don't have many songs) it is nice to see more performances from the girls, because it means more coverage.

I like this performance because, whilst the girls are singing to the backing track (with the vocals in it) you can actually hear the girls singing live too, so it's nice to hear that. The performance is really cute, and I love how the girls are really happy throughout the performance.

Hopefully everyone can take a look and see if they enjoy the performance ^^

Station♪ will be releasing a new single on September 10th, titled LOVE Happy Station♪. This will be their 4th Indies single release, and will be available in 6 editions: One each for the members, and a regular 'station' edition.

A new single? Really? Oh, Station♪, I love you! Ah, so happy... xD

I feel like Station♪ are steaming ahead (pun intended) with their releases, because since they debuted, this group really haven't stopped, and they keep releasing new stuff for their fans. They recently brought out their first indies album, which must have been such a wonderful thing for the girls, and now they are recording a new song. This will also be the first single to feature Nene, as she only recently came into Station♪ as a candidate member.

I am looking forward to this release, and can't wait to hear the song itself!

A trailer for Dragon Ball Z's 2013 film has been released. An official English and Japanese website has been created as well. The film will take place between the 517th and 518th instalments of the original manga. The film will open throughout Japan on March 30th, 2013.

Oh my god oh my god oh my GOD!!!

I grew up with Dragon Ball Z on the TV as a child (along with other anime which was popular in the 1990's and available on Cartoon Network) and even though I don't watch it now, I do still have that part of me which gets excited about anything to do with the anime itself, because it's nostalgic, and it is what I remember enjoying during my childhood, so when I saw this trailer up on Arama, I mentally screamed in my head and cried tears of happiness. My inner child has found happiness.

It's also wonderful to know that the story is not a spin off, either, like that American made movie that stole the name of this wonderful anime and manga. This itself is great news, as DBZ fans can rest assured that the movie will be a story stemming from the manga, and not some terrible plot made up for the sake of Hollywood... or something.

I'm looking forward to this. Heck, I will even go watch it if it ever gets dubbed and released in English cinema's... or on DVD. I dunno how the cinema's here work any more (seeing as Pokemon is never shown on the big screen these days)  but either way... I will watch this!

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Tsunku has released the track-list for Morning Musume's upcoming album, ⑬ Colorful Character, as well as a few comments on the songs.

1. One・Two・Three
2. What’s Up? Ai wa Dou na no yo~
3. Be Alive
4. Lalala no Bibibi (Michishige Sayumi)
5. Dokkaan Capriccio
6. The Matenrou Show
7. Zero Kara Hajimaru Seishun
8. Renai Hunter
9. Chikyuu ga Naiteiru
10. Namida Itteki (Tanaka Reina)
11. Waratte! YOU (9th & 10th gen)
12. Pyoco Pyoco Ultra

Tsunku commented on the album on his blog, stating that the theme of the album is 'The Earth's Yell' and that each song defines the different characters of Morning Musume, allowing them to unveil themselves with the different styles of songs that we will find in the album. He has also given soe comments regarding the songs (taken from Hello! SayuNii):

  • Sayumi’s solo song is technopop and its lyrics are mostly about Sayu’s current condition within the group and in her personal life
  • Dokkan Capriccio is rock song made for concerts
  • Zero Kara Hajimaru Seishun is a thankful soft song
  • Chikyuu ga Naiteru (The Earth Is Crying) is a Reina/Riho lead since the vocals needed are really hard for this “serious rock number”
  • Reina’s solo is a song sung in minor, and even though its melody is simple, the song is quite hard, which allowed Tsunku to notice how much Reina has improved
  • Waratte! YOU is a disco song
I would honestly say that I am not looking forward to Chikyuu ga Naiteru, because I don't think that Riho has a voice that will suit a rock number. In all honesty, louder, more mature voices are needed for a song like that... like Ayumi, Haruka and maybe even Zukki. A rock number is fine and dandy, but Riho... is not that great sometimes, in my opinion. But, she might surprise me. You never know.

Anyway, there is a great variety of songs here, and hopefully not all of the new songs are a Reina/Riho-festival, because I don't like Riho's voice, and whilst I like Reina's, it gets boring.

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The Hello! Project Kenshuusei will be holding fanclub events on September 20th and 21st.

For fans of the Hello! Project trainee's, we have good news, because the girls will be holding fanclub events! This means handshakes (I think), pictures, goods and songs and maybe even some talking and games, which is great for any group, whether they are trainee's or main Hello! Project group members. I'm glad that the girls are all getting great exposure, because sometimes trainee's can be left out of the mix, but with their own concertsn and FC tours, the girls are going to get recognised more and have a higher chance of debuting.

Hopefully all fans within the area will be able to attend, and see their favourite trainee!


Fudanjuku will be releasing a new album, titled Otoko (the title is a pun: The kanji means drum sound, but is said as 'man'). There are three editions available to buy. The album will be released on the 29th of this month, and will include the winners song from the Lyrics Senbatsu.

