Thursday, 23 August 2012

May the Youth be With You! - Kudo Haruka is Getting a Photobook! SQUEEEEE!

Hello there fellow pervs, Lolita lovers and Kudo followers! Yes, it is here, the news that we have all been waiting for...

Kudo Haruka will be releasing her FIRST PHOTOBOOK!


If the announcement of Tsunku's FC tour wasn't enough for us fans (Yeah, I know, my sister was really excited and I was happy xD) then this will certainly send us over the top, because our little bossy-boots is getting a photobook this October! Seriously, I'm happy, because it's not just RiDos getting a photobook this year.

Hey! At least someone else is getting the spotlight, now, how about we share out those damn lines, UFA? We can't just listen to the shrieking spoon and crying squirrel all the time, can we?

Ahem... Back to the topic at hand, I'm super happy, as you can probably tell. I actually ran to my sisters house, lost a shoe on the way there, and nearly cried tears of joy as I announced the splendid news to her, out of breath but happy and relieved that a member of a group I love was getting a photobook.

Scratch that... a member I like in a group I love wis now getting a photobook. Yeah, happy Wota-ful, and also manly, tears will be shed from this joyous news!

But in all honesty, I was actually hoping for Iikubo to get a photobook, because y'know, she's 17 and all (coming on 18... whooo) or Fukumura, but nah it's another lolita in the group, though I feel like Haruka will shed more emotion in her book as opposed to Riho, and hopefully sell more too.

Anyway, other than me wanting Haruna, Zukini or Eripon to get a photobook, I am happy that it's Kudo. She has a brilliant personality and is extremely cute but also quite mature, too. I would like to see how she plays her characteristics in her photobook, and I honestly look forward to some of the previews.

So... three photobooks from MM newbs, eh? Riho's 2nd PB, the 9th +10th gen PB, and now Haruka... it seems that there will be a lot of Loli lovers losing money this Autumn/Winter.

Well, whatever...


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