Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Okay! Musume Digest! #11

It's.... DIGEST TIME!!!

The week has gone by once again, and we are back with more news! What is in store for everyone? Well, some Morning Musume, a bit of Cat's Eye 7, a few up-coming magazine appearences and a bit of other stuff thrown in there...

Most of this post is made up of videos, because a few previews have come out which was nice, and some live footage of Morning Musume too, so plenty of videos for you all to watch in this digest if that is what you like! Regarding the week, it's been pretty damn good, and I'm happy with the amount of news that has popped up - especially the amount of promotion that Morning Musume seem to be doing right now!

In other news, I've been lazy xD I guess...

Anyway, I do have a present for y'all, in the form of the sexiest gif EVER!!!

Picture of Le Week!

Oh... you know it's sexy! And here's a lil' challenge for you all: You guys should try to pelvic thrust your way through your favourite Morning Musume song! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Seriously... do it!

And also a new poll for you guys to have a go at. Wanna know what the question is?

Which Hello! Project Egg would you like to see make it into Morning Musume?

Currently, Tanabe Nanami, Miyamato Karin, Kosuga Fuyuka, Takagi Sayuki and Kaneko Rie have made it into the finals for Morning Musume's 11th Generation auditions. This was apparently made official last month, and considering Eggs do pass to the final round quicker than others, it's safe to say that this is (probably) legitimate.

So... who would you choose? And yeah, I already know who's going to win...

Anyway... onto the...


The latest episode of Hello! Pro Time features Iikubo Haruna, Ishida Ayumi, Nakajima Saki, Yajima Maimi, Fukuda Kanon and Wada Ayaka helping out on the farm and land again, giving viewers another look into agricultural life and how it all works.

Whilst not the most interesting episode, I like that this show takes on that informative approach and allows fans to take a look into how farming works in Japan and also, we get to see the Idols do something different and also get involved in the farming of their country, something that most singers or performers don't really do. It's a nice episode to watch, not as boring as others but also not as interesting, however it is nice to see the intrigue the girls have and how much they get into this.

UpFrontChannel has uploaded a video showing footage on Cat's Eye 7, including rehearsals and footage from the press conference as well as a short performance of the girls singing their new song.

Is it bad that I think Risako's voice sounds better under heavy auto-tune, and that you can barely recognise that horrible warble she always does? Just me? Okay, thought so~

Anyway, aside from dislike of Risako's warbles, the song sounds alright. I like the tone, but the heavy auto-tune is less desirable, for me. However, Nakky and Yurina still sound lucious, and Saki rapping? Yep, my life is complete, because she looks gorgeous when she raps. Just sayin'. Anyway, this is a nice little video for Cat's Eye 7 fans, even though we've seen most of this footage already. Hopefully everyone will take a chance to watch it and see how their favourite girls perform!

Space Shower TV will air a Morning Musume Special in September. Fans can send in questions. The current lineup will also be able to ask OG members questions on the show.

These days, it seems that Morning Musume is garnering a lot more attention due to the sudden image change they have taken on, as well as hitting their 15th year as a group and releasing their mile-stone 50th single. Of course, it makes me, as a fan, incredibly happy that the group is able to appear on TV shows and show the public their bubbly personalities whilst also showing off the new members so that people can become familiar with them, and we all know how good the new generation of MM on TV shows - Black Variety is a great example of this!

Amazing news for Morning Musume and their fans! I can't wait for the episode to be leaked, if it ever is.

Auditions for Tanaka Reina's band have been opened again, with the deadline being Spetember 2nd. If all goes well, Tsunku aims for the band to be revealed during Hello! Project's New Year Concert.

Now, for these auditions, there could be two reasons why they have once again been opened: 1) There has been a lot of interest, so more auditions ave been added, or 2) Tsunku and the other judges have not found enough people that they think are right for the band, so they are opening auditions once again to see if they can find anyone again.

Regardless of those reasons, it's great that Tsunku aims for the group to be unveiled during the New Year concert as well as the fact that there is once again an audition open. This gives girls the chance to try again, or to try if they couldn't (maybe because of their age) as well as for the judges to see what girls catch their eyes, as well as to bring in new possible Trainees for Hello! Project too. The prospects are endless, really, and this audition could bring in a lot of talent for H!P and UFA itself, especially with Reina as the main vocalist. Hopefully, all auditions go well, and I can't wait for the unveiling!

Morning Musume made an appearence on the show Waratte Iitomo. There is no performance, however the girls talk quite a bit and we get a good look at Reina's new hair!

This was a pretty nice segment to watch, because once again we get a chance to see Morning Musume on a talk show where they all show off their individual personalities and basically promoting themselves and the 50th single more.