Here is the track listing:

1. Kaze ikki
2. Love Spider
3. Noraneko Maria
4. Se~ no de don’t mind !
5. Kaze ni notte
6. Konsa du waniina
7. Tobitate ! FÅ«ranger (Winning Lyrics Senbatsu. Winner: Momotaro)
8. Mugen no procyon
9. Tanada mai
10. my home town
11. Kanjite yuke
12. Ame tokidoki hare nochi niji

Each edition will come with a bonus, The regular edition contains bonus tracks:

13. Onaji jidai ni umareta wakamonotachi / from the Shibuya O-EAST live of the 30/06/12
14. Ii otoko / from the Shibuya O-EAST live of the 30/06/12

Limited A will include a bonus DVD, a Zenkoku Tour Document/Off shot of Tabi sugata! Fudanjuku and a documentary/backstage footage from their last tour.

Limited B will include a bonus DVD that will contain the Lyrics Senbatsu, videos and the lyrics. The cover is also designed by Arina Tanemura, so manga fans will probably love this copy.

When I saw this update on the Fudanjuku forums I visit, I was extremely happy, because Fudanjuku are such a fun group. Looking at the songs, I am pleased to see that Kaze Ikki, a very heavy and cool song, is first, and Ame Tokidoki Hare nochi Niji is last, giving the album an energetic, but almost calm (big contrast, Chii) send off. Also, I was happy to see that Momotaro was the Lyrics Senbatsu winner - I know that a few International fans wished for Uramasa to win, but honestly, I would have voted for Momo. His song was the most energetic, he put a lot of thought into it (it was a song made for Fudanjuku, and not himself - he loves that group xD) and I loved how he sang it when he performed. It's a nice, energy filled song that is cute and quirky, much like that ranger PV from MomoClo, but less annoying. So, I am really happy that Momo won.

Hopefully fans can pick up a copy of the album. I know the artwork isn't everyone's favourite, but I love the 'lawyer' like look it has.


A Radio rip of Cat's Eye 7's theme song has been released for fans to listen to, so check it out HERE!

Okay, so let's be honest here - the song is cool, I don't mind the amount of stupid auto-tune used, but it's horrible to know that Risako (oh, and Yurina, but she sings decently enough), who's character was made up for the play has main vocals as opposed to the three girls playing main characters (and existing) for the play. Mai, Maimi and Maasa (not the right order but meh) in the play - why? Oh yeah... she doesn't get enough lines in Berryz, right? Geez, Maasa, stop hogging the lines in Cha Cha Sing...

Okay, that's petty (mwahaha) but honestly, it's unfair - these girls are the main cast, so I think that they should get top priority when it comes to main vocals and lines, and not some made up character who was given to Berryz Kobou's front member. The focus is supposed to be on all the members, yeah, but main characters = primary focus, not a member who has not been cast as a lead.

I like the song though, but Risako still warbles. She needs to go to the plumbers and get her pipes fixed.

Nakky sounds awesome, Mai sounds awesome, Risako sucks even with auto tune, Yurina's okay and YAY SAKI RAPPING! Maasa is god damn gorgeous and knows it, and she needed to lead the song, and Maimi is okay.

Bitchiness aside, this song is pretty awesome and I think that most of the vocals (mostly Maasa, Captain and Nakky) all worked for the song. I can't wait for the apparent PV to come out, and RAPPING! YES! I love it when Captain raps, because she's the best in H!P as a rapper right now~ can't stop listening to this song


Takahashi Ai will be starring in the musical Joshikousei Chiyo this December. The stage play has been adapted from a manga titled Joshikousei Chiyo (64) by Satoru Hiura, and is about a 64 year old Highschooler... wait, what?

Another stage play for Takahashi Ai! She really is keeping busy as a performer, and it's great to know that she is getting a lot of work. For all of her fans, this will please many, but as for her role, it's a little vague right now, though she is one of the main characters.

Now, onto the actual play: It is indeed about a 64 year old, and is a comedy which displays the life of an active senior and showing the varying generations. This concept is strange, but appealing too, and will draw quite a bit of attention. Hopefully it will be a hit and any fans within the area will go to see it!


Ishida Ayumi will make her first appearence on Young Town Radio on August 18th.

Whilst I am not a fan of radio myself, for radio lovers (and Morning Musume fans), this is great news, because radio is a great way to promote an Idol and to also get her personality out there. Plenty of Morning Musume members are on radio, such as Haruka, Riho, Sayumi and many others. This is fantastic news for Ayumi, who is being pushed a decent amount, as she will be able to show off more of her personality and establish herself. Hopefully all fans will be able to tune in and listen to Ayumi and hear any stories she has to tell!


Sashihara Rino performed at Avex's annual summer a-nation as both a part of HKT48 and as a soloist.