Honestly, I love seeing Morning Musume on talk shows because all of the girls are entertaining to watch. Everyone has a unique way of acting and presenting themselves when in front of the camera, and none of the girls are exactly boring. There is always a lot of energy with the girls on TV shows, even when they aren't doing much. It's also great that the girls are continuing to promote the 50th single even after it has been released. Other than what I have said, there really isn't much else to say on the show other than the fact that hopefully, all fans will watch it and enjoy.

Hopefully, everyone will be able to take a look at the show and see what they think!

Girl group Juliet will be releasing their 14th single, titled Daisuki, on August 15th. A PV preview (above) has also been released for everyone to see on Juliet's official channel.

I'm pretty new to Juliet, but from the few songs I have listened to (I have a particular liking for Haru Love it seems) this is a girl group worth listening to. Juliet is made up of three Gyaru models, and they are classed as a Japanese Pop-R&B group. That said, I am looking forward to this release - the PV looks good, and I really like all of the girls' voices as well as their sound. The song is lovely, quite slow but it picks up a bit towards the end of the PV preview.

Basically, if you are a sucker for slow songs (like me) then give this a go. I can't guarentee that you will like it, but it's nice.

Here is the tracklist for those interested:

1. Daisuki
2. Michi Surube
2. Daisuki (Instrumental)


Berryz Kobou and C-ute will perform at FujiTV's Odaiba Live on August 9th and 10th respectively.

As always, news regarding live events or handshakes - or just about anything to do with a group I like promoting themselves more - is always great news, and considering it is both Berryz and C-ute who will be performing (on seperate days, though) this is a good bit of news for their fans, as it means more promotion for the girls and their new or upcoming singles. There is the chance that during this performance, C-ute will sing their upcoming single Aitai Aitai Aitai na, which I am sure a lot of fans are anticipating after the radio rip was leaked.


Sayashi Riho of Morning Musume and Suzuki Airi of C-ute will both be gracing the covers of Top Yell magazine for the upcoming issue.

For any fan of these two, it's great to see them on the covers - for a fan of Hello! Project, C-ute or Morning Musume, it's even better news because it means promotion and getting the name of the group out there... even if only one member is being shown. Whilst I am not a massive fan of either these two Idols, I do like that they are being promoted and shown off, because it just means that there will be more interest in where the girls are from, and what groups they are in. Also, I like the covers - the outfits are really nice, and quite eye catching.

Sometimes, I wish that I could buy these magazines... -cries-

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The covers to Buono's upcoming album have been released on CDJapan. There is a Limited and Regular Edition available.

These covers. SO. CUTE! Though the one thing I noticed almost immediately was the recycled Devil Horns hair that UFA seem to like using on the H!P Idols right now. Really, when will they stop getting so horny happy with the horns? Though they look cute on Airi...

Another thing I noticed: Momoko looks presentable, which means those horrible, stupid pigtails aren't there. Seriously, I am relieved! Those ugly things aren't disgracing the cover! She looks so cute, and Miya... well, we all know that Miya's perfect.

I like it. It's cute, but not overbearing. They all look nice, and it's so sweet and candy like!

I'm craving sugar, be right back...

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Suzuki Airi, Sayashi Riho and Kusumi Koharu will be on Entame Tsuushin on August 11th.

I'm honestly not familiar with Entame Tsuushin, however it is a TV show which Koharu has been on before, as well as Airi and the other C-ute members when they were promoting their single Kimi wa Jitensha, so it will be interesting to once again see Airi on the show with Koharu, as well as to see a current Morning Musume member, who is the next 'Ace' after Koharu (as well as being the member who inherited her member colour) on the show with her senpai. Hopefulyl the show will be available online at some point for all fans to watch.


Michishige Sayumi and Ishida Ayumi will be attendting the August 14th Rakuten Eagles baseball game.

As most Morning Musume fans will know, Morning Musume (and other Hello! Project acts such as GAM, DEF Diva and C-ute) performed a song made for the Rakuten Eagles, The MANPOWER, which became the baseball teams official Cheer song, so it's great to hear that Morning Musume are continuing to support the team, even after it has been so long since The MANPOWER came out. Hopefully the game will be exciting for both Sayumi and Ayumi, and hopefully some footage will be released on the game for fans to see if it features the two MoMusu members.


Footage from Morning Musume's Mezamashi TV Live at Odaiba has been released, showing a performance from Morning Musume.

With all performances on TV, we get the girls opening up with a song as well as member introductions (with a lot of Sayumin love from the members) and a few more performances, with the song Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari being a surprising add into the mix, but completely understandable as it helps newer fans get to know who the members are more. There are also some cute skits for the girls, like Zukki doing her little bug impressions, and PonPon returning for our enjoyment, as well as Riho doing a tongue twister (I think).

Songs performed:

One Two Three (Short ver.)
Joshi kashimashi Monogatari
The Matenrou Show
Renai Hunter
Love Machine (Encore)
One Two Three (Encore) (Full performance)

As you can see from the list, there is a nice mix of songs, though the biggest disappointment would have to be Renai Hunter, as it was divided between simply Reina and Riho... I know that Riho is the Ace within her generation, but it would be nice to give the other girls some lines, especially as Riho is currently sounded strained during performances (her once good concert voice has become quite strained and pitchy), but Love Machine was the surprisingly good performance, with a better line distribution and a nice surprise opening from Iikubo who happened to do the DEIA! for this performance.

Overall, it was quite nice to watch, with my beloved Renai Hunter being the biggest disappointment out of all the songs. Anyway, I was surprised that Joshi was included, but I raised an eyebrow when Love Machine started, because that's pretty typical and predictable.

Anywhoo, I suggest that all fans take a look! It's a nice watch, and I liked the performance.

A very (very) short radio rip for C-ute's next single release, titled Aitai Aitai Aitai na has been released for fans to listen to.

Honestly, it's actually quite annoying just how little of a preview we get, because 1) There is a woman talking over the damn instrumental and 2) We don't hear anything until around 39 seconds, but, regardless, at least we get a good amount of song to decipher just what we will be getting with this single, and honestly? I'm looking forward to the PV, because I have no idea what the hell they could do with this song video wise. Now, from the preview I do hear some snippets of instrumental which remind me of Cha Cha SING (surprisingly) as well as quite a bit of Mai, and a lot of Chisato, which I always like to hear, but in terms of line distribution, this seems to be promising. Currently I am unsure about the song, but we will see what I think when the entire thing comes out with a video...

A radio rip for Buono's song BELIEVE★★★, which will be released on their upcoming mini album titled Sherbert has been released for fans to listen to.

As many have said, this is your typical Buono! affair, and nothing special. It's a standard tone, and doesn't really offer much. Oh, and Momo is shrill once again, and doesn't offer us the pleasure of her decent voice, and only gives us that horrible shriek she calls a singing voice. Honestly, Momo, bring back the Buono! side of yourself and leave the infuriating childish side to Berryz, that way I can at least like a little bit of you!

As you can tell, I am not overly keen on this song already, but it's a personal preference. Hopefully the other songs deliver a better performance than this one, and better vocals from the worst singer of the sub-group.


Morning Musume's 9th and 10th Generation members will release a photobook on September 10th.

Photobook, which isn't all about Riho? Big chance it will be though... Oh boy, I'm totally there!...

Well, not completely, but honestly, this is exciting news for all 9th and 10th generation fans, because these girls certainly deserve the photobook together, and considering it has been a long time since there have been new girls in MM, and with the heavy promotion they have all been getting since they all joined, it isn't surprising that they will have a photobook together to show their closeness to each other. Hopefully, this will also bring a few other members to popularity and prepare them for their own future solo PB's!

Wishing for a Zukki, Eripon and Chokubo Honey one!


Morning Musume have released a preview of one of their new songs from their latest album, Colourful Character, which will also be used as the audition dance song for the 11th Generation training camp. The song is titled What's Up? Ai wa Dou nan da~ and features a rap, dance-style sound to it which is new to Morning Musume... or at least the Morning Musume I know.

This song is incredible, and when my sister and I first saw this in the youtube feed, we were excited at just the video being there to give us a glimpse of an upcoming song from the group. Of course we hoped that this would be the 51st single, but hey, it's amazing - so it has to be an album song, because we know that Tsunku keeps the best songs under lock and key for albums... Cry for no PV D;

I also like the fact that this will be the song that the 11th generation potentials will be dancing to - it's up-beat and energetic, so hopefully everyone can keep up, and hopefully more song previews will appear very soon!

C-ute's official youtube channel have released a digest for the group's 2012 Spring Concert Tour, giving us a nice view into what we can expect for the DVD!

Watching the Digest made me excited for the actual performance, because it looks amazing - as always, C-ute are polished and great performers with wonderful dancing skills, as they have some of the best dancers in all of Hello! Project, and of course five great singers. I liked the songs that were used for the digest, and it makes me anticipate the whole performance when it comes out.

The only thing I thought was a bit off was their Momoiro Clover-esque costumes, the maid-like outfits with hearts - it reminded me so much of MomoClo and Tokyo Mew Mew, but regardless, the girls look great!

Hopefully everyone can take a look at the digest and see if it is worth buying the whole DVD!

Recently, HouPri's website was updated, and it is now official: Nene Sakuragi is currently the only Generation 3 member of HouPri. The other 6 candidates are still in their training period, waiting to see if they have made it into the group as official members.

It's been quite some time now since I last updated on HouPri and their new brood of trainee Candidates, but FINALLY the staff decided to update their site (for crying out loud, took long enough!) and I have found that currently, only one of the candidates has become a full member.