I was extremely happy to see this little gem of news on my Twitter feed, and on Tokyohive, because it means that Rino is still considered a 'soloist', I guess. Whether or not she brings out another single is debatable, but to know that she was able to perform as a solo act is great news for all her fans! Hearing this, my sister was really happy, because she really likes Sasshi as a performer. This is incredible, ad hopefully Sasshi will be able to make her way up the 48 ladder once again and come out on top!


Sayashi Riho and Kusumi Koharu have some fun at an amusement park together on the show Entame Tsuushin!

Nutjob! RiDOS!!! mTwo of the 'Aces' together!!! Well, I'm ecstaticabout one of them, because I love Koharu, and actually, I am surprisingly happy that Riho is able to appear on a show with her and I was really eager to see how they interacted on the show, because Koharu can be pretty crazy sometimes, whilst Riho can be rather relaxed and shy, so it was interesting to watch them together. Actually, Riho was really cute in this episode (yeah, don't get used to my praise), showing a lot more personality than normal. Of course the highlight had to be the Haunted House scene, as both girls were scared to the point where at first they refused to go in, as well as the scene where Koharu had to go on a ride by herself which she obviously was too scared to go on.

All in all, a good episode to watch for the fun Morning Musume and OG member interactions and to see them in fear. Definitely worth the watch for Koharu and Riho fans.

A radio rip for Buono!'s FEVER has been released for everyone to listen to!

Buono! are giving us a great taste of their upcoming mini-album Sherbet with all these sweet radio rips and their recent PV, so another one is always welcome! FEVER! is a nice song, one which I could really learn to love if I listened it to enough. There are great vocals (no shrieks so far!) and a great instrumental with a lot of guitar rifts and some drums in the background, and a beat which sounds fun and energetic. Luckily the radio rip is the full song, so we get a good listen of the song, but until the HQ mp3 is out, we won't know the full force of this song.

It's nice, so give it a listen, or two, and see what you think! Very Buono!, and very nice.

Erena Ono is set to release her second single, titled Erenyan, on October 3rd, and will also be releasing a DVD tittled Erepyon the Movie on August 29th. The movie will be a documentary about Erena's road to her debut with footage from recordings, fan events and photoshoots. For her 2nd single, there will be five editions available.

I'm happy - I like Erena Ono quite a bit, so when I saw this news I was extremely excited, because Erepyon was a good song (Sentimental Girl was a lot better, though) and so I was anticipating her second single release. Like Erepyon, the sog for Erenyan might be quite cute, but something to look forward to, as once again, Erena will be writing her own lyrics!

This is something I will definitely look forward to... roll on the PV and previews!


Yajima Maimi and Tokunaga Chinami will both appear in a stage play titled Sugar Spot from November 2nd until December 2nd.

BerriKyuu are on quite the roll with their stage plays, and it's nice to see that Chinami is getting more to do now thanks to the amount of promotion she did for Cha Cha SING in Thailand. This is great news for stage play and Berrikyuu fans anyway, and as a Chinami fan, I am extremely happy that she was able to land a role in a play with one of BerriKyuu's more popular members, Maimi, who is one of the more experienced actresses within Hello! Project. Hopefully this will get everyone excited, and let's anticipate more news in the future!

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UpFrontChannel have uploaded a 30 second spot for Cat's Eye 7, titled Kyattsu ♥ ai (Cat's Eye), which shows the girls dancing on a roof at night.

I was surprised to see this, and whilst the 30 second spot shows us very little, it's still exciting to know that this group will (hopefully) get a PV for all the fans to watch! The night scene looks really cool, something I am really anticipating, but with the lack of footage and scenes we get in this short preview, I will say that I am not holding my breath for a spectacular PV. I won't expect a storyline... I actually only expect a dance shot and solo shots. That's it.

Anyway, this is still a nice little preview for the fans, so enjoy watching it guys!

Previews for Morning Musume's Waratte YOU! and Dokkan Capriccio have been released for everyone to listen to!

Okay, so I was excited before for Morning Musume's 13th album, Colorful Character, but after hearing snippets from a few of the songs, I really am even more excited about the release, because both of these songs sound amazing. The first song is performed by the 9th and 10th generation, and is a Riho-Fukumura dominated song, something which I really am not pleased about, because we hear enough of Riho... but oh well. It is a refreshing kind of song, one that is rather summery and gentle, something which compliments all of the girls' voices quite nicely.

Dokkan Capriccio is definitely a concert song - it has that sort of Morning Musume concert vibe that Moonlight Night and Kanashiki koi no Melody have, as well as a lot of energy and high tension kind of moments. Whilst it is a Riho-Reina dominated song, it's quite good, and gets me excited about future performances with this song.

So right now, this new Morning Musume is looking (and sounding) really good. I think that this album will be much anticipated, what with some amazing songs on the list and great singers as well, I feel like this album will be better than 12 Smart.

Then again, that's my opinion~

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So, that's all the news for the week! Hopefully there was something in there to tickle your fancy. Let's wait for more news next week! Please be patient~


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