Though I'm not surprised, because Nene seems to be the most popular girl out of them all, and its great to know that HouPri have added a new member after losing quite a few... and honestly, seeing how many members from the first gen was left on the site update was a little upsetting, as only three original HouPri members remain, but oh well...

Hopefully more news on HouPri will be out soon.


Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon and Sato Masaki will appear in MacPeople magazine, which will be out on August 29th.

I'm not surprised by the fact that Riho is in the magazine at all, but I am stunned that Kanon is, because she is the least promoted member of the new generations... actually, she's the least promoted out of all of Morning Musume right now, so to see that she will appear in the magazine with Riho and Masaki is great news for her fans! I am honestly ecstatic that she will get the opportunity to be promoted a little bit!

As I said in the description of the news, the magazine will be released on the 29th August.


Morning Musume's youtube channel recently uploaded the recent Ustream featuring the Juukies, which focused on the change of Haruna's member colour from Chocolate to Honey.

For fans who missed out on the Ustream, and wanted to watch a decent quality version, there is finally one available. It is just over an hour long, so be sure to sit tight and enjoy what the Juukies have in store for us all! As far as I know, there are a few games involved and a lot of talking. I don't know about songs at all, but I don't think that there are any (I would have loved to have seen a performance for Seishun Domannaka from the girls) but what we do get is probably extremely fun! So far, I have seen snippets of the actual Ustream.

Hopefully all fans can take a peak and enjoy!

Tokunaga Chinami will be releasing a new Solo DVD, and will be a part of the e-LineUP. Filming is set for August until September.

This is wonderful news for Chinami fans, and as a fan of Chinami myself, I think that a solo DVD or a photobook was going to come around anyway due to the immense amount of promotion she has been getting lately, so this is some amazing news! Hopefully all fans are looking forward to the release as well as a digest of the DVD. Let's hope and wait with patience, guys!

The picture above was attached to the tweet, so here is a little sample for us all ;)

Sayashi Riho, Ishida Ayumi and Kudo Haruka will appear in girls! magazine, which will be out on September 22nd.

It seems that UFA are on fire with promotions for their new generation girls some more than others and are streaming ahead with magazine photoshoots for their girls, and it isn't surprising that these three will be appearing in a magazine together, as they seem to be the most popular and more promoted members of the new generations. Hopefully UFA will keep up with these promotions, because it's doing Morning Musume a whole lot of good.

Hopefully the release of this magazine will bring a lot more awareness to this fresh, reborn Morning Musume and get them  few more fans!

And that is this weeks news all wrapped up! Hopefully there was something interesting for you all, and let's hope that next week brings more news for everyone! Yay!


  1. The Cats Eye performance was definitely the highlight of the week for me. I don't really like how much the song focused on Risako and Yurina and while I love Risako (not so much Yurina), I really don't think they should've been the leads considering the main characters are Maimi, Maasa and Mai in that order. Then comes Captain, and then there's the NakkyKumaiRisako trio who's characters were made up for the play. --picky Kiri--

    As for what the hell Riho was doing in the Mezamashi vid, she was quickly reciting the 47 prefectures of Japan (in order I believe) which is actually really impressive.

    AND I WILL MURDER THE WOMAN SPEAKING THROUGH OUT AITAI AITAI AITAI NA. I'VE NEVER LOOKED FORWARD TO A SINGLE AS MUCH AS THIS (save, perhaps, Renai Hunter and Be Genki) AND SHE JUST BLABBERS THROUGH THE INTRO. --breathes-- As for what we actually did here, I really really enjoyed it. The song reminds me of Kiss Me Aishiteru, which is why I was (pleasantly) surprised to hear quite a bit of Nakky and Mai, since their weaker voices suit the song better then say Airi or Chisa (even though she rocked her "woah oh" line) this song is definitely at the top of my to dub/buy/loveforeverandeverandfangirlandahhhhh list


    1. O^O LONG COMMENT <3

      In all honesty, I could do without the vocals of Risako any day xD Risako can't sing IMO, and whilst Yurina can, I do agree with what you just said - it isn't fair on the girls who are the main characters, and it's downright horrible to push them to the back for the sake of sales rather than exposure of the actual characters AND play. (Then again, they probably wanted to give them something because Yurina isn't a very good actress IMO and Risako is meh, and Mai and Maasa are better)

      Autotuned beauties - I agree, they sound good with Auto tune, and they just sound like vocaloids XD

      WOW that is a nice talent Riho has. She is a fast talker XD

      The radio rip woman needs a good smack around the mouth with a plank of wood - how dare she talk during a C-ute radio preview? AKB, fine, C-ute? NOOO D8< (joke about the wood thing)

      C-UTE FOREVER //kisses them all